Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima slaps Kabir


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima saying Vansh… Vihaan asks who Vansh, my name is Vihaan, do I know you. She recalls Vansh. She says Vihaan… He nods. She asks how can this happen, same face like Vansh. He asks do you have old habit to talk to yourself, wait a min, I know you, I had saved you from goons yesterday, right. She thinks how can this happen. She checks the papers kept there. He asks why are you checking here. FB shows Vihaan seeing Riddhima coming on the cctv footage. He takes the pics and puts under some basket. He sits on his desk. FB ends. Riddhima takes the basket. He stops her. He asks who permitted you to come in, you are a pretty girl, you should knock and come. She thinks of Vansh’s words. He says wake up, your face got pale as if you have seen a ghost, I think you came to thank me, am I right, I deserve thanks, but I prefer cash, 1 lakh is fine, 1000 for wounds, 99000 for being there at right time, its about being there to save your life, I have less time, I m very expensive.

He looks at her and says I think if you open your palm, cash will flow out, am I right, no problem if you didn’t get cash, I accept digital payments, but girls safety tax will be extra, are you on mute mode, your choice, I like to say it clear, you can go if you came to waste time, you have much time, I have a short life, I have no time to waste, your eyes are very beautiful, I appreciate it, it doesn’t mean you got a license to stare at me, please leave. She leaves. She turns to see him. He shuts the door. He says bingo…. and smiles.

She comes home and thinks of Vihaan, Vansh’s words… She thinks how is this possible, no difference in their faces. Kabir collides with her. The sindoor falls over her. She gets shocked. He smiles. She slaps him. Everyone comes. Kabir gets angry. Riddhima asks how dare you do this, did you forget the limits. Kabir says so sorry, I was going towards the temple. She says some mistakes can’t be forgive. He says I didn’t do this intentionally. Dadi says he did it by mistake, he is apologizing, forget it. Riddhima goes. Ishani says for the first time, Riddhima did something right. Dadi says stop it Ishani. She says sorry Kabir from her side, Riddhima lost Vansh, she is in big shock, forgive her if possible. Ishani goes. Anupriya sees him. He says Riddhima, you have to pay a big price for this slap.

Riddhima cleans the sindoor from her hair. Kabir comes. She asks how dare you come here, get out. He says you know this colour…. she pushes him. He puts colour on her reflection. He says sindoor colour. She throws something and breaks the mirror. She asks now? Did your illusion break? He says come on, times have changed, I heard its good thing to marry some widow. She shouts Kabir, don’t dare, I will always be Vansh’s wife, in every birth, I will be with Vansh. He asks really. He holds her face and says you had this love for me also. She pushes him and says my illusion broke, time, truth and relations changed. He says right, change is constant, its a rule of the world, like things changed before, it can change again, what’s the harm to marry me, okay fine, you love Vansh, I give you freedom to love you bonus, you keep him in heart, I have no objection. She says you admit that you don’t have love in your heart, you just want to get me, it shows your dirty intention. He gets close to her and says if I had to get you, I can do it anytime, but no, if you become my wife, then the small voices raising against me in this house will get calm, if you accept me as husband, then I will get Vansh’s place in this house, that’s all I want, won’t you do this for me, for old times sake, think what’s on stake before saying no. She asks what do you mean.

He says list is long, but I will tell you by making it compact. He steps on the glass pieces and counts…. Ishani is pregnant, her baby can be in danger, Dadi’s life, Aryan, Chanchal, actually I have bought these two, you think, its profit for both of us, if you say no, then it may hurt your loved ones. She says you do what you want, I will never marry you. He asks why this stubbornness, no one will object if you marry me. She says get lost before I slap you again. She raises hand. He holds her hand. He says stay under control, the slap you had hit outside, this proposal is its result, maybe you can’t pay price for one more slap, you will agree to marry me in next six hours, clear. He says six hours, Riddhima… She looks at him.

Precap: (Next episode on Monday)
Vihaan says I have played my move, I have to see if Riddhima comes back. Anupriya says its shagun for Kabir and Riddhima’s engagement. Dadi says how did you think of this, Riddhima will never accept this. Dadi asks Riddhima are you ready to marry Kabir. Kabir smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Denza

    Wow….. Vihaan is intresting to watch………even Ridhima is having feeling of Vihaan being Vansh……its weird…..its indicate Vihaan is Vansh or loophole?
    HatHip first time Ridhima had guts to against Kabir without fear…….its really interesting
    Kabir is fire!!
    But i dont want Marraiga- black mailing-swapping drama
    Ishani’s slight changes ….. I wish it could be a sign of change in her. And the trio joining hands.
    Good to watch episode without irritating family drama…….

