Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh catches Kabir

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal saying my room got caught, I got saved. Aryan says a thief came home and shot Dadi, it was a poisonous bullet. Vansh is shocked. He says Riddhima didn’t tell me. Anupriya and Chanchal blame Riddhima. Chanchal says she is always wandering. Aryan says its true, don’t know what she wants. Riddhima says yes, I was finding Sejal, someone kidnapped Sejal, she is in our house. Chanchal asks what nonsense, why will anyone kidnap. Riddhima says Sejal came here to surprise me on her birthday, she wanted to tell me something, she was kidnapped, I got her watch, I got to know she is here in VR mansion, I know who did this.

Vansh says I think everyone is worried, I have Sejal. Riddhima asks do you have Sejal, thank God. She thinks if Sejal told Vansh about Kabir and me. Kabir thinks it means Vansh took Sejal from Mishra. Chanchal thinks my secrets will come out. Aryan thinks Sejal will tell that we kidnapped her. Vansh turns to Kabir and says you…. Dadi says he is new helper, I called him for havan. Vansh says no one will go out, its my warning, don’t dare to go against my word, just some time and everything will be known. He takes Siya with him. Everyone goes. Kabir thinks I sent Sejal with Mishra, I will call and see. He calls Mishra and says why isn’t he answering, is Vansh saying the truth, did he catch Mishra. Riddhima thinks don’t know what will Vansh do, does Vansh really has Sejal. Kabir holds her. She says you should have gone.

He says I m worried for you, I can’t leave you, Vansh is behind Sejal’s kidnapping, he is a bad man. She says we have no proof that Vansh did this, maybe he is saving Sejal from Anupriya. He thinks she is in love with Vansh, she is defending Vansh. He says Vansh knows we have cheated him, then we are in danger, just you can find out what he knows, just you can know his plan. Riddhima thinks how to find out. Anupriya says Riddhima can’t help us, I doubt, call Mishra again. Kabir says maybe Vansh kidnapped Mishra, how long will I stay locked here. He pulls a curtain angrily. They see the message, secret will come out at 4pm. She reads and says it means he got to know our relation, what about our motive, just go. He says relax, I m here, calm down. He says I know Vansh, he is just doubting us, we can’t give him a chance to know our motive, let him play mind games, we have Riddhima, we will wait for the info. She says fine.

Chanchal says the way Vansh threatened, I m so worried. Aryan asks shall I try a new hairstyle. Chanchal says I m so stressed, if Sejal tells him that we did this to separate Riddhima and Vansh, don’t know what would he do. He asks her to relax. He says even if Vansh knows, we will tell him that we did this for his good. She gets a paper in the sandwich. She reads, secrets will come out at 4 today. He asks what. She sees the time. She sees a shadow. She asks Aryan to get quiet. She says someone is overhearing us. They go to see. They see no one. He says I don’t understand, what secret will come out. Vansh comes to Riddhima. She asks how was your day. He says I had told you. She thinks he changed a lot, he was talking nicely on phone, don’t know what did Sejal tell him. He asks for his file. She gives it and says Sejal is my best friend, she used to support me a lot in orphanage, we both did event management course, I never felt lack of family because of her, thanks for the phone. She says I got this new cologne for you. He says I changed my choice, you don’t know a lot about me. He holds her and asks why are you so nervous today. She says no, I m excited to meet Sejal, tell me where is she.

He asks why this impatience, why do you want to know what she told, have patience, she is safe, everything will come out at 4pm. He goes. She worries. Anupriya asks Kabir to just go from here. Kabir says relax. Riddhima calls him. He asks did you find out what is Vansh doing. She says no, he isn’t telling anything, he will doubt me, I couldn’t ask him, he said he will do something big at 4pm, just leave Kabir, are you listening to me. Vansh says Riddhima…. She gets tensed. Kabir signs no. Anupriya says I knew that girl can’t be trusted, just leave Kabir. Kabir leaves. She prays for him. Vansh asks whom are you talking, show me the phone. She thinks he may know about Kabir. He checks. She had switched it off. She says phone is off, so I was talking to pandit, havan couldn’t be done, everything got spoiled.

Vansh gives the phone and goes. She says I hope Kabir leaves from here. Kabir is leaving. He sees Vansh near the door and stops. He hides inside the centre table. Vansh walks towards the table. He sees the time. Alarm rings. Everyone comes and asks what’s this alarm. Vansh puts off the alarm. Dadi asks what’s happening Vansh. Vansh says I want to tell you all a big secret. He comes to everyone and says so much happened in my absence, many secrets have been erased. He sees Riddhima. He sits over the table and says tell me, what, why and how did it happen, I know it already, I want to hear it from you. He asks Aryan to start. Chanchal says Vansh… Vansh says I had called you to tell a secret, I have it, my eyesight is sharper than the hawk, nothing can be hidden from it. He removes the centre table’s glass and catches Kabir. He says I had seen you hiding inside this. He removes the mask and sees Kabir. Riddhima and Anupriya get shocked. Vansh shouts meet Inspector Kabir. Everyone looks on.

Vansh says I understood he has many masks on his face, its like making joke of the law, interesting. Kabir says I know about Ragini, I will find her murder’s proof very soon. Vansh points gun at him. He says you will never know anything of my past. Kabir says I m not scared of you and your threatening. Vansh says good. He points gun at Kabir’s head. Riddhima comes and throws away the gun. Vansh looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Omg,I can’t wait for the next episode.interesting very the sad part is only ridhhima will get caught,anu will escape…anyways I m eagerly waiting for the next episode

  2. Tomorrow’s episode will be super duper exciting. Vansh is back in his old form. Riddhima’s past may come out.

  3. If Vansh doesn’t expose Riddhima now, he’ll definitely up to something bigger,,Finally, interesting things will happen..Vansh just created a fuss among all 5 by saying he has Sejal..That’s so cool!

