Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep kills Tara

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
DEep is worried in his room. Arohi comes in. She says what are you thinkning? Will you kill arohi and her nephew? prithvi says to roma deep will not kill Arohi. Roma says there are three bullets in this gun one for Arohi one for niku and one for..
Arohi says will you kill him and Arohi? Deep says I can do anything for mumy’s order. I will kill them today. Arohi is worried. Deep says you should be happy. He says I am doin this for our baby. She says you are right. Kill that Arohi. Deep says I will call you and give you the news of her death.
Roma says third bullet if for someone who doesn’t do his work. Virat says this will be fun if he doesn’t kill Arohi I will kill him. Dilip overhears. He writes save deep and gives it to Arohi. Arohi says deep’s life is in danger. Deep has to be saved because I have to kill him.

Deep is on his way. Virat on his and Arohi on her. She says i have to save niku before these devils reach there. Deep’s car breaks. Virat calls roma and says he stopped his car. Roma says when he is dying tell him I loved him and I will see him in hell. A truck comes in front of Virat’s car. Deep leaves. Virat says where did he go? Arohi looks for Deep’s car.

Tara says to Niku I will kill you it will be so much fun. Deep comes out and says arohi 1i know you are inside. I will kill you. Tara comes out. She says I am tara not Arohi. DEep says don’t fool me Arohi i will kill you. Tara says for me you married Arohi. You promised to give me a new life and you can’t recognize me. She says I was there when we were at the party. she sent me there. She says can’t you recognize me? Arohi comes. Tara says she is Arohi. Arohi comes and says how dare you. Tara says deep kill her. She is Arohi. Tara says don’t lie. deep puts gun on Arohi. Arohi says I am tara not her. She brought niku here to hide with him. Deep points gun at Tara. Tara says I am real tara. She kidnapped me. Aroh says deep I am tara. You promised you will find Arohi and kill her.

Deep points gun at Tara. She says Niku ran. I roped him here and he ran. Arohi is seeing all this. Deep says don’t do this drama and tell me where is your nephew. She says I ma your wife Tara. I will kill that child. Deep says you have hidden him and you are fooling me now. Tara says I will find and kill him and you will clean the blood like always. Deep says enough of your drama. Tara runs to find Niku. Deep says Arohi stop. Arohi says thank God Niku ran but where did he go? Arohi says kill me and our child together if you don’t trust me. Tara smirks. Arohi says I will kill her if you can’t. She takes our her knife and says I will kill her. Deep stops her. Tara says she can’t kill me she doesn’t have courage. I will kill her nephew and prove that I am Tara. She takes knife and goes in. Niku isn’t there.

Niku is running on the road. Arohi looks for him. deep runs after Tara and says stop Arohi. Virat sees Niku and runs after him. Arohi sees them and runs after both of them. Virat points gun at Niku. Deep says Arohi stop or I will shoot you. Both deep and Virat shoot. Arohi is shocked.
Precap-Prithvi says I just saw Tara going to Virat’s room to kill him with a knife. Tara comes to Virat’s room to kill him. Prithvi says has Deep killed Tara instead of Arohi? Roma says that can’t happn.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. @rhivanya….agree with u,tara said “mera idiot pati” its really funny, nd this virat always give a nice dialogue in every episode…. I burst out laugh when he shout ”mom tune arohi ko marne ki kisko bhej diya”…nd I find funny when he was arguing with truck drivers also…i can’t find a single episode which virat stayed cool.. He is so immature, he always bark like a dog

    1. Hello babe.yes I love all the dialog.

    2. Babe! Yeah. Virat’s dialogues generate fun often. Especially when he argues with Deep while doing some work together. ?

  2. From today’s episode I have come to a conclusion that Deep is a good person.He loves aarohi.But he respects roma more.So he left aarohi.There is some relation between deep and dilip.Enjoyed today’s episode much more than any other episode with thrilling experience.Now the track has come to its right path.Vedika will be introduced to help aarohi.She will be able to complete her revenge.But I don’t know whether at last minute they will show Vedika as one of the helpers of richland.Let’s wait and watch.Whether you all agree to my sayings and conclusions????

