Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima makes a plan

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima seeing the saree and jewellery. She sees a statue and thinks who is she, she isn’t Ragini. Vansh looks for her. Aryan says you are here, I thought you are in the secret room, who is there. Vansh goes. Aryan says it will be fun now, I will see what he does with Riddhima when he sees her. He sees the lady’s pic. Vansh looks for the keys in his wallet. Aryan looks at him. Vansh gets the key. Aryan thinks how did he get the key back, Riddhima had stolen it. Vansh goes to the secret room. Riddhima says did Vansh murder this lady also. Vansh goes to see. She hears a sound and runs to hide. He picks the key. Vansh comes there and doesn’t see anyone. He sees the statue and says you are a cheater. He covers with the red cloth.

Riddhima thinks she cheated him. He says I can’t tolerate that cheat. He sees the jewellery and says my wounds get deep by seeing this, your every sign hurts me a lot. He shuts the boxes. He says whatever happened with you was right, you know I can forgive anything but not cheat, this is the result of those who cheat me. Riddhima thinks Vansh feels this lady also cheated him, he killed her and made her statue. He goes. Aryan asks what happened, who was inside, I didn’t hear any fight or shout. Vansh asks with whom, fight with the walls? He warns Aryan. He goes.

Aryan thinks how did this happen. Riddhima comes out. Aryan asks if Vansh has the keys, how did you get another key. Riddhima recalls taking the key impression and keeping the real key back in Vansh’s wallet. Vansh says I m going for imp work. FB ends. Riddhima hides the key and says I knew you can’t help me without any reason, it was your trap, I had locked the door so that I have a way to get saved. He says you are smart, but not enough to know the statue’s story. She taunts him and goes. He says I will not give another chance. Riddhima hears glass breaking sound and knocks the door.

She calls out Vansh and gets in. She falls in his arms. Ishq mein marjawa….plays…. She sees the broken glass and asks do you want some help. He goes. She says does he regret his actions, what’s his pain, he killed Ragini and that lady, then he is hurting himself, I wish I could tell Kabir, but no, we got saved by difficulty. She prays. Dadi narrates the Katha to the family. Riddhima hears the Katha. Dadi says we have to go to visit Ganpati in neighborhood. She asks Riddhima to stay at home and take care of Vansh. Riddhima thinks I will make Vansh admit the truth, all the secrets will begin. She goes to the secret door. Someone looks on. Vansh is drunk. He plays the piano. His hand bleeds. He drinks further. Riddhima comes there wearing the white saree and jewellery. She runs. He asks who is there, you came back, come in front. He goes to catch her. He thinks how can you come back, how is it possible.

Riddhima says Vansh will tell me the entire truth on his own today. She says you loved me a lot, even then you took my life. He says you cheated me. She runs to her room.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thanks for the update Amena

  2. Lovely episode….Oh god I’m just falling for Vansh and RiAnsh…..

  3. Lovely episode….I’m just falling falling for Vansh and RiAnsh hopelessly with each passing day…..

  4. Lovely episode….I’m just falling for Vansh and RiAnsh hopelessly with each passing day…..

  5. Poor Vansh, can’t even be miserable in peace with this Ridhimma skulking about. All she’s thinking about is smiling like a demented idiot while Vansh gets arrested. I only feel sympathy for Vansh, sympathy he went through some tough ordeal to be as cold as he is, sympathy that this Ridhimma is making a joke of their marriage, sympathy that he has a vulture for an uncle and a spoilt brat for a cousin in Aryan (Ishani is my bae, I wish they showed more of her and I hope they don’t turn her into an Aaliya) sympathy that his past is robbing him of being his authentic self. Ridhimma is meh… Helly doesn’t do dark or grey roles which is what is needed for Vansh (she refused to do it from her Swaragini days she only wants to be the mother of righteousness while every other actor played with good and bad shades in that serial). who are they going to cast as Ragini I wonder

    1. Helly has played grey roles in sufiyana Pyaar mera. Here she is playing what direct had said to play.

    2. I think you are obsessed with helly personally… In each epi you r just criticising she is not up to vansh level either in intellectual or the correct match for him… She is doing her best to the role… So far the directors wanted her to be a innocent lamb forced into a bad lion den by her rightorious lover kabir who happen to be a coward or a conning man with hidden motive… We can’t expect her to be more careful in planning, plotting and all… When there are lot of other dangerous animals such as vansh mother, sister and his cousin… She is thinking vansh as a very very bad animal who will go to any extent to destroy a person who disobey him… So we can’t judge her deeds on that regard…

  6. I m hating seeing Riddhima hurting Vansh but lest that’s how the story will progress..BTW Thanks for the fast update Amena:)..

  7. He is showing a lack of respect,love and caring towards ridhima, but how can she hurt my sudhi bangaram,only because of that idiot(K). She is loosing a true love. If i was in her place I don’t lose that diamond (vansh) in reel life and real life

  8. Vansh is still grey & blurry character for me apart from Raksha Bandhan not even for once I have seen any positive side. He is always angry hiding past and not allowing even his own family to talk about his past. I am now losing interest from all characters cuz there is no growth. Vansh is still grey, Kabir is still dumb, Ridhima is getting a bit clever but still story is going so slow.

    1. U can’t see love in vansh eyes in starting episodes and he still loves her.thats y he always protecting her.

    2. It’s not about love for Ridhima it’s for family which was always missing and still missing. I don’t doubt on his feelings for Riddhima cuz that’s what the show is.

  9. Riddhima is hurting Vansh even I’m hating that but from her pov Vansh is a criminal,a murderer so she wants him to get punished.any common people would want that.but Riddhima is making a mockery of marriage and betraying Vansh that too for that coward Kabir.I just hope with Vansh’s past unfolding Riddhima realise her mistakes and make it up for Vansh.Above everything I just love their pair.

  10. Agree with Qudsia and Soundari…Helly is just doing what she was derected to.Even Vishal and Rrahul praised her in an interview for her professionalism,her beauty and her dedication towards her work….so pls stop criticising her…..

  11. Of course Helly madam is a great actress. I agree with you Anaya g

  12. I’m just falling in love with vansh.💖💕💓💞


    Helly ma’am so far is doing great…she has nailed it.. #Hellyslayingasriddhima

  14. The show is becoming interesting day by day. Waiting for the mystery to unfold.

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