Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh shows his devil avatar

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani saying Riddhima made the same excuse today and went after you. Vansh thinks is she in any trouble. Ishani gets a call and says hospital… He takes the phone and worries. She says my friend is in the hospital, what did you think. Riddhima comes home. She recalls walking lost on the road. She cries and stumbles. Vansh asks what happened. He sees the blood on her hand and asks did you get hurt, how did you get hurt. Riddhima says I will tell you if you say how did your hand get hurt. He says I got the bandage, its not imp, come.

She says physical wounds aren’t deep but the wounds of heart hurt a lot. He says you are right, who can understand this better than me. She recalls his words. She thinks I have seen your real face, I won’t melt by this fake care. He goes to hold her breaking mangalsutra. She holds it and says sometimes broken things don’t join again. He looks at her. She goes. He says like my heart, its time to make any things right. Angre gets ready. He gets some message. He says doctor has mailed Ragini’s health report, I will tell Vansh. Ishani takes his phone and argues. She says Riddhima is spying on Vansh, you are useless, you don’t even know it. He snatches his phone and says I know it well, don’t try to explain me my job. She says time will say that. She goes. He says thank God, Ishani didn’t see this report. Riddhima says Vansh wants to kill Ragini, Bappa give me strength to support the right, I won’t let him kill any innocent, Vansh has to give me all answers, I will always support the right, I will save Ragini, its my promise to you and myself.

Vansh says you know the entire story of Ragini, you know my secret, everything is happening as we wanted, I will end this story, Riddhima is coming in my way, she can ruin my mission, I need you, so that Riddhima doesn’t leave the house again, she can’t know Ragini’s truth, do anything, make VR mansion a jail for Riddhima, my trust shouldn’t break, Riddhima can’t come between me and my plans. Riddhima looks at the shadow. Vansh says do anything, but Riddhima shouldn’t see Ragini. Riddhima thinks whom is Vansh talking. Angre went out. Who else knows that Ragini is alive, who can it be. Vansh goes. Riddhima tries to see. She doesn’t see anyone on the chair. She says I had seen the shadow, who can it be. Someone puts a mask on her face and gets her. She asks who. Vansh gets her to the room and says you are following me a lot, sometimes inside the dickey. I told you not to interfere in my matters, you ignored my words, you did a mistake, you will get punished. He gets a fruit knife and throws aside. She gets scared.

He says don’t think my aim missed. This was just my warning, it will be better you change your habit before I change my motive, you got to know a lot. He warns her. She asks why, will you do the same thing which you did with Ragini, you have caged a lot like an animal since years. He says don’t take that girl’s name. He shuts her mouth. She asks what will you do, will you kill me, I will take Ragini’s name, I won’t listen to a devil like you. He claps and says wow, you have courage, I like courageous people, come, we will celebrate it. He gets juice drinks. He asks her to drink, its not poison. She drinks. He takes the glass from her. He asks her to go anywhere she wants, he won’t stop her.

She says my legs got numb. She looks at the glass of juice. She says my legs aren’t working, Vansh, what did you do, was there something in the juice. She falls. He holds her and puts her on the bed. She checks her legs. Vansh says you are stubborn, you forced me to do this, I told you to listen to me, look at your state now. She says I m not able to feel anything, what did you do Vansh. He says not Vansh, devil, I can do anything. He recalls adding a pill in her glass. He says the medicines have made your lower body disabled, you have got tired following me, you take rest now, you will sleep now, take it as luxury spa treatment, you called me a devil, right, see now, what I do. She shouts to stop him. He leaves. She sits crying. She falls asleep.

Aryan says if I didn’t reach on right time, we would have lost this card. Chanchal says yes, Anupriya came today, Riddhima can come tomorrow, we can’t trust anyone, where shall we keep it. He says there is one place, we will hide it in bank locker. She says perfect.

Its morning, Riddhima wakes up and sees Vansh. Vansh makes tea for her. He says don’t worry, its matter of some time, you can get back on your feet, I will help you. She says I don’t want your help. He says you are getting stubborn again, I gave you a small dose, if you don’t listen, the next dose will be double, devils don’t pity, have tea, I will send breakfast, you have to change your habits, stop repeating mistakes. She turns away. He keeps the tea and goes.