    1. Hai Vicky.I like your conclusion. But what writers Idea.

  3. Hello evry one how money of you wil go crazy due to suspense if they dont show as what happen to nikku and Tara and begin the show with the precap? at they same time not revealing who is actually in the precap weather its Arohi or Tara?

  4. i m very sure both tara n niku are alive….

    how much ever bad things he has done… i feel bad for deep… i don’t know if its the plot or arjun’s acting

  5. I read in spoilers that Nikku is killed by Virat and Tara also dead

    1. Hai wish this will not happened.

    2. Hi Sathya! Now that’s a bad news! Poor Nikku! I wish it won’t be true!

  6. On the marriage day Roma told Deep that the will be in groom’s side
    But she plans to kill her adopted son

    1. Hai are correct. I hate Roma.

  7. now i get it… in the initial promo they showed deep also going to jail n he says.. “pyaar ne meri aisi haalat kee ke dfuniya logonko pyar par se bharosa hee uth jaaye”…

    deep will go to jail after killing tara…. this roma n virat wil only send him to jail….


    1. Yes I remember now! I totally forgot that promo where Deep got arrested too. But he was already arrested by Laksh once and released (It was a drama). It might happen only if Aarohi kills all fakers and lives alone at the end. Even I was shocked to watch Tara and Niku getting shot. Aarohi was just watching and she couldn’t rescue Niku. If a little child is shot then he can’t live for more or he would be saved by someone by then. Tara will definitely be alive till the end as she’s the doppelganger of Aarohi and it will bring more twists when she replaces Aarohi sometimes. Don’t know what happened when they were shot. Waiting for new entrant Vedika who would help Aarohi. She might turn faker like these villains at last. Lets watch. ?

  8. Immj trp 15th position..guys please try to watch it on that trp increases…immj is good show…it’s way better from sass baby dramas….so plz try to watch it on TV…

    1. That’s bad news! Here our comments are increasing but trps decreasing that’s bad! I wish after this epi, the trp would increase!

  9. Sonakshi5

    Hello everyone …
    How are you all?
    As I read the update title I was very happy ? even more happy then I was when first time ever immj comments crossed 400.
    But it was not so ?.
    Thanks for the update atiba and Dhara di ?.
    This deep is more loyal to Roma than katapaa was to sivagamini.??.
    This Roma is more cruel than bhalaldeva . ? Devil of devils .Deep loves her more than her duffer nishana (lakhshya ).
    He said that he got to know where is Arohi with much difficulty ?He just traced her call didn’t even do a chasing or fighting and to prove that he is really an idiot he didn’t check chawanni’s calls in that .Then where is the difficulty here?
    When Roma said third bullet is for the one who disobeys my rule then I wanted to ask her if her nikamma nishana will will fail like always in killing deep then will she kill Virat ?
    I want to bury this earth (Prithvi ) in earth .
    Hats off to the writers ,actors and everyone .I loved today’s episode ???.It was filled with full suspense and thrill .
    How is deep unable to identify his super STAR(Tara) when he was able to at the beginning of this show?
    Good job niku .You ran away . Hope he doesn’t die .I don’t want him to die ?,poor kid .These people are so brutal ,they are not sparing even little kids????.

    1. Sonakshi5

      It would have made much sense if Arohi showed deep the tattoo to prove she was Tara .
      Which gun do these people use? ??Smoke appears after shooting like in old movies.
      I don’t care if Tara dies ,she deserves it . Although I like her acting .
      I think she will be alive as she was the reason of all the Hungama .

    2. Hi! Sonakshi! How’re you? I know what’ wrong with Deep! He couldn’t recognize Tara even! That’s pathetic!

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi shey I am fine .Yes I agree.

  10. Dhara di’s comments are less today! Maybe she’s busy!

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