Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh misunderstands Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ragini coughing. Riddhima thinks what’s happening to Ragini. She says Ragini, I will take you to the hospital. She takes her. Siya calls Vansh. Kabir gets up and says I have to catch Ragini. Vansh answers. Siya asks where are you. He asks are you fine, why are you crying. Siya says I got to know everything, the truth of our mum’s murderer. He asks what, tell me the name, who is it. Siya says Vansh… Anupriya takes the phone. Vansh shouts Siya… He says her phone is switched off, her life is in danger, I have to go home. Siya says Vansh will not leave you, save yourself and let me go. Anupriya says you want to go, why didn’t you say before, go. Siya runs. Ragini says I don’t have much time. Riddhima says no, we will go to hospital, you can make your life’s new start. Ragini says tell Vansh that he/she is dangerous, I know his mum’s murderer, tell him, Anu…. Kabir points the gun and shoots her. Kabir says I have completed mum’s work, now its time for my next strike. He goes.

Riddhima asks Ragini to open eyes, nothing will happen to her. She recalls Vansh and her words. Siya runs. Anupriya throws the marbles and makes her fall. She says you should be careful and walk, Siya, you don’t know how much I hate you. Siya says Vansh will not leave you. Vansh calls Aryan and Rudra. He says everyone has gone to temple, whom shall I call now. He calls Anupriya and says I m coming home, just check in Siya’s room, is Siya fine. Siya calls out Vansh. Anupriya disconnects and says its bad manners to talk in between. Siya locks the door. Anupriya hears the car sound and says oh no, Vansh has come. Riddhima says why did I think Vansh is a devil, his mum’s murderer won by my foolishness, everything is over, Ragini was saying that Vansh is in danger, that murderer is after Vansh, I won’t let anything happen to Vansh. She sees the tyres punctured. She says I won’t let anything happen to Vansh. She runs. Mishra gets her purse from the car. Siya shouts to Vansh.

Anupriya sees Vansh coming. She goes to Siya and injects something on her neck. Vansh gets down the car and sees Siya. Anupriya asks what happened Siya. Vansh runs to Siya. Riddhima is on the way. Vansh says Siya who did this, I will take you to hospital. Siya points to Anupriya and says Ri… Anupriya says Riddhima did all this, do you want to say this. Vansh says no, what are you saying, open your eyes. He calls and asks them to send an ambulance. Anupriya thinks she will die till ambulance comes. She asks Siya not to lose courage, nothing will happen to her. The recording plays. Anurpiya says Siya’s phone got on, some recording is playing, its Riddhima’s voice, so this is her real face. He says no mom, she can’t do this. He gets a video. He sees Riddhima taking Ragini from that place. He says how can she do this. He thinks she showed that she understands my pain, how can she do this, she was the reason of my pain, is this her truth. Ambulance comes. Vansh asks Siya to get up. Riddhima comes home and sees darkness. She sees Vansh and Riddhima written by the lit candles. She says Vansh did this, it means he is fine. She smiles. Vansh comes and says I m here. Ishq mein marjawan….plays… She says Vansh…. He goes away. The wind blows. His name candles blow off. She shouts Vansh… Her dream ends. She thinks why am I getting such thoughts, no I won’t let anything happen to Vansh. Vansh thinks Riddhima you cheated me, I can’t forgive you. He says we will also go to the hospital. Kabir comes. Anupriya smiles. Vansh says I have no time for drama, I have to go to hospital. Kabir says no, you can’t go anywhere, you will reach the police lockup. Anupriya asks what nonsense. Kabir says this is real life, I know I m standing at the right place, you are under arrest, Vansh. Vansh says whatever. Kabir shows the arrest warrant. He says I have come prepared. Vansh asks on what basis. Kabir says for Ragini’s murder. He says I have the picture. Vansh sees the picture and his watch.

He recalls Riddhima taking his watch to repair it. He thinks Riddhima took my watch, how was it found near Ragini’s body, she kidnapped Ragini, no she can’t do this. Kabir says you killed an innocent girl in a poisonous gas chamber, you didn’t let her run, no crime is perfect, you left proof behind, your name is printed on this watch, I have a footage, you are seen threatening Ragini. Vansh asks who shot this. Kabir says I will tell you, come on Vansh, you tried to kill her, she had escaped, but finally you killed her, Ragini’s murderer, these evidences and you, its an open and shut case, you would like to ask me who gave the evidences to police, you better ask this to your wife. Vansh gets shocked. He asks did Riddhima give you the footage. Kabir says I don’t need to lie. Vansh thinks Riddhima cheated me. Riddhima thinks I m coming Vansh. Kabir thinks cheat is winning over love. Vansh thinks Riddhima planted this watch near Ragini’s body, she was a spy. He recalls Riddhima’s words. He thinks Siya knew her real face and Riddhima did this to her, her love and trust, everything was a lie, a cheat.

Vansh and Kabir have a fight. Kabir says you like to get shot on your heart, I will fulfill your wish. Vansh says enemies don’t have courage to harm me. Riddhima comes there. Vansh says your cheat has killed me, I will die in your love. He falls down the cliff. Riddhima shouts Vansh….

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This is very disappointing

  2. Vernali Mohanty

    Oh my God. I can’t stress on how evil Anupriya and Kabir are! They should rot in hell!!
    But Vansh’s line tere ishq main marjawan has to be one of the best scenes… 😳

    1. I just saw the clip of the precap and it made me teary-eyed . I will watch that episode and I know I’m gonna cry..I know Vansh will come back but I will surely cry seeing the tragic scene.

