Ishq Subhan Allah 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Zara argues over breakfast

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Ishq Subhan Allah 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara wakes seeing Kabir holding her hand and them close to each other. Ishq subanallah plays. Zara gets up. Kabir leaves her hand and says your hand was on me? she says what? and sees his foot tangled with him, she moves it away and says sorry. Kabir asks to use washroom. Zara says you can use it first, Kabir says we decided to not argue.

Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Kabir says I have to work out so you cant take bath.
Kabir takes off his shirt and does work out. Zara comes out of bath and dries her hair in balcony. She sees Kabir working out near river. She smiles and admires his body, she thinks is this same priest which I married? Kabir sees her smiling at him. Zara looks away and says morning.. I mean its good view of morning. Zara murmurs I didnt have to ogle him, dont know what he is thinking. Reema calls Zara. Zara says its a beautiful view here, wish you were here. Kabir says to Zara that lets call for breakfast. Zara says we didnt come to stay in room, lets go out and eat.

Kabir and Zara takes cab to for breakfast. Ruksaar is in car and follows them.

Kabir and Zara comes out to a restaurant. Ruksaar comes there too. Zara says I always loved Kashmiri food. Kabir says how many times you came here? Zara says we dont need to be here to eat kashmiri food. Zara asks him to order. Kabir asks her to order. Zara does. Kabir says you will eat alone, I dont eat outside. Zara says but you were hungry, we cant eat on floor here. Kabir says dont argue, eating on floor is our religion thing so dont argue. Zara says fine I will eat and show off too. Food comes there but Zara doesnt it. He asks what? Zara says I am not bad like you, I cant eat when you are not eating. Kabir says you want to win by emotionally blackmailing me. Zara says its not about winning or losing, I dont like to eat alone. Kabir says fine, lets eats together. He gets up, puts newspaper and food on floor, all look on. zara says all are looking. Kabir says come eat with me, you catn be embarrassed infront of people but want to me get embarrassed inftront of God. Manager comes there and says you cant eat on floor here. He says okay. Zara shouts for waiter for pack it, she angrily turns to leave but Kabir holds her hand and says Zara.. she glares at him. Kabir asks her to sit down and eat. Zara thinks I will keep him hungry. Zara leaves. Kabir pays bill and goes behind her. Ruksaar follows them but is lost.

Zara and Kabir hires shikara. They are in river. Kabir says we can eat here. Zara thinks you will eat breakfast with dinner now. Zara deliberately throws food in river and says sorry it slipped. Kabir says its okay. Zara says there is a hotel nearby, where we can eat. Kabir says its okay, I am not hungry anymore, if you want to eat then we can go. Zara thinks he doesnt care about someone else’s emotions, I wont be miffed because of him. Zara captures pictures. They see a couple romancing in other shikara, woman asks man to move away, he pulls her closer and says you are my wife, he kisses her. Zara and Kabir are awkward. Kabir sits beside Zara and blocks her view. Couple keeps kissing, Kabir says weather is cold, Zara says yes, Zara says yes. Kabir asks rider to drive them back.

Scene 2
Siraj Ahmed who is chatting with fake Zara messages her. Ruksaar messages him that I came here to meet you, I am dying to meet you. Siraj says soon Zara we will be roaming in Kashmir.

Kabir and Zara roams in Kashmir, Zara takes selfies, Kabir comes in background in some photos. Zara enjoys view. They come to an abandoned fort. Zara is busy taking pictures and goes on her own, she sees Kabir missing and gets worried. She looks around for him. Kabir comes there and where did you go? he brings peas for her and says I brought this for you, Zara says you eat too. Kabir says I am allergic, Zara says lets go to hotel, you must be hungry.

Siraj messages fake Zara that if you are not happy with your husband then I wont let you stay with him. Ruksaar writes that my husband doesnt care about me, he never gives me flowers and stuff. Ruksaar sees Kabir and Zara returning to hotel. She leaves her laptop on table and hides. Ruksaar sees Kabir talking to driver Bashir.
Kabir asks Zara to eat in hotel, Zara says you wait here, I will go freshen up, she leaves. Kabir comes to hotel’s dining area. He sees a laptop on one table. Its ruksaar’s laptop and Fake Zara’s chat is open. Kabir sits on other table. Ruksaar takes her laptop. Kabir turns so she hides under table. Kabir sees laptop missing and stands up.

