Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep is fooling arohi again

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says I will burn everything deep goes to her.
Deep says to arohi you can’t leave the house. You will go to doctor with me. You need rest. Arohi says your father is alive now? You wanted to kill me till yesterday. Dont’ do all this drama. Kashap told me you changed my face to save me. But you could tell me. You sent to that asylum where my baby was attacked first. You sent people to kill me. You hated tara how she came back? You have no right to my baby. If you answer me I think. Deep says on right time you will have all answers. Arohi says I can’t trust you. she faints. Something goes in her eye, deep cleans it. Deep says I will protect you and my baby. Arohi says in heart i can’t trust you. All this was a game for you.

Tara looks at

her photo with Deep. She says Deep can never go away from me. Love can’t make me eat. She writes deep with blood on the mirror. Tara says no one can come between us.
Tara comes downstairs and deep and Arohi playing with baby. Arohi says Tara I have everything now. Deep says sorry Tara I am with arohi. she is my baby’s mother. Tara says I am your wife. Deep you can’t leave me alone. she was dreaming all this.

Scene 2
Deep and doctor come to hospital. Deep says you kept me away from my baby. You hid it from me. arohi says you cheated me. You tried to kill me nd saying all this? I can take care of my baby. He says enough. You will do what I ask. I promise I will care for you and my baby. Trust me. This baby is my reason to live.

Deep comes home. Tara says where were you all night? She sees Arohi’s reports. Tara says he went to hospital with her?
Arohi says is deep lying or is he not? Should I trust him or not? Deep was so worried about his mom. i have to find about her. Where is she who took her.
She calls the shopkeeper. He says I went out to take the medicine but she went in a car. He tells her car’s number. Arohi gives car number to Kashap.
Arohi says deep kept my parents away from me. Kashap calls her and says that car is Virat’s. Arohi is dazed. She says so deep doesn’t know virat is kashap. Should I tell deep. Arohi calls deep. Tara sees the call and breaks the phone. She says I gave you one chance nd you are with arohi again. she puts knife on his neck. Deep kisses her and says I have a plan. I am doing all this for a reason. He smirks. He says no one can come between us. ARohi hears all this. Deep whispers something to tara. Tara says you can’t kill her but you can torture her. Show me then i will trust you.

Aroi says is deep right or what I saw right? Deep comes to her room. He locks the door. Deep plugs in tattoo machine. Arohi says what are you doing? Deep gives her a tatoo. Arohi screams.
Precap-Deep bring Arohi somewhere. tara comes there too. She says deep you brought Arohi here so I can hide her. Deep says where is she? Tara says where she should be.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Really I hate this deep.he don’t deserve anyone love.not arohi.not Tara.the makers try to shown as deep only love and protect arohi.but am not accept this.deep only betrayed arohi and Tara.sab kahere iss ki picchi strong reason ho.kitni bhi strong reason ho am not accept.
    And this makers shown as arohi easily forgive deep mistakes.and again fall in love.repeat the same story. I hate this track.
    And earlier episodes tatoo wala scene was shown.I am really felt a true love and symbol of today episode saccha pyaar ka mazak panathaley.
    I don’t know which husband torture pregnant wife in this way.
    In precap: I feel like this is a web series.( I don’t expect arjun doing this type of odd scenes)
    I don’t know Alisha will come back as arohi or not.please change the storyline.then makers will bring as our arohi.
    Ab Alisha arohi bankar aathi bhi ho mujhe kuch farak nahi padenga.because of the stupid story line.
    Before 13 July this one of the best show for me.but after 13 July this is one of the worst show for me.
    Sry am hurt anyone.

    1. That’s why my favorite character is Tara.

      1. Me too.

    2. Satya127

      Hi rhivanya
      I am not watching the show as decided….But i really felt sad today….They truely turned our pyari unique show into some vulgar web series….Yes i to agree that arjun doing these scenes r so odd….on youtube 90% of the comments shows how worst the show as become everyone wants alisha as AROHI…Today i really accept few comments which r like if alisha as arohi would be there that would really be a great super duper surprise for our fans and for one thing i am sure that our ardeep (arsha) dance will be the cutest which shows true love…
      Yes today when i saw the update about that tattoo scene i really want to hit that writer with some big stone so that bliid will cime from his head rather than tara’s…..our arsha as ardeep is the cutest scene where the love is visible in both the eyes their deep felt AROHI’S pain….We felt their true love….
      And i accept this track is the worst of all the tracks of the shows i watched till date…..i wish they realize their mistakes and bring arsha with a new story with a new strong storyline or with a new track….

      1. Hi satya.

      2. Satya127

        Hi rhivanya
        How r u

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Confusing show… No-one can’t be believed, infect I think even writers are not able to decide and getting confused by writing show.. I am not watching since Nia entry, but reading updates since afew days but show is not on track and can’t be on track… I am quiting it even from reading updates now… So bye viewers and updaters… Hope we meet in some other show, now I can’t tolerate this confusing show anymore..

