Ishq Subhan Allah 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir saves Zara’s respect

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Ishq Subhan Allah 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara is making kheer. Ayesha says its smells nice. Alina wants to taste it, Ayesha says first guests will taste it. Zara says dont worry, I will give you share. Zeenat comes there and says guests are coming, Zara go and get ready. Ayesha says she is right, they leave. Zara gets done with kheer and leaves. Ruksaar comes in kitchen, she sees salt bottle and mixed the whole bottle of salt in kheer. Kabir comes there so Ruksaar hides salt bottle, she asks if he needs anything? Kabir glares at her and says I wanted to come for water, what are you doing here? she says just cleaning.

Alina is taking kheer. Zara comes there and says Alina? Alina says I just wanted to taste it. Zara pours it for her and asks her to go in her room and eat, I wont tell anyone. alina says love you and leaves. Servant says to Zara that Ayesha is calling you, Zara asks to bring kheer.

Ayesha makes Zara meet guests and says I am jealous of myself for getting such a nice daughter in law. Guests say husbands can be lured with good food. Zeenat says we have heard she makes nice food. Kheer is brought there. Zara takes bowls and serves to everyone. Alina is running to her. Zara gives it to everyone. alina comes to her and whispers that salt was a lot in kheer I think by mistake. All eat kheer. Zara is tensed. Ayesha tastes it and says very nice kheer, all guests praise her. Alina says to Zara that I am not lying, there was a lot of salt in my kheer bowl. Ayesha asks Zara to bring more kheer.
Zara is going to kitchen and thinks I gave bowl of kheer to Alina and it had salt then why other bowls didnt have it? She comes near kitchen and sees Kabir shouting at Ruksaar, she hides and hears them. Ruksaar says sorry to Kabir. Kabir says if you ever do it again then it wont be good, you wanted to insult her by mixing salt in it, its good that I caught you and changed kheer in time, what if guests had eaten that kheer? just remember one thing clearly that she is my wife and this house’s respect and if respect of house is tarnished that nobody would be bad than me. Zara is shocked to see him standing for her. Ruksar says what wife? you even know about marriage? you can show anything to world but I know your bedroom story. Kabir grunts Ruksaar! he glares at her. Zara sees all this and thinks.

In morning, Zara is sitting by window. She recalls Kabir’s words that she is his wife. Alina comes to her and says I got to know that Kabir changed kheer, your husband saved you.. sorry, Kabir told me to not tell anyone. Zara says I wont tell anyone.

All family members sit for breakfast. Ayesha says Zara you were looking really pretty, all guests praised you. Kabir comes there. Zara says let me give you breakfast, she takes plate for him and fills it, he is surprised. He takes food from her and leaves. Zara says to Ayesha that Kabir and me.. I mean I want to eat.. Ayesha says wife should eat with husband, go. Zara takes her food plate and leaves. Zeenat and Ruksaar fumes in anger.

Scene 2
Kabir is putting sheet on floor to eat, Zara comes there and sets her plate too. Kabir says why you are taking pain, you can eat on dining table in room. Zara says if I wanted to eat on dining table then I would have eaten with family, I have to give you something. She gives him an envelope and says I got these gifts in kheer ceremony. Kabir says why giving me? its yours. Zara says this is for sweets shop from where Kheer was, he was praised a lot, you brought good kheer go give it to him, Kabir smirks and takes it. Zara says thank you for saving me from insult. Kabir says I didnt want people to make fun of my mom, it would have hurt me. Zara says you might have for mom but it saved me so thank you. Kabir says so you are eating with me to give back debt. Zara says I listen to my heart, my heart said to eat with you but you have problem with that. Kabir says I just asked a question and you started fighting. Zara says I was just answering. Kabir says I know you can fight for life, eat now. Zara glares at him.

Ayesha serves kheer to Shahbaz and says Zara made it. Kashan says you look really happy. Ayesha says did you see the way Zara set Kabir’s plate, Kabir have been alone but now their gap is lessening, I think they should go out to spend sometime. Shahbaz says you are right, he asks Kashan to prepare for their honeymoon. Alina says they can go to Kashmir. Shahbaz says good idea. Ruksaar and Zeenat are stunned.

