Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh confronts Riddhima


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupriya burning Vansh’s pic and saying how dare you hurt Kabir, I have just loved you, my son longed for my love, I sacrificed Kabir’s happiness and gave to you, you dared to shoot him, you have hurt someone I love the most, I will also hurt you by using someone you love, if my secret comes out at dinner tonight, I will also reveal Riddhima’s secret so that you know she is cheating you. Dadi says everything will be fine, I kept the havan for that, we will keep a puja also, so that Mata rani ends problems for Riddhima and Vansh, what happened to you. Siya signs nothing. Vansh gets balloons and makes her smile. Siya thanks her. Dadi says you returned her childhood. She goes to keep the kalash at a safe place. Siya says you know what I want. Vansh says yes. She stops him. He says yes. She asks why don’t you talk to Riddhima well, you behave so rude, I don’t like it. Vansh says you are young now, Riddhima is not like she appears, her truth is something else. She nods. He goes.

Ishani gets gifts for everyone. Chanchal likes the purse. Dadi says these gifts tell a beautiful story, I like to see Ishani happy, Ishani looks responsible now, my worry got away now, its because of Riddhima, we should thank her that she fixed this alliance, she chose the best life partner for you and gave you a good gift, didn’t you get anything for her. Angre says her gift is here. Ishani thinks I wish I got a poison for her, the stupid honeymoon was like a punishment for me, I will make her life a punishment now.

Riddhima comes to Vansh. He says I hope you liked my surprise, didn’t you plan anything for me. She gets a gift. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… He checks his sketch. He says I love it, I promise this sketch will always be here, whether you be here or not, I meant it will be here, whether we are here or not. She thinks what did Sejal tell him. He takes her and asks her to sit. He gives her roses. He gives her the bouquet and says surprise is inside the bouquet. She gets a gun and thinks is it to take my life. He says you remember our first night, what did I tell you. She recalls his words. She thinks Vansh doesn’t want to kill me, he wants me to kill myself. He says you are thinking right, I know everything but I want to know it from you. She thinks Sejal told him everything about me and Kabir. Ishani and Angre come to their room. Ishani scolds him a lot for booking a cheap hotel, whose idea was it that we have a tour in India. Angre says Covid is going on, I promise I will take you abroad. She taunts him and goes.

Anupriya looks at the door. Chanchal and Anupriya set the table. Chanchal thinks I thought to separate Vansh and Riddhima, and fell into trouble, when Sejal comes, my bad time will start. Anupriya thinks I can see the game getting over, Sejal will tell about Kabir and me, how to save myself. Kabir comes drunk to his home and says what does Vansh think of himself, no Vansh, you won’t win if you got Sejal, you can’t suspend my motive.

He switches on the lights and sees Mishra. He asks what are you doing here, didn’t Vansh kidnap you and Sejal. Mishra says no, I got Sejal here. Kabir gets shocked. He says she is here, it means Vansh was lying. Riddhima thinks truth is bitter, truth is our marriage is a deceive, I came here to send you to jail, I cheated you and your family, I should die, I accept it, I will accept myself. Kabir takes Sejal’s phone. Riddhima thinks to tell truth to Vansh once and then accept the punishment he gives her. Kabir calls Riddhima and says don’t tell the truth to Vansh, he is lying.

Riddhima says I want to tell you something, Vansh. Vansh says say it Riddhima, I m listening. Kabir says pick up, come on. Her phone rings. Vansh answers the call and says so you reached. He stops Riddhima from going. Riddhima says actually, I will go and receive her. Vansh makes her hear a man’s voice on call. She says its a man’s voice, but it was Sejal’s name on the phone. Vansh says he is my office boy, I asked him to get filed, I saved his number on Sejal’s name. She says you lied about Sejal. He says I never met Sejal till now. She gets away and asks why did you lie, why were you playing game with everyone. He pulls her and says you are saying it as if you don’t play any game, I had to do it, because I know there is someone who is cheating me, I will unveil that person, the world knows that I hate cheat a lot and cheaters.

