Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir threatens Riddhima


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir saying wow, so yo found the truth, okay fine, yes, it was all my plan. He recalls damaging the new bag. He says no one can say that this bag isn’t old. He keeps some books and stationery. He puts the things in the carton and seals it. He says now when this box reached there with this letter, mum will say that story, everyone will believe us. FB ends. He says yes Riddhima, I have worked hard, that no one knows it, but you always come between my plan, I m sad, you stayed with me for years, you didn’t understand me, you don’t know the volcano hiding in me, I knew you will reach truth, so soon, not bad. She says I got to know the truth, I will tell everyone. He scolds her.

He says I planned everything since first day, you didn’t doubt. She asks what did you say. She recalls their love moments. She asks what, was that love a lie, you played a game with me. He says I was helpless, my mum had to leave her own son and give her love to her stepchildren, she was doing it for my future, but my childhood spoiled, I stayed away from mum, how can’t I hate Vansh, since then I decided to snatch everything from Vansh, I will make my place in his house, he was powerful, I had to make him weak, then I met you, I knew you can weaken Vansh, you helped me, I broke Vansh because of you, I knew you will happily give me your life for love, I respect you supported my mission, you came here to get proof against Vansh on my saying, you got Shera also, I asked you for a sacrifice, you did that also, you married Vansh, wow, love should be such. Riddhima asks was it a lie, did you do that intentionally.

He says yes, all those promises were a lie. She says you asked me to get proof against Vansh so that you frame him in a fake case. He says yes, I told you that Vansh killed Neha, she was the first martyr of my story, I miss you Neha, I had made you reach death too, remember, what did you think, that bullet was for Vansh, no sweetheart, the bullet was for you, I wanted Vansh to get close to you and pours his heart out in front of you. She cries. He says then one by one, he gives you Ragini’s murder proof, then you give the proof to me, then Vansh killed that old man, did he kill, Vansh said he didn’t kill him, you didn’t believe him, because you believed the one you loved. She says it was my biggest mistake. He says no, your biggest mistake was to hand over Ragini to me, you told me that Ragini is alive, you got Ragini from Vansh and gave her to me, you didn’t know you helped me. She asks did you try to kill Ragini, you lied to me. He says ya, I m so talented, yes Riddhima, I was that masked man. She gets shocked. He says you almost failed me, good work, my fate was always with me, then I got conscious and I killed Ragini. She says it means you shot Ragini, you killed her. He says yes. She cries.

She pushes him and shouts Kabir. He says its no fun to know it now. She recalls Vansh’s words. She says Ragini died, because she knew who is murderer of Vansh’s mum, it means you had killed Vansh’s mum. He says no, I didn’t kill her, she had killed Vansh’s mum, the one who had stolen her painting. She recalls Anupriya. She says she killed Uma, it means her love is fake. Anupriya comes and says yes, I had to do the drama, Siya knew my truth, I had to attack her in a rush, I did this to bring my son home. Riddhima says you arrested Vansh and got that memory card as proof. He says you had burnt that card, but Aryan got it some how, then my lovely mom got it from Aryan, then we reached that cliff with Vansh, then…

Riddhima says don’t touch me, I will bring your truth out. He holds her hand. He pushes her into the swimming pool. Kabir and Anupriya smile. He says I have taken many lives, I won’t take a second to take one more life, before you regret, you don’t make such mistake. Riddhima says you can take my life, I will save my family from you, Vansh always protected his family, I will also do the same. He says really, what will you say, you are responsible for Vansh’s death, its not my mistake, will you tell them that you were my GF and you came in Vansh’s life as a spy, right, if Vansh got sacrificed, you are responsible for it, he was in love with you, he died, you were his love. He says love story is written in blood, I had to get involved, you are responsible for this. He says you know, how many people died. Anupriya plays the recording. Kabir says its Siya’s phone recording, say any truth you want, your truth will be before that, you are responsible for Ragini’s death, you got her from Vansh’s safe house, you didn’t tell anyone about Vansh’s death, you are responsible for it, no one else, recall, you decided to keep me home. Riddhima says I will accept everyone’s hatred, but I will expose your truth, I won’t move back, my family is imp for me. Anupriya stops her. Riddhima says leave me. Kabir gets wires to electrocute. Riddhima asks have you lost it. Anupriya says good bye Riddhima. Kabir gives a little shock. Riddhima falls back. He asks did you get a shock, think what will happen to Ishani by hundreds of such wires.

