Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima learns Siya’s truth

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh asking Riddhima to do a favor, don’t leave me alone. He lies in her lap. Riddhima cries and recalls Dadi’s words. Vansh sleeps. Riddhima says you asked me something for the first time, I m sorry I can’t fulfill it, I have to go tonight to rectify my mistake, I m going to get the hope back, your mum’s murderer will get punished, maybe you will forgive me then. She kisses on his forehead. She goes to temple. She says I have hurt Vansh a lot, why did I do this foolishness, why did I unheard my heart, my heart said Vansh is innocent, he didn’t do anything, but the proof had overcome my heart. Someone looks on.

Riddhima holds water and says if the storm has come in Vansh’s life because of us, then I will calm it. Riddhima says I will do anything. She turns and says was there someone. She goes to meet Kabir. Kabir throws things in anger. She asks what are you doing, what is all this. He says I m venting my frustration, I was close to success and everything got over. She says yes, Vansh wanted to save Ragini, where is she, return her to me. He says I don’t know where is she. She says you got her. He says I lost her. She asks how.

He says I got busy, Ragini was trying to run, I stopped her, someone came and took her away, I tried hard, I fought him, but I fell weak, he took away Ragini. Riddhima recalls Vansh’s words. Kabir says I couldn’t see the face of that person, I m saying the truth, I felt like I m dealing with some shadow. She recalls seeing someone. She says Kabir, I have felt like someone is keeping an eye on me, maybe its that person, Vansh was right, someone wants to harm Ragini, its from VR mansion, he is connected to his mum’s murder.

He says you are right. She says its my duty to make Ragini reach Vansh, we have to find Ragini. She goes home. She says what did I promise and what happened. She sees the pic and says someone is a big enemy, all this happened because of me. Someone looks on. Riddhima says Dadi and Siya can never do this, they love Vansh a lot, Ishani and Angre can’t do this, they are with Vansh, Rudra and Chanchal have no courage to take big risk, two people are left, Aryan and Anupriya, that masked person is one of them. She moves back and collides with Aryan. He asks are you planning next mission. She says you tell me, on which mission are you. He says its fulfilled Riddhima, now…. He thinks of hiding memory card. He wishes her all the best. She says mission is over, does Aryan mean Ragini is with him. She sees someone near the window. She goes to see. Riddhima gets to see the shoe. She checks the place. She gets the gloves. She says whoever it is, he is smart. Vansh says kidnapper will be smart, but he will leave some clue, that will make us reach Ragini. Angre says I will check the room well. Vansh also checks.

He says check well, it can be any small thing. Angre says kidnapper worked smartly, there is no clue. They see the cctv. Angre says the entire crime scene is before us now. Vansh checks the footage. He says once I see that kidnapper, then none can save him from Vansh. They don’t get the footage. Angre says I will check. Vansh says I want this footage, go and fix this, its matter of some time, then I will not leave that kidnapper. Riddhima is on call. She says I will come back before anyone wakes up. She turns and sees the masked person. She says I knew you will come to keep an eye on me, stop. She runs and catches that person. The person runs.

Riddhima recalls. FB shows Riddhima putting some soil under the shoe’s sole and keeping it back. She says if one plan fails, then plan B will work, I will follow him. She follows the footmarks. She says Siya can’t walk, that person can harm her, thank God Siya is sleeping. She catches that person and says show me your face, remove the mask. She sees pillows under the blanket. She asks where is Siya, what did you do with her, show me your face, else I will call everyone. She sees Siya’s face under the mask. She gets shocked and says Siya.

Precap: Riddhima informs Kabir that Siya is the one who kidnapped Ragini. They will have to expose her in front of Vansh. Siya hears and says she will expose Riddhima that she’s a spy. She gives Riddhima 24 hours to save herself. Riddhima is at Kabir’s place and says they will have to find Ragini within 24 hours. Ragini drops a vase and makes noise. Riddhima tells Kabir that there is someone. He says there is no one. Anupriya covers Ragini’s mouth to stop her from screaming.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Pls update it soon….

