Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan ( Chapter 50 – part 1 )

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Since this episode is longer , Iam splitting the episode into 2 parts . Enjoy reading…

-Special Episode –

Episode 50:- (Part 1 )

Kashyap family in great trouble!

Samika turns and looks. She gets shocked seeing the person. It’s Dev Raichand . He smirks. Samika looks him angrily, she suddenly catches his collar . He gets shocked.

Samika – “ Dev ! Where is my family ? “

Then she see some people bringing her family members tied up. She gets shocked and leaves his collar. Dev smirks and he corrects his collar. Samika tries to go near them but Dev holds her back. Dev is standing behind her holding her shoulders, he standing close to her. Samika is angry and her eyes is brimmed with tears.


Dev – “ Where are you going , my Jaan? They are coming here only.. “.

Samika – “ Dev, don’t you dare hurt my family “.

Dev (in low tone)- “ Relax , Jaan… Relax ! But I must say you are look so attractive when you are angry !  Maybe it’s because Iam seeing you angry for first time !”

Samika tries to get of the hold. Her family members are trying to get out of the hold.

Dev – “ Really! You are a fool… Escaping from my web is not a easy task… I got everything I want… now you guys can enjoy your jail days from tomorrow!!”

Samika – “ There is someone who is seeing all this … Bhagwan won’t let you succeed “.

Dev laughs in an evilish way, Samika gets shocked. Dev leaves her and she tries to run towards her parents. But Dev holds her hand from behind and twist her hand . He pulls her towards him. Samika gets hurt and she see her family members.

Dev – “ Bhagwan doesn’t exist ! Iam the one who control everything”.

Samika – “ You are monster … Dev ! “.

Dev – “ You are right … Iam monster !”

Then Trisha comes in . She smiles. Dev pushes Samika . Trisha holds her . Samika looks her . Trisha hold her and pinnes her to the wall.

Trisha – “ At these times , to survive people should be a monster atleast “.

Dev – “ They won’t understand… Afterall they are angels who will stand with truth”.

Trisha – “ It would have better if you all got trapped in our trap …. at least all your lives would have saved but now all of you will die “.

Samika gets shocked by her statement. Dev and Trisha smirks .

Samika pushes Trisha aside . Samika see a glass bottle and she breaks it . She takes it and show towards them.

Dev and Trisha gets shocked. Trisha tries to go near her.

Samika – “ Don’t you dare come near me“.

Dev stops Trisha from going near. Dev looks her. Trisha is looking Samika angrily. Samika walks towards her family members with broken bottle. She shows it to the goons .

Samika – “ Leave my family! Otherwise I will hurt you “.

She tries to scare a goon who is holding tied up Samrat with the broken bottle . Dev comes from behind silently but Samika sense it when he reach near . She turns to him immediately with the broken bottle . He steps back.

Samika – “ I told you , don’t come near me“.

She see Trisha near to her and keeps the broken bottle near her neck . Dev gets shocked and Trisha gets scared.

Trisha (angrily) – “ Hey , you  ! Leave me .. you don’t know me!  I will kill you “.

Samika – “ First try to save yourself ! Dev … ask your men to un tie my family . Otherwise, I will hurt her “.

Dev – “ Samika , I know you won’t do that . You aren’t that bad “.

Samika – “ You are right , but nothing is important than my family “.

Trisha – “ You can’t escape by doing this “.

Samika – “ You need not worry about it . Dev , do what Iam saying ! Fast , otherwise “.

Then someone comes inside and keeps gun over Mr.Kashyap .

That man – “ Otherwise, What ?”

Dev , Trisha and Samika looks at him. There stands Dilip Raichand . He smirks .
Dilip Raichand
Dev and Trisha smiles . Samika identify him as she has saw him in the cctv footage.

Dilip Raichand – “ My hand isn’t that clean , It won’t take a moment to finish everyone here …. I don’t give fake warnings “.

