Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dany says he loves Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi is hanging. She screams. Two men come. Deep comes. they run. Deep brings her down. Dany comes too. deep says dany go and look who were they? Dany says to constable two men come in and you couldn’t see? Who were the two men?
Arohi says deep they said they know where chawani is. Go and bring him from there. Please save him. Deep runs to hospital.
Someone throttles chawani. Deep says to doctor I want to take chawani to home.
Deep comes to chawani. He says they were here they wanted to kill me. He says they were throttling me with sheet. Doctor says there is no sheet. You must be dreaming. Deep says I want to take him home.

Deep and chawani come home. Arohi hugs him. DAny says the constable are leaving? WHhy you asked them to leave? Deep says they

didn’t do when virat’s men came here. I have got my private guards. Dany says you are doing wrong. You can’t risk arohi’s life. He says I know how to protect her. You better do your work.
Deep comes in as a magician. He says I am here to make you both smile. He does tricks to make chawani smile.

Deep says to Arohi I want you to smile. We have lost enough time. I don’t want to lose. We have to start anew. She says how? He says do you trust me? She says yes. He says will go on a date. Come there I will tell you the place.
Arohi gets ready. deep texts come out of your room and sees right. She sees a gift. The card says there is a think open and wear it. Its a blindfold. She blindfolds her eyes. DEep hugs her. He says come there is a surprise for you.

Tara says now I will play home with you Arohi. Deep and Arohi I will cut you into pieces.
Deep takes arohi to a totally decorated place. He opens her eyes. He says I couldn’t sleep when you were away from me. I could never go away from you. I hated and loved you at the same time. i want to fulfill all your dreams. He hugs her. He makes her wear earrings and bracelet. Arohi caresses his face.
Deep makes her sit on floral swing. They cut cake together. Deep makes Arohi eat. Dany looks at them. He says time for the thing that took me a while to buy and find. Open it. Arohi opens the gift. Dany comes and says arohi stop.. Dont’ open it. he says go away. He opens from the stick. It blasts. Arohi is scared.
Arohi says where is chawani? Dany says to Deep this was your surprise? Deep says how do you know what was in it? He says I saw smoke and figured something is wrong. Deep says you were keeping an eye on us? How dare you. He says because of me arohi is alive. You should stay away from her because you can’t protect her. Deep says stay in your limit. Since when did you start caring for her so much? He says i don’t trust you at all. Are you stopping arohi from knowing about your past? Is there something you are hiding? Arohi sees chawani in his room. Deep says how dare you talk to me like this. Get out of this house. Dany says I will leave but i will take Arohi with me. Deep says she is my wife. Dany says she is is not your wife officially. When did you start caring for her? Now I know you you kept your bad eyes on here. You came here to help me or to do all this? Dany says I can take care of her better than you i love her more than you. Deep slaps dany. Deep says she is my wife. Dany says she is is not your wife officially. Your wife is tara. Better stop this romance. Or you will regret all your life. Deep picks vase to hit him. Arohi says deep no..
Precap-Dany and Arohi go somewhere abroad and live their moments together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Salley145

    Danny is such a dumbass

    Why will Deep hurt her

  2. Hi frnds…
    Awesome episode…
    ardeep scenes n their acting amazing ??�???????
    I loved it ???
    erything is nice except dany and his dialogues to deep..
    Thank god chawani is safe and he is with ardeep..
    is writer having brain r not… y his creating new problem between ardeep..already ardeep are in danger… all are enemies only.. n deep doesn’t know his past..
    after a long time ardeep loving each other… I don’t like this new drama.. I hate dany..

  3. Hello friends.
    Very nice episode.
    Ardeep scenes are awesome?????????❤❤❤❤❤??????????
    Arjun play a Charlie Chaplin as magician. Just looking cute.arjun and Alisha Both are beautiful. Romantic set was amazing. Tara act and bgm super.I hate Danny. Why he came ardeep life?
    Wt happened with precap. Full of previous episodes scenes.but ardeep in danger.
    Am already watch this romantic date scene on Instagram.but in today telecast, deleted some cute romantic moments. I don’t know why.
    Totally love the episode.
    Good night friends.

    1. Hi rhivanya…
      fine dear…
      me too hate dany…
      so worried for deep how will he manage all pblms…

      1. Hi sravanthi.why this dany disturb ardeep.he really love arohi or he help not trust happy thing is ardeep together.
        R u want a deleted scene.

    2. Hi rhivanya, u said u saw this in instagram…can u tell in insta in which page or i which id u saw that??

      1. s rhivanya.. I want deleted scenes.. Plz tell me..

      I love them cute smile.just a few seconds only deleted. But i like only share with u guys.
      Watch this sravanthi and preet.

      1. Thank you dear…
        Both are smiling it’s sooo cute… ???

      2. Welcome dear

  4. I think what dany is saying is true and deep is doing drama i think so

  5. Very nice episode…
    Why is the writer creating a love triangle ?…
    But the show is turning out to be interesting…
    N Aalisha Panwar looked hot in that golden dress

  6. deep is not acting this time for sure…. dany is realy adding spice to the story.. i m liking it so far…. but i want more safety for chawanni… this arohi should not end up saceificing him too

  7. Amazing episode Ardeep scene awesome

  8. hi guys, how is everyone? i didnt watch many episodes in-between but watched this one….. in the precap someone new was shown to be coming and Arohi was happy seeing the man, i dont know why but somehow i felt that the person was Arohi’s brother….. that man was definitely someone Arohi knew…. anyways can anyone tell me what happened to the rest of the Raichands and what happened to Dilip? i know Prithvi is dead but where are Roma, Virat and Tara?

    1. Hi dhara. How r u?
      Dilip is also a negative character.
      Tara,virat,dilip,Roma all are joined a one group and take revenge from ardeep.
      In precap is full of previous episodes scenes.I don’t think arohi brother is still alive.

      1. hi rhivanya… i am fine. how are you?
        what i was wondering is why Deep and Arohi alone living in Raichand mansion and where everybody else went??

  9. i don’t know why but i feel like deep is again traping arohi, the story sems to be like the begining when deep pretend to love arohi.

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