Zeenat throws things in kitchen. Ruksaar asks her to listen. Zeenat says I told you that you are trusting wrong person, Shahbaz is a person that can use anyone for his advantage, he got them married and now sending them to honeymoon and you cant see all this.. you think after all this he will help you? you are cheating yourself. Ruksaar says he promised me. Zeenat says when he will fulfill his promise when those two young bodies enjoy honeymoon in Kashmir alone. Ruksaar enough, I cant let Kabir go, they cant be one, they hate each other and even if they stop hating then my hate would never let them be one.

Ayesha comes to Zara and says I am very happy, the way you set Kabir’s plate made me believe you are right for him, since he cameback, he eats alone on floor, I have joints pain otherwise I would have sat down with him but now you are with him so you will make him eat, you will be his partner. She says relations are made for life, husband and wife fight but dont have too much gap between each other that it becomes unbearable, stop finding badness in other but start finding goodness. Ayesha asks Zara to pack her bags, you and Kabir are going on honeymoon as my gift. Zara is stunned.
PRECAP- Kabir sees Ruksaar hinting at Shahbaz. Kabir says to Shahbaz that which game you and Ruksaar are playing? I understood everything in one moment.
Zara says to Ruksaar that I have started dreaming about Kashmir, those lovely mountains, beautiful trees and Kabir’s togetherness, it would be so romantic.. she turns and is stunned to see Kabir glaring at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Interesting that the scriptwriters decided that Kabeer outed Ruksar’s dirty deed making the kheer very salty. Well my wish to see the couple “in debt” to each other for doing good for and to each other and hence bringing them closer is heard by the scriptwriters. Kashmir is lovely in spring with all the daffodils growing…

    1. Ooshi

      say anything but don’t kill me by talking about daff…(killing in love)
      happy u commented

  2. Today’s episode was lovely ??the way Kabir stands for Zara…… I really love it ??? But I think now Zara is falling love with Kabir, which is not good….I want Kabir to fall for Zara first…..

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented

  3. Ooshi

    thanks for the update Atiba

  4. Ooshi

    epi was good loved it

  5. zara hayat khan

    Wowwwww…mashaallah lovely episode.
    I really enjoy a lott today……eagerly waiting for honeymoon episode……..hey u guys gett ready…….do watch my beautiful valley…especially gulmarg full of snow and beautiful tulip garden………

    1. Ooshi

      isn’t Kashmir under the brutality of indian force

      1. zara hayat khan

        Yes….indian forces are brutually killing our innocent kashmiris………I dnt want to discuss dear All this.
        well we kashmiris r very very strong and will remain strong…
        We trust our Allah and the Almighty Allah will save our beautiful kashmir…Ameen sum Ameen.

      2. Ooshi

        Insha’Allah He will save His Kashmir as well as His bobs
        Insha’Allah u all will will get rid of the brutality u all r facing from soo… many years

    2. Zara dear, I’m jealous of you right now…

      1. zara hayat khan

        Salaam……hey dear nazreen…u r soo funny…

  6. RHJ, I agree with you. I would like to see a first Kabeer fall in love with Zara.

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented

  7. Oh my goodness, I love it?????…today’s episode is AWESOME!!! Absolutely brilliant for the writers to go with the story down this road than to go where the others have tread before!! ” My wife”…how beautiful that must have sounded to the ears of Zara!! I hope Kabir stands by his wife’s side till the end of this story and that love continues to bloom between them. Friends… Nothing is wrong with an arranged marriage but if the wife tries her best to keep the marriage together but the husband doesn’t take care of her as he should, then the marriage is sure to run into trouble. With the exception of Zeenat and vamp Rukhsar, this is a wonderful family, I’m giving shabaaz a passing grade because his plans seem to be falling flat and only because of that, he doesn’t seem effective at all…

    1. Ooshi

      agreed wishing the same

  8. Lakshmi, Cathy and Allybrew..i mention your names because we’ve been together since ETRETR.., Eisha Singh chose well this time, don’t you all think?? Why does this serial come across to me as a breath of fresh air??? I’m soooooo looking forward to their honeymoon in Kashmir!! I envy my friends here who live there… all are lucky!! I’ve heard of and seen the beauty of Kashmir….on the screen!!