Samika hands start to shiver . Dev and Trisha smirks.

Dilip Raichand – “ Leave her , Samika ! Otherwise I will kill your family “.

Samika leaves Trisha. Trisha moves aside. Samika drops the broken bottle. She bows down her head being helpless. Dev , Trisha and Dilip Raichand looks her . Samrat tries to push the goon and goon hits him. Dilip Raichand walks to him.

Dilip Raichand – “ You are getting angry? Really! “.

Dilip Raichand instructs the goon to open the cloth tied around Samrat’s mouth.

Samrat – “ Do you think that you all will escape if you kill us ? Then you are really a fool “.

Dev and Trisha gets shocked. Samika looks Samrat. Dilip Raichand doesn’t mind his say.

Samrat – “ Within 24 hours , all of you will get exposed . If you kill us , all of you will be finished “.

Samrat smirks, Samika gets surprised. Dilip Raichand, Dev and Trisha gets tensed.

Dev goes near to Samika . Samrat see this  and gets furious.

Samrat (shouts ) – “ Don’t you dare touch my sister ! “.

Dev looks him and see Samrat fuming in anger. Samika smiles hearing Samrat .

Dev walks towards her and Samika looks him.

Dev – “ Why can’t I touch her ? Afterall your sister is my wife … Jaan, Tell your brother not to come between us “.


Samrat – “ Don’t you dare call her your wife …, you are a cheater! “

Dev laughs and looks him .

Dev – “ Oho.. Saale Saab … you became so angry . Fine , I won’t touch her . Tell me , what is your plan ?”

Samrat – “ You won’t know about it … you will be finished “.

Just then Roma Raichand and Daksh comes in. Roma Raichand is completely angry . She throws some paper on the ground. Dilip Raichand, Dev and Trisha gets shocked.

Roma Raichand – “ This agreements has become invalid…. see this “.

Dev takes it from the ground and checks it . Samrat smirks.

(Fb:-  Samrat took those documents before Samika packed it.

Samrat erased off some parts of the documents that Raichand grabbed from Maheshwar. That won’t be noticed at a single glance . Samrat made sure that papers won’t be of any use and would turn invalid. He used acteone to remove it.

Samrat (thinks)- “ I won’t let them win”.)

Samrat smiles . Dev see this and goes near Samrat .

Dev – “ You did this ?”

Samrat – “ Didn’t I told you that you all are finished ? Now you will get caught for your sins … “.

Samika fears that they may harm him. Dilip Raichand gets angry and holds Samrat’s neck . Mr.Kashyap and Mrs.Kashyap gets scared. But Samrat looks him a daring look.

Samika – “ Bhaiyya!”

She tries to run towards him but Trisha pushes her. Samika falls down. Samrat see this .

Samrat – “ Samika !”

Dilip Raichand – “ You don’t know who you are messing with … “.

Samrat – “ Do you know ?”

Dev keeps his over Dilip Raichand’s shoulder.

Dev – “ He won’t understand… afterall he is a socially committed journalist. Samrat , tell us  … have you leaked those proof? “.

Samrat smiles . Dilip Raichand gets angry and slaps Samrat. But he remains silent and smiles. Roma Raichand gets tensed about after effects if they get exposed. Samika gets up and walks towards them . Daksh blocks her way and looks her .

Dev turns and see Daksh looking her in an different way. Dev walks towards them and he stands between them. Dev looks her .

Dev – “ Samika, we made a deal and you deceived me !”.

Samika – “ You deceived me everytime and you are complaining about my deceive … What a joke ! Still you all can save yourself if you leave us without harming us “.

Daksh – “ You are helpless and you giving us warning ? Oho .. seriously! “.

Samrat – “ We may be helpless but not we know how to tackle with our enemies”.

Roma Raichand- “ Lets kill all of them … everything will be finished “.

