Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi traps Deep

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tu Aashiqui and Ishq Mein Marjawan maha-episode

Scene 1
Aparna says to reporters that I dont know about anyone but my decision is same, I accept Pankti as my daughter in law, Pankit hugs her. Reporter says sorry we judged you, they all cheer for Pankti. Pankti is in tears. Ahaan says to Pankti that your truth won, she nods and hugs him. JD angrily leaves from there.
All family members see this on TV. They say Pankti won, they did it. Vikram says I dont know if we should be happy on this or not. Sister says what are you saying? you should be happy, wish they never separate, and comeback to this house as a couple. JD comes there and says Pankti was my rakhni and will remain mine, Pankti will come to this house but as my rakhni only. Vikram says she wont come to this house as someone’s wife or someone mistress because it would hurt my mom. Jd says you cant do anything, he says to Sheetal that she would have to see me with Pankti infront of everyone, Ahaan can bring her home but she will remain my mistress, he says Sheetal are you miffed? dont be mad, you will always be my wife. Sheetal recalls how JD always fooled her, made her sign papers, how he tried to kill her. JD says you will remain my wife till death do us apart, he tries to caress her face but Sheetal grabs his hand, all are stunned. Sheetal stands up from her wheelchair and looks in his eyes. Ahaan and Pankti comes there too. Aparna asks Sheetal if she is fine? Sheetal tightly grabs JD’s hand. JD asks Vikram to free him. Aparna says you have to pay for your sins. Aparna says to Sheetal that your anger is not only yours but ours too, the pain you felt, it was not only yours but ours too but its time for justice and Pankti have brought it by crushing JD’s rights on her. Ahaan says world have accepted Pankti, her past, her scars all are finished. Sheetal recalls how JD tried to molest Pankti, took her vulgar photos by making her unconscious. Sheetal leaves JD’s hand. JD turns to leave but Ahaan stops him, Jd asks him to leave his path. JD says you wont be forgiven for your sins, the sin that Sheetal is in this condition because of you, JD says you are a junior and will remain junior, not all my tricks can fail. Ahaan says so you accept that Sheetal’s condition was your trick which failed? JD says shut up, you can take it as you want but remember nobody has guts to touch me here, you people cant reach me, I am JD, he glares at them and leaves.

Anita says its so hot today. Poorva and Monty comes there. Poorva says Ahaan made Jd silent today, he made it cold today. Anita says his mind only works to hurt people who try to attack him, you people dont know him, he must be planning to hurt us all, dont enjoy but be careful.

Aparna makes Sheetal eat and says we should do peace pooja for her, may God make her fine. Aparna says we shouldnt leave her alone, she asks Vikram to stay with her too when she leaves, he nods and goes. JD glares at them.

Vikram says to Richa that the girl who brought so many troubles here is back. Richa says Sheetal accepted her, she had tears in her eyes. Vikram says she will never accept her.

Pankti comes to Sheetal’s room, Aparna asks her to come inside and sit. Pankti sits infront of Sheetal. Sheetal recalls JD’s words for her and stares at her. Aparna says I will come, she leaves. Pankti says some pain never leave even after time, I cant even understand the pain you are going through, I know I am responsible but I didnt have anything in my hand, not even my life, I couldnt see that it was hurting someone else, you gave me so much and this happened with you.

In ishq mein marjawan, some goons attack Deep and Arohi. Deep falls down. Goons take arohi from there.
Prithvi cries looking at Guddi’s picture, he says I am sorry, I couldnt give you justice, I was not a real father, wish I could save you from your mother’s clutches. Virat comes there and says you can take her death’s revenge, listen to me, shake hands with me, they have destroyed many lives but they will take power from them. Prithvi says you and Roma are same, you are her son. Virat says come on, you dont have anything to lose, I am giving you a chance to take revenge, why are you doubting me? Prithvi says what proof you have that Roma killed my daughter? Virat says you love mom a lot, what did she say to you that you forgot your daughter’s death too? she took your daughter from you and you are still singing her praises, I will snatch everything from you whether you are with me or not, he leaves.

Scene 2
In Tu aashiqui, JD drinks wine and recalls how reporters and Aparna accepted Pankti, how family tried to corner him, he says JD can never lose.

