Ishq Subhan Allah 1st October 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara awaits Kabir’s consent before Nikah

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Ishq Subhan Allah 1st October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain complains to Kabir that he turned out to be a betrayer, he is late for the wedding. Kabir was quizzical. Zain reminds Kabir promised to reach early but was again late. Kabir promises to be with Zain in a while. One of the hosts take Kabir to introduce him to their guests. Zara stared towards Kabir.

Rukhsar says Good Bye Ayesha Begum!, and covers her with the blanket. Kashan knocks at the door and asks Rukhsar to open the door. Rukhsar was sweating badly and looked tensed.

Azra takes Kabir aside and asks if he really wish Zara and Zain to marry each other. Kabir replies this Nikah will take place. Azra forbids Kabir to come in front of Zara. Zara is continuously staring at him, and the world will get a topic of gossiping. He may come in front when it’s time for witness. Zara’s

parents are unaware that Zara invited him. Kabir promises not to tell anyone.

Rukhsar opens the door with a trembling voice. She says she was about to tell Kashaan to call the doctor. Ayesha won’t wake up. Kashan hurries towards Ayesha who doesn’t move. Kashan calls Dr. Malik to reach their house.

Kabir speaks to Salma that her desire is fulfilled. He is leaving, but first comes his responsibility. He presents a cheque of Rs. 80 lac to Salma and says Zara’s medical treatment was his responsibility.

There, Shaina questions Zain why he invited Kabir. Zain says Zara invited Kabir, not him. Shaina was taken aback.

Salma questions Kabir why he doesn’t leave Zara alone to marry Zain, why he came here. Kabir gets a call from Zara. Zara tells him to keep his hands free ready, she will only say Qubool Hai once she hears it from him. After the call, Kabir tells Salma he is leaving for Dubai. Her words hurt him straight in the heart. Salma replies his emotional speech is nothing in front of her love for Zara. His promise wouldn’t be fulfilled till Zara is married to Zain.

The doctor tells the family that Ayesha is no more. Shahbaz, Kashan and Zeenat were in a state of disbelief. Kashan signals Shahbaz that she won’t wake up. Zeenat cries. Shahbaz was broken and cries for Ayesha. The doctor tells Shahbaz to get a postmortem, they will figure out the reason of death. Rukhsar thinks slow poisoning would be revealed if there is a post mortem.

At the Nikah ceremony, the witness from bride and groom were called. The Nikah Khwan begins the ceremony and asks for Zain’s permission. Zain replies Qubool Hai, thrice. Everyone congratulates him. The Nikah Khwan takes Zara’s consent for the Nikah now. Zara doesn’t reply and instead looks towards Kabir. Kabir looked blankly towards Zara and turns to go to Zara. Zara wears her hands free and calls Kabir. The Nikah Khwan asks Zara for her consent again. Zara was silent. Kabir stood behind Zara now, upset and broken. Azra walks to Kabir and urges him to speak up. Kabir recalls Salma’s demands.
Kashan tries Kabir’s number to inform her about Ayesha’s death.

Salma tells Zara to speak up, everyone’s waiting for her reply. Zara replies she is also waiting. Kabir’s voice breaks as he begins to speak. Qazi Sahib’s phone bell rings. Kashan was crying and requests him to give the phone to Kabir. Qazi Sahib was worried and brings the phone to Kabir. Kashan tells Kabir that Ayesha has departed. Kabir goes in a state of shock, hearing this. He drops the phone and runs outside. Zara speaks to Kashan and asks why he is crying. Kashan tells Zara Ayesha is no more. Zara also leaves the wedding hall running madly behind Kabir. Someone stops Zara at the door, it was Zain.

PRECAP: Zara reaches Kabir’s house. Kabir stops Zara and says Qubool hai. She may marry Zain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The only smart person in this serial is Rukhsar. Very intelligent, cunning and won’t let her feelings known to any one, not even her sister. Right from the beginning, she has planned everything in such a way that no would doubt her sincerity. Even after killing Ayesha, she will not be caught, because she is already planning how not to let Shahbaz or Kashan or Kabir to have postmortem done on Ayesha’s body. Kudos to the writers for creating such a marvellous creature in a human form! What else is left in the show now since Zara is going to wed Zain, Ayesha is dead and Kabir will depart for Dubai. May be it is time to end the show as we know that Rukhsar is not going to be punished for her evil act. Can the writers explain this?

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