Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Aryan join hands


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 20th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima doing the aid to her injured feet. She recalls Vansh and cries. Kabir does the aid. She pushes him. He says how dare you, you know what I can do, you invite bad time for yourself, now see what I do to you and this family. She asks him not to see the family. She says don’t take my silence as my weakness. He laughs and says you love the family a lot, ask Dadi to let me handle Vansh’s business. She asks what. He says come on, I have to make a start, first business, then property, then house, family and lastly this room. She says you won’t do this. He says you want it or not, you come with me or not, I will do this, its my hardwork, you think I will lose, no. He goes. She says no, he can’t do this, I can’t let this happen.

She sees Vansh’s pic and says I had seen someone, same face, exactly, how can it be Vansh, no. Aryan says the deal is on, I have to take Dadi’s sign, Vansh isn’t here. He ends call and says Vansh was sharp, now there is no one to stop me. Kabir comes and says except me, show me the file. Aryan asks by what right, you have come in this house by Anupriya’s help, don’t try to enter family business, its good for you if you stay away. He goes. Kabir gets angry and hits him with a stick. Aryan falls. Kabir says you should have not misbehaved with me. Riddhima asks about Vihaan. The tea stall vendor comes and says I can tell you about him, the one who saved you. She shows Vansh’s pic. He says yes, he didn’t have the beard. He asks for money. She pays him money. He takes her number. She asks him to call soon. She leaves. He says I got lottery. Vihaan comes and hits on his hand with a stick. He catches the money. He says I told you to just do as I say, don’t act smart. The man says I made a mistake. Vihaan breaks his tea stall.

He asks for the paper. The man runs away. Vihaan checks her number and smiles. He says now its your turn to reach me. Kabir throws water on Aryan’s face and wakes him up. Aryan asks him to free him. Kabir keeps the gun and loads it. He says you know I have list of your illegal deals. Aryan gets shocked. Kabir says think what will happen if I get the list in front of the family, you will fall in their eyes, they will throw you out, you can go to jail. He says you are forgetting that I m a policeman, I can send you to jail, you may disappear in any encounter, I had to explain you in detail. Aryan says no, relax, no need to do this, I m ready to do what you say, Kabir. Kabir asks him to take his name right. Aryan says Kabir Sir. Kabir asks what did you call Vansh. Aryan says Kabir bhai. Kabir smiles. He says now you keep your mouth shut in front of Dadi and all, involve me in family business. Aryan says okay, but Vansh gave everything to Dadi, Riddhima is close to her, she will never involve you. Kabir says you don’t need to think this, I m much smart than you think, I know what I m doing, how to deal with my problems, I have to use Riddhima to reach Dadi. Aryan asks how will you do this. Kabir says Lord gave you less brain, don’t use it, just do what I said, I will handle the rest. Aryan says okay. Kabir says perfect.

Riddhima comes home. Dadi says Aryan suggested me to involve Kabir in business. Aryan says actually, many deals are pending, we had much loss, its tough for me to handle this alone, I thought Kabir can help. Riddhima gets shocked. Aryan says we can trust a family member, right. Riddhima thinks Aryan won’t take his side without reason, maybe Kabir has threatened him. Dadi says he is right. Kabir gets angry hearing Kabir… Aryan says Kabir bhai has good knowledge of business. Kabir smiles. Ishani throws a cushion at Aryan and scolds him. She asks for how much money did you sold yourself. Dadi says Aryanis valuing Anupriya’s son, don’t forget she is your mum, Kabir is her son, he is your brother. Ishani says no, Vansh was my brother. Kabir gets angry. Ishani says respect is earned, it can’t be snatched. She goes. Dadi says sorry Kabir, she will understand soon. She says you have good business sense. Kabir thanks her. Riddhima thinks I have to stop Kabir, else he will take over everything, I have to find some way to stop him, Angre can help me. She goes. Kabir thinks even this time you will help me reach my aim, Riddhima. Angre beats himself and cries. Riddhima comes to stop him. He says I m punishing myself, I deserve this, Vansh was not just my boss, my brother, my friend, he never regarded me an employee, I left him alone when he needed me the most, I couldn’t protect him, I have failed. She says its wrong to beat yourself.

