Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Siya threatens Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima seeing Siya. She says Siya can talk. She sees the wheelchair. Dadi serves the food to Vansh. She says I know matter is serious, you can’t lie to me, I can see you are living with a storm in you, you can’t control it. He says yes, I m very restless, I lost something imp. Dadi says if its yours, then it will come back to you. He says I trust your words. She says if you didn’t do wrong, why will wrong happen with you. She feeds him food. He nods. She says see you feel so light after saying your feelings, at least learn to express, talk to Riddhima. He says I asked Riddhima not to leave me alone, she doesn’t trust me. He gets a call and goes. She prays for his happiness.

Riddhima says Kabir, you will be shocked to know kidnapper’s name, Siya kidnapped Ragini, I don’t understand why is she doing this, I feel bad for Vansh. Kabir asks how can this happen, Siya is on wheelchair. Riddhima says she isn’t handicapped, she can walk. Kabir says it means she was cheating everyone. Riddhima says I think she has something big going on, I have to get Ragini to Vansh, I have to tell Siya’s truth ti Vansh, I have to expose her. Siya comes and asks what will you expose me, I will expose you. Riddhima disconnects. Siya gets a knife and steps on his feet. She says you have killed Vansh’s trust and made fun of his love.

Riddhima asks why did you do, isn’t this cheat that you are acting handicapped. Siya says I wanted to surprise Vansh with the good news, I thought he will catch mum’s murderer, I have seen him breaking down, I can’t see him weak, I didn’t had courage to face him. Riddhima asks why did you spy on me. Siya says Vansh told me to do it, he asked me to keep an eye on you, he asked me to stop you from going out, your life was in danger, I did what he told me, but when I saw you crying, I felt you disappeared Ragini, I was finding it, I thought you are praying for Vansh, how can you hurt him, you proved me wrong, you got Ragini, you are a spy, you don’t love Vansh, you came in this house to ruin him. Riddhima says I can explain. Siya says you have married Vansh to spy on him and find evidence against him, admit it, you have done this, you are a spy.

Riddhima says yes, its truth, that I have come as a spy. Siya says its enough for me, I have recorded this to make Vansh hear it, Vansh did a lot for you, he loved you, you cheated him, Vansh will hear this recording, your game is over. Riddhima says I don’t care what Vansh thinks, I m just worried for Ragini, did anyone kidnap her, try to understand, I was going to tell my truth to Vansh, if you trusted me ever, then give me some time, a chance, I want to take Ragini to Vansh, then you can punish me, you don’t trust me right, you have the knife in your hand, kill me, I m ready to give my life.

She says I love Vansh, that spy Riddhima is dead, I m Vansh’s wife now, I have no connection with my past, trust me, give me a last chance. Siya says fine, I want to give you a last chance, don’t break my trust, you have 24 hours, change your fate if you can, else I will make Vansh hear this recording. Riddhima says done, I will change my fate in 24 hours. Siya asks her to remember. Riddhima says you have to listen to me. Siya asks what.

Vansh asks how can cctv footage disappear, that was the last proof for us, you aren’t able to help me, you always said you can do anything for me. Angre says I tried my best. Vansh says I hate to see you lost, get out. He thinks how will everything get fine. Riddhima blindfolds him. He says I m going, I have work. Everyone comes. Riddhima shows the empty wheelchair. Vansh asks did you all leave Siya alone. Riddhima asks him to turn behind and see.

Siya comes. Everyone gets surprised. Vansh cries and hugs Siya. He asks how… Dadi says Siya, you can walk. Riddhima asks how did you like the surprise. Dadi says its biggest gift for us, you treated Siya and gave her a big life, I m proud of you. She hugs Riddhima. Riddhima says your happiness matters a lot to me. Vansh thanks her. He says I feel you did some magic, I can’t believe my eyes. Siya says true, Riddhima has done magic as a physiotherapist, Vansh is responsible for this, credit goes to Vansh. Vansh hugs her. Anupriya says congrats Siya, I m glad to see you on your feet. Siya thanks her. Riddhima thinks I m glad to see your happiness, Vansh. She recalls Siya’s words. She thinks to find Ragini. Vansh thinks how will I find Ragini. Siya thinks Vansh is in this state because of Riddhima. She signs Riddhima. Riddhima thinks I don’t know that kidnapper.

Precap: Vansh talks on phone with Angre and is very happy. Riddhima is coming to him. He turns in excitement and breaks her mangalsutra by mistake. She cries saying it’s a bad omen. He says he has very good news. Angre found CCTV footage. Now he will be able to see who kidnapped Ragini. She gets nervous.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Aww. So that shows Sia only wanted to protect Vansh. But I have this bugging feeling that Sia was okay from long before and she and Vansh are acting surprised. Something isn’t right. Do you remember in the episodes with Sunny, someone was spying on Ridhu and Sunny in the garden. When Ridhu went inside the house she only saw that the trail of footsteps ended halfway then disappeared? I think that was Sia. So there were two masked persons even then. Anupriya and Sia. I think Sia has been recording and spying on Ridhu from day one. As of now I’m going to assume this is Vansh’s master trap. He may not be the show’s mastermind but as of now he is winning the chess game

    1. That time even I doubted on Siya and commented about that how come the footprints are not there inside the door? It can happen bcz Siya used wheelchair inside.
      But later the masked guy turned out to be Anupriya but I never stopped doubting Siya.
      But what is actually going on the show isn’t making any sense. It’s like too many twists and loopholes but no revelation.