She says you can try hard, I won’t let you hurt Ragini, I can’t do anything in this state, Kabir…. just Kabir can help me. She gets her phone. She says will Kabir help me now, he always tried to show me Vansh’s real face, I didn’t understand him, I think he will listen to me. She calls Kabir and says why isn’t he answering. She sends a voice note, Ragini is alive…. She hears foot steps and throws away the phone. Ishani comes and taunts her. She says Vansh has seen your real face. Riddhima says I have also seen Vansh’s real face. Ishani asks what, you should be thankful to him that you are getting everything you don’t deserve. He asks servant to send clothes to laundry. Riddhima says no need, I will send later. Ishani asks the lady to take it. Riddhima thinks my phone was in those clothes. She says I lost the single chance to help Ragini.

Precap: Kabir plays Riddhima’s voice message and learns that Ragini is alive. He informs this to Anupriya. Anupriya is shocked and says if Ragini is alive, then she will tell Vansh what happened 3 years back. Riddhima finds a note from Kabir to see him by pool side. She goes there and says “Ka..”. She stops seeing it’s Vansh who is there. Vansh says as far as he knows, no one’s name starts with “Ka” in their house. Riddhima gets nervous and looks at Kabir who is hiding and watching them.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Riansh Lover

    I really didnt expect vansh to turn into Kabir 😨….I didn’t want to read this episode but seeing riddhima like that in the last episode was horrible …I dont like vansh any more …He is now acting like kabir ….MISSION .im really scared for Riddhima…This is not the Vansh we know ..She has no one now …Kabir is not going to help her

    I Hate Ishani 😭😭😭😭

    1. Kabir claims to help her and tries to kill Ragini and put blame on Vansh
      this is going to happen if ridhima informs Kabir!!!

    2. I think Vansh needs to protect someone else in his family.have you noticed that unknown person in the chair.there is lots of mystery in vr mansion.i don’t think vansh is not much villian as compared with kabir.let wait for next episodes

    3. RiyaVaghani

      Have faith in Vansh dear! He is not Kabir! Everything will be alright… and they cannot turn Vansh into an antagonist… Writers know that they will lose trp if that happens! RiAnsh will be back again!

    4. Sharon Ojiambo

      Vansh really loves Riddhima because he wants to know the secrets.I hope riddhima doesn’t trust kabirbut now love is involved because riddhima loves vansh but there are many misunderstandings between them. Kabir is the devil hope riddhima will not tell kabir where ragini is

    5. Jo kuch vansh kar raha hai voh bilkul sahi hai kyuki kitni baar vansh ne riddhima ko samjaane ki koshish ki phir bhi riddhima us ke piche jasoosi kar rahi hai…she deserves it…..Though he behaves rough with her ..he still worries and cares for her .
      She is aggravating him more and more that force him to do wic he is not supposed to do.

    6. Vansh is nothing like Kabir, he’s never pretended to be someone he isn’t. Vansh has loved Riddhima wholeheartedly while Kabir just used her. Kabir continues to use her, he wants to frame Vansh and put him in jail. The two cannot be compared. Riddhima is trusting Kabir believing he’s the good guy but she is in for a rude wake up call.

    7. @Maha yaar you are justifying Vansh.

      Both doesnt gave a glance at others side. Vansh should recall that Ridhima went missing and she was found in the Raven statue on the same day when she was in Dickey . Atleast he could think , there is something fishy about it someone is trying to harm her or just ask to her why she was in dickey. Instead of that he started playing mind game with Ridhima, which provocked her to think he is a criminal. and she doesnt even ask or talk to him about it.
      Technically both are equally fault here and both have their own justificatin too.

  2. Ridhima again caged!!!
    its cool that show is back on its Thriller track, But feels awkward that vansh is still dumb listening to Ishani why assasinating his character??? this is injustice
    Ridhima again starts to trusts Kabir and this time he might starts feeling for her truly or Kabir might take advantage of her again????
    Safest place for SD card– bank locker😂😂 IDK Y i cant control my laughter.

  3. Both kabir and vansh are determined about their mission so that they do anything when someone comes btw them and their mission. Now both r same. We don’t know who is protagonist and who is antagonist now. But yesterday the episode ended like some car stood behind her right? Who could that be? It’s definitely not kabir as she is just now informing to kabir through phone.