PRECAP- Zara is in cable car. Kabir enjoys eki with her. They both do ice skating. Kabir playfully throws ice on her, they both enjoy each others company. Ruksaar is jealous to see that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Allah well not punish you, for eating on the table, kabir.
    Otherwise I enjoyed it.
    It was very funny, zara was trying to pick a fight with kabir. I think because kabir had empty stomach. The poor thing didn’t have the energy to argue with her.
    If anyone feel that you don’t want me to spoilers news. Please let me know.
    Spoiler news.
    Zara find out about the fake social media, that Ruksaar set up.
    Zara tell Ruksaar to leave. Zeenat begs fr zara forgiveness. Also not to tell anyone. So, zara said if your sister does one more thing, I make sure that she well leave this house.
    Ruksaar plans another thing against zara. She was to ruin kabir chance to become head kaji. We well have to wait and see what happens.

    1. Someone of you, might think, why I am, so critical of Kabir. I am not.
      Today he was really sweet.

      As I was growing up, because I was a girl. My told me, as many others in my culture. That girl, don’t belong to the family, that they are born to. While boys they stay at home. While girl’s has to leave, and learn how they husband lives.
      Once she come of age is actually belong to her husband family.
      I use to think, then why should I listens to my parents. Since I don’t belong in this family. Then I should do what I want.
      Of course, I didn’t do anything that my parents well disagree with.
      As I was growing up, I didn’t have a say in family matter. It always, okay, we have heard you. Then my mum would say, as a girl, you shouldn’t speak with what doesn’t concern you.
      But my family allowed me to get my degree. They allowed me to pick my own clothes. I was allowed to do many things, as I wanted.
      Then one day, it was time to get married.
      It was an arranged marriage, my dad asked a friend of friend.
      They found him!
      Once I was married, I quickly realised. That I was homeless!
      Girl are homeless!
      They are homeless in their father house.
      They are homeless in their husband house.
      The one thing that came out of arranged marriage. Is that you can quickly can tell when he is angry with you.
      I don’t think you can tell when it love marriage. When you fall in love with someone, it all about wooing them.

      But I did try my best to be a good wife. No matter what I did for him, it wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t allowed to pick my clothes. I had to ask permission, if I wanted something.
      I know that I only spent with him about five mouth. Believe me, it felt like five years.
      Everyone have knows what happened.
      He thought, also so did I.
      That my father, well never take me back.
      He thought, that I had to please him, in order to make sure that I don’t have to be homeless.
      Once I decided, I well never get back to him. I told the kaji that night, I rather be homeless, then get back with him.
      I told my father, you can kick me out, but I well never go back to him.
      Once they left, my dad said, is this how little you think of me. You don’t know your father at all do you. Then my dad said to me. You are my daughter, I well do what ever make you happy.
      I was a amazed, and so happy.
      Being a woman, we have to fight more harder then men. The right to have a home. A right to have a voice. We have to be strong in life. This is what I have learnt.
      My friend asked me, if I wanted a husband, like Kabir. I said NO VERY quickly.
      Sometimes he does have some little traits of my ex. for example today, his wife wanted to eat in a restaurant. He didn’t have to eat much, but he could have made her happy. I know he love his mum and sister. I know kabir is a good person. But he is not for me, I don’t think that I can live with someone like him. I don’t think that I can be his friend either. He a very difficult character. Kabir for me, is a sorts of guy, you say how is your parents. Don’t get me wrong,
      But I do love this drama!

  2. Wow what a episode yaar….Superb…. I love Kabir aur Zara ki arguments…. Especially zaara glares Kabir and dailouges zaara ye wahi Kabir hai Kya jisse tum shaadi kiya……..Ma’sha’allah Kashmir toh bahuth romantic jaga Hai…………. I wish I get chance to visit this place then I will definitely go for this place Kashmir…………

  3. I think for the first time all of us have seen Kabir in his new avatar ..I have no doubts that many girls along with his wife Zara must have found it difficult to take their eyes of this handsome hunk doing push ups across the brook….but Zara should not have dropped the food into the lake knowing that he was hungry… was very cute of him to go and bring something for her to eat…but really what a fuss to have a meal..,,Ofcourse the tulips were beautiful …
    Things seem to be going in the wrong direction for Zara..according to spoilers,Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev, will be entering Zara and Kabir’s life…and I fear the real danger to their married life will not be from Ruksaar but ths accomplice of hers….
    Hello Naz do you think that this new guy will be creating havoc in Zara’s life by poisoning Kabir’s mind….will triple talaq be a reality for Zara…My goodness,I pray that the writers don’t take this route ….anything but not this…

    1. Laksahmi,
      Yes Zara throwing food away, was wrong.
      I would have ate it, I would have told, well Allah don’t like food waste.
      My ex, did something like this, when we went to a restaurant.
      I can’t remember, why he was angry.
      He made me to order the food, for both of us.
      Then he tell me to eat, his order plate of food. I just went okay. So I ate the food, and it was delicious!
      I think Zara should have done just that, then throwing it away.

