Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Season Finale

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siya saying Vansh’s birthday is tomorrow, you don’t wish him, you don’t tell him that I told you about it. She goes. Riddhima says strange, firstly that room where someone is locked, and then this fact that Vansh doesn’t celebrate his birthday, can there be any connection between these two. She takes a cake for Vansh. He shouts and asks were you following me, what were you doing here. She says no, I got this cake, I baked it for your birthday. He throws the cake. He says I hate my birthdays Riddhima, leave me alone. She says no one hates birthdays, why don’t you like it, it gives happiness to everyone, I m an orphan, I don’t know my birthday, I chose a day myself and celebrate my birthday, it gives me happiness.

He says not everyone is lucky like you, you like celebrating birthday. She asks why do you hate your birthday, I want to know, I m your wife, and this room, what’s inside this room, why do you keep coming here, is there something I should know, did you keep someone captive, don’t get angry, I m guessing, I want to share your pain, please. Vansh says you want to know right, come with me. He takes her inside. She asks whose room is it. He says my dad’s, he is no more, but I kept his memories safe. She looks around. She asks and this cot. He says its mine. He shows his dad’s clothes and memories.

She asks what had happened to him, Vansh… Vansh leaves from there. She asks him again. He says on my birthday, my dad got murdered, I got his dead body as the birthday gift. She gets shocked and says I m sorry. He says why I couldn’t save him, he went for a deal, I was going for it, I feel helpless, I couldn’t find his murderer, when I miss him, I come here and talk to him, I hear his recorded messages, I feel this guilt will kill me. She says I m sorry. Dadi looks on. Vansh and Riddhima go. Dadi opens a locker. She takes the black box. She goes out. Vyom asks where are you going, finally, I got you and the black box together, come on, give it to me. She says never, this will go to the right place, this secret should reveal in front of Vansh, whatever he does with me, I will tolerate, you can’t stop me, Vansh has to know what had happened with his dad. Vyom says he shouldn’t know that secret. Vansh and Riddima come. Vansh asks what shouldn’t I know. Vyom says give the black box to me. Dadi says no.

Vansh pushes Vyom away. Vansh asks Dadi what’s the truth. Vyom says I will say, Ajay Rai Singhania, your dad, I killed him. Vansh and Riddhima get shocked. Vyom says you know on whose saying, your Dadi’s. Dadi feels ashamed. Vyom says your special birthday gift, you know what I got in return, all the secrets of VR empire, this is the secret, its inside this black box. Vansh looks at Dadi. Vansh says it has her recorded voice and videos, she did it, am I saying the truth, tell the truth to Vansh, come on. Vansh asks what is he saying, Dadi how can you get your son killed, this can’t be the truth. Dadi says this is not the truth, I will tell you, I was very angry, Ajay was going for the deal, it was dangerous for it, he didn’t listen to me, I angrily asked Vyom to kill him, business comes first, I didn’t know Vyom is recording my talks, when I realized my mistake, I stopped Vyom, but he had to take the revenge of his wife and daughter, he didn’t listen to me, he killed Ajay, he used the recording to blackmail me, I didn’t get your dad killed, Vyom is Ajay’s murderer. Vyom says yes, I killed your dad, because you killed my family, I snatched your dad and now your turn, my revenge will get fulfilled today, when you die on your birthday, happy birthday Vansh. He points the gun at Vansh.

He shoots. Dadi comes in front. She gets shot. Vansh takes out his gun and shoots Vyom. Vansh and Riddhima attend Dadi. Vansh asks Riddhima to call the ambulance. Riddhima cries. Dadi says I had to face this, forgive me if possible. Riddhima says nothing will happen to you. Dadi dies. Vansh cries and recalls Dadi’s words. Riddhima also recalls Dadi’s words. Vansh hugs Dadi.

Its morning, Angre reads Vansh’s letter… Angre, my friend, I had no blood relation with you, you did a lot for me and Singhania family, none can be more loyal and sincere than you, you will have the responsibility of the family, take care of Siya and Ishani, don’t try to find me, this is my last order, yours Vansh. Aryan claps and says time for another drink. Chanchal goes after him. Angre cries. Ishani and Siya get sad.