  2. Can I just say WE SAW THIS COMING❗😂 I clearly said last episode that we should expect something major from one of the characters we least expect it from. Sia. She was just too sweet and innocent. I’m not surprised 😌. But the question is, Why did Vansh get Riddhima in VR mansion if he knew Sia was okay? That means he figured out about Ridhu since the very beginning and was playing a game all along. This isn’t also a surprise as I guessed it. Every character in this show has double personalities. A grey side and a good side. Will Ridhu be able to love Vansh after knowing about his double personality and will Vansh do the same for Ridhu? In this game of love without trust, who will be triumphant? Who will be sacrificed?

    1. You just asked the f**kin same question i wanted to know why the hell ridhu get in vr mansion if sia was okey…. What is happening. Makers of this serial have gone made if vansh is too rich how riddhima escapes and comes back like they don’t have gate guards plus he ran to save ragini like he is really poor..

    2. Kalikajol

      It seem as no one is paying attention to what is happening in the show. @Raj Rohit here’s some info for you.
      1. Kabir was lying to Riddhima from day one. She knew him as a teacher but was later revealed to be a cop.
      2. Vash was betrayed by Ragini (she was the first spy put in Vansh’s life by Kabir) 3 years before he met Riddhima.
      3. Vansh knew Riddhima was a spy from day one.
      4. Vansh is always 10 steps ahead of Riddhima. He was trying to flush out the mastermind behind Riddhima when she sent the signal to Kabir.
      5. Riddhima had lost her clip that was a transmitter on the boat and never found it.
      6. I knew Sia wasn’t handicapped it was way too obvious.
      7. Vansh really fell for Riddhima
      8. Noticed that Vansh always have long sleeve on?

  3. I knew the mask person was siya, it remains Dadi and Rudra’ s plan to be unveiled, V.R mansion is a puzzle.

    1. Dadi is also involved in ze game .

  4. Oh Wow SIYA!
    Amazing. What a family !!!
    Sincerly, i was hoping it will be Angre
    It would have been good if the makers keep the characters of Dadi and Siya clean.
    But then… their decision.
    Lets wait for Siya to explain all the deception of being cripple.

  5. So siyaa is the masked person… Interesting very interesting 😂but is she against or supporting vansh🤔

  6. Riddhima’s plan A never works..😂😂
    She should always make plan B instead of plan A.
    It was quite exciting episode. Like the trio promised, there will be a big BANG on diwali!!
    I just wanna see who’s the ultimate one.
    As for now, I think it’s Vansh.
    If Siya isn’t a handicap, then Vansh and Siya is playing a big game way before Kabir and Anupriya.
    Vansh allowed Riddhima in VR mansion on purposeand he was also aware of Kabir and Riddhima.
    If it’s really like this then it’s gonna be something crazy.
    I just don’t wanna imagine what Vansh will do to Riddhima after the revelation ..
    Riddhima you’re dead!!!

    1. I guess there is one more maked one who took Ragini. What do you think

    2. Vansh ALREADY knows about Kabir and Riddhima.
      Vansh didn’t tell Siya about Riddhima’s truth. We know Kabir and Riddhima’s truth but Vansh’s major revelation is yet to come. Actually Vansh is the mastermind. Both Kabir and Vansh are using Riddhima. Why in every season the girl has to become a fool?

  7. So my expectation is right. The masked person is Sia.
    1. y is she acting like this.
    2. If she can walk then y did she bring ridhu to VR mansion
    3. They are hiding this secret from all family members but y.
    Aur kithnae raas chupaethae iss story Mae, day by day curiousity badtha jaa rahahai.
    Kyu roo rahehai ridhu Thum first sae yaisa hee karthae aayi iss Mae konsa Naya Hai Bol…. After hurting him you were realising that I am wrong.
    Kisiko Nahi patha kee Ragini Kabir, ridhu, Anu ji Kae paas Hai. Lekin Ragini Koo Kon lea jasakthae. If it is Sia but y she was doing all this thing.
    Koyi naa koyi clarity dooooooooo

