Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi releases Tara

Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector says you think you wont be caught? Arohi said to tara for both of us to get out one has to pretend to be prisoner. She made her wear handcuff. Inspector says surrender Arohi. Arohi faints them. Tara says open my handcuffs. Arohi sits in the van and drives it.

Roma’s thugs come in. VIrat calls Roma and says Arohi has taken Tara somewhere. Roma says you could kill her. Find them and bring to me. I will kill Arohi. Virat says I am lookin everywhere. ROma says she still fooled you and left with my daughter. I will kill that Arohi.
Roma says to Deep that Arohi ran but we have you. She will have to come back. Te thugs start beating deep. He beats them back and pulls the chains. Roma runs from there.
Arohi is on her way. Police stops them. She pretends

to be an inspector. They look in her car. Arohi says I am in hurry.
Deep stops Roma and throttles her. He says you want to kill me and Arohi? I will kill you.

Arohi says I am running after Virat. He did some crime and ran. They let her go.
Roma says what was left in my love? My tara loved you too. You fooled us. For that arohi you cheated us all you made a mistake. Deep says I did what was right. tell me where is arohi? Roma says don’t take her name. My daughter was about to be convicted today. Deep says I don’t care about her. Where is Arohi? Roma says Arohi is with VIrat and Prithvi. If you do anythign they wll kill her. Deep steps back.

Virat stops Arohi’s car and takes her out. He points gun at her an says you thought you could beat Roma. Tara says I am here. Prithvi gets him out. Arohi hits him with rock and he falls down. She locks Tara again. Tara says I will kill you. Arohi hand cuffs her hand. The car isn’t starting. Prithvi gets up and throttles her. arohi shoves him. Prithvi falls with the tree and a rod stabs him. He dies. Arohi is dazed.
Deep says don’t do anything to Arohi. Roma says you can’t play with me. Tara is free. Virat will kill Aroh and I will kill you. The thug gives injection to deep. He faints. aroho video calls roma. Roma says where is tara? Arohi says she is with me. She shows her tara. Arohi says I got your tara out. Now give me my deep. Roma says what would you want? Do you wanna see deep die? The injection will kill deep here. She shows her deep. ROma says tell me what to do.
Precap-Roma says if you wanna save deep bring Tara ere. Arohi releases her and she throttles arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi frnds…
    One enemy died… Im happy..
    So worried for ardeep…
    48hrs gone where is dany?

  2. looks like the show is ending… both arohi n deep will die thats all… roma raj will continue

  3. Hello friends.
    Nice episode. Alisha act ??????
    Arjun act is awesome.???????
    Prithivi is die by arohi’s hand.(accidentally)
    Oh no.I will miss him character. Well play a role.prithivi act also super???
    Wt happened with arohi why she leaves ardeep save themselves.
    Where is virat?wt about deep past.where is Danny?
    Good night friends.

    1. Rivanya ryt Alisha and arjun acting are super miss prithvi where is virat and Danny and what about dilip and chawanni.

  4. What is she doing!! Uff!!

  5. After 105 episode Aarohi one enemy died accidentally actually everyone die in accidentally.

    1. Yes zain.

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