Riddhima asks did you go mad, she is pregnant, show some humanity, you can’t do it. He says I m not such, how shall I get humanity, she will get punished, she insulted me in front of everyone, she will get a huge shock, then next bed to Siya will be booked for her. She says no, you can’t do this. He says go, run. She goes. He smiles. Riddhima sees Ishani and asks her to stop. Ishani hears music. She goes to her room. Riddhima goes and stops Ishani. They fall. Ishani asks what’s this misbehavior, how dare you push me. Riddhima says I just…. Ishani says you know I m pregnant, anything could have happened to my baby, have you lost it. Riddhima says I was trying to save you from live electric wires. Ishani says take an appointment from a psychiatrist. Kabir and Anupriya come. Kabir asks what’s the problem. He switches on the lights and smiles. He says Ishani, thank God, nothing wrong happened, handle the baby, Vansh was waiting for this baby, you know that, accidents can happen anytime with anyone, take care. Ishani says I didn’t take advice from anyone, I don’t need your advice, enough, don’t make my room a park, step out. Kabir says this was just a trailer, picture is still there. Riddhima looks at him.

Kabir says Riddhima, you are trapped in my Chakravyuh, this is Kalyug, no Lord will come to save you. Goons attack Riddhima. Vihaan comes to save her. He beats the goons. Riddhima gets shocked seeing Vihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yayyy the precap finally…he’s back 😍😍 so excited for tomorrow. Today’s epi was ok. Their acting was mind blowing tho

  2. Those who were saying Vihaan will jump to save Riddhima, how do you feel guys?😂😂😂😂😂
    The way I said that Kabir will blackmail her and the rest is all same.. My predictions become reality, finally!!!!
    Now Riddhima will bring Vihaan as Vansh in the VR Mansion…
    Common idea but I still like it. Let’s see how it goes.

    1. Denza

      Only my first prediction got wrong……
      Other two predictions came true……….

  3. Ok. Thanks Amena. I have nothing to say today. Obviously this day would come and they would try to blackmail Riddhima. Just here to observe your comments

  4. I badly miss vansh….my heart is aching..I can’t see riansh flashback moments together… Kabir😠 what a creature u r😶… Speechless!

  5. So finally Riddhima got to know Kabir and Anu’s truth. But I have a doubt. Why didnt Kabir kill of Riddhima instantly and why he’s playing these cheap games with her?

    1. Kabir can’t kill Riddhima… Becoz he wants to live with whatever vansh had(obviously vansh lived with riddhu).. kabir has to satisfy his ego..

  6. Vishal is slaying as villian.
    And finally… vihaan’s entry… soo exited to see reaction of riddima…
    Atleast now will she open up or again stay quiet??…
    And i think kabir might be a science topper… as he always use science to harm people. Pehle chemistry , ab physics…

    1. Denza

      Modern Father of Science🤭😅

  7. Ye Kabir kis mitti se bana he. Itne sare murder karliye phir bhi rukneka koi nam nahi le raha hai. I am just waiting for Vihaan’s entry now.

  8. I’m eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode after watching the precap…
    Finally, We will see Vihaan..

  9. kabir and Anu Ji only bcz of you, we can able to see the riansh moments once again tqsm for that. 2. Don’t call ridhu sweetheart it
    doesn’t suit you, it’s our vansh, don’t spoil it kabir
    3.what did you say “abb scene paltaega”….. If you saw vihaan then “theraa hoash udjayaega”
    Be ready kabir, a very very big surprise is waiting for you … 😀
    Diwali gift Nahi Milana thuje aur maa koo be Nahi Milana …..thoo vihan Kae Roop Mae thofa lelo… Bahutha accha lagaegaa…..
    4. Riddhima….riddhima…. Riddhima… Kya hogaya tuje just I praised you yesterday but what did you have done in this episode…. It’s really so ridiculous, i don’t expect this thing from you after watching yesterday’s always proved me wrong 😑😑😑

    Where are you angre….. Your fans missing you a lot. My mom is asking about you, Kaha gayaeb hogaye sir…. My mom likes you so much more than riansh and every one in the serial. So pls come back…..pls…..
    Today’s episode is super 👌 all secrets are revealed Infront of ridhu. What did she gonna do know.
    In precap you saw vihaan through vihan you gonna play game with them or as usually you will want to do some melodrama.

    1. Ek off screen video hai jisme Angre ki back ka make up ho raha hai..jaise koyi Angre ko bahut pita hai back pe rod se. So Angre jaha bhi hai ya hone wala hai bechara pitne wala hai bahut.