Samrat – “ For your kind information, if we don’t contact that person within 24 hours … your secret will be out ! So killing us is digging your own grave “.

Dev – “ We know that you are just lying to save yourself… you can’t do that in such a small time “.

Samrat – “ If we can make those agreements invalid… don’t you think that you are taking us so lightly “.

Everyone gets worried. Daksh goes near to Samika . Samika gets uncomfortable with the way he eyes her.

Daksh – “ What if you are sister gets hurt infront of you, Mr.Journalist ?”

Everyone looks Daksh . Samrat gets worried. Daksh tries to touch her inappropriately but Samika steps back. Dev see this and goes to Daksh . He keeps his hands over Daksh’s shoulder to stop him.

Dev (smirks) – “ They won’t change their mind with such things “.

Daksh – “ But … “.

Someone rings the door bell,Raichands gets worried. Kashyaps gets a hope. Samika opens her mouth but Trisha close her mouth with her hand. Trisha drags her.  Goon closes Samrat’s mouth too.

Dilip Raichand keeps gun over Mr.Kashyap.

Dilip Raichand ( in low volume) – “ Samika open the door… don’t reveal anything about us. And make the person leave from the door itself “.

Trisha leaves Samika free . Dilip Raichand threatens her. Everyone hides . Samika walks towards the door and prayers.

Samika (in mind) – “ Bhagwan , please help us to get out of their clutches “.

Samika opens the door and see a man . She smiles . Raichands gets worried if they get caught. But they couldn’t see the person.

Samika – “ Everyone has gone out , please come tomorrow “.

Samika tries to close door but that man stops her by holding the door. Samika gets worried when Dev signs to kill her family if she let the person get in.

Samika- “ Please Leave … “.

That man – “ Is there any problem ? Samrat has told me that there is some people behind your family… Didn’t you understand me … Iam his friend “.

Samika (scared) – “ Please try to understand.. Leave “.

That man finds her scared and he get inside. Dev comes out and closes the door. That man see Kashyaps tied up and Samrat see that man . He relaxes.

Raichands looks him and that man gives a serious look to them. His face is revealed, it is Dhruv Raichand.
Raichands smiles . Dilip Raichand comes to him and hugs him. Kashyaps gets shocked.

(Fb:- Dhruv Raichand is the same lawyer who bailed Samrat and Mr.Kashyap when they were jailed. Dhruv Raichand assured Samrat that he will help them. Samika once talked to him and he assured to help whenever needed.

Samrat had handovered those evidence last night and asked him to release it if he didn’t contact within 24 hours)

Dilip Raichand – “ Time to break the suspense, He is my son … Dhruv Raichand “.

Dhruv smirks. Kashyaps lose all their hope after this revelation. Dev looks them all with pity . Kashyaps feel cheated from every angle.

Dhruv (gently)- “ Sorry , my dear friend! What can I do ? My family is more important for me “.

Dev – “ I hope you all got to know …what are we capable to do ? “

Roma Raichand- “ Don’t talk much let’s finish them all “.

Samrat thinks for a while.

Samrat – “ But we had alternate plan too…    We have given those evidence to someone else too … That person will not backstab us and thus you won’t escape “.

Daksh – “ Iam sure he is lying… it’s fake story .. let’s finish them “.

Samrat – “ If you think we are lying , Go ahead and kill us ! “

Dev gets suspicious . Dev takes Roma Raichand aside and have a talk . They come back .

Roma Raichand- “ Lets give them a chance to say to whom they have given the evidence to “.

Daksh – “ These people won’t agree “.

Dev – “ Let’s give them sometime to decide and let’s see “.

Dilip Raichand- “ If you tell us the truth , there is a chance that we would spare all of your lives .. think”. 

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    I will be waiting for the next episode do post it soon.😁

    1. Adhu

      Thank you dear .. I was working on this episodes for some days as I had to make it interesting.. I will update the 2nd part of this episode very soon. 😊

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