Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Arohi takes Deep’s side

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says deep stop. He says shoot me if you want to. Arohi stops him and says I wont le tyou go. Ranjit looks at them.
Deep comes home and sees Ranjit breaking things in anger. He says don’t be mad at lifeless things. Ranjit says what did you tell Arohi? He say you are the one fooling her.

Deep hugs Arohi. He says don’t do this drama. No one can come between me and my mission. Arohi says for my love I will stop you from going on wrong path. deep says the world I have stepped in there is no way out of it. If you really love me dow hat I ask. Arohi says I know you don’t have a stone heart. I wont let you do anything that harms others. Arohi sees Kiya na dhugs her.

Deep gets a call. He says don’t call me. I keep my promise. Arohi looks for Deep. Ranjit says he is fooling you. Arohi says you are the one who made him bitter like that. You hit him. You used to throw him out. He says did he tell you why I did all that? Deep was used to of hitting other people and stealing. He tells her how did hit one child. Deep stole things. He says I had to cnotrol deep. Deep comes and says I am here too. Let’s talk about it in front of each other. Ranjit says giving lectures wont change it. Ranjit says wasu you tell what is true. She says I can’t take a side. My son is on one side and husband on other. Arohi says I trsut deep and I am with him. I don’t trust your lies. Ranjit says you are doin a big mistake. Arohi says to DEep I wont doubt you. I trust you. Deep says I don’t need it. Just don’t come in my way. Arohi says I will bring you back with my love. Deep says to arohi don’t try to stop me. He shoves her. Arohi’s hand bleeds. He says this is how you suffer if you don’t listen to me. He says my emotions are dead. And all of this wont affect me. I only want to touch the sky. Arohi says if you didn’t have emotions you wont have stayed and apply cream on my bruise. I wont let you go. Deep says return my bag. He snatches it from Arohi. Arohi says deep stop.

Deep calls Ranbir and says the plan is how it was. Deep delivers the stuff to a man. He says we will transfer you the money. He puts gun on deep and says ou chnaged the material with stones. You wont be alive. Deep says damn arohi.. Someone calls Arohi and says you changed the bag. Now Deep’s life in danger. Come and save her.
Arohi comes there. She says bag is there. Where is Deep? Thug says the fish is in our trap. They faint Arohi.
Deep comes home and looks for Arohi. He gets a call from thug. He says Aorhi is with me. When you come here she would be dead. Deep runs. Arohi is tied on the road. Deep is on his way. He runs out of the car and sees Arohi.

Precap-Deep asks Arohi who did all this? Deep says to Ranjit if Arohi was right I wont leave you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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