  3. Noorjannat

    Again,there is misunderstanding between Riyansh.i Don’t law ke it.i am gonna not watch this show any more

    1. This is ishq mein marjawan dear. Anything can happen here. Many are saying that soon Riansh will clear their misunderstandings and unite. Give it a week futher. If things doesn’t change you can surely call it a quit.

  4. This is very disappointing

  5. Precap is😱😱😱😱😱😱😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔

  6. I think maybe vansh heard anupriya’s name when sia called him ik vansh will not die he will get saved anyhow

  7. Phele it was Riddhima misunderstanding Vansh and now it’s the other way wrong. Really? Why evil win over good always 😫 today’s episode was painful to watch. The only thing nice was Riddhima’s dream. Don’t know why Anupriya always succeeds in creating misunderstanding. Don’t know what is happening even, too hard to predict anymore.

  8. This is the worst thing that happened in ishq mein marajawan 2…..Vansh ….oh god ….😭😭😱😲😲

  9. In BD this episode will be telecasted tomorrow. I’m not going to watch it neither on TV nor in youTube.
    Damn it!!!!!How could they do it!!!They spoiled everything.
    No RIANSH, no positivity, nothing!!!!!
    What to watch man!!!
    Siya will gain consciousness after a decade now and Vansh will never get to know the actual truth.
    He will keep hating Riddhima and Vansh will take revenge on her only.
    They were talking about this DIWALI DHAMAKA!!!!!It’s a nightmare.

    1. Meaning of BD …and u were only demanding for mystery na there it is

    2. BD means Bangladesh and I wanted mystery not this nightmare. Nothing is positive here now.

  10. Horror story…we were fine with ragani ….dont killl vansh please….everything got ruined…

  11. I hate this series.

    1. You know, sometimes I wonder about persons like you who make up the audience of IMMJ2. It’s a fictional show. Don’t take it to heart. When the writer produces romantic scenes, even though you guys enjoy it you still ask for thrill and scold the writer for turning the show into a lovey dovey show. Now when the thrill is coming you guys are upset and want to hate and quit the show. Fake fans. Enjoy the show in its highest and it’s lowest. Just appreciate man!

    2. @Asen….yes mostly everyone here wanted a thriller when our riansh was getting romantic and now?…heres your thriller ….

  12. Pls guys wath it on tv otherwise the show will go off air . Atleast kabir should have got exposed before Ridhima but i am disappointed with the writers .

  13. Oh god❗ Please no more dreams or hallucinations 🙄 Or else I will die literally. These misunderstandings are starting to get to me now🙄

  14. Am really enjoying each twist even though it has some loopholes but it keeps someone on hot seat.kudos to the writers, actors and actresses and directors, this what I call ART.Art needs creativity of something different from others and shout out to the writers of the FFs on this site.

  15. I just came hear to read all your comments…..

  16. Okay so the only question that strikes my mind is “Is Vansh really a millionaire…if yes then he should surely get some good security staff man😂..or else his property can be easily robed”…Show some logic man.I guess the script writers are high on drugs while writing the episodes and bdw Kabir was suspended I guess then how can he come to arrest Vansh.The show is definitely losing its charm. I’m quitting with a heavy heart.

    1. You better read Alicia Khan’s comment. Last time also when we all thought that Siya faked her paralysis, the truth was something else. You have watched the show till now…. keep patience enough to watch a week further to know the actual truth. Then also if you are not satisfied then you can quit.

    2. @B…benar sekali, 👍

    3. Yep you are everybit right.

  17. Damn dont jump to conclusions …………the writers need a storyline to keep the show going so please stop showing hate and watc the show to get the trps up …..please

    1. Exactly. Everyone doesn’t understand that the makers need a story to keep show going, to increase their trps…. as the story is shown till now it’s quite natural that Riansh misunderstand each other.
      But the deciding point to continue watching the show or not is that ……. how long do the makers stretch the same plot. Everyone is saying Raging chapter was stretched for 3 months. But during these 3 months dod the makers just focus on Ragini only? Answer is NO. They showed Anupriya and Kabir’s faces, Vansh became a better person etc. Give time to makers to narrate the story.

  18. 😭😭😭😭😭 vansh……
    Kaisae scripts lik rahaeho yaar,
    Ek aadhmi vo bee hum kisikoo jyadha pyar kar rahaehai voo hee hum Koo dhoka dherahahai iss Baath patha chalanae Paar vus adhmi kaa Hal Kaisa hoga app Koo malum kya…. Koyi misunderstanding sae doo aadhmi dhoor honae par vus dhuk Koo sehan Karna ithna aasan Nahi Hai. Lekin aap easy sae script Bana rahaehai.😭😭😭
    This episode made me very very annoyed. I am feeling very bad about this. You….

  19. I hate this series

  20. yes the precap was scary and nightmare what is this now I didn’t like the episode and also the precap only the dream scene all this is vansh plan he will not die
    100 percent sure he is planning something else and I don’t want sia to die
    guys pls tell me how many are you are muslims pls pls

    1. I am muslim

    2. Hi Amina!!!!I’m Muslim.
      I’ve some Somalian friends in my university and they’re very sweet.❤❤❤

    3. @ tonni
      What about me…. Am not sweet 🥺

    4. Tum to sweetness ki dukan nehi, sweetness ki pura shopping mall ho..😍😍😍😍😍

    5. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
      Love you song 🥰🥰🥰

    6. I am Muslim
      My self muntaj

    7. Hi! I am a Muslim too

    8. Im an Islam

    9. I am a Muslim

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