Ishq Subhan Allah 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara and Kabir shares bed

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Ishq Subhan Allah 19th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir and Zara comes to Kashmir. Their car have ‘just married’ sign on it. They hire it. Driver says this is a romantic place, you will enjoy it. Zara rolls her eyes. They arrive at their hotel. Zara looks at valleys and environment and smiles. Driver takes their luggage and takes them to hotel. They go to their room. It is decorated. Manager says we give room service till 12 for honeymoon couples, bed is soft and strong, we have big bath tub for couples. Kabir coughs, she leaves. Kabir says I will check bathroom. He comes out of bathroom and is uncomfortable. Reema calls Zara, her gift from Reema falls from bag, she doesnt see it and talks to Reema. Kabir takes her bag from floor and sees nightie there, he is stunned. Zara sees it and snatches it from him, he is disgusted. She says you were not ashamed to put hand in my bag. Kabir says it was on floor, why did you bring things which you have to hide. Zara says Reema gave it, he says yes Reema. Zara says there is no sofa here, lets ask for another room. They come to manager. Kabir says actually.. we need another room, she laughs. Zara says we are not joking. Manager says I am sorry but all rooms are booked. Zara asks if they have nylon rope? she says yes. Kabir looks on.

Ruksaar arrives in Kashmir. She comes to hotel where Zara and Kabir are staying. Manager gives her room key. Ruksaar takes off veil and smirks, she thinks that Zara will stay here forever and I will return with Kabir.

Ayesha says to Zeenat that I didnt realize you need vacations too, I booked tickets for you, Kashan, Ayan and Ruksaar for Kerala, Zeenat says its not needed. Ayesha says you have been working so go, she leaves. Zeenat tears papers.

Zara brings rope to room, Kabir asks what you want to do? Zara says any girl with lounge would make noose of it and hang herself, he laughs and says if you are doing it? she says no I have mind too so I will make partition on bed so you can sleep on other side, he says I can sleep on floor. Zara says this is cold place, you will become ice cream. She makes partition with curtain hanging in middle of bed, Kabir helps her.

Ruksaar chats with Viraj using Zara’s fake ID, she says I am in Kashmir but I am with someone who doesnt have my heart, I cant even enjoy these valleys. Viraj says soon you will enjoy these valleys and you will have someone who owns your heart. Ruksaar writes that I wish that person is like you. She smirks.

Scene 2
Zara and Kabir lies on bed. He asks to switch off lights, she says I cant sleep in darkness. He says fine, I dont want to argue here. She asks why? she holds curtain, he holds it too and mistakenly puts hand on her hand, they share eyelock, Zara moves her hand away. Kabir says I dont like your ways so you might not like me too, we are together here alone so we can bear each other and roam around here like friends. Zara says you like to roam around too? He says I am human too, Zara says but different kind of human, where you like to go? he says anywhere, will we be friends? She says till you are friend then I am friend too, he says okay. Zara thinks and says you can switch off your side’s light. good night. Kabir is surprised but thanks her. Zara smiles.

Ruksaar calls Zeenat and says I am working as per plan. Zeenat says I pray for your success, I have added 1 lac in your account, if you need more then tell me. Ruksaar says you are best sister. Zeenat says just come with Kabir back and our dream will fulfill.

In morning, curtain falls from bed so their partition is off. Kabir wakes up and sees partition off, he sighs and sees Zara’s foot on his foot out of blanket, he is surprised. He tries to move away her foot from his, Subhanallah plays as he stares at her.. Zara turns and moves closer, she puts hand on his chest, he looks at her face closely and is lost. He tries to remove her hand.. Zara wakes up and sees him holding her hand. She smiles a little but then realizes their position.