    1. Precap dekhne ki baad mujhe toh abh Siya ki intention par bhi doubt ho raha hai. Agar woh Vansh ki saath hai to phir Vansh ko to abh tak pata chalna chahiye ki Riddhima ne hi Ragini ko gayeb kiya hai.
      Kya ho raha hai, kya chal raha hai kuch bhi dimag mein set nehi no raha hai.
      Bheja fry ho geya meri.🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  8. What the heck!
    I already knew Sia was under the mask. If she can walk what’s agenda behind bringing Ridhima as Physio.????
    ITS NOT LIKE THAT SUDDENLY SIA GOT SOME SUPER POWER TO WALK ,LIKE RIDHIMA ( walk over everything ) . They are always praying GOD necessarily and unnecessarily. How Sia is able see aftr wearing mask?, there is no holes in the mask and its not transparent😂

    Who is other mask man took Ragini away?? It’s other dragging mystery.
    Is really Vansh acting before Ridhima???
    Is Sia with Vansh or with someone another??? If she can walk then why all those Hadsa of staircase and phone????

    I’m totally confused its not any dream? ???

  9. I had a feeling it was siya. Damn!

  10. That means we all were right about Sia pretending to be disabled. But is she on Vansh’s side or against him? And if she had been really faking all this time, then how come she fell and injured herself so many times? Is she that good in pretending 😂😂

    I also didnt understand one thing. Vansh always thought his mom betrayed him, but later Ragini informed him about his mom’s murder just before she collapsed. That means Vansh knew about his mom’s truth at the time of the unfolding of secret room mystery. Yet he told Riddhima that Uma had betrayed him. And moreover there was no mention of her being dead also.

    Also its actually weird how we’re so good at predicting the plot😂.

    1. Nia i guess our Sia just only got some super power to stood up🤣
      About his mom’s secret, Vansh behaves like PSYCHO. he pretends to hate his mom but love her very much. on that episode also he mentioned “tumhara saath jobhi hua woh accha tha” that means he already knew about it.
      second case is also there that all are fooling Ridhima.

    2. I said it that siya a can walk and she was pretending …..and I also think she is the master mind behind vansh

    3. I also think that she knows that it was anu who pushed her down

  11. Masked person is siya…my predict was right😃

  12. Interesting….. very interesting….. Did anyone saw the video clip of kabir and vansh talking about kabirs girlfrnd…. the scene is like kabir says vansh : jab tak tum meri girlfrnd tak pohanchoge usse pehele duniya tumari moth ka nazara dekhegi aur tumari moth par rone wala bit koi nai hoga … something like this only….. but the thing is I don’t remember this kind of scene in any of the immj2 ep…..Now my prediction is that this sceen could be the reasons for vansh to make siya to pretend as handicape and bring riddhima to VR mansion….

    1. Yaar that videohad posted 2 months ago. Even Vansh’s beard is thin as well. its for misleading dear

    2. Mislead nai keh sakthe yaarrrr….. May be jab vansh apna game khole ga tab ye sceen flash back ki tarha dikhaya ja saktha hai

    3. Yes, I saw that on Rrahul’s insta post. Like I was desperately waiting for that scene to come up, but I guess the makers decided to cut it out and start another story line. I actually love Vansh and Kabir together. I always look forward to their scenes.

  13. Social media is bubbling up with a clip that Vansh is falling from somewhere high and Riddhima is beating Kabir with stick.
    Now what’s that for???
    God!!!The show is giving high BP right now.
    Waiting for diwali when everything will be revealed.

    1. Are you sure???
      its not any fake video. like cutting parts from another serials and mixing up together. I had seen such videos of Rrahuls’ twisted’ mixture with Hellys someother video😂. Even Rrahul sir posted video of him and Kabir 2 months ago to mislead us.

    2. Actually it’s true yaar … a true bts scene. Even my head is twisting a lot about what is gonna happen next. And about that question : why did vansh appoint ridhu for sia’s treatment, i think that’s the biggest revelation that KaVa told in interviews. And i also think vansh is mastermind. But literally can’t think about what is gonna happen next… lots of questions…

    3. You’re on the episodes of 47- 50 my BP rose from 88-150

    4. What 😮😮😮
      OMG! yeh Kay Bol rahaehai aap……
      Iss serial pura ek mystery closed book bangaya yaar. Let’s wait for damakedhar Diwali.( I love Diwali a lot more than other festivals but I don’t like to burn crackers I would love to decorate with diyas or candles )