He goes. Riddhima says it seems Vansh knows my truth, but how can he know it if he didn’t meet Sejal, what is he saying, I don’t understand. Kabir sends Sejal’s pic. He says Riddhima isn’t answering, I hope she sees the pic and doesn’t tell anything to Vansh, he played a good game. Riddhima checks phone and says thank God, Sejal is with Kabir, she is safe, I will call him after Vansh sleeps. Dadi says when is Sejal coming. Aryan says she isn’t coming, I heard Vansh and Riddhima’s talk, he said Sejal won’t come today.

Dadi says I got many things made, we will have dinner. Chanchal and Aryan smile. Chanchal thinks I did some good deeds, I got saved. Anupriya gets Kabir’s message…. Vansh was fooling everyone, I have Sejal with me, be happy. Anupriya thinks he is my son, I m proud of him. Riddhima says make me talk to Sejal, she wanted to tell me something. Kabir says she is safe, I m going to send her to Dubai, don’t confess anything to Vansh, he is a killer, he said none can find out Ragini. Riddhima says I will find out Ragini’s truth, stop blaming anyone without proof. She sees someone and says there was someone here. Her phone falls down in the plant pot. She looks for the phone. She thinks to leave before anyone sees her and take the phone in the morning.

Riddhima does the puja aarti. Dadi asks Vansh to do the ritual to get Mata Rani’s blessing. Vansh takes red bangles and says red colour is sign of suhaag, do you know the colour of cheat, red. He hurts Riddhima’s hand. He asks them to ask if its a good or bad omen.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. yay! first to comment! thanks Amena for the update… can’t thank u enough… cool episode… it is clear that Vansh knows about Ridhhima… hope they don’t break up… and really really hope that he gets to now of Anupriya and Kabir also… plz complete the update… sooooooooooo exited!!! 🙂

  2. IMM 2 just keeps getting better.Thanks for the WU Amena

  3. oh no! wanted Riddhima to tell everythng to Vansh… he would’ve understood!! Everything went wrong!!

    1. Ya!right if ridhima would have told him about her by herself only.Then vansh would have understood it better.

  4. I wish RiAnsh never part… they are so good together… hope everything comes in front of Vansh soon… including Kabir and Anupriya’s diabolical ploy

  5. I really don’t get it! vansh knew it way before that Riddhima was cheating on her. Why didn’t he go before her before? The changed Vansh is cool to watch but there should be a clarity of the reason of his change.
    Vansh now knows that someone kidnapped Sejal but why isn’t he doing anything to save her? Even he knows that someone from the family did it and he’s still not going after it. Again so many questions but no answers. It hurts to see RIANSH breaking apart. But it was obvious. I hope they reconcile soon.
    I want ther divorce and Riddhima out of the VR mansion bcz if she stays here after she get exposed, she’ll have to become the typical bahu raani trying to win everybodys hearts. Don’t want that to happen. She should get her life and then Vansh will realize that Riddhima loved him even though she was manipulated to cheat on him. Kabir’s truth should be out as well so that Riddhima can leave Kabir without hesitation.

    1. Back at you tonni ji. I didn’t get that jo aadmi apni wife ki munh se ILU bulwaane ki planning kar raha tha Wahi aadmi agle scn mein usi wife ki munh se uski secrets bulwaane ki planning kar baiti!! Yeh scene kaise palat gayi?? How is it possible? ??

  6. Thing are getting way too exciting here. The old Vansh whom we all craved for is back. But if he didn’t meet Sejal, then how did he come to know all this about Riddhima? Maybe he overheard her speaking to Kabir.
    Don’t know what will happen to Sejal now. Hopefully Kabir send her off to Dubai and doesn’t kill her.

    1. Sejal won’t be dying I guess but I’m also just curious to know from where Vansh get to know about Riddhima’s betrayal. Siya’s story is getting little bit confusing.
      I’ve a feeling that her story is gonna progress now.
      Do you know anything about TRP?Is it increasing or not? 😞

    2. @Tonni Yeah even I want to know how the TRP’s are. If someone over here can tell us.