PRECAP- Kabir and Zara are in restaurant, Ruksaar is nearby and spying them. Kabir says to Zara that you wont eat this food? she says no. He says so you want to win this by emotionally blackmailing me, Zara says its not about winning or lose, I dont want to eat alone when you are hungry. Kabir puts newspaper on floor and puts food down. Zara says what are you doing? all are looking at us. Kabir says you dont want to sit with me on floor to eat together? you dont like to be embarrassed infront of people but want me to embarrass myself infront of my God. Zara looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    If kabir is as smart as he’s being portrayed den all he has to do is check d time of d textes supposedly bein sent by zara and see she was with him at d time. Afterall if they have tech in d serial atleast kabir should b tech savvy.

    1. not sure if they teach IT in molvi school that Kabir attended )scriptwriters not teeling viewers which madrasah or college he graduated) …at least Zara seems to be competent with her hp…anyway, the fake Zara social media account can be easily exposed. Zara wouldn’t be able to access it because she does not have the password to login!

  2. Ooshi ,I am giving my comments,,,hope you will do too…..As for the episode ,it brought back the nostalgic memories of my stay there,,,,,the snow clad pesks the beautiful Dal Lake with its house boats ,….the apple orchards and Ofcourse the pine and chinar trees : i think the chinars are specific only to this place,they look so beautiful in the autumn,that the sight of them is enough to lift anyone’s spirits….I have some beautiful walnut furniture from Srinagar with delicate chinar leaves expertly carved into the wood …they are a souvenir of my stay there …
    Anyways today’s episode is what we all have been waiting for…..Kabir and Zara atlast away from their families and prying eyes…Ofcourse Ruksar is already there…but no worry,she cannot have entry into the privacy of their bedroom……Kabir and Zara looked so cute requesting for an extra bedroom and the hostess looked so surprised and even horrified to give that nylon thread…..and to our pleasure ,the partition has gone to winds by morning….I would like to see how Zara is going ti handle the situation shown in the preview with Kabir ,as usual ,wanting to sit on the floor to have his food…..
    Cathy and Allybrew ,I agree with both of you regarding how to handle sensitive issues….best way is to be sensitive to other’s feelings ,search the net for more info and if still not clear,seek for it in a polite way ,never pass general remarks or judgements….thank you friends…Naz,for the first time today,I watched AKAS…as you said Sahil is very impressive….but not clear who is that other girl in his house…is he married to her…..I will comment on that forum tomorrow ..

    1. Lakshmi, I was so swamped with extra work within the extended family that I couldn’t comment much yesterday. By bedtime last night, there were around 12 comments when I last checked and had to leave home very early to attend to an important matter so hence my comment here today.. You can imagine my consternation and sadness when I read comments today and I was brought to tears that you were leaving this forum but I’m happy to see you here today. You and I don’t need to chat here but it’s fun to exchange ideas and thoughts on the entertainment front. Next week I’ll find quiet time to send you another email, much to catch up with on the personal level, I’ve uploaded a few other pics but the smart tech savvy at the electronics store scanned the pics in all directions….east west north and south so that every pic I look at, they slide in the opposite direction…. Anyway…what’s done is done with and you know my feelings and views well enough to know that you have my support 100% + and I’m sure that there are regrets from our friends here who made unfortunate utterances not thinking of its ramifications … Indeed you are my best friend and we will be so till the Almighty God thinks can forgive, just like how Allah forgives our mistakes whether intentional or not..YOU will remain my dearest friend and sister ☺…. I’ll chat with you on AKAS…

    2. Cathy

      I adore Sahil the writers are doing good with his dialogues and he’s adoration of Vedika…my own thoughts on that serial i would have had them married at the start of the show and show both of them dealing with the age related problems from the others and dealing with issues that will crop up in their own marriage for instance children etc…my own personal thoughts i would have aged up Sahil maybe in his early 30’s it would have had a touch more realism …And the other girl is his kinda wife, she tricked him into marrying her, he thought it was Vedika, you know standard serial fare.

