Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Virat is Malik

Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says deep none of your games would work. I learned this from you.
Virat says to Deep kill him. Deep says we have to give him a share. Deep says okay we agree. We can’t give you this address. We will let you know when we go there.

The reporter says to Arohi deep will kill your parents. Arohi says deep will go to my dad for that code because only he knows. I have keep an eye on him.
Arohi keeps an eye on Deep. He goes out of his room. Arohi looks for the chit.
Arohi says to her baby you father is devil.
Deep comes and says Arohi tell me where my mom is. You can’t win from me. Arohi says I like this helplessness on your face. Deep says no one can beat me. He ropes her and says I will find my mom you think how will you save your parents.

Bye. He leaves. Arohi says how will I get out of here. Tara sees him roping him.
Deep comes to Tara. She says you roped her but didn’t kill. He says I have told you many times I can’t kill her. She says I feel like you cheat on me. He says stop with you craziness.

Tara gets a call and the man says go to Arohi’s parents as Arohi and ask them for code. She says I will kill them after that.

Scene 2
Deep’s thugs hit Arohi’s parents. Her mom cries and says please leave my husband. Don’t hit him. Tara comes there and says mama me Arohi you daughter. Mama.. She says Arohi? Tara hugs her and says mama you and papa met an accident. She says where were you our daughter. We have been detained all these years. How did you come here? Tara says I wont let anything happen to you. She says save your dad. Tara says do you know the code? Please tell me that code. This is the only way to save papa.

Arohi tries to open her arms. Mom says i can’t tell you that code. It is of poor people. They kept it as bait. The owner of company wanted to own it but your dad said he wont give that code to anyone. She kidnapped us and told the world that we are dead. Go from here before they see yoy. Tara says if you tell me the code I can fix it. Mom says I can’t tell you. Tell me the code.

The reporter takes out Arohi.
A thug puts gun on Tara. Mom says please leave my daughter. Tar says mom please save me. Tell them the code. Arohi rushes. Mausi tries to stop her but reporter hits her head and she faints. Arohi goes after deep.
The thug says I will shoot her. Mom says the code is Arohi6421.
Arohi comes there and hides. SHe says so tara came here as Arohi. Ma is so scared. Malik says leave the old man. Mom says malik has detained us here. He is bad. he will kill us. Malik is Virat. Everyone is dazed. Arohi is dazed. She says Virat is Malik not Deep. He detained my parents.
Precap-Virat says you said code for the girl who isn’t your daughter. Virat says kill them both. Arohi says how will I save my parents.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Your Comment means deep is innocent it was virat as malik

  2. In current track deep torture Tara and nia(arohi).so I hate deep.
    And the writers shown as Tara love money.really i can’t accept this.totally ruined the Tara character.I hate this writers.
    This reporter help nia.but why.
    Really current track is so meaningless and illogical.
    Please Alisha come back as arohi.otherwise end this show.
    I can’t see arjun and Alisha more negative.

    1. What i find irritating is now suddenly everyone knows about Arohi’s parents. Then what secret Deep was trying to protect? I suppose someone is also blackmailing Deep, because he keeps talking on phone secretly. God knows how this fake mom fits in. From two days i haven’t watched one single scene. Just read updates heading to know what is happening. And you are right about Tara. Virat always wanted money. But from when Tara also became like that?
      And i am sure this reporter will die very soon. Is serial me nayi entry ho aur wo do mahina tik jae ho hi nahi sakta (in this serial, its not possible that a new character enters and is lucky enough to survive two months even)

      1. Hi dhara.u r correct. The reporter will die.
        This writers ruined all characters.
        1.Deep do anything for arohi.but he not kill the people. (He kill sudha,goon,try to kill chawani). Totally ruined his character.
        2.Tara do anything for deep love.but she never love money.ruined her character also.
        3.I don’t talk anything about new arohi.totally ruined her character.

    2. Satya127

      Yes rhivanya….
      I am fed up…..Alisha and arjun has done so much hardwork for the show and infact alisha as arohi is one of the main reason for the show to win the award and how the hell they make them villains and side characters….
      Please continue alisha back as AROHI….That can only bring the charm for the show…..
      Hope these writers make an end to this stupid tracks and bring alisha to continue as AROHI….Arohi only suits alisha and arsha r only ARDEEP….

      1. Hi satya.
        Alisha is soul of this show.
        Alisha is main lead of this show.
        She not give up the arohi role( this is makers decision).totally injustice of her.
        I regularly follow her Instagram. She love both roles.she is a very good hard worker. Personally I like her.

    3. Hi rhivanya..

      1. Hi sravanthi. How r u?

    4. fine dear.. How are you?

      1. Fine dear.

  3. Director Ko bht Zaroorat hai apne dimaag ka ilaaj karwane ki …. Itna bkwasss Bhi koi Twist or track lata hai

  4. I always suspected Virat as Malik. I am not surprised to know that Virat is Malik. There is an idiom in Hindi ‘kuthe ke doom kabi sidi nahi ho saktha hai, wo hamesha tere rahega’.

    1. Satya127

      U r right….Virat is like dog’s tail….

  5. DannyComments

    Till date,I still don’t understand what’s going on..why did Arohi face get changed? Who set the room on fire? Why was she kept unconscious for 3 months? What is going on?

  6. Wow Tara, arohi ki dress me 😘same as initial days of immj ,same emotions. Arohi ke parents ki band Baja di😎. Aur nia ko tum log superman bana do agle episode 5 gundo ke sath fight . pregnant hai kuch to sharam karo😝

  7. off so much drama .

  8. why the makers changed face of arohi?

  9. where is the real anjali?
    whether he is alive or hidden by aarohi…
    many questions have not been answered..

  10. ye stupid drama kab tak chalega

  11. Satya127

    Friends u know for few minutes when alisha was talking to arohi’s mother i really felt like alisha is back as AROHI literally i felt so emotional not for the scene but for our arohi (alisha)…Writers bring back alisha as arohi and continue whr nonsense u want we only want alisha and arjun as ARDEEP… Did anyone felt likw me watching that scene

    1. Hi satya. naku kuda kodhisepu aarohi ni chustunnate anipinchindi. naku okati artam kavatledu enni msgs pedutunnam alisha ne aarohi ga kavalani trp kuda mottam padipoindi ee writers enduku nia ne continue chestunaru. story ni mottam spoil chesinru serial chudalantene headache vastundi arjun alisha evaru nachatledu.e nia show nundi epudu get out avtadi.

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