    2. Feeling bad for him, Anyway tq for the information dear

    3. @M Thanks bhi dene lage ho aaj kal?😂😂😂😂😂

    4. Ok baba fine 😀😀😀
      Samajlim ☺️

  10. Sorry I forgot to say
    (Rishi i replied to your comment on previous episode just see it once )

  11. Finally Kabir and Anupriya’ truth are revealed. That lady cop Neha, Mr. Sathe etc. all were killed by Kabir only. It’s good to see that makers didn’t forget to end their chapters.

    1. Denza

      I got half answer for the two months of equation on killing Mr.Satte.
      But why Kabir killed Satte??? still not answered

    2. @Denza he only did it to frame Vansh for murder case only. Now if you are having question who was Satte actually if he wasn’t Ragini’s dad. Your answer is Ragini wanted to be a model and after Vansh’s money. So maybe Satte could be her assistant and follish Riddhima gave his location and info to Kabir and Kabir kiled him just when Riddhima was talking to him on the phone to prove that it was Vansh who murdered him only.(Why satte called Ragini her daughter I don’t know man.)

    3. Denza

      Your Last part is what I exactly wanted to know.
      why he called her daughter….. May be bcuz of his affection towards her???
      How did you comes to know about Ragini being model??
      Had you predicted it from dadi’s dialogue….. ‘oonchi sapne’?

    4. @Denza there was a video of Ragini where she said she was shooting in film city for some episodes so I guessed she was after money and wanted to be famous only by modeling.

    5. @ Denza @ Tonni.
      Maybe out of courtesy he addressed Ragini as beta. In our culture, sometimes we call one who are younger than us as beta or beti.

    6. @Tonni
      did Riddhima give information of satte to kabir before call Satte? i don’t remmeber

    7. Before calling Satte for the 2nd time Riddhima told everything to Kabir and Kabir is a cop. Finding location is a glass of water to him.

    8. Denza

      But @tonni…….
      I remember only after Satte getting killed before Ridhima…….she informed kabir about Mr.Satte.
      When he picked call he was at his office….
      I think it might be any kind loophole or unorganized scripting……

  12. Guyz … I think Riddhima will bring Vihaan as vansh inside vr mansion juz to defeat kabir.. and after all those anubir’s chapter gets closed , vihaan will start loving Riddhima.. and then our vansh will mark his entry… And atlast it will be like a trio(vansh-riddhu-vihaan)… But am damn sure riddhu will never love Vihaan…

    1. Denza

      First thing woh gunda wala scene was scripted by Vihaan to mark his entry.
      Secondly Vihaan could be a head ache for all. AnuBir, Ridhima,and all others.😂
      Thirdly Vihaan only focus on usurping money of Vansh. Or Ridhima will pay him as salary.
      Rest of prediction i will reveal on coming WU

    2. Anjali
      I guess Riddhima will be in love with Vihaan after a while because Vihaan and Vansh are the same character.

  13. Where to watch Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Indian drama online with Eng Sub?

    1. Denza

      If you are an Indian you can watch it for free on ‘MX Player’

    2. Denza

      English sub titles are ther

    3. What about if we are from New York?

    4. You should use Voot app. IDK whether English subtitles are there or not

    5. @Shan, I can’t speak Hindi but bcz of watching the show and reading Amina’s publication I have learned a lot.
      Now I can understand 80 % of the episode even without translation then with the help of Amina I can get the hole picture 😉 You can try, you will see improvements day after day 😉 or just wait for the translation … I prefer the first alternative 😉

      @Amina: Thanks a lot <3

  14. Finally it was not a dream….The whole suspense revealed within one episode…Atlast riddhima came to knw abt anupriya and kabir’s truth… Super👌👌 bt nw Riddhima is in checkmate mode.

    Enjoyed today’s episode.

    Very excited fr Tmrw episode…. Our hero vansh/vihaan is back.

    Riddhima’s brain starts calculating pythagoras theorem on seeing him.

  15. Now the new story becomes apparent after Kabir’s admission of the truth
    Redho will leave the minsion and meet some criminals, of course they are
    Vihan’s men and he rescues her from them, then she thinks he is vansh , but he will tell her that it is vihan, then Redho will ask him to become as vansh and enter the minsion , Thus, vihan or vansh will achieve his first goal

  16. If it is Riddhima’s plan to bring Vihaan as VR in the house she has to groom him up first. Trust me she will get flirted by Vihaan the whole time..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂n
    It’s making me laugh by thinking only. Let’s see how the scene comes.