      1. Cathy, no one says it like Sahil…. I don’t know who writes his dialogues but I can tell you that he or she is awesome…. They need to teach the others… Also, I did tell you that it would have been more reasonable to have Sahil be around 10 yrs or less since the beginning of the serial but you said it was OK… So……we can’t interfere with the writers agenda, right???

    3. I must see Lakshmi the scenary show make me even more jealous that I couldnt make the trip with my in laws to visit your country late last year. The pics they brought back didnt do Kashmir justice. So hoping I can make the next trip. This eposide was sooo cute. The way Kabir tried to move her foot off of his histrical not to mention the look on his face when he found her night gown. So happy to see the growing closeness show in a way totally symbolies what is going on with them. the pulling down of the dividers and the pulling down of the walls that put up against each other. Everything just simple and sweet. So looking forward to the coming episodes. Also I saw a spoiler this morning that showed them ending their honeymoon on a great note. So it will seem that everything goes fine.
      Naz to a comment you made yesterday. I agree that it’s the height of boldfaceness with Ruksar and Zeenat. Who told them that if Kabir had the choice he would have chosen to marry Ruskar. In fact he showed even less interest in the idea of marrying Ruksar than he did the idea of marrying Zara.
      Cant wait to see what happens when they get back to the real world.

    4. Hmmmmm.. Lakshmi, I really don’t know what happens to your color ?…it changes so often. ? ?

      1. Cathy

        Naz: Did i say that? Hmmmm, girls prerogative to change her mind. LOL

    5. zara hayat khan

      Salaam everyone……I just loved the episode.lakshmi, naaz, ooshi,etc…..loved everyones comments……and thankyou sooooo much for ur lovely comments on my beautiful visit all….u r all most welcome hr…..everyone stay blessed… u all and keeps commenting ur lovely thoughts.

      1. Ooshi

        WaAlaikum As Salam Jumma Mbarak Stay Blessed Fi Amanallah

  3. Confirmed spoilers, Zara well get kidnapped, by some men. This is done by ruksaar. Ruksaar does this by using fake social media.
    Kabir save Zara, this well bring them together.
    I think ruksaar, with her sister help. They welltr

    1. Sorry, I couldn’t finish my comments, because my internet die on me. Second, 1001 question from my dad. He thinks that I found someone.
      The spoilers announced is confirmed!
      Zara and Kabir are in love.
      I think ruksaar and sister zeenat. Well used the pictures, of their honeymoon. Because ruksaar was there.
      Put it up on the fake social media. To create a misunderstanding, between kabir and zara

      1. Ooshi

        can’t u clear to ur mother about us so she tell ur father

      2. My dad is alright really, it just I use up the internet usage. Just to find out this spoilers.
        It hard to Explain to parents, when they don’t understand. About how the internet work.
        My dad, just worried if I meet some stranger. I just reassured him.
        It funny really, he is worried if I found someone, but he found someone for me. The marriage didn’t last.
        I don’t want to get marry again, or even find someone. I am happy being single
        Anyway being a divorce woman, In my culture. I have a bit more freedom.

  4. The mountains are looking splendid, what a pity the region of disagreement and anxiety. The actors were correctly selected. I enjoy watching as step by step Kabeer and Zara are getting used to each other. But their misty future is disturbing me.

  5. You know friends… This serial so far showcases much that is a reality. Little unnoticed and furtive glances exchanged between characters are also documented and we are privy to the work of the multi cameras in use unlike what we have become accustomed to seeing. How illogical it is for people to communicate with whispers, eye rolls and head gestures in room of many family members and no one sees it happening?? As with Kabir… I’m in agreement with the production team to showcase a reality check on the behavioral patterns of those out there who gives Islamic customs a twist of their own. I agree that Muslims adhere to the sunnat of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ,the teachings of the Hadith and Holy Quran but there are those who have extremes in their behavior and I think writers are trying to change the direction in which it comes across as too staunch. Given time, I’m sure Kabir would stop being conscious of public display of affection towards his wife, I can see him slowly but inexorably being drawn towards the beautiful mystery of his wife and I commend the behind the scenes team for bringing this to the front burner…I’m happy that Kabir is privy to some underhand actions of Rukhsar anything else is illogical like what we’ve become accustomed to seeing on all other serials.