    3. Yes he must hav overheard kabir and riddhima conversation..

  7. Are yaarrr….. agar vansh ko riddhima ke bare me sejal nahi pata chala tho kaisse pata chala…. mana ki use pata tha ki wo ek spy hai …. tho phr ishani ki shadhi me vansh ne hi tho kaha the ki he didn’t care about her past…. phr ab ye rude behaviour you….quite confusing know…… nd 2 episodes pehle tho wo riddhima se I love you bulane wala tha…. phr Kya hogaye…..lekin I wish ki riddhima ko vansh ke samne expose karma se pehle kabir and anupriya ko at least riddhima ke samne expose karma chahiye…. what do you guys say???

  8. I am just hating Anupriya..she is saying she loved vansh like her own son then how can she deceive childhood vansh didn’t ask her to be his mother and accept was she who came in their life to snatch property of legal heir for her so called son..
    And i am getting angry on side she is showing as if she has feelings for vansh and on other side provide all information to kabir..if kabir is using her then she is also not any saint.. she is also playing with feelings of vansh,dadi and siya..
    Vansh has all right to get angry on her..he don’t have problem of being in relationship before marriage but even after marriage she is in contact with her lover and providing all information to her lover will surely make him angry and that is justifiable

    1. You’re absolutely right

    2. She is cheating kabeer and vansh both but she behaves like a saint.Every one is saying that she was going to tell her past to vansh guys do you really think that she was going to tell him about kabeer and why did she come to his house. If she had to tell him the whole truth she could have told him. She is playing with both. She herself lying to everyone but she expects other to always speak truth this is the thing which I hate most in every lead actress of the daily soap.she had seen herself that vansh had harm a innocent person just to know riddhima’s truth now she is saying that vansh can’t harm anyone.

    3. If she really want to play with vansh emotions y she was supporting vansh when she
      had talked with Kabir, y she was saying that she will find out the true culprit behind all this mystery, y she truly trust daadi, siya, or vansh. Y she was unable to hear against vansh. After reading this if you have a Valid convincing answer then pls tell me I will agree with you

  9. Now they are a bit dragging for either Vansh or Riddhima to learn the truth.

  10. I hope nothing ll happen to Sejal, kabir should leave her alone. Am not happy with the episode cos Sejal is still in danger. Please makers should make something positive for Ridima, cos she is still a victim for Anupriya and kabir

  11. Riansh never part pls good together ❤ 😔 😪

  12. Am not happy cos Sejal is still in danger. When ll Ridhimma be able to find out Kabir’s truth? Please makers should bring something positive for Ridima, she is still a victim of Anupriya and Kabir

  13. Oh god! The story is revolving round and round, nothing new, not a single secret is coming out this is getting so boring yaar…how much time they’ll take to reveal Ridhima’s truth!
    They’re testing the patience of viewrs now, streaching the same secrets won’t give them TRP’s.

  14. It seems like I have good skill in thrillers. 😁 As I already commented on previous post that vansh is just lying about Sejal.

    1. Do you think Vansh will divorce Riddhima

  15. It is good that they are showing such a good episode but I am missing Riansh moments

  16. It’s absolutely a crap episode,if vansh would have brought Sejal it would have added weightage to his character.making him as a diwali flower pot always.riddhima always being buddhu.making Anupriya and Kabir winner always.little irritated always Riddhima saying vansh ko patha chal gaya.first I was like eagerly waiting to see it now it’s like the same thing is circling.dokha,ragini,mummiji,now new is Sejal but nothing is solved.if they are bringing new twist earlier one should be solved this it’s like unsolved and introducing new mystery in which we lose today’s conversation between vansh and riddhu spoils their chemistry aswell,its like both of them don’t trust eachother even after 84 episodes.

  17. Killer episode …. vansh was really very scearry ……precap plz

  18. Thanku for update but please I am super exited to read so please please post in morning if possible please

  19. I think vansh is only being suspicious of his wife since their marriage wasn’t built on trust and he tried reading everyone’s action when he said secrets will be out at 4pm, He’s trying to make his wife talk if she was hiding something and too much happened when he wasn’t around mind u, his wife is the newest member of the family I think that’s why his wife is his first suspect.

  20. They are dragging the story.Either they should reveal some truth to Riddhima or Vansh.

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