Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi aasan ( Chapter 7)

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Episode 7:-

Dev ( Arjun ) and Samika ( Alisha)walking on the road.Dev – “ Ok. Actually Iam an architect,I came here for Mr.Malhotra’s resort project .Basically Iam from Delhi. Aur …” .Samika- “ Listen, I don’t want  to know about you . Iam not interested to be your friend. I just told my name as part of formality and that’s it”. Dev- “ I don’t understand you . Sometimes you seems to be sweet and sometimes you are angry bird . Iam just trying to break the ice “. Samika – “ This is Shimla and ice is common here so I request you not to make such efforts. Please don’t follow me again”. She leaves and Dev stands disappointedly.  Dev says loudly – “ Please , don’t misunderstand me as stupid or psycho . I like to be friends with everyone I meet that’s it……” She hears and nods as she feels irritated. She reaches her home . She sees missed calls from Riya . She keeps the vegetables in kitchen and calls Riya. Riya-“ Samika, I was calling you . Where are you ? Why didn’t you pick my call ? “  Samika-“ Why so panic? What happened Riya ?”  Riya – “ Arijit our senior with whom you had a fight last week is found dead near valley . It is said that it is a murder. He was stabbed multiple times .It has been an hour ago when police found him”. Samika- “ What? He came yesterday to college and I saw him then “. Riya -“ Even I saw him . What is happening? This year it is Arijit and last year it was Manya ..” Samika becomes silent. Riya – “ Iam sorry . Samika .I didn’t mean to … “ . Samika-“ I know . It’s ok . Leave it. ”. Riya -“ Ok .Then .Bye”. Samika – “ Bye”. Tears roll down from Samika’s eyes and she wipes it . She goes to her room . Her mother see her upset and going to her room . Samika opens her cupboard and takes out a bangle. She recalls something. ( Fb : A man (of her fathers age) coming towards and Samika and another girl is litting diya . He give both of them a gift & it’s a pendant  which is same to same . Samika- “ WOW . It’s so beautiful Maheshwar Kaka .So Manya and I will have same pendant . Manya Iam thinking , let’s wear this on your wedding. What’s say ? “  Manya -“Yes . But it will take time .  Why can’t you call me Di . Iam elder to you by 1 year “. Samika – “ Oho . So sorry , maybe In your dreams..” she laughs .) Samika feels sad . ( Fb : Manya hanging on the fan in a classroom of the college . Everyone is shocked . Her parents are crying. Reporters are there . flashes are coming)   Her mother comes to consoles her .

After sometimes , Samika goes out near a lake   and she goes near a tree . She sits there and she recalls her good moments with Manya ( They are playing and having fun together). She cries. Then she sees Dev sitting away from her facing lake and he is throwing pebbles into lake . She wipes her tears and she gets up . She is about to leave and suddenly see her .He gets up and comes towards her. Dev- “ You told me not to follow you and now you are following me. That’s interesting. What is your intention? “ Samika gets irritated- “ Iam not following you . I use to come here always it was just a coincidence. For your kind information I mind what you does . Is that clear? “  Dev – “ Why are you getting angry for a small thing ? I was just joking”. Samika leaves and as she leaves her pendant fall down . Dev looks at her. He says – “ I think she is little disturbed now  because she was ok in morning. I wish she feel better”. After she is gone he notices the  pendent on the ground.

Precap :- Samika is searching for her pendant and she is not getting it. Dev comes to her home. He gives her pendant. She gets happy & she says -“ You don’t know what happiness you have  given me . Thank you so much “. Dev gets happy. Mysterious girl (Nia )  sees her spending time with Dev outside says – “ When you got so happy now it’s time to be sad . As there should be a balance . She smiles.

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