    And guys did u see the new promo when riddhu is gonna choose btw farz and ishq ? I think she’ll choose farz as i saw her in a video wearing a blue suit just like the one which kabir wore when he was in disguise of a doctor. Really exited

    1. Yaar its PPE kit worn for protection during pandemics. May be May not be it would be part of the show or she worn for herself only

    2. Yaar I know but when everyone else are normal why is she alone wearing that kit? Mayb she is in disguise and following vansh(in story)

  4. O GOD!!!
    Vansh you devil!!!
    Roller-coaster ride is going on here. Don’t know what will happen next. Things are getting scary.
    Who is that mastery man/woman now??
    It is a thriller show indeed..
    Rrahul Sudhir guy is doing some sort of method acting here. He’s not playing the character , he’s the character.
    Only funny part was – when Vansh said that phir se jid!!!tumhara nam Riddhima nehi, Jiddhima hona chahiye tha,,😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. ronnie can you please explain for me that what vansh said

    2. @Amina Vansh paralyzed Riddhima by giving some sort of drugs and the next day Vansh made tea for her and wanted to help her to sit on bed. As Riddhima was angry for what Vansh did,she was showing arrogance to him. That time Vansh sai, “You’re being arrogant again! You shoudln’t be named Riddhima. Your name should’ve been jiddhima (arrogant).
      In Hindi and Bangla- Arrogance means jid. That’s why Vansh named her Jiddhima.

    3. Same pinch …even i laughed fr these lines..
      Vansh is not antagonist..he is trying to protect someone..
      Though he became rough on riddhima ..he is still caring fr her.

    4. mastery person might be Ishani,Dadi or one of his parents
      1.ishani might comes to know about ragini from Angre’s phone.
      2. Dadi might know about all this. She can stop Ridhima easily.
      3. To be clarified by makers(my intuition)

  5. I am thinking Vansh doesn’t want Riddhima to find out about Ragini just to keep her safe..maybe she’s in danger from Ragini but she doesn’t know it. It could explain why he is acting angry and possessive. But I’m feeling bad for Riddhima she is being thrown in the middle of all this. Can anyone guess who’s the shadow? Maybe it’s one of the other family members 🤔 but overall at least there were a few Riansh scenes although angry Vansh is scary 😬

    1. True….only he knows about ragini..he wants to keep riddhima away from danger.
      Riddhima problems ko apni taraf keech thi rahthi hai.
      Shadow might b his real mom? Or dad?

    2. I think it could be Siya..she knows everything about Ragini too from other episodes so maybe it’s her. Yea maybe his mom too but now getting quite interesting 🤔

    3. i guess thats Ishani…… somehow she might seen reports of Ragini from Angres phone

  6. Riansh Lover

    Vansh is not kabir but leaving riddhima like thst is not right …at all …..He is a devil …well i do have a little faith that he will not kill ragani but something is not right😣

    Poor riddhima was hurt ..she trusted Vansh..She broke down completely😖😟😥

  7. Seanna_0044

    I don’t think Vansh is wrong. He actually wanted to tell the truth about Ragini to Riddhima on Karwachauth but before he could Ishani came in and disclosed Riddhima being a spy.
    Maybe Ragini has some information which Vansh needs the most and therefore he has kept her under observation. Regarding the shadow it could be Sia or Dadi. Cause it’s a rule in serials, the ones whom we think don’t have any clue are the real reason behind everything happening.

    1. I think the writer who wears specks is behind it all.He is too invisbile and mysterious to pass off as innocent.Iam sure when all the drama happens,he is always hiding behind some curtain.

  8. Omg ,just two episodes was with love again doubts vansh and trust Kabir,I feel the drama starts from first.somebtime I feel I will accept myself that I killed ragini.its too much.they have to end ragini.the serial hits only because of vansh and riddhu s chemistry,first she trusts then again doubt ,again trust then back to many times they will show Ishq aur farz.i have started reading written episode instead of watching,I’m dam sure trp will drop if they spoils the chemistry between the main leads.already it’s getting spoiled.too much of shouting between them.riddhu portrayed as a dumb and confused character.vansh ,he makes only the female leads scared . .he has to find the source(Kabir) and make him scare,it will give waitage to his character.where is Sejal totally flawed episodes nowadays.earlier the flow was good ,now it’s irritating.

    1. no plz watch it the trps will go up because some ppl want riansh scenes while some want a thriller show ,the writer is trying to do both.