    1. I think Sejal is not with him. He is only making all anxious. Kabir won’t reveal anything. Damn sure

    2. Naaa…Vansh told Riddhima that Sejal is safe and she’s with him and Riddhima should have faith on him. That means he really met Sejal.

  4. What a comeback vansh… god…just super duper excited about upcoming epiosde…

  5. Greeshma_geetha

    My Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania is back. Lot’s of action to be unveiled. This episode proved all haters that one can never underestimate Vansh. Waiting for the upcoming episodes…..

  6. As soon as Vansh entered, the serial changed from boring to interesting in just two episodes. I like it. Can’t wait for next episode. I really want Sejal to be alive and fine. It will be the best if Vansh gets Sejal from Mishra. Although she might tell Vansh about Riddhima’s secret but one day that will definitely happen.

    1. Why do I feel like Vansh got to know Kabir is Anupriya’s son and Anupriya will do some drama to melt Vansh’s heart and Vansh will let him stay in VR mansion? Do you think it can happen?
      Riddhima has more secret. She isn’t that simple and she isn’t only here for Kabir’s motive. Her past is something else.

    2. @ Tonni. Vansh knows that Kabir is CBI Officer who desperately wants to throw him behind bars. And if Vansh comes to know Anupriya’s relation with Kabir then even Anupriya’s drama can’t melt him down because then Vansh won’t take time to understand whole plotting against him. Vansh is smart enough to understand from now only that Kabir has worn many masks. This indicates that Vansh knows that Kabir is secretly planning against him.
      Yes, if Kabir wasn’t a CBI Officer who wants to destroy Vansh then Vansh would have melted his heart for him and let him stayed in VR Mansion.

      All the 3 leads will have dark past. Kabir’s past is disclosed. Vansh’s parent’s death and Uma Raisinghania’s reason for leaving her children is a mystery which will unfold as story progresses. So there is huge possibility that as the male leads have dark past then Riddhima will also be not left out. The reason behind failure of IMMJ 1, as much I know, although I had never seen it, was that they introduced so many plots together that it completely confused the viewers so now this time they are careful and introducing new chapters patiently.

  7. WOW…… after a long we got something tooo EXCITING!!!!!! Finally the show Came back strongly with its CHARM. Superb ! It’s amazing plot

  8. Bang on…. vansh is back…. the way he says sweet heart …. I just love it….. plz koi precap bhi batha do plz….. plz plz

  9. May be dream

    1. yes even I think the same it’s a dream maybe

  10. OMG!Finally old vansh is back

    1. Don’t want old Vansh to be back fully. I liked his romantic andaaz more

    2. I so agree with you ..I love the Romantic Vansh

  11. Rrahul Sudhir

    Finally I am back

    1. Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!Now it’ll be Interesting ,very interesting 😏😆

    2. LOL
      really Yesterday your name was Helly Shah and today turned to Rrahul sudhir??? Koi 2 in one soul hai kya tu?

    3. 😂😂😂I want to ask the same ..forgive me but who are you rrahul sudhir or helly shah

    4. Priy so called Rrahul Sudhir Tellyupdates hum sabhi commenters ko ek colour aur colour mein pattern deta hai humare identification ke liye. Kal jab aap Helly Shah banke aaye tab mujhe laga hi actors can see us can comment also par…. Itta time unpe nhi. Voh day night shoots ke baad apna show hi dekh le vahi achievement hoti hai unke liye. Issliye plzz apne asli pehchan se yaha aaye dusro ki leke nhi. Mein janti hu aapko IMM 2 kitta pyaar hai par voh pyaar agar aap samne aake jataye toh zada achcha hoga.

  12. I can’t believe this… Iam so thrilled for next episode

  13. Today’s episode was good but again vansh will be left with empty hand.anyway atleast if they unfold some secret it would be good.

  14. Can anyone tell me about precap??

  15. I guess Vansh has come to know Riddhima’s truth. Thats why he started calling her sweetheart again!
    I dont understand one thing. We all know Kabir is evil, but does Mishra know that? If no, hows he even helping him to kidnap a girl ?

    1. Maybe Kabir convinced him that Sejal is in trouble and they need to rescue Sejal from VR mansion. Or maybe Mishra is also with Kabir. We still haven’t seen any clarity of so many things. Consider this one as same.

  16. Ohh god 360degree change!! 😆😲🤭
    Eagerly waiting to see what’s next

  17. Just saw the new promo..😒😒😒
    Vansh will point gun at Kabir and Riddhima will save him..
    So Vansh didn’t find any secret! He just found Kabir and all these was about his grudge!
    Whatever it is..Old Vansh is spectacular !

  18. Omg! My vansh and his trend mark dialogue “interesting very interesting” is back.
    Jhoo kuch bee hoo Mera Purana vaala vansh vapas lout aaya.
    And once again tq Soo much for my fvrt dialogue

  19. And my vrs is back…the way he said sweetheart 😍 ❤ ahh…just🔥…..
    Now this is what we call ishq mein marjawan….back to the lane….finally that saas bahu crap ended…..and now he’ll gonna nail it…damn excited….ye hai the real vrs…that fiery one….

  20. Dude woahhh……I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode ….Vansh is back with a Bang!!! (Thank God and show makers for that)
    Tomorrow is gonna be a blast

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