Ishq Mein Marjawan FF – Ishq nahi aasan (Chapter 2)

Episode 2.

Its evening now . Everyone is getting ready in Samika’s house . Samika ( Alisha) is wearing white kurti with jacket with blue jeans & paired with earrings with danglers and bangles.She is waiting for everyone in the hall .Then there comes her parents and younger brother. Samika says “ Mm . Husband and wife matching color haa!”(with a smile). They are wearing brown coloured dress . Her father says “ Ofcourse , Our choice are always same since we are made for each other couple “. Mother – “ Tumari Papa me dekha meri saree ka colour toh fatafat shirt matching ka pehen liya “. Father smiles . Samika – “ So what ? He matched up with you that’s the point . Ok fine let’s go otherwise the restaurant will close “. They leave in a car . They reach a restaurant and get seated . They order for food . They are having food . On the other table there is two men talking and having food . One of them is the same man (Arjun) who followed Samika in morning.He is wearing a black 3 piece suit . Other man – “ So lets start our work in next week . Until then you can study the area . I hope that’s fine Mr. Raichand “. He replies- “ Yeah ofcourse . So would you like you have something else Mr. Malhotra? “ Mr. Malhotra – “No . But Some water”. He replies “Yes “ and look out to call waiter but Samika calls the waiter – “ Excuse me !” . He looks at her and gets surprised. Waiter goes to her and he is looking at her.His hands touches on a curry pot and some of it fall on his shirt .He gets up and goes to clean it .  Her father ask waiter to bring bill and she gets up and goes to washroom along with her mother . He is cleaning his dress and Samika and her mother comes there and wash their hands . He see her and looks her secretly . They leave. He comes out after cleaning it fastly . Samika and her family is about to leave  . He looks and see them leaving. Mr. Malhotra ask him -“ Mr.Raichand are you looking for someone?” He replies- “ No . So I will give you a rough plan by Saturday .”Mr .Malhotra – “ Great “. They finish their and leaves . Mr. Raichand is in his car and is thinking about the girl he saw and is smiling.

Next day morning, Samika’s home .

Samika’s mother is in the kitchen. Father is getting ready and is also helping his getting ready.Then he goes to kitchen and pack food in lunch boxes . Samika is getting ready for college . Samika comes down . Her father and brother is about to leave . Her father tells her that he have packed lunch for her so don’t forget to take it .He gives her some money also and goes . She have her breakfast and leaves after hugging her mother.

Mr.Raichand is wearing casual dress and have a camera . He is walking through a road between the woods . He steps on the wood to take some pictures.Then Samika comes there alone .He turns and is taking photo of the road . He clicks but she comes in his frame then he take his looks to road ( ishq mein Marjawan song played). He  see her and gets happy. He slips and a stone rubbles. She hears the sound and looks. He hide behind a tree so she didn’t find anyone . She walks he follows her parallel through woods. He takes a photo of her . She hear some sound and turn back. But couldn’t see him again. She walks but feels some is following her. Then she hear a sound and she ask – Is someone there ? And she look around. He hides and smiles( naughty) . She tells to herself – “Ajeeb hain . Mujhe laga koi hain lekin yahan toh koi nahi hain. Bhoot toh nahi hogi na ?” ( smiles) .She talks while walking- “ Bhoot hain kya  jo mujhe follow kar ha hain ? “  He smiles hearing her and speaks to himself-“ Toh madam  ne mujhe bhoot bana diya .  Acha tikk hain “. She comes to a normal road little crowded . Then she reached the college . He see her going to college.Mr. Raichand -“ Toh madam College student hain .Mm mm “. He walk from there . At other side of the road a girl is shown as she is watching him . Only her eyes is shown . He turn but this girl hides. He then walk away. Then her eyes is shown- intense look to him .

Pre-cap :- Samika is running behind someone . She reached near a man in hoodie.   Someone tries to hit her by car . He is on other side and see her on the mirror kept . He sees the car coming to her . He gets shocked and car is about to hit.

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