Vansh stops the jeep. Riddhima says I got this white rose for my life. Vansh says you always give me surprises. She says you remember our first meet, it was related to a white rose, thanks for filling my life with flowers. They recall their moments. He says I filled enough thorns too. She says flowers and thorns together make a life. He says life is just a mirror in which we see what we want, I wanted to see joy and saw that. She says I wanted to see love and got that. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… He says I have found peace in your arms, I have seen love that shines in your eyes. She says when you are with me, I feel my day is filled with flowers and night is brightened by stars. He says joy and sorrow don’t matter, just love and trust matters. She nods. He says our coming days will be better than present, we will have a small world, our children, a moon will hide and see us, it will say this is love and life. She says I love you. He says I love you too. They smile and leave in the jeep.

End of Season

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. My most favourite scene is vansh giving injection to Riddhima it’s so cute. Miss Vr mansion very much.

    1. Abhay

      Vansh : Take this injection
      Riddhima : Ouch ..woop
      Vansh : You are a physiotherapist..still you get scared of injection..
      Riddhima : So what ..if I became physiotherapist..I don’t get permission of taking injection 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. so the hint for the last movie was
    A deaf and mute boy falls for an autistic girl(suffering from autism).
    and the movie was
    _ A _ _ I

    1. Abhay

      MAGGI ..2 minute noodles 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Abhay😂😂😂

    3. Abhay

      OK noodles if not then barfi..

    4. Actually I haven’t watched barfi…i think priyu api is right

    5. Yess…the answer is BARFI.

    6. Priyanka Thakur


  3. Neha1

    Seriously, IMMJ2 will always remains special for me as I visited to the set of the show…
    I still remember I had seen many Insta posts of RraHel where they mentioned the location of the set is “Cherish Studio”. That’s it, one day I decided that before I went to operation of stone, I have to meet RraHel at any cost… I went for treatment for stone with my Aunty’s house as she’s a physiotherapist and I switched on my map and search that the studio is in between to my Aunty’s house… Then I decided to went to meet RraHel on 25th February 2021, this date is very special to me coz I met Rrahul and Helly, I saw Vishal also but couldn’t manage to get a picture as he’s in a rush to get ready for his scene as he has arrived the set infront of me and my mom…
    Now I reached the studio and a big gate and security asked, who are you and to whom you want to meet… I said that I’m a huge fan of IMMJ2 and want to meet the stars without disturbing them… They took me in and there was a boy, I asked him when will Rrahul Sir and Helly mam will get free as I have want a selfie with them… They said the shoot is on, you’ve to wait and they’ll will click pictures… I waited for them… Helly got free within an hour… She noticed us and by our expressions she knew that I want a selfie, she called me… And I said my name is Neha and I want to click the picture with you and I come here with my mom… She said ok. There was a girl named Pooja, who’s with Helly in most BTS video’s, I asked her a favor to click the pics.. she did but I wore a face mask and forgot to uncover my face then I asked Helly one more, she(Helly) laughed and said it’s ok… You want more, then she asked Pooja click us…
    And then Rrahul came almost after two and half hour, and I introduced myself and my mom, he apologized to me as we waited for him so long by touching my shoulder, Aah I just can’t forget these moments and there’s a man who click me and my mom…
    This is the best memory of IMMJ2 and RiAnsh that I have… Seriously, I m lucky that I got a chance to meet RraHel as the advantage is I’m in Mumbai..
    Here’s the pics from the set and RraHel.
    #cherisable memories at #Cherish Studio.🥰😍

    1. Abhay

      I am also in Mumbai. Why didn’t you called me 🤣🤣

    2. Neha1

      I didn’t knew that you too stay in Mumbai…

    3. Priyanka Thakur

      Your very lucky who got a chance to meet and take selfie with them and I’m very happy for you

    4. Api…i saw that pics…
      You are such a die heart fan of immj 2 and it’s clearly visible from your words..

    5. Gabriela

      Neha you are one of the luckiest fans of the series. The most beautiful memories for you I think are with them, as if they are a dream for you even now. I remember that day and I saw the pictures I was so excited, I was happy that one of us met them and shared the experience with us, and especially I understood that Rrahul and Helly are extraordinary people and are very attentive to their fans.

    6. IMM2 Viewer

      I’m so happy for you, Neha, that you had such a wonderful experience. Also, it’s nice that the studio/security guard lets fans enter. I’m equally glad that at least based on your interaction with Rrahel, they seem to be very nice people, who take care of their fans! That’s simply wonderful!