  2. Omg.!! Kabir is so disgusting… marriage proposal…I guess Riddhima will agree to marry Kabir…hope that marriage will not get happened and Vihaan will stop Riddhima or either it’s Riddhima’s planning to bring Vihaan as Vansh Raisinghania in VR Mansion… whatever…but this marriage should not happen at any cost… otherwise I will not be able to watch IMM2…

    1. same here

  3. The only thing I like in 2days episode that Vihaan had named Riddhima as Mrs. Pretty Raisinghania.👍👌🥰😍

    1. It made me laugh how he flirted with Riddhima’s photo..😂😂

    2. It made me also laugh.I am wondering what will happen if he will flirt with ridhima..

    3. Vihaan is so cool and flirty
      Even I also laugh on that scene

    4. Denza

      Its fantastic……… flirting with her as well as insulting her😂😂

    5. Kyaa thappad Mari riddhu sorry correction “riddhima vansh raisinghania”…. I loved it, daily ek thappad padaegathoo set hojayega…..
      Vihaan is so cool, flirty, handsome. Fully entertaining character.

  4. She would agree to the marriage and at the end of the day vihaan will show up to claim her or disguise on marriage day, vihaan would marry her and along the line she gets to know it’s her vansh then later they will team to throw mother and son out of the house. Waiting for riansh moment s because I missed riansh moments. Love kabir acting though.

  5. Wow seriously Kabir is such a psycho I mean really? But I’m loving Vihaan aka Vansh. I am hoping if she says yes that she makes a plan with Vihaan to come to the house and stop her. It will be interesting to watch.

  6. For the first time I saw someone flirting with a girl and at the same time insulting her..😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Vihaan was pure fun to watch.
    Riddhima will definitely ask help from Vihaan. If he’s Vansh then I must say I don’t think he’ll make progress about knowing the actual truth bcz Siya is still out there and in the Indian shows, they always show actual truth revealed by after someone recovers from coma.
    So I still think Riddhima won’t be proved innocent to Vihaan(Vansh) and the name of his mom’s murderer won’t be revealed until Siya comes out.
    So just to make the climax and give some content to Siya they’ll derive the story in some other way,

  7. If riddhima agree to marry kabir thn again ishani and vansh misunderstands her and hatred towards riddhima increases.

    1. Also dadi will misunderstand her..

  8. Riddhima will agreee for marriage ,this time dadi also misunderstands her 😞 no one left in the mansion who understands her now.god when will her innocence will be proved .

  9. Riddhima will definitely go and aske Vihaan to marry her in order to safe her family.

  10. Guys, tell me in your comments what you think. Here are some points that make it clear that Vihan is vansh
    1 / This way he pronounces the name Redhima to Vansh
    2 / veihan’s look of the letters of the name Fanche at the minsion and he was holding his hands on his hands, they saw the scene well
    3 / After the scene of the beating, when one of the men asked him about how he hit them hard and in the end you did not even get praise, he told them that some of the things that go around in the mind are not understood by the heart and this sentence he said before when he said why my mind doubts you, but my heart wants to believe you
    4 / In today’s episode, he was a little anxious, and also his speech was similar to what vansh said before, and Redho remembered this.
    5/ Sia is alive even after knowing the truth and not needing it, but in the case of a funch alive, then her life must be important, but in the case of a vansh
    6 / Revenge was incomplete and he did not know the truth about how he would die this way
    7 / How will Ridho continue her life with self-torture because she is the reason for what happened with Vansh Can you live in peace
    8 / The choice of Fansh Riddho to enter the palace through her is certainly motivated because he could enter through anyone, but the truth is complete with Redho
    9/vansh , before his fall, told Kabir that no one is deciding his death. Rather what he wants happens, so I do not think that he also dropped himself. There are stones that fell before him that may be a signal for someone to save him
    10 / There are motives in obtaining wealth that do not make him save the Funch family, but only Funch defends them so we will see after entering what will happen
    11/Redho has kept the marriage chain until now and vansh appears at this time when Kabir offers to marry Redho
    12/the presence of vihan in the same place where Vanish fell, how is it a coincidence.
    These are some points and it is not necessary for it to be a true belief, but this is because Vanche cannot die in this way, whether he is in it or not, but he is alive

    1. @Jasmine,
      I agree with you. 👍
      And about your 9point
      …I had earlier mentioned that in yesterday’s episode I guess…that Vansh choose to die in Riddhima’s love but actually I don’t believe that character like Vansh can die so easily and that too without knowing the murderer of his late mom…The way makers portray his(Vansh) character so strong and ruthless criminal in initial episodes, can’t die…but yes that might be possible that if Vihaan is really Vansh, then he can doubt on Riddhima’s intentions/love…but at yet we can only wait for Vihaan to enter in VR Mansion.