    2. Hmmmmm…. This looks like trouble for the newlyweds. I’m trying to think of different angles to what could happen with this new guy but the only thing at the moment I can see is Kabir feeling jealous. I hope this jealousy brings some intense romantic scenes, I need to see some action like how it was between Raja and Rani…that rain scene ???… know how I think, Lakshmi ??…as for the new guy, let me think about it in the meantime…

  4. zara hayat khan

    Salaam Everyone…….nice episode……both wr looking sooooo cute…I just want to give a tight hard slap to cunning ruksaar……….
    Hey dear lakshmi…….sssooooooi nice to hr from ur comments…..u wr once teacher in my school…..mallinson school……I was in blue section…I love my best school …missing those golden days of my beautiful mallinson u remember ayesha mam…..she was soo strict….gabril and John sir……….etc.

  5. Well, Kabeer has not easy nature. I was surprised his act in the restaurant in the morning. Instead of having breakfast, he is embarrassing Zara and other people. Kabeer is such clever even-tempered man, but behaved towards Zara like a kid.

    1. Nina, a lot of men project an image when in the public but when they are in their privacy with wife, they become somewhat subdued, though I’m not saying this in the general term but this does happen…

      1. Naz tell me, please, which is Kabeer’s real nature. I liked his honesty and prudence to the members of his family. In fact, sometimes any wives are too persistent but Zara doesn’t it.

  6. Nice episode

  7. Yes ,I do remember MrGabril and Mr John and Ofcourse Ms,Ayesha….a strict disciplinarian…but Zara,I became a teacher by default….I am actually an attorney by profession but due to the local language problem ,was cooling my heels at home that time …and was requested by one of our unit ladies working in Mallinson to take her classes for six months as she had to go on maternity leave,Ofcourse with the permission of the principal……and thoroughly enjoyed my tenure there….later I worked in Jammu also…Anyways now I am a busy lawyer in Bangalore but it was quite an experience teaching the students at school level.

  8. I really liked it.So romantic in Kashmir.

  9. assalam…hi… hello…to my each n every frnd….how are u you all dostau….. really the Kashmir is soo nice……I think Zara is in love with Kabir……I think …may b it’s a fact that….. after marriage… husband and wife will fall in love with each other..even with out knowing themselves……….I’m so happy for zarakabir… they are coming close to each other……………luv u all my frnds……n my special hii for every one….but again special hi…for Zara hayath,Lakshmi, sister,Naz,n many more…….. allhfz……

    1. Salaam Sparkle …i wish it’s so easy to fall in love with husband after arranged marriage but it isn’t always so. This serial gives us an escape into a fantasy world where such a relationship works out the way we all wishes it should work out… Almost everyone who enters into an arranged marriage hope for the best, whether it’s for financial gain, stigmas, family pressure, religious reasons but at the back of the mind, it’s rewarding that both parties realize that love is most fruitful of all gains in the relationship and do their utmost best to make it work. I’m pleasantly surprised that these writers have given a positive approach to this arranged marriage, I was of the belief that Zara or Kabir would have some kind of revenge planned up their sleeves as is the norm but instead we see both protoganists falling in love with each other… I’ll say…arey baap re…didn’t expect it.

  10. zara hayat khan

    Walaikuma salaam dear sparkle.jazakallah khair….keeps commenting…

  11. Sister, I’ve read your comment, very enlightening. I understand perfectly why you won’t want someone like Kabir with his over the top behavior and that’s because it’s a reality of your life but here the lead who possess similar traits as your ex, is a fictional character and the writers know how to shape and portray their creation to get our approval. When we watch these serials, we enter into the fantasy world where our dreams or dream of a perfect life could be a reflection of what we would want to experience in reality. I believe that’s why a lot of viewers, like myself, are able to get frustrated to the point of lashing out at the writers when the story turns negative or goes the opposite of what we want . What we really want is something to make us smile, give us hope, make us believe that good should always trump evil or allow us to feel love isn’t a myth but a beautiful reality. All of us can’t get enough of love and being women, our entire being responds to love but reacts to negativity and hate. This is why we follow the trail of stories about love and romance and get annoyed when writers separate couples. Even I’m enjoying Kabir’s character because I’d like to see him transform into a normal thinking man towards his wife, I’m happy to see him loosening up, he could frown, growl or do whatever but his falling in love with Zara, will be the icing… So, it’s good to hear your story…relax now and fall in love with what could have been….

