Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Vansh’s romantic surprise for Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying so shall we start. Riddhima says I m very excited. He gets a gift box. She asks what’s inside. He says its a surprise, Riddhima. He opens it for her. She asks is it a dress. She likes the dress and thanks him. He asks will you wear this for me. She says of course, I won’t fit in this dress after some months. He smiles. She goes. Vansh waits for her. She comes back, wearing that dress. He looks at her stunned. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

She asks what. He asks what. She asks why are you looking in this way. He kisses her hand. She asks what. He says one min, something is missing, I know what is it. He gets a rose. He gives it to her and compliments. He gets romantic. She says you flirt well, you are the first husband who is flirting with a wife. He says you didn’t notice me well. She says really, what next. He plays the music. They have a dance. They sit to have something. He serves the juice drinks. He says I won’t touch alcohol now, I will change for my baby’s sake. She asks really. He says yes. She gets happy seeing the chinese food. She says I was craving to have chinese. He says it doesn’t have anything to harm you and coming baby, its safe. She says we will have food from the same plate, Dadi tells that it increases love. He asks did Dadi actually say this. She asks him to sit. They have the noodles. She says I wish our every night is beautiful and perfect. He says its a matter of 72 hours, then we all will live a peaceful life, I promise.

Anupriya asks why did you call me. Ishani says Riddhima got to know that I m the red gloves person and told truth to Vansh. Anupriya asks what, you should have been careful, did you tell my name. Ishani says no, I can’t help you now, you have to go. Anupriya says I won’t go anywhere from here. Kabir comes and looks at them. He removes the ghunghat and sees Anupriya. He says I knew you will do something, you both are after Riddhima’s baby. Ishani says don’t get in between. Kabir warns them. He says nothing should happen to Riddhima or her baby. He asks Ishani to leave. She goes. He asks Anupriya why did she come when he asked her not to come. She says I don’t take orders. He says it will be good if you leave. She keeps a knife at his neck and asks what will you do, will you tell Vansh, tell him that you still want Riddhima, you kidnapped her on valentines. She warns him. He angrily goes. She says none can save Riddhima from me now.

Angre says we got clients for the ruby, they are ready to give diamonds in exchange, its king of Arab, his wife has come along. Vansh asks him to get them. Kabir and Aryan come in disguise. Kabir recalls Aryan getting the diamonds. Kabir asks Aryan to wear the burqa, they are dealing with Vansh, they have to make a background. He says I will be the Arab king and you will be my wife, we will exchange the real ruby with this fake one and also get the diamonds. Vansh greets Kabir and Aryan. Kabir says my wife likes jewellery, if she likes the ruby, then I will give you any price.

Vansh says sure, sorry I want to see the diamonds first. Kabir says sure. Vansh and Angre check the diamonds. Angre asks from where did you get these diamonds. Kabir says from my chinese businessman friend. Vansh says so sorry. He shows the ruby. Kabir checks it. He says my wife is excited to see the ruby. Vansh says no issue, I m sure your wife will like it. Aryan exchanges the ruby under the veil. Kabir keeps the ruby back. He says my wife didn’t like the ruby, sorry, this deal can’t happen. He takes the diamonds. Vansh and Angre point gun at Kabir. Vansh says what’s the hurry, we won’t let you go empty handed from our house. Kabir gets shocked.

Precap: Riddhima is sleeping in her room. Anupriya comes with a knife to kill her. Kabir and Aryan try to escape, but Angre and Vansh don’t let them escape. Vansh asks them to remove their disguise.

Update Credit to: Amena


    I LOVE their romance!!! <3 Thank god, everything is clear and no misunderstanding

    1. Gabriela


  2. How did Kabir and Dadimaa know about baby being safe and alive? Makers and their loop holes 🤷🏽‍♀️ Seems like a beautiful epi

    1. I was also thinking the same….🙄

    2. Gabriela

      These screenwriters! 👿👿

    3. 2 possibilities…:
      1-Maybe both have mind reading powers..(😂😂)
      2-We all know that kabir is a big privacy intruder…he might be keeping an eye on Riansh….so maybe he got to know this…Am i making sense…(😏)

  3. Haha Aryan in a burkha! Lol! I’d love to see that scene though. And @Khushi is correct. Nobody except Riddhima and Vansh know that the baby is very much alive. How did they come to know?