    1. Oh Naz you have pointed out one the things I love about this show. I have always wondered how the negative characters get away with so much in plain sight. but I am super happy that from the very beginning that others have been picking on these nuances. Be it the mothers in law, Zara and now Zabir himself. All those hidden communication and smug exchanges are being exposed.

  6. Today episode was awesome.the view of kashmir is wonderful

  7. Look at how this marriage is working out huh… They disliked each other in the beginning but now that Kabir and Zara are bound by marriage, they seem to be happy and acceptable to fact that they share a relationship and must make it least until the probability of Rukhsar succeeding in her psychopathic schemes, throws a wrench in the works… Moments between this couple looks sweet, as if they are discovering each other..and …Kashmir is breathtaking!! OMG!!!!

  8. zara hayat khan

    Hey Dear lakshmi do u like kesar kahwa….I just love it….

  9. Yes Alleybrew ,this valley is worth visiting atleast once in one’s life time…the visitors need not even go to any special places like Sona Marg ,Gul Marg to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the valley….if your hotel is in the right place like Zara and Kabir’s ,it is enough..Yes,you should have not have missed this opportunity last year…so better luck next time….after Kashmir you should go further up and visit another altogether different,I must say ,a mysterious place, Leh and Ladakh …at this altitude ,you don’t find any vegetation…and abounds in glaciers…Ofcourse our friend Zara can give you a more detailed account of what to see here when you decide to visit….for now let us go whereever Zara and Kabir take us……….as we are discussing the charms of Kashmir, I remember a very old movie ‘Kashmir ki Kali’,a shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore starrer,90% of this movie was shot here only ,that too in those days with relatively less pollution and everything so pristine …Sharmila was so beautiful ,still no match to the beautiful Kashmiri girls and Shammi really handsome…with really unforgettable tracks from Mohd.Rafi ,Lata and Asha…..Naz,have you seen this movie….if not ,worth seeing…

    1. Yes I did see the movie…Lakshmi, you know the ties that bind…..we of Indian descent adore everything Indian even though we live on the other side of the planet, our grandparents ensured that we never forget what’s running in our veins, no matter how progressive we become. We here have been watching Indian movies since we got it served black and white on the silver screen….my own mother looked like Vijantimala…lol… Indian women on screen long ago were women…beautiful, voluptuous and enigmas but today we see skinny girls dominating the screen , the flatter the washboard abs, the more successful they’ll be, I personally think some of them can’t act properly and Katrina Kaif tops my list, hope I didn’t offend any of Kat’s fans here..just my opinion. However, there are those who don’t possess the extreme beauty which is always mandatory but they make up for it by doing roles which earns my respect and admiration….now, those are actors!!!

  10. Dear Zara,how can i forget that refreshing classic drink from the Himalayan valley…I really got addicted to it during my stay there …and learnt its preparation also, but after leaving Srinagar ,I could never get authentic kahwa leaves….only recently I saw an ad on Amazon and placed an order….once it comes ,I will prepare and see whether it tastes the same or not…. I do love the Kashmiri cuisine particularly non veg and can prepare some of them like Rogan josh,Yakhini and Kashmiri Pulao and a veg dish Dum Aloo… and then those kangris,i used to find them very fascinating ,best way to fight the freezing temperatures during winters but those who are not used to them ,impossible,…do you still follow this age old practice or has it given way to some modern technology…….Zara,I love this forum as it gives us an opportunity to know people from across the globe ,and the best part is no man amongst us ….atleast not to my knowledge……let’s keep chatting