  3. So i switched on the TV when the episode was about to end. What was with the forceful tattooing of Nia? That scene looked so bad. Why Deep is so aggressive now??
    And the precap. OMG. Nia’s dress, the dance, her expressions… first, they are too bold, second there is no way i am able to accept that this is Arohi. Arohi was sweet, shy girl. She just wont give these type of expressions. It was so cringey. The show has degrade so much that if i watch even one scene my mood goes off. And Nia is more than four months pregnant now. The writers have made pregnancy a joke. Like in Kumkum Bhagya Tanu remained pregnant for more than a year and hardly showed belly. Same is happening with Nia. I dont watch the show anymore, but even scene gives me enough material to troll it for two paragraphs!
    How are everyone here? Rhivanya i dont know how you are still following this crap. Satya, even i was happy when i heard Arjun will be replaced. I hope Tara dies too, and the little connection I have with this show will also break.
    p.s. If a man like Deep existed in real life, he should be put in jail. He is a self-righteous criminal, who is always so sure that he is right and cries on others for betraying him. He first humiliated Nia thinking she has slept with Virat, while Deep spends all his time pretending to love Tara. And when Deep discovered Nia is pregnant, he treats her like his property. Take her anywhere, keep her tied. I cant believe Nia can even think about romancing him again. Cheap, disgusting characters everywhere in this show now.

    1. Hi dhara.
      Am not watching TV.because of my family not watch any other show (except immj).am watch this show only my Mobile itself. And my free time is 7.30 to 8 PM.
      That’s why still am watching this show.
      But the stupid makers taste my patience level.

      1. Sry test.

  4. The serial is just become yakkkkkkkkk😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 am from Saudi y don’t they listen to viewers choice I already quit watching this show … but I was reading updates deep is nothing but a devil he was ny favourite but the role he playing he is just …. ***

  5. I can’t handle Nia. I hate this track

  6. Satya127

    Today i really felt like show ended on 13th july….AROHI innocence,ardeep(arsha) cuteness,ardeep (revenge) strong storyline is the one which hooked us to the show but now nia boldness,deep and nia vulgarity,stupid nonsense track is the one which as moved us this far from immj that now i hate to say to anyone that once i used watch this show,loved this show and i supported this show….
    I lost all the respect i had for the writers and for the show….
    Today i am happy for one thing that our arsha (ardeep) has been the 3rd best jodi of colors tv but in my view it is top jodi….Today i had scene isani video where they stated our arsha as the best couple…..
    I suggest writers to open their eyes and watch the hatred that is lying around because of thiet stupidity and stupid track….And i ask them to watch and compare the love and support we gave to the show before 13th July and after 13th July….
    Nia day by day proving us that she is the worst choice for arohi…And yes dhara if i could have given a chance to troll her i could have done to the core….U know friends in sbs nia is speaking as if she know the whole story till date and is speaking rubbish about the story i frist tell her to watch few episodes of the real immj then nia will understand what is called as acting …She is unfit for immj…Here the two main leads alisha and arjun has done lot of homework and hardwork for establishing deep arohi and tara….Arjun as come out of his comfort zone and played deep….Alisha came of her comfort zone and played tara…And coming to arohi alisha inherently has that charm of arohi in her she played that smart and daring arohi…But nia she is just in her shell of s*xy and boldness she may be in the list of that s*xist women but to remind her arohi is not in that list…..nia does not care about the dignity and essence of the role she is playing but she only wants her image to stay…I did not see this much irresponsible actor or actress…..
    Kintna gadha scene he bakwasss….Ardeep (arsha) one cute scene like deep giving roses to arohi or making a beautiful birthday surprise for arohi is far better than this gatiya vulgar scenes Of nia and deep…. Our arsha as ardeep love confession can bring more trp than these kind of cheap tricks for trp….
    I dont understand one thing they showed that deep will finish anjali face forever after getting her parents out wht happened to that….
    I am really confused how could writers r not watching the requests around every insta post of mamtha and yash r filled with our requests of bringing alisha as AROHI….Please atleast clear the view of urs….
    Arjun has posted arsha as ardeep phote and taged alisha first on the one year completion of immj,alisha also tagged only arjun….They r still using alisha as AROHI showing our arsha as ardeep…Actually wht writers want to show….
    I dont expect anything from the show or any hopes for betterment of the story but i want justice for ALISHA….
    If nia could have been arohi and tara and if she could have impressed me as alisha and if alisha Enter as nia entered and is alisha just reads the lines then in this case i would fight for justice for nia…But nia like this is the worst….Few years before i saw nia as manvi in star parivar awards 2012 beside sanaya dancing that time nia looked so simple but now i don’t know wht happened to her i don’t feel like she is an actress at all…more than nia the new comers alisha,jannat,internet wala love heroin (sorry i don’t know her name) r better and best in acting…. Really the writers did not find anyone in this industry who could atleast play 50% of arohi role who can show that emotions of arohi…..

  7. Satya127

    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

  8. Nia’s countenance is definitely not suited for Arohi’s character.This drama is just going in spirals with Tara’s madness for killing and Arohi’s revenge-falling in love-revenge-running for her life-falling in love-revenge state.This drama needs a real storyline!

  9. I hate deep. I can’t tolerate this nonsense drama. enough..

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