    2. Neha
      Yes, you are right and now we will wait and see what comes next

    3. ya even i think you are correct becoz remember when riddhima was in the cupboard listening to vansh, he said nobody not even riddhima can come between my mission and just after a few episodes he jumps down the cliff saying its becoz of her without finishing his mission.So i think he just faked his death.

  11. Next episode wil b on monday..they are not telecasting it on sunday☹️..
    Cant wait too long. Wont let me sleep

    Curiousity/excitements will kill me.

    1. Denza

      High expectations often ends up in disappointment……….. that what happened with us by ‘Father of revelations’

    2. @ Maha. Just don’t think only of our entertainment. Airing episode on Sundays gave immense pressure to cast and crew. Working for hours and that too during these times. They are also humans. I am glad with this decision. We will also get some break by this.
      @ Denza. As an actor when they were told the upcoming plot, they just revealed that ‘Father of revelations’ is coming. The actors didn’t know at that time that makers are not going to reveal that ‘Father of revelations’ thing this early.

  12. As far the expectations which turn out something else,makers will make Riddhima marry Kabir.Now I can’t take this drama of falling in love all again.Like seriously

    1. i dont think riddhima will fall for kabir but if they get married then probably they’ll compare their previous relationship and when kabir was like NOT a pyschopath

  13. This episode reinforces my trust that Vihaan is Vansh only. Why did he feel so much need to prove that he is Vihaan only by placing photos and documents in front of Riddhima? And also he is going on a rant describing his need and love for money, so as to make himself as different as possible from Vansh.

  14. Today episode Kabir done well……………All leads are doing good……………..
    Finally Riddhima and Vihaan Met
    Now Riddhima will bring him as Vansh…………..
    As Vihaan was flirty there will be some cute scenes between them…………
    Anupriya and Kabir was schocked to see Vansh Alive. Ofcourse all family members
    But Kabir can arrest him as Ragini murder how Riddhima will enter Vihaan into VR Mansion
    We want to see I think it will take 2 or 3 episodes for full drama means wenesday or thursday there will be exciting episode…………………….

    Welcome to RIVI now

  15. This serial is like random number generator… don’t keep hopes just go with the flow.Otherwise,fandom will suffer disappointment

  16. Staying in the same house, Riddhima is unable to take anyone’s help. Kabir is able to threaten Aryan and Riddhima at the same time and none of them is able to do anything. Riddhima can take help of Aryan, Ishani and Angre and can defeat or atleast throw Kabir out of the house.

    1. exactly this serial would be soo much more interesting if she takes help from ishani , aryan and angre i mean they all used their brains soo much for things like defeating riddhima (ishani and aryan) and stuff

  17. Vihaan?Vansh?😥…still in so much confusion…i hate you kabir….so much😡😭😭😭

  18. After seeing the precap I’m sure Riddhima will say yes and everyone starts hating her. Flashback will show Kabir trying to harm Ishani and dadi and make Riddhima to say yes. Riddhima will run to Vihaan and shaadi wali din jab Kabir Riddhima ko sindoor pehnayega, tab Vihaan entry lega aur Kabir ka haath ruk dega- Here you go. Climax and drama for you.

    1. It’s first possibility. Second possibility is there may Anupriya do some drama and making dadi willing. And sagaai wali din angooti pehnane se pehle ya phir bina rasam ki direct shaadi wali din here se pehle Vihaan ki master entry and he fulfills rasam.
      But I’m laughing by thinking how Anupriya will adjust or accepted her as Daughter-in-law😂😂. Because Anupriya always wanted to get rid of her. It’s gonna headache for her to deal with Ridhima😅

  19. I’m having a feeling that Anupriya now do some dramas and make Dadi insisting Ridhima to agree for mrg.
    And Ridhima make some contracts with Vihaan, paying a huge amount for him to portray Vansh. Shaadi drama ends and hamshakal drama begins
    After today’s scene of Ridhima and Vihaan I’m again Damn sure that it is Vansh. It’s not depending on his slang or gestures but upon the similarities of character that both duo shares.

  20. It would be great if riddhu makes vansh(so called Vihaan) to give his business to Ishani and angre and Aryan so that let them learn business and there can be scenes like angre and Ishani getting close so that she shares these scenes to Vihaan.they can also make riddhu sleeping with vansh shirt and scarf which can make vansh realise that riddhu loves her to the moon and back.

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