    1. Cathy

      Nazreen, i truly hope this show stays on track and be a proper love story between two opposites.

    2. because it is more real like how “real” people will behave, act and scheme. Kudos to the scriptwriters!

  9. the fact that in the precap it looks like kabeer is mad at zara which he shouldnt be. they are married so what is wrong with zara complimenting him. but i think he feels kind of betrayed and thinks zara didnt want to stop the wedding at all.

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented little bit agreed but doesn’t to betraying point i think he is angry because she is talking to rukhsaar(the villain)

  10. I don’t think that kabir want to marry ruksaar now. Even if his dad tell him too.I was surprised at kabir that he realised that he dad and ruksaar is up too something.maybe there is a reason to his character. A reason why he has these view. we just have to wait and see. Today was a good episode.. I love it.

  11. Pleasantly surprised to see your full name Nazreen’…but you know,I can only call you Naz now…. Do you remember how many times you had to remind me that it is a single but not double ‘a’,..and still I would an extra ‘a’ till you told me your full name,….we have come a long way since then….. and I agree with you that the writers of this serial know their job and are mature enough not to write silly things…..yes ,there is nothing wrong in any marriage,whether arranged or love as long as there is ‘love’ between the couple… India 90% of the marriages are arranged marriages only and except for a small percentage,they come to love each other and live happily to see their grandchildren also…Yes,how can I forget our ETRETR times,,,,,and those passionnate discussions ……and Eisha is the reminder of those days…..particularly that kheer making scene….do you remember that lovely scene in the kitchen when Raja helps Rani kneading the dough a day after their marriage….Ofcourse we can not expect Kabir doing that as this is a different love story still I could n’t help but see Rani in Zara in thst scene……..loved the way they sat together with their plates on the floor……..and I do hope that they will have a lovely and most importantly a safe honeymoon in this beautiful valley…

    1. Lol…. Yes I remember the two “a’s”…btw…season 2 was awesome but my most favorite scenes were Raja helping Rani do the dishes on a full kitchen sink while they were young children, Lakhan feeding both of them on the floor and that rain scene on the lawn ???????….??…and yes, you and I have known each other going on 3 yrs, on these forums,….how times fly!!!

  12. May I request you Ooshi not to politicise or communalise the pleasant and amicable atmosphere of this forum by going into things that we don’t have full knowledge about….Yes ,Kashmir is a contentious issue and let the govts handle it……they are elected for that purpose only……..the same reason why I didn’t respond to our friend Sister’s views regarding the situation in the Middle East …better to avoid controversial subjects….

    1. Ooshi

      realities r realities either how much we try to escape from them but we also share our Dear one’s pain
      i will try my best to not talk about that

    2. zara hayat khan

      Dear lakshmi relax…..ooshi was telling this genuinely……and she was not wrong dear…
      Dnt tk it seriously dear……chill, enjoy the serial and keeps commenting… u all dear girls..

      1. It is a matter of how you look at the situation. There are always going to be different views on the Kashmir case. Therefore, I agree with Lakshmi it is better to leave it out of this forum and just focus on the soap. Although I would love hear more about it, but this is not the platform to discuss these topics.

