Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th November 2020 Written Episode Update: No Telecast

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

There is no new episode tonight.

Next episode will air tomorrow.

In next episode: Dadi asks whose clothes are these. Anupriya says its my son’s uniform, someone kidnapped him. She cries. Vihaan says my journey to become Vansh begins. Kabir comes and asks whose clothes are these. Anupriya says leave it, it belongs to my son. Kabir says Maa… Riddhima gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Maybe they stoped showing episodes on sunday now

  2. Don’t worry guys come on its a thriller, I think the writers and producers wants you guy should start questioning yourselves, I really want see what happen next , it’s different from most telly Indian telly serials that always end up having the same plot it keeps coming with different twist that even when you say I don’t wanna see this show again u will still run back to internet for update or your TV screen to see what next am sure tomorrow we are going to get 100comments on this site after reading the update imagine this site got over 70 comments after you guys said u will stop watching even Facebook, intagram, twitter as been buzzing with comments from IMMJ2 fans.

  3. I think we all are crazy……..
    Bcz their is no episode but we are talking about show. I guess we all are addicted to these show
    Please guys am requesting you all please please watch the show. Pls don’t say we were not going to watch this show.

    1. No matter how much angry we are, we will not stop watching the show.
      RIANSH is a magic!!!
      Trust me dear I’ve never seen any television couple getting so much love where their maximum romances are either dream or eye-locks..😂😂😂😂😂

    2. .
      Kitni bhi koshish karlo Chaahtein hue bhi hum RiAnsh ka Maya se nahi bachpaata.

    3. @Den RIANSH is really magic!!!
      This is the first television couple whom I want to be a real life couple as well.
      Helly and Rrahul looks cool together!!!
      Do you know if Rrahul is dating Nia Sharma or not?

    4. Denza

      One of my friend told that RiAnsh are having a similar to pair of Shrenu Parikh and Avinash Sachdev. Like the magic of Beauty and Beast.( Innocent and Mastermind)
      They had shared a screen space in webseries ‘Twisted’ and was pair in ‘Twisted2’ which was shot few years back. Recently on one interview she told she is Single.
      But there I saw a rumour of he being in relationship with former co-star. is it true?

    5. @Den Rrahul Sudhir claimed he’s single and that is universal truth again in recent article Nia Sharma claimed she’s having a special person in her life. Prople still are trying restlessly to prove that Nia and Rrahul are dating bcz they shared very intense reel life relationship in “TWISTED 2”. Also Rrahul was present in Nia’s birthday party among very few close people of Nia’s.
      Also there was rumor that Rrahul was dating his Raja Beta serial’s co-star Sambhavna Mohanty.
      I don’t know which one is true but I don’t want the first one(Nia-Rrahul) to be true.
      Even I’m not sure whether he’s truly single or not but he did claim himself single.

    6. Denza

      Rrahul sir also posted his and Nia’s throwback on instagram. I doesn’t remeber the caption.
      But Twisted and its sequel are shot few years back. On a recent interview ( when nia is portraying naagin) she claimed to be single. But after her birthday party I guess this ‘ special persona’ got viral.

    7. Denza

      And also for some REEL LIFE doesn’t matter on REAL LIFE
      What it all
      I wish RraHel would be partners in their REAL LIFE also

  4. No guys today is just a leave because of festival next Sunday there will episode to watch i read in a youtube channel even chotti sardani is not telecasted today

    1. Are you sure?

    2. S u can check chotti sardani on tellyupdates website there is also no telecast because may be any special shows due to festival and they also don’t gave any information about that

    3. Thank god…yesterday u was lil upset and keep thinking abt the show

    4. @Zoya
      Second possibility is also there.
      May be they had stopped 7 days airing of both shows. Due to some technical problems or anything. All are working very hard day and N8

    5. Actually iam from tamilnadu tamil serials serials also airs on tv for 7 days i don’t know clearly about it i saw in channel comment so I said we can see this in sunday

    6. Me too🙋

  5. Happy to read all your comments ….. it has become a routine to read comments hear…. happy diwali to you all

  6. Actually the love of riddhu and vansh was too good such as the watch scene,badam scene and they both defend their relationship with others shows that they both trust each other without their own killing vansh I think the makers have spooked the chemistry.

  7. You know the problem is that we are glued stuck on immj2 because of riansh …we are so stuck that we can even kill someone if something happens

    Like me because i want vansh back just the way he was ….riddhus husband❤❤❤ ..i cant stop thinking about them when they were close …like for karva chauth 😰😰😭

    1. Yaar its TYPO or I read it wrong that you can even kill someone if something happens.😂😂
      Cool down buddy

  8. Hi guys, I watched a youtube video about IMMJ2 writer posting about the recent twist on his Instagram that Vansh will never commit suicide for just ‘Ridhima’ and that asli twist abhi baaki hai. Guilty will be punished. So guys relax Vihaan is Vansh for sure and its all planned no doppelganger thing at all.

  9. Hopefully Vihaan is Vansh… Because we all loved the Riansh scenes ❤️. No humshakals please, we want our Vansh Rai Singhania back, not some random hacker called Vihaan. Also it’s less pressure for the actors since it stopped telecasting 7 days a week. Let it be 6 days a week that is better. By the way, ( I know this question is random) how many of you are children?

    1. I’m a child too. I’m in class 7.

    2. I am in class 8

    3. Me too

  10. I also feel like Vihaan is not Vansh due to one reason that is Vihaan took Vansh’s card and something else from his pocket which means that the real Vansh is dead with all his stuff and the thief Vihaan stole Vansh’s card to become rich.

    1. No he is praising himself.dats it

    2. Vansh praising himself

    3. Few Years back I had seen the same track on one show. Starring Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey( forgot name of show). In which Ravi Dubey hit with an accident and dies. No body found. It was a pre planned murder by someone who wants usurp Ravi Dubey.
      Few days later Nia found some doppelganger of Ravi. Who is exactly opposite to original one.
      She brings him as original one and presents on the court.
      There few scenes are also shown as the doppelganger stealing diary Sends Spys to acknowledge about parents and his properties.etc…. Even fall for Nia. And also asks money instead of acting. He is having a mother also ( I guess)
      Later its revealed that he is not any doppelganger the original one only.

    4. @Den Maybe it’s jamai raja or jamai raja 2.0 .

    5. Denza

      Ha..ha… Jamai raja
      Do you know one fact.
      Its the first TV show i watched. And before its last episode I had stopped to watch all other ITV shows.😂😂
      Then only after 3-4 years I started to watch IMMJ2.

  11. Guys there’s no episode but still 80 comments!!!😂😂😂😂😂
    Are we freak or something????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. I love Riansh love story.But please tell us that who is vansh and who is ishaan.

    1. Denza

      Vihaan is Vansh’S look alike

  13. Again let’s hit a century
    Come on guys only 14 comments needed

  14. Yes our newfound aim in life – to hit a century on the forum. 😂😂

    1. Denza

      we are freak on IMMJ2 guys 😂😂

    2. Definitely 😂😂

  15. Denza

    4 comments more🤣

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