In ishq mein, Deep gets up and looks around for Arohi. Arohi hides and thinks that the game you played, I will play same game with you, I will wait for him to say that he loves me.

Virat punches bag and says this stupid Prithvi came in Roma’s talks. Prithvi comes there and says you are right, Roma loves her money and name only, if snatch all that from her then my revenge will be completed but I have a condition, I need your help to find my daughter’s body, I want to do her last rituals with respect. Virat shakes his hand and says I will help you to find your daughter’s body.

Arohi thanks goons who helped her, one goon says Chawani is like our brother, we can do anything for his sister, goons start leaving. Arohi says I have one more work, send message to deep.
Goon comes to Deep and says do you have a phone, one girl is unconscious there, Deep runs there. Deep sees Arohi on floor, he runs to her, she hugs him and says they beat me a lot. Deep says I will kill them. He tries to make her get up but her foot has wound, he says if you are hurt then why did you sit up, he holds her foot and does her bandage, ishq mein plays, they share eyelock. Arohi says I dont have pain anymore. Deep says sit here, let me check outside, he leaves. Arohi says what is happening with me? why my heart is beating fast? she recalls their moments earlier and smiles.. she then recalls how Deep promised Tara that he loves her alone. Arohi thinks that Deep can never change, he was a criminal and will remain criminal. Bhabhi calls her, Arohi asks where are you? she says near bridge.. phone disconnects. Arohi says which bridge? she recalls how bhabhi called her earlier and said something related to la.. she says is she near London bridge? she is in London? I have to go to London, yes my revenge will be finished there too. Deep comes there and says no one is here, we should leave. Arohi says there is no one our own here, we should leave from here, go far away, dont think about them, they are not yours, think about your happiness. Deep says I did so bad with you but I did everything for my family but I regret cheating you, always back stabbing you, I didnt want to live but you made me believe that we should always fight for our life, I will think about my life now, yes I want to have a nice life too. Arohi thinks that I wanted this, that you live freely then I will snatch everything from him. Arohi says lets leave this place, go far away, we should go to London, I know you are thinking about Tara but I will wait for you. She thinks I know Deep can be stopped by Tara’s thoughts but I will prepare it.

Roma is calling Tara. Arohi/Tara comes there. Roma asks where were you? Tara says my everything is stake but I have thought something to make everything fine, I will take divorce from Deep then he can live with Arohi or anyone. Roma says he loves you. Tara says he is searching ways to separate from me, its good to leave this marriage. Roma says give another chance to your marriage, if I couldnt handle this situation then you can do what you want.

Roma comes to Deep. Deep says I want to talk to you about yesterday. Roma says forget things of past. Arohi hears them. Roma says to Deep that I am sorry, Deep says leave past. Roma says talk about future, you know my daughter is not normal, she has fits and then Arohi came in our lives, Tara didnt even get pregnant, please make her like before, she had to bear a lot of pain, go from here to some holidays. Bhabhi calls Arohi and says I am near London bridge, please save me. She ends call. Arohi thinks I was right, I have to go to London, she thinks what if deep takes me somewhere else?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hello friends. I miss today episode.

    1. hii Rhivanya see it on voot or on mon in repeat telecast

      1. Hi anvesha.thanks.

    2. hi Rhivanya. i hope you watch it on voot. even i missed the start because i started watching at 7:30 only…

      1. Hi dhara.thanks I was watched on voot app.

  2. hiii freinds finally today’s episode make me happy everyone behaves right for the first time can’t wait for mon episode this roma can never change finally virat and prithvi are against her and deep too do something right but still i think that bhabi’s call for arohi are really true?? but how could she reach london and why any goon could take her i hope i’ll get all answers in london track and i don’t like mahasangam they ruin the whole episode by merging it with another.

    1. Hi Anvesha I think it’s Tara’s plan just like arohi used many voices to communicate and manipulated with Virat Tara and deep. may be Tara is also playing the same trick as from many sources I’ve heard Tara is back in London and I saw many pics of deep with Tara (it could be arohi too but the way she had dressed shows it was Tara) Aus we will see???