    1.If Riddhima has a little bit of brain she must disclose everything about Anupriya and Kabir to Vihaan bcz if Vihaan is actual Vansh then it’d be easy for him to help Riddhima and himself also.

    2.If she doesn’t say anything and cooks new story and again Vihaan is actual Vansh, surely Vansh will assume her as a gold digger .

    Let’s see which one she does. Of course she’ll choose the stupidest way.😑😑😑😑

    1. Denza

      Its damn sure that her OVER SMARTNESS won’t allow her to reveal whole truth to Vihaan.
      she only chooses to cooking up story or hide the truth.

    2. Even I feel that way! Riddhima is going to ask Vihaan for his help, but she wont disclose the entire truth to him, so in turn this Vihaan/Vansh would work against her as well.

    3. Tonni
      I agree with you, unfortunately, I am worried that Vihan is vansh and he thinks that she really brought him greed for his wealth and this will increase his hatred for her and also at that time I will laugh a lot 😂😂😂As a result of Redho’s actions

    4. maybe it is normal that she don’t tell him entire story because she thinks he isn’t Vansh and is a stranger and it is not necessary to tell him all the truth just say that kabir-anup making some problem in family(don’t say why) but don’t say that she came in vr mansion for spying and …. . but if she says truth it becomes good

    5. 🤣🤣🤣 personally ridhu sae Apko koyi problem Hai kya yaar 😂😂😂
      Hamesha ridhu ko kuch bee kehathae Hai

    6. Is Riddhima a real person that I’ll have problem with her personally? 😅😅😅
      Obviously she’s not my personal concern. But I do have a problem how her character is being played.

      1.What she does, does 95% wrong all the time.

      2. Left Kabir for Vansh but had trust issues about Vansh.

      3.Kabir and Anupriya left so many traces but she never even tought of doubting them untill yesterday.

      4.Never disclosed anything to Vansh but acted like a Devi of truthfulness.

      Who else won’t be irked by her deeds?I think maximum fans are nagged by her rubbish mistakes which could’ve been avoided very nicely.

  17. Hello guys, Where to watch Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Indian drama online with Eng Sub? Please reply asap

    1. U can watch it on voot but usually subtitles are provided after 1-2 days.

    2. @Shan, I can’t speak Hindi but bcz of watching the show and reading Amina’s publication I have learned a lot.
      Now I can understand 80 % of the episode even without translation then with the help of Amina I can get the hole picture 😉 You can try, you will see improvements day after day 😉 or just wait for the translation … I prefer the first alternative 😉

      @Amina: Thanks a lot <3

  18. Denza

    In today’s episode there is something………
    1.This Ridhima’s brain is only having a cameo role in the show🤭
    2.Still a CONFUSION Anupriya killed Uma for what? If she wants to live with her son then why she made her path to Raisinghania Family🤔🤨
    3.Finally the AnuBir’s truth came b4 Ridhima. How many more episodes takes it to expose them before all.
    4.Vihaan he’s gonna turn the whole track….. it will be irie to watch it….. All would get a big bang head ache. But nobody believes him at first……. She should train him like how Kabir trained her……..
    5. I guess he is gonna SANITIZE the whole VR Mansion. I am fall about laughing thinking about the Vihaan.
    Lets wait N watch

    1. Anupriya not only wants to live with Kabir, but she also wants to live with lots of money! She murdered Uma so that she can marry Vansh’s rich dad. After getting married to him I guess she wanted to bring Kabir home, but maybe Vansh’s dad refused to accept him or something.

    2. @Nia
      or maybe there was something between kabir’s dad and Vansh’s dad so anup entered their lives to get revenge and gets all of their money.

    3. Denza

      haa Nia……. but still their story of destroying Vansh seems have lots of illogics and no sense.
      It could be fair enough if they had any relevant reason behind it, except this they are only portraying their oscar losing melodrama.

    4. Denza

      I had also predicted……. but no traces of ash found on the show

  19. Damn sure riddhima will cook new story to vihaan( vansh ) obviously misunderstandings again play the role between them all the episodes from first are presented to us in new version by writers

  20. I think vansh could be vihaan because he said Ridhimma vansh rai singhania and who likes to state the the girl he likes with someone else name.He could have said riddhima rai singhania so yeah

    1. He wanted to be Vansh. And wants everything belongs to Vansh. Other lite edition of Kabir. But will stood against Kabir.
      Ridhima is foot for him. His main mint is Vansh’s wealth

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