Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir flees with the box


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal shouting save me Aryan, my room is on fire. Riddhima and everyone rush to see her. They call the fire brigade. Aryan gets Chanchal with him. He says nothing will happen, just come. Dadi asks Chanchal to have water. Riddhima thinks of the box and goes to take it. She says wait a min, I have to take that box. The man asks her to go out, there is much fire. She thinks nothing should happen to that box. Kabir turns to see her. She goes out and asks Chanchal is she fine. She goes to get honey. Kabir sees the box. Anupriya says I already got it. Aryan asks how did fire catch up. Mishra says we should leave now. Kabir says keep the car ready, I will take the thing for which I did this. The fire is put off. Anupriya thinks Kabir would have taken the box and left, superb. She says so brave girl…. you jumped in the fire to save Chanchal, no, you would be praying to get something, everything would be ashes in that room, everything got burnt. Riddhima worries.

Anupriya recalls meeting Kabir and asking his plan. He asks which is Chanchal’s room window. She shows him. He throws a bottle inside and gets the room on fire. Kabir takes the box. He hits the jammed window. Anupriya says you worked for that box, its gone, now…. Riddhima cries and runs to the room. She stops Kabir and says don’t try to run away, tell me who are you. Kabir thinks she will recognize me and my game will be over. Anupriya thinks Riddhima won’t get anything in that room. Riddhima says return that box to me. She goes and holds him. He kicks on her leg and throws a curtain on her face. He wears his cap and runs out of the room. She asks him to stop. She runs after him. Everyone sees him running out. Riddhima shouts thief and follows. Aryan says what’s all this. Anupriya says Kabir was here until now. Riddhima pulls the pipe down and makes Kabir fall. She goes to him. He sees the box. Anupriya thinks did Kabir get caught. Dadi asks her to call doctor. Kabir pushes Riddhima and points gun at her. She throws the soil at him. He misses the shot. He runs out of the gate and flees in the car. She shouts stop… Dadi faints down. Riddhima, Anupriya and Aryan attend Dadi. Riddhima asks what happened to Dadi. Riddhima sees blue mark on Dadi’s neck. Riddhima thinks I got saved, Dadi got shot, maybe that bullet had poison on ot. Dadi had seen Riddhima in danger and got shot. Aryan asks what happened to her. He lifts Dadi and takes her. Anupriya thinks thank God Kabir and my locker left safely. Doctor says Dadi is out of danger now, take care of her.

Riddhima takes some flowers to Anupriya and taunts. She says I know you ignited the fire, your man had stolen the box, you can’t hide it for long, I will get it in front of everyone, your happiness will fade down, I know your truth hidden in that box. Anupriya worries. Riddhima says I know about your son, its not Vansh and Aryan, who is that child calling you mum. Anupriya scolds her. She gets hurt by the thorn. Riddhima goes to room. She gets Vansh’s call. Vansh says your smile shows you have forgiven me, sorry I had to leave for that deal, I will be home soon. She thinks Vansh is already worried, I can’t tell him anything. He says you got a chance to enjoy bachelor time again, do you miss someone. She says you aren’t here, I have a right on this room. He says you are trying to divert your mind, like you are playing with your ring now. He asks did you fix camera. He says no, when person wants to see someone by the eyes of heart, he can see and hear voice, you also try and recall the person who is close to your heart, I promise you won’t need to open eyes, I have to go, I will call later, enjoy your freedom. She says I wish I could say this room is nothing without you. She misses him and thinks of him. Ishq mein marjawan….plays…

Riddhima gives medicines to Dadi. Dadi says you are missing Vansh, I can see. Riddhima says nothing like that. Dadi says I can see that. She asks her to play the movie. Riddhima says its my best friend Sejal’s birthday today. She calls Sejal and wishes her happy birthday. She says save my new number, tell me, how are you. Sejal says I m in Dubai, where are you busy these days. Riddhima says its a long story, when are you coming back. Sejal says I also miss you, we will meet soon. She says I have come Mumbai to surprise Riddhima, I will find her address from that PT teacher. Kabir says you already helped a lot, its all your mistake, our mission would have failed, Riddhima and Vansh can know about it. Sejal gets shocked hearing them. She thinks I have to tell Kabir’s truth to Riddhima. Kabir sees her.

Precap: Kabir sees Ridhima’s best friend, Sejal, listening to his and Anupriya’s conversation. She runs and hides. He searches her with a gun in his hand. She calls Ridhima and tells her that she’s being betrayed and her life is in danger. Someone (Kabir?) breaks her phone. Ridhima comes somewhere in Sejal’s search.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now kabir will kill sejal🤦

    1. yes ur right

  2. Ye last m sejal wala kya scene h…i didn’t get it…can anyone explain..

    Btw this episode was a nice one…brave riddhu…chalo

  3. Ishq mein marjawan 2 lover...........

    Thanks Amena for the update

  4. Now that’s what I call a brilliant comeback..It’s a totally awesome episode..Nicely plotted..Riddhima’s tough side shown..Now it’s gonna be interesting to see whether Kabir misleads Sejal or Sejal comes as a help to Riddhima..

  5. krithi poojary

    Kabir will surely kill sejal .

  6. I am feelingbad for Sejal. She will be killedfor no reaso.

  7. Am missing vansh trend mark dialogue, pls hamarae liyae phir dialogue rakonaaa…
    Interesting.. Very interesting..

  8. Precap please

  9. I think ab sejal vansh ko adhi adhuri bath batayegi ki riddhima ki Jan khatre me hai … shayd issliye vansh riddhima ke proposal ko mana karke use divorce dene ki sonchega…. May be to find out real culprit…..form the family…..

    Finger crossed….. really excited for upcoming episodes

    1. I think sejal is going to be killed by kabeer.

  10. Just a sec..Dadi didn’t evn asked Riddhima that some days back u had send birthday gift to the same #bestieSejal & now it’s her Bday again😜😜😜

    1. But episode was lovely😘😘

  11. Finally something interesting to watch. But as expected Kabir ran away with the box. Now Sejal will surely get killed.

  12. I hope sejal doesn’t get killed because she was always present in the storyline without actually being into it. Riddhima used her name most of the time to get saved. I hope she tells the full truth to riddhima🥺

  13. What is so interesting in today’s episode. Riddima entered the room, so an intruder and was going closer to him. They even showed a rod on the ground. I thought she would grab it. But no she easily about being shot. She foolishly pursue the unknown criminal and was shouting ruko ruko. Was she dealing with her brother or child that when you call, the criminal he will wait for you. She finally got him with the ropes, and what did she do, someone that was hotly pursuing started catwalking instead of rushing him with a stone or any weapon. Before she could catwalk and reach there he gained momentum and fled away with the box. Child’s play

  14. I’m not getting one thing when riddhima herself didn’t aware of kabeer’s real identity being a police officer then how sejal came to his office address because in starting they had shown that riddhima and sejal both addressed as pt teacher and after that riddhima didn’t meet sejal ever. Guys does any one have any idea about this.

  15. Naira U Singh

    Don’t u guys think that that someone is aryan bcs like remember in yesterday episode when aryan was going to make riddhima fall he was wearing the same shoes as that person who broke sejal’s phone

  16. Sejals new entry …Wow.wait sejals birthday was long time ago

  17. Yaar, sejal marne ke liye dubai se lauta kya…

  18. Today’s episode was really cute…andd specially that phone sequence….coming back to track…

  19. Without vanish episode was ok ok.VANSH IS AWESOME CHARACTER❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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