      1. hii nabs i think u r right it’s tara i wish so because tara re-entry makes the show super interesting

      2. Hai nabs.I also watch in Instagram. I think Tara is come back.let see what happened next.

    2. hi anvesha… i dont like mahasangam either and i still doubt if it is truly Arohi’s bhabhi…. lets see what happens next

      1. hii dhara even i think the same i have doubts

      2. It’s not a true mahasangam but they make it combined so we will watch them both so sick???

    3. Hii Anvesha. .
      Mee too think tara is back

    4. Yes I don’t like mahasangam. Where is arohi Bhabi? I don’t think she is in London.

      1. Me too Rhivanya hate these mahasangam and sad news is even in London there will be mahasangams??????

  3. I think it’s Tara’s trap for Arohi to bring her to London,,,, Arohi was keep saying to Deep that he shots at her foot to let her alive but she is not thinking that Tara would have not died in the same time….
    Will see what happens in London episode… I think it’s to increase the trp it’s nothing specific to the place they can trap each other or Tara can trap Arohi and Deep in India itself ?

    1. hii sathya u r right arohi completely forget about tara

    2. Hi sathya. I also think Tara trap arohi.but what about deep?

    3. Me too i was thinking how could aarobi be so foolish she keeps on saying it but doesn’t think about it??LOL aarohi’s head has half gone her intelligence is also like virats pls find the on button ????

  4. hi everyone, today’s epi was good. i liked that Arohi told the goons to get chawanni and nikku admitted in schools. only thing is, shouldnt nikku be given psychiatric treatment first? nikku will be bullied firther in school in this condition….. finally Virat and Prithvi turned against Prithvi, but Virat’s expressions when he is trying to manipulate Prithvi seems a bit odd to me lol, like the way he looks at his face 😛
    what seemed a bit odd was how easily Arohi said L… L… it must be London! London bridge. i was like L only stands for London? lol…
    anyways, what do you think friends? will Tara/Deep divorce happen? the London Promo still shows Deep saying he will trap Arohi…. what was he trying to tell Roma when she didnt listen to him?

    1. if really deep want to trap her again im gonna kill him in my dream !!!!!! just arohi have the right to betrayal him and she have the right to trap him and even kill him !!!!!!!!

      I feel like tara is the person wich contact arohi to make her go to london i don’t know why london,is deep with her, or maybe not tara but deep is testing her ? we will see

      1. hii arohi and deep i also think same if deep betray arohi this time then i m gonna hate him and i never wish them to be one and yes after all that happened it’s only arohi’s right to trap him and i also wonders why london

      2. Again deep trap arohi mean I will hate deep.

    2. hii dhara u r right arohi guess was funny but i don’t think that tara/deep divorce is going to happen as tara doesn’t back out that easily and yes i think deep is planning something virat expressions are also confusing

    3. Agree with you.I don’t think divorce will happened? Still deep obey the Roma orders.

    4. while your talking about divorce you need a sign to divorce each other does aarohi know the sing of tara’s……..

  5. I love ishq mein marjawan

  6. Hi anvesha.
    Even I wonder how come bhabhi reached London.
    Also how dI’d she get Aarohis no as she is using NEW NO.
    AT TIMES I am confused is she using 2 no on same phone ( of tara n aarohi) or using separate ones

    But I know it’s fiction for entertainment so shouldn’t bother much.

    1. hii renu u r right finding logic in fiction are totally a bad they always left us wondering

    2. Hi everyone,hi Renu,I thought the same ,how did bhabhi get arohi’s no?

    3. hey Renu, it seems she is suing two sim in same phone, because she always calls from her own phone but Deep/Roma knows when it is Arohi calling and when it is Tara calling. Sometimes Arohi uses chawanni’s phone, but most of the time she calls using her own mobile……
      another thing about bhahbis’ call, i wonder if she is calling from some phone booth? because bhabhi is using a mobile phone, then Arohi can call back but she is always waiting for Bhabhi to call. and if Bhabhi goes repeatedly to a phone booth in front of London bridge to call, then why doesnt she simply run away to safety? Arohi just isnt using her brain where bhabhi is concerned

    4. Hi renu.don’t see any logic.

  7. Finally my guess was right Aarohi plan fake attack on her and deep smart move Aarohi Virat was right roma doesn’t love anyone.
    Aarohi love deep and she realized and denay this was best part of episode Ardeep scene was awesome The song is perfectly suited to situation.