  9. yes vansh looks scary but even though he cares for her if he is that much devil then he would have kiled ridhima after knowing that she is a spy but he is still giving chance to change her habit

  10. I think the serial going to be more interesting


  12. Describe Ishq Mein Marjawan 2. A)A romance with thrills B)A thriller with romance C)A thriller romance My answer,B-untill vansh and ridhu work together,IMM2 will remain a thriller with romance

  13. Describe Ishq Mein Marjawan 2. A)A romance with thrills B)A thriller with romance C)A thriller romance I will reply to the one who gives a correct answer for 3 consecutive days

  14. I think thriller track is back!!!!!

  15. Precap shows that anupriya and kabir are the reason for ragini’s condition

  16. Great!!!!old vansh is coming back

  17. Nightthinker

    Okay now, this is just some toxic relationship shit. First of all, how do you fall in live in one second and boom without talking or investigation fall out of love and hate the person?! 2nd This couple has severe communication issues so please don’t say y’all want relations like this! Riddhima should’ve told Vansh by now, about her truth, that’s the 1st step she should be taken when she decided to be his wife and start over with him. Vansh needs to sit down and question her like a human ans they both need to talk properly. It just feels like a pull instead of twists. Don’t bore us to death with the pull in their relation. Nothing new is happening and it’s getting frustrating. Vansh just believes everything about Riddhima that comes before him and if he is such a sharp and clever man and has so many resources, he should have dug up something about her. As for Riddhima, same! Sees Vansh making an ambiguous statement, immediately doubts him and runs back to her hypocritical boyfriend. The shows nice, not going to lie but it’s high time they add some real thrills and masala to the mixture. Make Riddhima stronger and more independent. Try making her doubt Kabir also and make her go completely solo against both Vansh and Kabir. Let her investigate them both to really see who’s the real villain and who’s just pretending to be the devil! Also, make her smart and witty! Don’t just make her snap 1 or 2 lines at Vansh and then suddenly he’s all Alpha male and she’s scared. This time make her really fight back. Like tell Vansh that He said he dislikes Cheaters and Cheating but he himself is a cheater!!! We want more out of the story makers! Not just some cheap thrills and prolonged hypocritical and toxic relations!!!!! Also please make Riansh be end game!

    1. Nightthinker

      *love *and
      Also really give a some storyline with Siya and maybe Dadi and the uncle too. Ishani and Anupriya and this mother and son duo is getting on our nerves as well.

  18. What is it with makers and Ridhu’s legs?Coal,Glass,Nails,Numbness.What next?Amputation?Anyway,just kidding.I loved today’s episode, though I give it 4 stars.Find out why ..tomorrow

  19. even anupriya and kabir did something three years ago and I wonder who is that person whom vansh was talking to I think it was siya and something big happened there years ago I am so excited to know the upcoming episodes

    1. Seanna_0044

      Maybe Ragini knows the secret of Anupriya and Kabir and that’s why they are scared of her. And so they live now plan to kill her.

    2. Yes, Sia until now has not had an influential role in the series

  20. Just 2 episodes back I was lamenting on how there is no thrill left. But now the thriller quotient is back and so is the Vansh Raisinghania!! What he did with Riddhima was so wrong, but I actually just love this devilish side of Vansh better.
    Hopefully Ragini won’t die. Because if she dies, all the mysteries go down with her.
    I have such a strong feeling that Anupriya is the one who has made Uma out of Vansh’s life as well as killed his dad. Because this woman can do anything for property. Or it could be Aryan’s dad also.
    @Tonni Yes Rrahul is literally living the character. Hats off to him.

    1. @Nia Uma left when Vansh was a kid. That’s why Anupriya said bachpan se pala maine sab baccho ko. But I too believe Anupriya has a big connection here and also she’s behind Vansh’s dad’s murder too. That’s why Vansh wants Ragini to be conscious as soon as possible.
      But seriuosly I feel pity on Riddhima. Poor girl is being betrayed by someone, treated rudely by someone, almost getting killed by someone, hurt by someone, paralyzed by someone.😅😅😅
      she’s stuck there.

    2. @Tonni Yes Uma left Vansh’s family when he was just a child, but I feel Anupriya might have a big hand in all that. Her planning to acquire Raisinghania empire could have started many years back itself.
      Yes I also feel really bad for Riddhima, she literally has no one she can trust or call her own except maybe for Sejal. But I feel its high time she starts doubting Kabir also.

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