    1. Gabriela

      The prettiest wife of an arab sheik 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Arrey Nia, Kabir is always busy in peeping into Ridhima and Vansh’s room. So he might be there when they’re talking about Baby. I guess RiAnsh had talked about Baby being alive for more than 3-4 Times.

  4. So v r entring the last week if imm2 lets pay tribute amd sjow love to our faverite characters
    So im posting this quize what trak is ur favarite trak .which scnce u loved the most ?
    Ill loved vansh falling of the cliff sence.
    Vansh as vihan
    Ridhima fighting for her identity.
    Vansh saving ishani by taking her blame .
    Siya stayed positive thru the end .
    Dadi loved ridhima
    I like aryan for doing nothing .
    Chachi always kehte per kerti kuch nae .
    Kabir best khalnayak .the only one with a brain .
    Aunpriya best khalnayaka .super acting.
    Angre stayed loyal to vansh .married ishani supported and kept her happy .
    So my beautiful sisters this wont take long .
    Take a walk to the begining post ur fav sence .
    Plz dont hit me i had this fantasy that im standing under the shower with vansh .
    U know what happened next my sister hit me on the head and said WAKE UP IDIOT
    So dont make fun of me ill cry .
    Keep posting
    Keep dreaming
    Keep commenting
    My questions to all the auther what inspired u all to write immj ff .
    So cassy wax
    Priyanka all my super writer . keep posting ok and write ur answers .

    1. Gabriela

      I find myself in what you wrote at the beginning and I liked the tracks you lined up. You are wonderful. I think we all dream like you, so we don’t argue with you at all 😘😘😘

    2. My favourite scene was when Vansh entered VR mansion as Vihaan. The episodes were power packed. The episodes featuring Ishani’s wedding functions were also superb. The Riansh moments that time used to create an another type of feeling then.

      And about writing I think, I started writing after being frustrated with the show’s trp 😅 and I am continuing because of people’s love and support

    3. @Mary My favourite episodes were the 1st five. I still binge watch them you know. The aura of Vansh, his attitude and literally everything about him blew my mind away. Then the next episodes onwards uptil the 50th one, I liked how Riddhima and Vansh were always pitted against each other. Everytime Riddhima tried to sneak or spy upon Vansh, my heart would start beating thinking that she might get caught. But after the 50th episode, things started going downhill. I still liked the track during Ishani’s marriage with Angre where Vansh and Riddhima started growing closer, but after that I started losing interest in the show.
      After Vihaan’s entry, my interest resurfaced, but Ahana’s entry and Vansh’s revenge drama spoiled the show for me.

  5. Oh i forgot to write about chachu he came and went but still inthe end he died to save dot rai singania. To love him too .leave ur comments.

  6. Riddhima Singhania

    I think so it’s still in progress like Friday’s update.

    1. Gabriela

      Are you really Riddhima Singhanina? 🤨😘

  7. Has anyone noticed this that all the bad masked ppl are usually women like the ones who harm riddhima.
    sia, anupriya ,ahana and now ishani

    so they make a man wear the mask and suit while filming and in the last revelation episode the actual person comes thats why we always got so confused with the red,yellow gloves etc people.

    1. Gabriela

      Good observation!

    2. Vansh as Vihaan had worn jocker mask with red gloves. 😅😅

  8. Gabriela

    It has nothing to do with the episode, but what do you say for March 13, we have to be even more so if we were today. Can we write what IMM2 means to us, how it changed our lives, what sacrifices we make to watch, how we came here on telly update, how we met here, what was the funniest episode, the saddest episode , or the funniest scene, the saddest scene, the scene we liked the most, the dress we liked the most, the party we liked the most, the favorite character, the favorite line and the favorite line of a character. What are you saying? 🤨😘😍❤

    1. My favrite line is when ishani said to vansh
      Bhai ap jaisa ho to hr din rakhsha bandhan hai.
      Vansh saying interesting very interesting .
      Angre said ap ka bharosa kabhi nae totne donga boss and he proved it.