    1. hii zain i agree with u they both are confused

    2. hi Zain…. even i was surprised when Arohi said that she could feel emotions in her heart for Deep. it is like the repeat of past, Arohi will trap Deep to fall in love with her and in the process she will fall for him again too. last time Deep hurt Arohi despite loving her because of his loyalty to Roma, but if Arohi realises her love for Deep this time, then i dont know if she will be able to hurt him finally :/

    3. Yes zain.made for each other.

    4. hi Zain yeah loved that part too..but Aarohi just backs it up for her revenge

  8. Hi Nabs you said right i also think about it
    Hii sathya you well said Aarohi doesn’t think about this.

  9. Naman pandey

    I think so vadika is alive

  10. hiii freinds in first promo doesn’t arohi was saying a memorable honeymoon in london where i give u a very memorable gift death( ek yaadgar honeymoon london jahan main dungi tumhe ek yadgar tohfa maut) and now the tracks are totally different from that one because after 1st promo i thought it was arohi pretend to be tara and go on a honeymoon with deep to london where she betrayed him but now i find the whole plot changed now it is totally different

    1. it is true anvesha…. but the cast had some shooting problems i suppose, so they started so many tracks after London (killing Tara, introducing Vedika, Prithvi and Roma’s track, Deep showing his emotions for Arohi), that now it seems foolish to send the couple to london and call it honeymoon. so i guess, instead they showed Tara having miscarriage and they planning to go to London as holiday or Arohi running to London with Deep…

    2. Many London promo shown.every promo had different concept.

  11. Hey guys….
    Gud mrng ……..Hope all are fine……….
    It has been 1 month that l miss tara and her tune……and yesterday l was the new promo
    Suddently tara tune…..So l think is back and she is planning something big………against
    arohi………And something weird about bhabi…..How can she call to arohi……Whenever she
    call within seconds it will cut off…..And arohi try to call back … answer…….I think its all tara’s Plan……….Well l can’t enjoy ardeep scene. …..Because arohi is trying to trap deep…….and deep is upto something else……
    Virat. ………day by day proving that he is roma raichand son….Just selfish
    prithvi……….I think Iss ishq mein marjawan title is suitable for them……… and revenge……
    And what about vedika……..She is alive……or deep change the body to some other place……
    because arohi saw that deep was buring vedika body….so he think arohi may inform police…..So he change the place…..(Just a guess)

    1. Hai shifa.may be your guess is correct.

  12. @dhara and everyone, yesterday I asked one question how Prithvi got to know about Arohi and vedika team, you told about Vedika’s rescue from Roma scene, but today I remembered and also checked that Prithvi had not known about Vedika’s kidnapping since Roma gave a fake letter to Prithvi to convince him and when vedika returned, she didn’t tell anything about Arohi to Prithvi. So question remains same now. If any of you have answer then tell me.
    Coming to episode, will deep meet real tara in London or Arohi as tara going to London with deep.

  13. Today episode I was watch on voot app.very nice episode. Ardeep scene deep realize his mistake.yes mean why arohi take a revenge from deep.
    And one more question Tara really love deep or arohi really love deep.
    When deep tie kerchief with arohi leg that time arohi eyes said why deep more care for me.I saw true love in both eyes.but again revenge start.

  14. Hii shifa I m also see this promo at the last of promo Tara tune i also think tara call Aarohi not bhabhi . Finally London track start from tomorrow . Arjun share a video on insta Alisha was in a get up of joker.
    Feeling excited for London track

  15. Hello everyone Hii shifa I m also see this promo at the last of promo Tara tune i also think tara call Aarohi not bhabhi . Finally London track start from tomorrow . Arjun share a video on insta Alisha was in a get up of joker.
    Feeling excited for London track

    1. I also excited more.

    Watch this video. Arjun is so cute.

  17. Why the comments are so less …..r u guys not interested in IMMJ in ongoing topic

    1. hello Pks what to do the writers extend the track the commenters go to the opposite direction even the trp has a fall 1.6 worse i think the trp will fall bellow 1 if the cvs continue like this

      1. Yes the writer doesn’t know how to present a story…. I am sure the trp will never increase…..the Only hope is London track… other wise it is going to crap

  18. @shifa wish you h happy birthday dear.
    This is for u???

  19. happy birthday @Shifa. have a memorable birthday

  20. Happieee Birthday Shifa ???

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