      2. Ooshi

        it’s ur point of view but according to me if we talk about this matter in an informative way then it’s not bad and even today i didn’t raised finger on anyone but prayed to God to give Kashmiri’s their right i don’t feel anything bad in it but Lakshmi take it as politicise and communalise the environment where as i didn’t raise finger at anyone but try to comfort Zara and if u will not talk about the thing about which u want to talk by thinking about others so where will u talk about such matter here we r to share our different thoughts specially me and r here specific platforms where we should talk about such matters or it’s banned to talk on this matter here where there r people there will be different views i think Lakshmi will be very angry if she read this reply but if i doesn’t raise finger at anyone no one should be angry with me the decision is all ur’s

  13. Hi Nazreen, i wholeheartedly agree with you Eisha has chosen roles that really make her shine. I am absolutely loving the direction that that story is going. Little by little they are getting comfortable and doing the things for each other that they should. Really sweet. Didnt I say yesterday that the look on Ruskar’s face when the decision was taking to send Zara and Kabir on a honeymoon would be priceless. I laughed so hard. While I never condone violence against anyone Ruskar really need a slap for her antics today. But anyway the thought of what could be happening on the honeymoon will be torture enough for her.

    1. Ooshi


  14. Zara, when I hear Hindi being spoken, I’m able to grasp what the conversation is about by some words but generally speaking, even though I’m of Indian origins, I speak only English. I’m from the Caribbean. I wish to visit India at least once in my lifetime, inshallah. I thought it best to reply to you on today’s forum as opposed to yesterday’s. Just to let you know that I’m the same Naz or Nazreen, Nazreen being my correct name but it’s much more recognisable going with Naz so I will stick with it across here.

    1. Ooshi

      now it had been cleared to me about ur name

    2. zara hayat khan

      U are most welcome dear……stay blessed

    3. zara hayat khan

      Salaam dear nazreen…very nice name.u r most welcome dear……stay blessed

  15. Cathy dearie, have you been able to download yesterday’s episodes on Desitvflix, of this and AKAS.?? I’m unable to OR it could be that the videos haven’t been uploaded as yet.. SOS… CATHY!!!!

  16. Cathy

    Hey Naz, Desitvflix is working but not great it keeps dropping the feed, now this could be because my PC is as old as i am and also the fact the desiflix did have some issues this past weekend, Do you have Facebook? they do have a page and are quick to answer any concerns or problems you have.

    1. Ooshi

      ur name reminds me someone who is away from me by 1 year but not heartily she was Kathy/Khathija

      1. Cathy

        Khathija’s a pretty name, mine is a shortened version of “Catherine”

      2. Ooshi

        ok by the way nice name

    2. Don’t blame your tab is new and I have the same problem, it’s the site..

  17. Hi guys I m new to this page this is the first episode I saw I don’t know nothing about this but after seeing it I decided to continue. After a long period I have get some interest in serial. Today episode was nice

    1. Ooshi

      happy u commented welcome here

    2. Thank u ooshi

  18. zara hayat khan

    @ooshi……jazakallah khair
    Means thankyou soo much and may Allah bless u dear

    1. Ooshi

      i m also a muslim so understand these words

      1. zara hayat khan

        Okk dear sister.stay blessed

      2. Ooshi

        u too Dear

  19. Certainly ,realities are realities ,but whatever we know are not the only realities,,,,,there is so much we don’t know …..we should appreciate the fact there are two sides to the coin…we tend to see what we like only and overlook what we don’t like…..

  20. Ooshi, I know your comment would touch a chord and even though I live so far away from you all, I wasn’t too pleased with the Kashmir comment BUT I know you didn’t mean the slightest harm, it’s just that some topics are too sensitive to talk about even whether they are active issues or not, it’s best to stay far from it, it’s a political issue and the politicians will handle it…. Don’t feel offended dear, we agree to disagree but constructively.. There’s love for all of you on the Asian continents, from this Caribbean sister…… Peace and love!!!

    1. Ooshi

      Di from this crazy heart there’s also love for all humans on the earth and best wishes for all the people who r died i will try my best to be away from this topic but we also do our best to comfort someone with the realities he/she have plz. remember all Kashmiri’s (died or alive) in ur prayers and pray for their independence i m not talking about the sensitivity of the matter but about the good wishes/prayers we can have for them

  21. What about my name Naz??????

    1. Ooshi

      what do u mean i didn’t understood

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