    2. themysticalmetanoia

      most fav scene when in the starting vansh gave first gift to ridhu as dress n then they danced sunny track
      that was the best they were so dushman dushman still vansh used to flirt with ridhu even that zip one black dress drunken riddhima n vansh handling her coming ubder her dupatta sari pehnana the way vansh looked at riddhima in sunny track when she came was mindblowing even when he said mrs raisinghania u look gorgeous was the best vansh propose in ishanis haldi sach kahu toh all riansh scenes

    3. themysticalmetanoia

      sacrifice toh itne diye hai iss serial ke liye kya batau padhti hi nhi hu mai boards ka tension hai neet ka tension hai phir bhi dinbhar serial k bare mai sochna helly rrahul ka profile check krna epi dekhna start se
      dinbhar immj 2 hi dimag mai chalta rehta hai
      idk what im going to write in neet n boards

    4. To be honest one I saw first time promo and vansh saying his iconic dialogue I was like someone has captured my heart and my mind
      I have never followed any daily soap but I can say that I am addicted to it or can say obsessed with it
      Whole day in my mind only what will happen next goes , after every I come and check on telly update to read new fanfiction almost everytime on my phone riansh and Rrahel are there .
      Even today having maths Annual exam tomorrow I am here
      This shows my madness towards this masterpiece
      Even now a days I have started talking in immj style using vansh lines in normal tals which makes my family look suspicious on me
      O God I don’t how will get over it

    5. Arey guys….hold on your answers..
      If you’ll reveal your answers today itself…what will you comment on 13th.

    6. Themysticalmetanoia

      when it comes to immj 2 we all cant stop ourselves

  9. 12th 😂😂

    1. Congrats 😅😅

  10. Oh ho then Kabbu’s Aryan biwi doesn’t like ruby😃😃😃😃
    So Kabbu is Arab king and Aryan is Arab queen😂 not bad at all Aryan biwi😉😉😉

    1. Ridhityagi

      ya it was so much funny

    2. Where we’re you dear??

    3. Gabriela


  11. Samaila

    Kabbu is caught finalllllllllllllly

    1. Gabriela

      I think he’ll get away with it though. Because I saw that there are scenes from the party, a Kabir comes disguised and then the scenes from the jungle where he runs after Riansh

  12. Vansh realy knows how to romance ridhima ishani ka pata saaf hoa ab tera kya hoga kabuter .

  13. Just read the episode…. thank God atleast in last few episode they are have noodles other than that meethebhath ( which they mostly never ate )… joks apart am gald k finally one by one will get exposed … literally w8ng for kava face off

    1. Gabriela

      Same here! 😉

    2. Rimo Noodles had already entered VR Mansion during initial phase of Ridhu’s pregnancy 😅😅

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂

    4. @Rimsha ur right .but not only in todays episode, noddles are already arrived to Vr mansion when riddhima was making noodles and accept kabir no body knows that riddhima is pregnant and siya was trying to make her eat some “papaya”

  14. I love the fact that they’ve build their trust to such levels where none can cause misunderstandings between them to bring their relationship down.