  11. Really ,Naz,I have n’t noticed till now…anyways as long as my comments appear,I don’t mind telly assigning me any colours …but tell me,today I got a doubt that I have never got before,..,,why there are no men amongst us…..any restrictions from Telly itself ,which I think is not possible or may be seeing a female brigade on the forums,no man dares to register or is it just gender preferences… us ladies,they are not interested in giving extra time and just think we are gossiping ….whatever it is ,It is better this way only…

    1. Lol… I’ve noticed this lack of men’s participation in these forums but trust me, there are men who watches these serials but either thinks it too feminine to comment, too afraid of the women dominating the space or too ashamed to join in the topic. I know there are lots of viewers who feel shy to add their voices but as we know Lakshmi, friendship can be formed here, whether long or short term, so it’s wonderful when new viewers join us, if you hadn’t joined on ETRETR, you and I wouldn’t be sharing a friendship today and I’m sure as you live in India, it’s highly possible that you and Zara meet in beautiful Kashmir!! How I envy you ladies…but I know your invitation still stands for me to visit…. I’ve just remembered, while on Woh Apna Sa…there was one viewer who put in an input and it was because he wanted to let us know that there actually are women like Nisha living in this world and it happened in his own life but it was surprising that he reached out to confirm that men do watch the serials but are too shy to do so.. I did chat a bit with him but then I stopped watching that crap in second season so don’t know about him anymore….

  12. zara hayat khan

    Yes My dear lakshmi…… modernisation…dear we follow the same and old pattern……..I’m very much excited….as my brothers marriage is in the month of june… my kashmiri waazwaan especially kashmiri haak…

    1. Ooshi

      congrats for brother’s marriage

      1. zara hayat khan

        Hey dear ooshi…..jazakallah khair.stay blessed

      2. Ooshi, I’ve read previous comments which confirmed that you are female as well…sorry friend, your name was difficult for me to guess accurately… My apologies.

  13. zara hayat khan

    Dear lakshmi do u understand and speak kashmiri.tagaan chui kashir wanun…

  14. zara hayat khan

    Lakshmi dear now electric blankets r in use..during winters…..but u know kangris …..we love to use.

  15. It is high time the scriptwriters started to develop the love between the two individuals. Their love is the bullwark against all the evil efforts by Ruksar, Zeenat, Shahbaz to separate the two or to wreak the marriage. Just hope that the story lines remain realistic and real. For example, clearly Ruksar’s fake social media account of Zara will be easily discovered and exposed. If this was the intent, fine. Just hope Ruksar’s character as a mental nut is done realistically and not like what is depicted by other dramas on the other Indian channels!

  16. Zara dear,though I speak fluent Hindi ,I could n’t pick up Kashmiri…the reason why I was not comfortable while teaching in Tindale Biscoe School…still the students and my colleagues were such dears ,they never made me feel uncomfortable…Regarding Kangri I have an interesting experience to share with all of you…Naz,Cathy,Allewbrew,if you are wondering what is this Kangri,it is a small earthen pot woven round wicker, filled with hot charcoal embers and this is used by the Kashmiris beneath their traditional clothing, pheran ,to combat extreme cold…One cold winter afternoon a few of us had planned to visit the frozen Dal Lake and my friend Noor ,was gracious enough to provide me with a Kangri but as my Salwar was not as loose as a phiran,I ended up with burns,Ofcourse minor only and ended up in a hospital………Zara,still I am in touch with Noor,she is married with children now and stays in Baramulla……….By the way Zara,I have tasted the dishes you mentioned…Noor’s mother would always make it a point to invite me for lunch on Sundays to taste the specialities of Kashmir…..can never forget her love and hospitality………

  17. You are right Kabar,in other Indian serials,.the negative characters usually would have a field day till the very end of the serial and by the time they are exposed ,the viewers get so fed up of their antics and schemings that they just wish the torture ends……Here Kabir has already got a whiff of Ruksar’s evil intentions and will certainly catch her latest and future misdemeanours also….hope the team of Ishq Subhaan Allah continue on the same realistic lines,he reason for its popularity amongst the viewers and better TRPs …

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