Ishani says you are responsible for it, Angre is missing Vansh, you permitted Kabir to stay here, Angre didn’t make Kabir join Vansh’s business, you did it, everyone moved on, like nothing happened, Angre is trying to vent out his pain, just go, please. Riddhima goes and gets a message from the tea vendor. She thinks I got the address. Angre says give the belt to me, you don’t care for me. She says we both love Vansh a lot, if you torture yourself, this won’t help you, if you really regret, we should do something that gives peace to Vansh’s soul, that stranger shouldn’t take his place, make some plan Angre, think something. Vihaan says strange, Riddhima didn’t come till now. Riddhima comes and says I hope this place is right. Vihaan says come on… He sees the family pics. He says Riddhima, you are really pretty, not bad. He praises her. She thinks there is no other house here. She enters the door. He says there is something in you. She comes there and sees him sitting in darkness. He gets up and comes to her. She gets shocked seeing him. She says Vansh….

Riddhima comes home. Kabir collides with her. Sindoor falls over her. She slaps him. He says you have to pay a big price for this slap. He goes to his room and says you will say yes to marry me in next 6 hours.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. First time to comment first.
    Aryan join hands with kabir never expected

  2. Episode was ok but their acting was amazing. Waiting to see if Riddhima hatches a plan to bring Vihaan back into VR mansion. And also I’m sure Kabir is mental. How can he marry Riddhima when Vansh is not dead..seriously. But on other side their acting is good

  3. Vanshhhhhh?I really really really need you …i think im going to scream if you don’t come back…even if its vihaan just save riddhu from Kabir ..please😲😵😱😱😱😱😡…RIDDHIMA CANT MARRY KABIR….SHE BELONGS TO VANSH ONLY!!!!!!😰😭😭😭😭

  4. Woah!all those falling of sindoor thaal and indicating the marriage.Indian serials can never change.Now these writers are indicating the future marriage of Kabir and Riddhima seriously?

    1. No but the entry of vihaan/vansh

    2. I am very confident kee
      Riddhima aur Kabir kaa shadhi kabee Nahi hoga. 100% sure

    3. Amisha
      Actually, this always happens, but when the hero is a permanent husband in the heroine’s life but Kabir does not like her, so I think this doesn’t happen because Vihan / vansh is her true love, so ihope marriage doesn’t happen

  5. Can’t praise enough about Vishal’s acting. This dude deserves more and more projects.
    Vihaan is interesting to watch.
    So Vihaan will come out as Riddhima’s savior.
    Will Riddhima, Angre and Ishani join forces together? I bet so.
    I thought Aryan will be a lilttle smart but he’s nothing less than a coward .
    Ishani is fire!!!I’m liking her now.

    1. Yes Vishal is slaying it as the villain. Have you seen how there’s this look of madness in his eyes?? He’s a terrific actor but so underrated. Everyone is all praise for Rrahul (which he definitely deserves), but tend to ignore Vishal’s performance.

    2. Denza

      Vishal is rocking……. had you noticed about change in Vishal’s look before and after 50th episode. Huge difference is there………. he looks too indicate his psychic aura. He is…… i doesn’t have enough words to praise his badass villain portrayal

    3. Vaishnaviaddanki

      I hope these 3 join hands. But my doubt is why can’t Ishani see Riddhima’s pain and love for Vansh!!! Why does she feel that everyone moved on in their life except herself and Angre? For once can’t Ishani see the pain Riddhima is going through!!!

  6. Denza

    Is it Vihaan going to marry Ridhima???
    Kabir ya Vihaan both are insane indeed………..

    1. True ….i didn’t get time ti watch this on tv because of studying…but now im studying immj2😂😂😂😑😑😑

  7. Denza

    is there anyone here interested in investigating career. whether it is police, detective, forensic whatever
    after reading yesterday’s comments
    we all are having ability indeed to find whether one is original or not.😂😂
    Even for solving cases……….

    1. 😜

    2. Thanks to immj 2.
      Now we all think like detectives.
      Predict like creatives.
      Also now we know how people can get trapped inside a bag, how to change your looks several times, sneak into a house and never get caught.
      The show also made us aware that palace like houses of mafias and dons don’t have CCTVs. Also if they somehow manage CCTVs, those will never work on time.(Don’t use this information for robbing purpose.)😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Haha…maybe me😂😂😂😂😝😝