  2. RiyaVaghani

    Finally! There’s still hope! But Vansh will never forgive Ridhima for her betrayal 😭😭😭😭

  3. Now I only trusts Ishani…….. she is the only with real face
    How come Sia walk sudden? Is she having any other intentions?? I’m still confused.🤔🤔
    Ragini is with AnuBir only, they might caught her and then ‘Guest ki Marjawaan’. Poor Ridhima …..
    Sometimes i even felt Anupriya is just using Kabir like he used Ridhima 🤔
    How come Aryan come to know about Vansh threatening Ragini?
    why Vansh told about Ragini only to Sia? Ishani was also there?

    Still some loopholes are there. But its thriller indeed.

  4. Hey guys,I have an idea.If you agree or disagree with me,please let me know in the comments.How about the ff writers team up and work with IMM2 script writers to write a weeklong script for the actual serial?Being fans like us,they know the kind of content that we want.I have read their ffs and they are really good.In addition to that,it will be a win win win situation.MAKERS:Possible TRP increse.FF WRITERS:Experience and exposure. CONTENTCONSUMERS:Quality content.

    1. @ sahada it’s not a bad idea but it’s not so easy as we think

    2. Yaar I don’t know you are saying true or not but it can be soo amazing. Cuz IMM is having soo many suspenses and none of the suspense is disclosed yet. Sia can walk was our assumption from soo far. I want Riddhima too meet Ragni at least and know that Anupriya killed Vansh mom. In this way she has to prove Anupriya as murderer and will. Also give the show some progress.

    3. I wish it could happen ❤️

  5. My god!!!who is saying truth and who is lying,just so confusing.if this is the real truth of siya,then it’s really good but if she is lying there is again a mystery behind it…but now the question is if ragini is not with siya or kabir then who kidnapped her???

    1. Ragini is with Kabir. Kabir just fooled Riddhima. He lied to her.

  6. This drama is going over my head now..
    I mean on whose side Siya actually is?
    If she’s on Vansh’s side then Vansh should’ve known te whole truth of Riddhima by now.
    Even I’m thinking that Siya in on Kabir’s side.
    The revelation is taking so much time.
    The makers are twisting the show way too much.. Cut the crap already makers!!!
    Seriously I’d like to see some revelations and a leap for 1/2 years.

    1. Don’t over think….
      Aaj kaal Mae khatham Nahi vonae vala Hai yeh drama iss liyae jyada pareshan math karo…
      (Exams hogay?)

    2. Drama 300/400/500 episode ki liya chale mujhe koyi dikkat nehi lekin iss liye kisi ka bhi saach samne nehi aayegi abh tak ye kaisi baat hai yaar? More than 3 months it is!!They are still not over with Ragini issue. Na hain koyi new entey, new storyline aur saach batao to RIANSH moments bahut kam hai.. RIANSH moments aur bhi jyada honi chahiye,, Dusre serial ko dekho. 100 episodes mein romance hi romance scene hote hai.. Aur ye toh Romantic thriller hai. Lekin iss mein romance bahut kam hai. Aur romantic scene mein 60% sirf eye-lock.
      Tum hi bolo gussa aana chahiye ya nehi?
      (Exams ho gaye aur meri phn, laptop, charger bhi thik ho gaye.😁😁😁😁😁😁)

    3. Gussa 😠 Karnae Mae galthi ny, even my bee riansh moments Kae liyae wait kar rahihu, lekin aab story kaa situation dhekthoo yaisa lagtha haike riansh moments abb Mae Nahi hothae…☹️
      Vaisae bee Apko ridhu kee jaisae gf milgay kyaa 🤣

    4. @M I’m a girl. What will I do with a gf?😂😂😂😂

    5. @ tonni Thum previous comments Mae ridhu Kae Jaise wife or gf kisiko Nahi milna Kako bolae naa isliya puchim. gf kaa mtlb girl-frnd not girlfriend 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Off is this sia a frnd or foe this serial is becoming more complicated day by day

  8. Guys how did siya come to know that ragini was alive and vansh was trying to find the murderers of their mother….two possible reasons
    1)siya is involved in the plan with vansh and it was all their plan
    2)she has been spying vansh since long.
    What do you think???