  4. I want Mr. Roy Back

    So I am back after my DInner with fruits. I also watched the episode and literally cried a lot and the most emotional scene was Dadi’s Murder. Though I was harsh on her but never wanted to get her killed. 😭😭😭😭
    Okay. Ending was quite Good as some were thinking of happy family ending but not possible with so many snakes. I do think that they must have showed a leap and Our Dottu and Vanya as kids. This Dottu will be remembered forever like Vansh only as Unseen Creature. Overall Episode didn’t seem to be like its the end so Yeah its sad and happy ending for us. Makers here showed Vansh leave everything behind and move on with Riddhima seemed to be like less chances of IMMJ3 are there but I will stay positive and hope for the best. This was last written review by me too. Lots of emotions but still happy with lots of positive thoughts. 😊😊😊

    1. Abhay

      Bro..Will please be with us in future

    2. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Yeah I say This will be last time commenting on TU as I just joined for Our Show which was my only motive to come here daily.

    3. We can only imagine Dottu…just like we imagine each other..😂😂😂…
      Even if there are 0.01% chances…we will hope for the 3rd season..💞

  5. Abhay

    Common guys..let’s complete 2000 tonight

    1. I want Mr. Roy Back

      It seems less possible as many have left but will try our best brother.

  6. Abhay

    Complete this film name…

    K__ __L G_Y_

    Hint – Story of a mental boy who meet my favourite thing from space that is blue in colour and can’t talk

    1. Koi Mil gya..😂

    2. That blue colour thing is Jaduuuuu..👽

    3. KOI MIL GAYA.

    4. Abhay

      Di..kaun mil gaya 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. mere online friends(actually bhai behen)😁😁😂

    6. I want Mr. Roy Back

      This is unfair you didnt put a dash

  7. The next movie is
    _ E _ / _ A _ A A _ I/ _ A I/ _ E E _ A _ I
    The movie gave the holi anthem.

    1. Yr ravii..😑😑😑😑😶😶😶

    2. what!!!….another hint???

    3. Abhay

      My brain wants to go in Hawaii for vacation 🤣🤣🤣

    4. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Ye jawaani hai deewani

    5. Yeh Jawani hai deewani…
      PS…i have to search it..🤣🤣
      U seem Ranbir kapoor’s Fan

    6. Riansh1212

      Yeh jawani hai deewani

    7. Yeah correct.
      And no,I’m not his fan…it was just a coincidence….lol

    8. Priyanka Thakur

      Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

  8. Riansh1212

    Okay so one more thing guys!! We should really thank and appreciate our dear outstanding writer, Amena di who have been writing written updates from the very first episode and doing it with excellence!! I reallt want to thank her alot for this!! Hats off to you di!❤️❤️❤️

    1. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Yupp! The credit of inventing such a cute little family goes to Amena sister only who Wrote everyday. But does she gets paid for it?

  9. Riansh1212

    And do share about the. Favourite moment of Riansh apart from their romantice ones bcoz wo to sb k fvrt hain and the most loved episode.
    Mine fvrt moment was when Vansh injected Riddhima and epsiode was 166 makar skranti wali riddhima confrontation. That episode carreid every emotion!

  10. _G_
    Hint:this movies second parts trailer has been released and it was an action movie..🤣🤣
    But i really liked it

    1. Bhai i m not asking about cartoons..😂..
      Its Bollywood

    2. KGF… I right or am I right?

    3. Right..👍

    4. I want Mr. Roy Back

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 I have not seen any bollywood movies thats why

  11. Riansh1212

    @unnamed have you got the link?

    1. Riansh1212

      She asked for the link for my ff!

  12. _ E _ _ E _/ _ U _ E _ _ _ A _
    Helly Shah wants to play the lead role in this movie(if this movie is made again)

    1. Abhay

      And kandu thanda pani 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. 😶😶…nhi maloom

    3. Okay…so the answer is SECRET SUPERSTAR.

    4. The answer is SECRET SUPERSTAR

  13. Riansh1212

    Does anyone know about any site jahan immj 2 k voot wale episodes dkhe jasken. (Apart from voot)

      On this site you will find all the episodes

    2. That’s where I watch all the episodes too😀

    3. I want Mr. Roy Back

      AA sister its unavailable for some users in some countries

    4. Ohh… I didn’t knew… actually i thought it’s all countries that’s why only shared it…
      It will be Riansh1212 as she is also from Pakistan.and here it is available…

    5. Riansh1212

      THank you so much all of you❤️❤️

  14. Annoyinguser

    Target still left!!