  8. Hum apne vansh ko bhale hi naa dekhe lekin ye nahi nahi 😭😭😭😭😵😵😨Kabir 😡😠😒 .kass Vihaan aajaye 🤞🤞🏻🤞🏻

  9. My jaab vihaan kaa entry dhek rahihu, my kithni Khush Hu malum…. Bathomae Nahi batha sakthim. Vansh yaa vihaan dhono bee rrahul hee haina, I think iski vajasae hee Mera Dil bahuth Khush Hai
    ishani and angre I am loving you so much yaar. At least you both are using your brains.
    Omg ! What a precap……….excellent!
    Kabi Aryan kohi thappad mil rahahai lekin iss Baar Kabir also joined in his club kyu kee baaada Bhai haina vuskaa yeah thoo deserve kartha. Good riddhima kiskio bee ek hee tharha treat Karthi.
    6 hours Mae shadhi….. 🤣 Kabir dream Mae sae bahar avvooooo. It’s already high time yaar. Shadhi thoo pacca Nahi tho vi tho conform thaa…… yeah sooch rahihu nee yeah time Mae mere vansh kaa re-entry huvathoo………. Aapki haal Kaisa hoga…… Ayoo……. tharas aarahihai
    Rrahul is back with full of bang 😎😎😎

  10. This kabir is lunatic i hate him he want everything belongs to vansh .poor riddhima 😭 unwanted marriage again

    1. Denza

      Yaar think positive……….
      without cursing Kabir …….praise how Vishal portraying Kabir……….. Its rocking

  11. Frnds……. Any one had notice the poster of immj2 today.
    They already changed it. Left side vihaan thaa, vansh Nahi.
    At least poster Mae thoo rahanaedho yaar. AAP poster maesae Nikal sakthae lekin hamarae Dil Mae sae Nahi

    1. Vihaan is also hot and handsum yaar…i liked his this look too

  12. Already writers confirmed us that they dont kill vansh..its just a twist and writers confirmed this on instagram.
    So vihaan is vansh.

    Did anyone notice in yesterday’s episode vihaan/vansh had teared eye when he touched VR mansion board.he has become so emotional after seeing his house after a long time.

    1. yeeeeh,happy to hear that,Yeah i also noticed he will miss dem alot

    2. @maha can you please share the link ,where the writters confirmed

    3. Sorry i have lost that link…if i get surely i will share here

    4. no not this link.
      the link in which writers told vansh is not dead

    5. Yeah Maha
      Really vihaan is handsome….. 🥰 and I like him too bcz vihan and vansh, doono bee rrahul hee naa, thoo vihan ko kaisae like karniska rehasakthim 😉
      And tq for the link yaar

  13. HII Everyone how are u oll ???ohh my god!kabir is really annoying me,
    nd i am really missing vansh cuz he is handsome i really lyk his acting,
    plzz dey should join hand btw riddhima,ishani nd angre so dat kabir will not get want he want .

    1. Hello yaar, am doing good…. How you
      And lv you too 💖💖💖

  14. I know today they will show riddhima and vihaan/vansh at the end of episode

  15. Damn!! vishal!! u r killing it dude!!!
    Now like all the other indian tv serials vihaan will enter at the right time when kabir is about to marry riddhima… that will mark the entry of vihaan…

  16. First i thought kabir wont fit into villan’s nw he proved it wrong..he nailed it with his acting..👌👌👌👌

  17. This precap never let us to sleep peacefully…it keep us hooked on to it.
    Day by day eagerness/excitement level keep increasing…This is the magic of writers of immj2
    very excited fr tommrrow’s episode…

  18. Mujhe to lagta hai is show ka name ‘ishq mein marjawan’ ke badle ‘Soch Soch Ke Marjawan ‘ cuz we viewers are busy predicting the storyline and then the writers give us a big shock and then all our efforts goes in vain. All of us are predicting that Ridhbir won’t get married but if this happens then Riansh fans would get a heart attack for sure.

    1. Perfect name for sure “soch soch ke marjawan”. I think kabir will force ridhima to marry him nd after that ridhima will take help from vihaan and he we’ll enter vr mansion.

    2. 😅😅😅then after that this news will spread (immj2 mein ridhbir ki shaddi ho jane pe badi sankhya mein log shoch mein chale gaye hai aur ye saare log riansh ke fan btaye jaa rahe hai )😅😅😅

    3. TSA
      haan, sabase achcha naam, soch hamen bahut thak gaee

  19. We should all get a job in forensics 😂 we would make better story writing then any of the makers. Wth ab yeh baaki hai, Kabir forgot that Riddhu is his bhabi..aur bhabi se shaadi nai karte 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. Denza

      According to Kabir’s theory he wants everything that belongs to Vansh…….
      Like he made Aryan call him Kabhir bhai
      Now he wants Vansh’s wife to call him Pati dev😂

    2. Hmm true but let’s see I’m 100% sure that they won’t get married. Pura mental ho gaye yeh Kabir

  20. Rianshfan

    Yr I don’t want Kabir to marry Ridz …

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