Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarohi, Tara, Virat Join hands against Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aarohi, Tara, Virat struggle to get free. Aarohi uses her legs and find sharp object. She cut her rope. Tara and Virat emotionally says that you are aarohi, you can’t kill anyone. Aarohi says you both need to die but not today and free both of them. All three find way to run out. Finally Aarohi say that we need to defuse bomb.💣 Tara and virat try to open window and ask her its not easy. Aarohi say if death is written than better to try to save ourselves. Aarohi try to cut red wire and she shouts and all see bomb💣 is defused. Virat and Aarohi try to break door🚪.

Kashyap prasises deep and say that you booked flight and going by ship🛥. This is called full proof plan. Deep get call that Aarohi, Virat and Tara are safe. Deep ask him to call that person to be out of raichand


Tara cut her hand and write deep name and cry over his cheat. Virat and aarohi stop her. Tara ask she always tried to kill aarohi and even child, why she is saving them? Aarohi say i hate you but not more than deep, who even tried to kill🔪 his own child. She ask tara to open eyes👀 as deep is just used her all time. Aarohi said that she will not allow deep shadow to fall on my child. She ask virat and tara that we need to unite to kill deep, after all Dushman ka dushman dost hota hai. They all three join hand for killing deep.

Virat ask his men to get alert and find deep. He see some shadow listening to them. Bindiya is shown running into room. Aarohi and Tara get her on gun🔫 point and ask about details of deep but before that she spray into tara eyes and run away. Aarohi find her phone 📱and call on numbers but find 0unreachable. Virat and tara try to stop bindiya but she sit in car and run away. Aarohi come and call on last number. Other side say that meet me at that point and get your money.

Man reach their and try to find bindiya but aarohi hit him and open his scarf. She is shocked to see kashyap. Virat hold him.
Kashyap reach to deep injured and say to him that aarohi, tara and virat did all this, please come with me, i don’t have time, my man will take you at shipyard. Deep goes with him. Aarohi, Tara and Virat come there with gun🔫.

Aarohi confront Deep about his wrong doings and cheat. Virat say now I shall kill you. Deep try to say that Aarohi I never try to hurt you. Aarohi stop him saying you are backstabber, tara and virat snatched everything from me, but they did everything infront and you hurted me always and not even cared for your baby. Tara I loved❤ you blindly but you tried to kill your tara.

Precap: Deep try to fool tara again using false thing and take her gun and put her on gun point.
Deep, Virat run on bike and aarohi tara in car chase deep. All three shoot at deep

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  1. So now arohi forgets that tara and virat killed her brother , bhabhi and nikku. And basically almost everyone. And what is dushman ka dushman dost? Hello arohi…! Reality check … virat and tara were your first and the biggest enemy…! How can someone sideline that so easily. Deep is shown as a negative character now but who arohi wants to exactly revenge. I am really disgusted at this sudden behavioural change. Arohi should have avenge deep alone. I cant digest the fact that they are shown together. Arohi just saved some snakes who will try to kill her again at some point. Disappointed!

  2. I jumped out of joy when Deep was shoot he deserve it for betraying Aarohi and Tara especially not even thinking about his unborn child

  3. Hello fellas! I have never seen such a betrayer like Deep! First time I am seeing such a character! Keeping a very innocent face, he tells Arohi that she cannot kill him because he is her child’s father. Virat has been given the title of a Malik. He must be given that status till the end. Even if he is Malik, he was very clean in his love. But Deep romanced both Tara and Arohi. He kept toying between them.

  4. A few episodes ago, Deep and Arohi danced again and there were candles there. I thought he was going to burn her all over again. He made the decision to burn Arohi in the first place. Then, why did he need to spend the wedding night with her? Why does he have to take advantage of her weakness as a woman?

    Deep should not escape anymore! He should die slowly! Arohi, Tara and Virat should live together. Anjali and Virat should come together as a couple. Virat acting is SUPERRRR!!!! Deep’s middle name is romance. Both Tara and Arohi are both affected by Deep. But, I feel that Tara is more pitiful because Deep keeps cheating her repeatedly by making her believe him in just a few seconds. Best is Deep should suffer from paralysis. Pls make Anjali wake up and bring her as a match for Virat

  5. Every time I watch this IMM, my BP always shoots to the top. But today, I shall sleep happily because Deep is going to be killed! I like Kashmir Apple very much! Virat’s dressing and acting very nice! Enough of bringing this black sheep Deep!

    Because of Deep, 2 women have suffered in multiple ways and he should suffer for it to that extent! Both Tara and Arohi are both extremely pitiful! How dare he say that she cannot kill him because he is her child’s father!!!

  6. I am a South Indian. I am not a fan of any actors in cinema. I am not even a fan of Superstar. I watch movies and appreciate their work only. But, I like Virat very much. I am his great fan now. He puts a lot of effort in his work and I want him to reach great heights. I like his smile very now. I like your proposal very much to Anjali. I kept seeing the scene repeatedly. I like Virat absolutely very much!

  7. Sry to say this in my point of view today episode is really funny.
    ( because Virat,Tara,arohi(nia) all r one team and aganist deep.i can’t accept this.)
    One of the best thriller show change into comedy show.

  8. To be honest for the first time I appreciate Virat, Tara, and Aarohi’s togetherness.

  9. Guys stop celebrating deep will never die. Makers must return Alisha as arohi , Or kill this nia. I am not watching this anymore I am sure trp is not coming.

  10. Shraddha sharma , nice update , so do you watch it single time or rewatch it online before writing it.?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      No i watch later after coming back home and than do update..

  11. Just go to hell imm

    I had started hating the show when i found that nikku was killed by Virat
    These makers didn’t even show mercy to a child

  12. @muskan, @rhivanya… Agree with both of u. Arohi can never side with tara and virat. These people killed nikku, bhaiya and bhabhi. Virat had kidnapped arohi’s parents as mallik. Then how can arohi even think of taking their help or helping them? But Nia has never behaved like arohi. Not one single trait of nia is similar to arohi. So am nt surprused nia joined hands with them. I dont watch this how anymore. Just read the update little bit to see if anyone else has died. Cant believe the writers let bindya live!
    @sraddha thanx for updates. Ur posts are much coherent then atiba’s

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Sorry dhara didn’t get what you want to say for me.

      1. Hi… I was thanking u for giving the updates. Earlier atiba used to mix up names or leave sentences incomplete. I cud understand nothing from reading her updates. But ur’s are much better 🙂

  13. Salley145

    Hello guys, I agree Deep is a cheater but why.. I mean why did the writers brought Tara Virat and Aarohi together? Like seriously?

    Forgotten#1: Tara killed her bro who was more like a father to her.

    Forgotten#2: Tara and Virat together killed her beloved innocent nephew, he had lost his voice, what would’ve he done if he would’ve lived? I so loved Niku, i.e, Pratyaksh Panwar

    And many other things r forgotten too n suddenly Bindiya’s appearance? Why? Well I hope Tara doesn’t dies because if she does we will lose Alisha one more time, I don’t want Virat to die either, nor Deep, he should go to jail, in the end I want Alisha to replace Nia

  14. Hi shraddha.From which site you see immj???

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