    1. I want Mr. Roy Back

      dont worry and came back after too long

  15. Finally I got time to come and I’m sorry I’m so late…I can’t believe this is the end..So quick😅!I’m am very proud to be Riansh Lover✨❤️..As of now I have no idea what I’m going to do without Riansh and all of you here💓.I really appreciate all the FF and OS writers here 🌟!And all my friends here,Thank you so much for being with me🤧🎁…Also Amena dhi without you here we wouldn’t have been here together so thank you dhi🎊💓…
    This will always be our Ishq Mein Marajawn 2 Pagal Thane ❤️🤣…
    I really miss someone that was here that gave me my nickname RL..😘
    Thank you friends and Love you all so much😘🤗
    I will always be Riansh Lover no matter what!🌹

    1. Awww….here is my lil sister
      You always stay in my heart..❤️
      Well tell me who gavw you the name..😂

    2. And I will never forget you dhi❤️
      Preeti gave me this name✨💓…
      Also one of the first people I spoke to isn’t here…M(Muntaj)

    3. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Hazaaro phul barsao, hamri didi aayi hai ji hamri didi aayi hai. Chalo at least you got a time. You might have come earlier as I feel

    4. Sorry na bhaiya.
      My usual time…

    5. hey welcome back…how are you??

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      Hi Ravi…
      So sorry I missed you the other day..
      I’m good you?

    7. I’m good too.
      Where were you all these days??
      Missed you here.

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      It’s a long story!

    9. Ohh…okayy

    10. _ U _ _ / _ U _ _ / _ O _ A / _ A I
      A movie with a love triangle and a daughter getting her father married to his college best friend.

    11. I want Mr. Roy Back

      ha bura na maano. Fir bhi aaj last episode tha to jaldi aana tha. Ham page refresh kar karke thak gaye

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    13. Gabriela


  16. C_C_
    Hint: it’s a…one of the character’s name is same as that of the movie name…my one of the most favourite one… during.some of it’s scene i cried as well…ghosts are also there in it

    1. Yes..,😌

    2. is it coco???

    3. Yes..😌
      I watched it few months back only…but.meri favourite hai..❤️

    4. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Yes Ravi sister it is

  17. Riansh Lover

    Well, Now we don’t get to see Dottu 😭🤧

    1. We can see her/him only in our imaginations..😔😔

    2. I want Mr. Roy Back

      😭😭😭😭 Pehle ro rokar aankhen sooj gayi aur kyu rula rahe ho

    3. Riansh Lover

      Sorry..I can’t help it..I always wanted to see Dottu😭

    4. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Tell about your health. Are you okay?

    5. Riansh Lover

      Yeah it’s a bit better then doesn’t happen that much anymore❤️

    6. I want Mr. Roy Back

      I understand your emotions. Me too facing same type of mood swings

  18. We never discussed it earlier.
    Guys,what are your life goals and dreams??
    What is that one thing that you wanna achieve in our life?

    1. Abhay

      I want to become astrobiology and search fir aliens and ufos

    2. I wanna become an Army doctor…❤️❤️…
      It’s not only my dream but my parents as well….they wanna see me in that attire…
      After becoming a doctor i wanna just enjoy my life with my Love that is my parents..❤️❤️

      If somehow this dream shatter..(it will be a biggest heart break for me)…then I’ll do CSS and wanna be a bureaucrare…

      And the last biggest wish i wanna perform HAJ with my parents..❤️

    3. Riansh Lover

      I wanted to be an Event manager at one point..I don’t know whether I will become one or not☺️

    4. You’ll surely become a successful event manager…don’t loose hope.
      All the very best RL.

    5. Riansh Lover

      Thank you ✨

    6. Abhay and Ayshu….wish you all the very best in your life.
      God bless you.

    7. Thank you ravii…
      What about you??

    8. I want to become engineer 🙂

  19. @Ravi…jaldi jaldi one two aur pucho then mjhe jana hai..😔😔…
    Actually kal se mushkil hai aun to is liye aj sari kasar socha nikal lun

    1. Riansh Lover

      Oh dhi..I will miss you so much.💓🤗🤗🤗
      Don’t forget me!