    1. Gabriela

      Finally what we wished for Riansh love, understanding, respect, romance, funny moments, baby ❤❤❤

  15. Ridhityagi

    hello guys
    hope u missed me

    tomorrow is my Hindi exam
    wish me all the best, please
    and all the best to you all also…

    1. So finally we found you….😌……
      Bata ke to jati ke your papers are going on…😒
      Well….. besssst offf luccckkk….👍👍👍👍..for your exams…Break a leg (Den’s signature dialogue…. copyright ab mat dal dena pagliii..😂😂)….
      Study hard and achieve the best marks….
      Our prayers will always be with you..
      13 march ko ana must hai…for the pawriiii…(🤣🤣🤣)

    2. Gabriela

      I wish you all the luck in the world, but I know you don’t need it, it will be very perfect. 😘😘

    3. Ridhityagi


      MERI PAWRI HO RHI H…hehehe

    4. Best of luck for your exams.

    5. Ridhityagi

      THANK U @TSA

    6. Riansh Lover

      Hi yaar…I missed you so so much…at one point i was ready to kidnap the makers but I wont do it without you

      But ALL THE BEST 😊❤❤❤❤❤

    7. Break a leg dear Ridhuu 😂😂😂😂
      (Ayshu kal mein tere malishkarti hoom copy right keliye)
      And haan don’t forget to be the part of 13th March. ( may be update will be on 12 March😕😕)
      Be Free for these two days dear. We’re gonna rock here.

    8. Credit diya hai na tumhain…phir kue malish kro gi…🙄🙄

    9. @AA
      Pagli tu sirf meri hain, tujh par sirf meri haqq hain 😂😂😂😂

    10. @Den main yeh hone nahi dunga😂😂😂 Woh tumhari pagli hai lekin meri Ayshu hai😁😁😁

    11. Ridhityagi

      Thank u everyone❤
      I was busy in studying and preparing for my exams 😂
      Today i will rock in my hindi exam😂😂
      And I will also enjoy pawri with u all😍😘
      Now only Riddhima’s Bappa can help me😆😆😆😆🙏

    12. Best wishes and prayers for your exams😘.

      Or agar kuch na aata ho to Ridhi se Riddhima banke spy kar lena aas paas me 😜.

      Mazak kar rahi hu sach me mat ban jana Riddhima varna supervisor ne pakad liya to vo tumhara BREAK A LEG kar dega 🤣.

    13. Ridhityagi

      Mujhe Ridhi se Riddhima banne me jyada time nhi lagta 😝😝😝😝😝😝
      Break a leg hi nhi Break a Head, Break a neck , break a bone
      Bhi ho jyega😜😜😜

    14. Ha🤣🤣

      BTW today’s exam over!!?

    15. @ridhityagi Hey i am also having my hindi exam on 10 Mar. 😆

  16. Episode is too short…right?

    1. Ridhityagi

      yup it was short

    2. Yeahh🙄

    3. Gabriela

      Somehow yes!

  17. For me first and 5th episodes are best.
    Best scenes
    1 vansh and Riddhima first meeting
    2 their first dance
    3 zip scene
    4 hand lock after sunny death
    5 vansh prayed for Riddhima ❤️
    6 vansh helps Riddhima to wear the saree 🙈🙈
    7 hiccups 😜😜😜
    8 drunken Riddhima’s mischievous
    9vihaan’s gst( girls safety tax),dollar biwi, pretty rai Singhania
    10 Vihaan flirting scene
    11 basketball match
    12 revelation of Anupriya
    13 vansh revenge towards Riddhima
    14 riansh reunion
    15 Kabir’s obsession
    16 dot rai Singhania heart beat scene
    17 vansh accept the baby
    18 ishaani truth revealed and got two slaps
    To be continued ❤️❤️❤️

    1. ❤❤❤

    2. Vansh is a good husband .he supported ridhima all the time it was main reason i watched this show

    3. themysticalmetanoia

      omg this r mine all fav too
      u wrote it all

    4. Gabriela

      Lechu please write this on March 13th. Then we will write all about what SME2 means to us and how it has changed our lives. Please! We want to break a new record of comments! ❤🙏😘

  18. Vansh was so romantic 😘😂

    1. Yeahh😍❤❤

  19. Riansh Lover

    I love you guys but I will come back later…busy right now❤❤❤❤

    1. Love you too…my cutie pie…♥️

    2. Riansh Lover

      Love you dhi😘

  20. Were are first and second commenters, today u are late woooo😀😀

    1. Riansh Lover

      Haha…I’m quick commenting dear

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