  9. So … ye twist hokar bhi twist nahi tha…. like seriously…. siya got the clean chit within one episode ….so it’s clear for now that their is no hidden motive of vansh to bring riddhima to VR MANSION…. then wahts that “Father of revelation ” that kabir and vansh were talking about in an interview… jaldi revel kardo yar … nahi tho sonch sonch ke dimakh phat jayega

  10. I really don’t want to use my brain for today’s episode….

    1. Noorjannat

      Don’t use man.keep ur brain for next episode.coz It’s gonna be twister day by day

    2. @M MAJOR MOOD😂😂😂😂😂. Im afraid if I think too much about the characters in this show my brain will start to ignite😂😂😂😂

    3. @Asen hum kithna tension aur kithnae comments rakae…. Vussae koyi fharak Nahi padaegaa vunko. Joo vo chathaeahi vohi karthae, naa Kabir vusa iradha badhlaegaa naa vansh naa ridhu koyi be…. 🤣🤣🤣

    4. After precap seems like Ridhima is caught red handed . But it won’t I guess.
      Nothing is coming too mind. My mind is already tangled too much.

    5. @ den every one mind is also tangled with lot of questions 🤣🤣🤣

  11. This drama has me asking so many questions. Don’t know who is innocent, who is lying and who is loving..Siya only wants to protect Vansh because I think she loves him very much as a sister and I am glad Riddhima told her the truth that she loved Vansh too. Don’t know what is happening. I want more Riansh scene 🥺 hopefully many Diwali all the revelations to audiences will answer many questions.

  12. iam confirmed that the mastermind is vansh bcoz for this reasons
    so many doubts
    pls reply if u have any guessing

    1. 1.valid point*

  13. Oh god, today’s episode was a brain blaster for me. It just totally went bouncer.

  14. This show is not fit for regular watch. As your mind will blast on thinking what will happen next. And moreover when something important event is coming like presentation and exams then it’s best to avoid this show.
    I am soo done now. Siya is stated as hood. Ragni lapata hai. Batane se pehle yaa toh mar jaegi ya ohir Dubai chali jaegi. I am getting pissed off now.

    1. Seriously, I was thinking the same. I have my exams in early December. And I can’t get over it. Every time I think that I will stop watching this but they show in every precap that truth will exposed in next episode. Hence I watch next episode only to find that I have been fooled. This show is getting on my nerves now. There is a lot of confusion and no clarity. Already I am stressed about my exams and this show adds more stress and negativity. Even my studies aren’t such brainstorming as this serial is. I think I will become mad.

    2. Even I am suffering from this.Everyday I waste more than two hours for this garbage.My mom scolds me for doing this.

  15. Guys as you seen Sia only started to doubt ridhu because Vansh asked her to keep a watch on ridhu so she stays away from ragini and danger….there is no other story to that about she faking it and so and now we gonna see a major twist with alot of revelations ahead so hold onto your seats and watch the show on the colorstv and voot at the alloted time 7pm

  16. I don’t want to predict anything for upcoming episodes bcoz nothing happens like that but I knew siya is not as innocent as she looks.but I have a question vansh didn’t knew sia can walk.right?so how can he take help of sia to keep eye on ridhima.i mean didn’t vansh even once thought that sia is handicapped and can be injured.I don’t know why but I am finding it wierd.when sejal ,devraj singh rathore I thought that now ridhu or vansh will get to know about truth but nothing like that happened.I don’t want ragini to die but I think she will bcoz it’s Ishq mein marjawan…anything can happen…

  17. The serial is getting more and more exciting with full of thrills, cant help myself but to watch it repeatedly. The plot is getting clearer as well as complicated and that’s fantastic. Have been really enjoying the show.

  18. In promo they are showing as if ridhu’s mangalsutra is broken so according to ITV serial concept, if mangalsutra is broken , it means that husband’s life is in danger. Also saw a bts video in which rrahul is falling from somewhere top ( i guess from a mountain cliff) and was wearing the same suit which i saw in promo so something big is gonna happen… seriously can’t think of what is gonna happen next…

  19. I dont know but i feel too many twists dont bring the character ALIVE….
    I dont see any devotion of anyone in these relationships….
    Siyas story now sidelines chanchal and aryan, at one point the whole story gets stick to one character

  20. Okk guys is it possible ki siya kabir aur Anupriya ke sath mili ho?and is it possible ki kabir aur Ridhima bhi mile hai..ab I heard ki vansh khai se niche girega aur kabir dhakka dega to wo serial Mai humesha bataya gaya ki vansh is master mind but pichle kuch episodes se vansh he victim ban raha hai Ridhima aur kabir jeet rahe hai ye sab plan hai ya sach mai m comfused

  21. Actually Directors and editors are confused to show SIa’s role
    They want to show like this
    Vansh asks Siya’s help as he only trust her in house and she was only can stop Riddhima
    Siya was stoping Riddhima as she was mission on finding Ragini as Vansh and Siya was safing Ragini to find their mother’s murder
    In between she was cured by Riddhima’s medicine and treatment in last days but kept secret as she know something fishy about Riddhima and she finally knows that She was Spy as she listend Riddhima talking to Kabir……………………….and confronted her……………….
    They want to show that clearly…..editor problem……………….

    Waiting for next episode how Riddhima reach Ragini

  22. Well im happy she gave riddhu a chance to change …But i wonder where the helm is ragani….Siya is not so bad …Right?

  23. Surprised that Riddhima actually had time to help Sia amidst all of her spying

  24. Today is my birthday iam expecting some twist to be revealed today

    1. Happiee bdayy zoya👏👏👏🎉🎊🥳🥳🎂🎂

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