  14. OH MY GODDD!!! Sia also this is taking way too turns i was just thinking what will they do with dadi cause she is the only one left!! And back to sia she was faking all this OMG this is tooo much to me

  15. masked person is siya ok
    but guys in the before episodes we saw that vansh only told to siya to keep an eye on her then vansh already knows she can walk and siya is supporting vansh
    but if u see begining means 3 or 4th episode siya only came to ridhima to tak with her when she was crying becoz of ishaani in the cruise which means vansh brought ridhima into his life even when ridhima rejected his job offer for the second time siya came and make her accept it iam doubting vansh the reasons iam guessing are
    if you have any another reasons then pls reply iam eagerly waiting

    1. I also have the same doubt. Why did Vansh hired Riddhima if Siya is absolutely fine? Did he know about Kabir’s plan from before only or both Kabir and Vansh are playing with Riddhima? I feel that Vansh is the actual mastermind.

    2. Both the boys are playing with Riddhima that’s true but I don’t think KAVA is on the same team.
      The upcoming episodes are gonna be answers to all questions I guess.
      Don’t know who is the mastermind here but my prediction goes with Vansh.
      But I want Riddhima to come out as a mastermind.
      Hopefully still 100 episodes more to go for that.

    3. yes Vansh know siya has good condition so he was playing from beginning maybe Mishra is with Vansh and through him vansh find out that Riddhima is a spy but why he should play i don’t know . maybe he feels that there is some body in mansion who is helping kabir and Riddhima so he wants to bring her out.

    4. Yes what you are thinking might be the reason.

  16. Also why is Aryan so scared about the chip, to the extent that he was ready to murder Riddhima for that! He was just recording the video, and not involved in the shootout right?
    Does he want to use that chip against Vansh in the future or what?

    1. Phoenix girl

      Just think if vansh knows about it aryan will be the first suspect for shooting ragini,right !!

    2. @Phoenix girl i agree with you. it can be the reason for now but in video it didn’t show that Aryan record that. so Vansh can’t understand that he recorded that.
      @Nia and i don’t know why he still have it . if he frightened to be exposed he should destroy it.
      and about kabir also why they don’t kill ragini if she can expose them.(but i don’t mean i want them to kill ragini 😅)

  17. I think vansh knows about kabir evil plan and knows rhidimma is part of his plan but wants to get back to him through her and also get some proof to jail kabir but fall in love in the process but I think he’s also still in love with ragini but love rhidimma more.waiting to know about Dadi and Rudra to see their own evil or good side.

  18. Wow what an episode..knew it was Siya behind the mask but why did she lie and say she couldn’t walk? I think it’s all part of a plan. I feel something dhamaka is coming soon. Hopefully more Riansh scenes too

  19. So finally they revealed that masked person is siya….
    Now if we consider her actions like making riddhu unconscious to prevent her going to ragini,then she is with vansh…and if this is the case then the brother-sister duo is definitely gonna kill it
    And if we consider this point,when aryan and anu said that there was fourth person present there(when ragini was shot) and if it turns out to be siya,then she maybe either against vansh or with vansh.. maybe she heard everything and the duo decided to find the person who killed their mother…
    But it’s definitely upto the makers and maybe it will revealed in tomorrow’s episode….

  20. This serial has become sh*t now reason..
    1.If vansh is rich they would have guards there at the gate but they don’t use it now plus no cctv video of where riddhima goes if vansh gets video of cars trunk then he should get all of them
    2.If they don’t want problems plus sia is okk vansh knows it too as he tells her too keep eye on riddhu but from the cuise ship why they planned to bring riddhima in vr mansion..
    3.if vansh loved ragini how he said those words which led riddhima to kidnap ragini.
    4.If really vansh loved ragini how he stopped loving her and married ridhu
    5.How vansh couldn’t afford security to ragini if he is too rich which is shown in many episodes of serial.
    6.if canceling all that of being poor thing and he purposely lets riddhima and others to do as they like then they are falling in his plan but
    7.his mom’s murderer could be found using ragini only then whats the point of riddhima getting involved in all this.
    8.I just want to say that writer has just lost the track of story and he has list he sense of logic if he can’t give me ans to this problems..

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