Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Is Deep betraying Aarohi Again?

Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Someone throw knife🔪 on aarohi. Deep say I shall come there soon. Aarohi shoot bullets🔫 and closes window. Aarohi appologise to her baby that I am troubling you so much, please forgive me. Tara say first save your life from me. Deep see virat men. Tara try to hit aarohi saying i shall not leave your child for fooling me. Aarohi hold her hand. Goons walk towards deep but deep beat them. Aarohi push tara and pick gun🔫 and shall kill you. Tara ask to shoot. Aarohi try to shoot but no bullet. Tara say how will you save yourself and baby now. Now I shall kill this bad baby who came in between me and deep. Aarohi say yes, deep and I love deeply and you know that no one can’t love you as you kill innocent people in name of love, you need medical treatment. Tara try to kill aarohi, but

aarohi hold tara on knife🔪 neck as your mind don’t work in anger. Virat hold gun at aarohi. Aarohi ask Virat to throw gun🔫 otherwise I will kill your sweet sister. Tara say she will do nothing. Aarohi hurt Tara. Tara ask virat to shoot as I promised myself to kill her within 24 hours at any cost. She ask virat to shoot. Deep beat goons and they run away. He see flat tyre and get worried for her. He reach home and see sulekha and kashyap faint and see mom fine. He try to find aarohi. Sulekha and Kashyap ask deep to find aarohi we shall see masi and maa.

Aarohi take tara at knife🔪 on neck. Tara pushes aarohi and take gun from virat. She say i gave 24⏰ hours to myself to either kill you or myself and 5 hours past..even time knows i need fulfill my promise. Aarohi throw sand on them run. Tara run behind her to find aarohi. Aarohi uses her dupatta to fool aarohi. Deep arrives. Aarohi think to reach home soon to get some weapon.

Tara confront Deep saying I was mourning on your death. Deep say you never believed me. Aarohi listen to their talks. Tara say you always cheated me since your marriage night. You even slept with her. Deep say that this baby was my biggest mistake..😱😱😱😱 Tara say i promised my self either to kill aarohi or me with in 24 hours⏰. Deep ask her to calm down, just believe me.. Aarohi think why deep is consoling tara?🤔 Deep say let me get what I want from aarohi that do whatever you want to do with that aarohi. Aarohi is surpised to listen them.😨😨

Tara say i can’t believe you again. Deep say do what ever you want but if anything happen to aarohi you will lose both me as well as what I want from aarohi. Tara goes. Aarohi think 🤔 what is deep up to? Deep tell kashyap that we need to save aarohi from tara, I don’t know for how much time I shall control tara.

Kashyap say that how long will all this go-on. Tara is mentally ill, virat can fill her ears👂🏼 again. Why don’t tell tara that as she can’t concieve you are with aarohi just for baby. After baby is delivered, you will go with tara.. Aarohi is shocked😱 to hear all this. Deep say tara will never accept aarohi baby, so we need to save aarohi till time comes.

Precap: Aarohi hide at some house. Virat man infrom him. Tara and Virat relase gas, to hurt aarohi. Deep try to find aarohi.

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  1. My guess is 100% correct.

    1. Satya127

      Yes rhivanya….
      This cheater can never change but he has a point that tara will never accept arohi’s baby…

      1. Hi satya.yes deep is a cheater.
        In my point of view the cute innocent arohi character was end on 13 July.
        Now this a new deep in Tara not support negativity. But am not happy to this new arohi with deep.
        Now am happy to see deera.(arjun play negative or positive role I like him act)

  2. this show has become bakwas.

  3. Why can’t they all die in an explosion at least our brain will be saved 🙄

    1. Satya127

      Yes i too feel the same….Kill everyone and bring some new story with arsha as main leads…..A new love story

  4. Even my guess was right…Aarohi is protagonist, then Deep is protagonist or antagonist as he is supporting Tara

  5. …Aarohi is protagonist, then Deep is protagonist or antagonist as he is supporting Tara…Then finally what will be the end???

  6. Satya127

    Wht nonsense r they showing i am feeling bored by just reading it same old drama….why can’t they just kill this nia role in one go if they do that i will feel that arohi amtma got shanti along with us amd mostly i can watch the show without this nia as arohi…….
    Today i am soo happy that after so many days i heard oh mahiya playing for our real ARDEEP….This is the first time that is played in the show today’s episode on ristey was soo sweet u know by seeing it i can’t imagine that deep in revamp amd the deep i am Seeing on ristey is same….U know friends till 13th july i find that deep is a good person who only loved arohi who can understand everyone and alll but now on revamp he is the worst and coming to arohi there is no comparison because ALISHA is the best as arohi and will be forever and i think arohi died in that fire only…and Tara she is super then and now also keep going tara kill this deep and nia in show….
    This ristey as done very good job by bringing the real immj again….I really want every arsha fans to watch it and make it a great show and create wonders where we can be happy that we r watching arsha as ARDEEP and we can also show those producers wht we actually love…..

  7. Satya127

    I accept dhara i too feel the same that if i see the revamp than i truly gonna forget that i am arjun fan….When he sent arohi to jail then i liked his new avatar because he nailed it all angle but this time it has been over and all that web content and his character in the show made me start hating arjun why i don’t know…I think its better arjun quit this show as soon as possible and do a cute love stories like mjht and pardes….because this revamp totally killed every loving character in the show and totally made a vampire story where they eat blood here our brains their they broke bones here our viewers hearts…. this show is just turned into a shit trash….

  8. Satya127

    Sorry it had been posted two times

  9. I totally give up on Deep’s character. I love Arjun Bijlani for being a brilliant actor but this time I am not quite happy with his character in this show. Director and writer cannot keep on eating our brains. Why can’t the show simply end with Aarohi living happily in her life and giving Virat, Tara and Deep and Deep’s puppet behind the bars? Why isn’t the show showing Deep’s Mom face to the audience? Who is Deep Mom? Moreover, why can’t the story writer simply show Aarohi asking her parents to go for a DNA test to prove that she is Aarohi their daughter. Why can’t they get out of this gold plot? Why can’t they handover gold to the govt? Why can’t they introduce a new and true supporter of Aarohi, who will support her to take revenge against Deep, Tara, and Virat and the supporter and Aarohi would fall in love with each other. To be honest I am not surprised to see Deep being negative because whenever in between Deep is shown to positive with Aarohi for a while then the next minute they show him to be negative against Aarohi. I don’t hate Arjun Bijlani but hate his character as Deep.

    1. Satya127

      Same problem i hate this immj but i love arjun and alisha….Spoiled their both the roles in the show

    2. Totally agree with you.

  10. ShraddhaSharma392

    I think this show is not ishq mein marjawan but badla or dhoke lete rehjana

    1. I totally agree with you ShraddhaSharma.

    2. Satya127

      But shraddhasharma i feel the true badla was the first ine after jail which we loved this badla and dokha that they r showing is just meaning less nia came to revenge but done nothing… Better they offair the show such a waste of time….

  11. Deep tw bss paida hi dhoke dene l lye hua hai had hogaye hai bkwsss drame ki ek tw arohi change kardi upprr se ye bkwass pan 😏 i hate deep too much 😐

  12. Deep still care for Tara (Alisha ) betray nia good for me. No more web series.

    1. Good for me also.

      1. Satya127

        Good for everyone….

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