  12. I’m positive that Kabir would remember the dissapearance of the laptop, he did get a look at it… but would he be able to connect the dots? So far, we’ve see an alert Kabir and I hope he’s intelligent as well… thank you for the spoiler alert Sister, which means Rukhsar will be caught…. GOOD… Anything else would not work for us here..

  13. As for the moments being spent between Kabir and Zara…simply beautiful. I could imagine what he looks like without his shirt ??..never mind ladies, my heart is young. I really appreciate the writers uniting this couple from the beginning…let them face troubles together!!! It would serve to bring them closer…

  14. Zara…. Is it your correct full name?? When I first saw it here, I thought it looked familiar… Do you know there’s a character in an Indian movie with a name just like yours?? Veer Zaara is the movie which holds top spot in my heart together with Maine Pyar Kiya…. Both are the only movies I find no fault with. The separation of Veer and Zaara literally breaks my heart and whenever I watch this movie, I sit with a towel to dry my tears and whenever the courtroom scene comes up where they saw each other, well, let’s say you wouldn’t want to be around to HEAR me cry… This story of separated lovers, touches a chord in me….this is one of the reasons why I want to see people in love, live happily ever after ….

  15. Naz,the same with me,,,the court scene room and the accompanying song’ Do pal Ruka yadon ka karwah ‘makes me cry so much that I prefer to see it all alone so as not to embarrass others….beautifully picturized the meeting between two long lost souls who were not allowed to live together by this heartless world ….yes , there is nothing more poignant than the story of seperated lovers….sometimes i don’t understsnd why the almighty ,who is the personification of love,seperates two souls in love…….indeed very unkind of Him…

  16. Nina, I like Kabir’s character so far. I don’t know how much of his body language and facial expressions are choreographed but I could say that he’s a born natural in front of the camera. I’ve scrutinized his body language and my goodness, he’s GOOD, in this role, it’s as if it was written for him. I would like to believe that he isn’t as uptight as he’s being
    portrayed, I’d like to think that the strict upbringing he’s had, has smothered the passion of the man inside. The hardest job for the selection team when choosing their leads is to see within the actor, if they personify the essence of the character they are about to portray. To an extent, I think that Islam has not permitted public display of affection between couples. You can see Kabir not wanting to touch any females before marriage…so it’s after marriage but by then husband and wife has intimate expressions in private so what’s the need for public display when they can express themselves in private…you understand right? So… Kabir is a cleverly fashioned character, he doesn’t give much away in feelings but his eyes says it all… Love is difficult to hide because the eyes are a window to heart and soul and we see now that cupid is working between this couple. As with Zara, she is demanding, that’s attractive… In real life however, when you marry, don’t forget the power you hold as a wife, use your influence in a positive way and you’ll achieve much more than being a spiteful and mean wife…

    1. Typo error… Zara is NOT a demanding wife… Sorry…

      1. Thanks for your reply

  17. Nina,There is no doubt that Zara is not demanding wife and she has mellowed down a lot and even trying to understand Kabir,but he too should make an effort to become a little flexible…as a person ,he is good at heart ,true to his conscience and doesn’t hurt anyone intentionally ..but like every person ,he has few weak points…as long as they don’t hurt and embarrass hs wife,they will make a lovely couple …but like every wife,( even I would have felt the same) Zara did feel awkward in the restaurant …so time for Kabir to do self introspection….before minor differences blow out of proportion and threaten their relationship..

  18. zara hayat khan

    Hey dear naz and laskhmi……zara hayat khan is my real and full name as my lovely fathers name is Mr hayat khan…..
    u guys stole my words……..same thing happens with me as veerzaara and maine pyar kiya are my fav movies…….as also salman khan is my fav actor…….of course the smartest man in whole world…….I just love her personality……..a good human being….
    U know guys during that yr when veerzaara got released……..I used to style my hair nd dressup like…

  19. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Oh WoW !!! Eisha and Adnan !!! Both born on same day 24th December… Both are adorable… Both have magic for each other ??

    Best serial since Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani… Show is now Number 3 on trp charts n am certain they will soon make no.1 ?

  20. zara hayat khan

    Hello dear naina…….my birthday is on 25december… . Wowwww.both r Capricorns…..mee too.great

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