    2. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Arre di kyu nhi aaoge? Pehle bhi aap kitne din gayab the. Agar padhai wajah hai to chalega

    3. Bhai…sirf parhai hi cause hai…board exam pe.future.dependent hai…us ke baad a skti thi but tb immj 2 nhi hai..
      Then entry test ki preparation…but ye exams bhot ziada important hain…in ki basis pe.2 years ke marks milen gey..and competition is really very tough

    4. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Hmm chalo ache se padhna aur kisi din Panchkula aao to milenge.

  20. Riansh Lover

    Truthfully I guess Dottu was the only good thing the makers gave us…The Makers always used to ruin something good🤣

    1. I want Mr. Roy Back

      and don’t forget about Angre. His loyality too wasn’t destroyed till end

    2. Riansh Lover

      Thank god…He was a truly good person

    3. I want Mr. Roy Back

      I still wished VRS to rule VR Empire in the end.

  21. Riansh Lover

    The person I always said sorry the most to was @Abc 😂
    I probably said it like 50 times now

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      🥳🥳🥳🥳 You Won a Guiness World Book Of Records with continuosly saying sorry 50 times,

  22. About Angre…
    I always doubted this man…whenever some secret person entered whether its yellow goove person, masked man or black mamba… I always doubted him..😂😂😂…
    Actually in Immj 2 we can’t trust anyone…so i always used to doubt.him in those situation…
    But seriously…now i feel really guilty..after riansh only he was the good part of this whole series…his loyalty,love for riansh is just matchless..❤️

    1. Riansh Lover

      So true..
      I even doubted if he was black mamba too😂

    2. But I’m glad that he stayed loyal to Riansh and FD.

    3. I want Mr. Roy Back

      No one can match his loyality even in Reel world. The most loyal person I have ever seen. In this Kalyug we don’t see such people

    4. so true. i too doubted on him being black mamba nd ridd’s chid kiler but he always proved me wrong. Makers knew that angre holds special place in our heart for his loyality so they dont wnna take risk by turning him negative

  23. _ U _ _ / _ U _ _ / _ O _ A / _ A I
    A movie with a love triangle and a daughter getting her father married to his college best friend.

    1. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

    2. Bhai you said ap movies nhi dekhte..idr ap ko sb pta hai.,.😂😂

    3. perfect bhai.

    4. Riansh Lover

      I also think it’s Kuch Kuch hota hai

    5. I want Mr. Roy Back

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 net pe search kar raha hu tabse

    6. lmao…shabaash bhai😂😂

  24. Riansh Lover

    What happened to Gabriela dhi?

    1. why what happened

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      Nothing Sister. What happened?

    3. Riansh Lover

      Then where is she?

    4. hii abc right??

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      She is just busy in reading comments maybe. She was here all the time

    6. Gabriela

      I am here

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      Hi dhi.
      I was just missing you

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    6. I just came

  26. Who is your favourite khan??

    1. I want Mr. Roy Back

      Not khan but Khanna that too Mukesh Khanna

    2. 😂😂😂…
      After reading your word khanna… I thought you.are talking about”Khana” jo hum khatte hain..

    3. I want Mr. Roy Back


    4. You know my answer😌

  27. E _ / _ _ A / _ I _ E _
    An indian agent falls in love with pakistani agent.

    1. hii ravi long time han..

    2. Hey HR….yeah,it’s really been a long time but I’m back today.
      How are you buddy and how’s your preparation going on??

    3. e ke baad f.
      a ke pehle koi alphabet nahi h english me
      i ke pehle h nd e ke pehle d

    4. 😂😂😂

    5. 😂😂😂😂…arey yaar😂😂

    6. Ek Tha Tiger..😂

    7. correct👍👍

    8. it’s correct bhai.

    9. hehheheeh i dont watch movies thats so boring man i mean i can never sit for 2 hours continuously.

  28. so kya ho raha h yaha pe…??

    1. movies guess ho rhi hai😂😂

    2. wahhh maine reply kiya h take a look kaisa h

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      What’s your name?

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    4. i havent read a single comment there are so many comment i was confused kise padhu pehle ya phir paadhu ya comment karu

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    6. Abhi just flow Mai comment krp.thwm.jab time mile parh lena

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      HR padhne ke liye saari umar padi hai ab. kal se to naya update aayeega nhi to comment hi karlo. Nikal lo man ki bhadaas

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