Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi fools Deep and Virat

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi say don’t scare me. I have been dead for so many times. You have only 24 hours your game will end. Deep says Vedika will be killed for your sins, arohi says you are a coward like before. Arohi says don’t do anything. If you wanna meet me come where I ask you. Bring Vedika too. Deep says okay.

Roma calls Minister and says all big people are defamed by media. Calm down nothing will happen. Deep comes in. Arohi says deep went for your work. Deep says Tara go and rest. Tara says can’t you talk in front of me? Deep says have to set agenda for press conference. Arohi hugs Roma. she goes to her room. Deep says to Roma Arohi is alive. Roma says what..

Arohi says deep is such a fool. Don’t worry I will ruin their lives.
Virat says I saw the dead body. It was Arohi. Deep says she is alive. I spoke to her. Virat says someone else was talking to you. Deep says that body could be fake too. roma says if Arohi is alive my life would be ruined. My dream would be gone. Deep says I am sorry it is my mistake. Roma says you have 24 hours and I want Arohi dead in that. He says okay. Deep says she asked me to bring Vedika. she wants to get Vedika free. We will kill her before that. Virat says we have to make a solid plan.

Deep texts Arohi and asks her to come somewhere. Arohi says he will be trapped in his own plan.

Scene 2
Deep and Virat leave. Roma says Tara what happened. She says I am not feeling well. I don’t want to come to press conference. Roma says you rest there. I can face the whole world alone.
Deep and Virat are at different spots. Virat says she must be coming. DEep says yes be careful. Arohi calls deep and says where are you? He says where are you? Arohi saays is vedika with you? If she isn’t I wont come to see you. Deep looks around. He opens the back. There is a girl with tied hand. Chawani calls arohi and says vedika is there. Deep says come and save her. Come or I will kill her. Arohi says I know you wont dob this. Come to this game. Virat says I will keep an eye on the car.

Deep comes in. Arohi comes in a red dress. Deep recalls his moments with Arohi. He recalls promising Roma that he will kill her. Deep points gun. Arohi runs. Virat sees a girl. Virat says Arohi is going towards the car. Deep says no she is in front of my eyes on the other side. Deep says stop. Virat says stop to another girl.

Virat saays turn back. He sees another girl with same clothes. Deep asks someone to turn. He sees another girl too. All of them run. Deep calls Virat and says I saw two girls. Deep says so did I. Deep says turn back. Virat says turn back. Both are different girls. Deep and virat meet.
Virat says she fooled us here to get Vedika out. Rush home.

Arohi comes to house. She recalls Deep talking to Roma. Arohi gave Roma sticks microphone when she hugged her. Arohi said good night. She came t her room and heard Deep and Virat talking. Deep said lets go to kill Arohi. We can’t take Vedika out. We should keep vedika here. Its the safest. Arohi hears.

Deep and Virat are on their way. Arohi tries to unlock the door. Deep says Virat lets go home. Arohi must have gone there.
Precap-Deep and Virat come home. They see that Vedika isn’t there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi friends…. it was an ok episode, i doubted it might not be vedika when they didnt show her face…. it was funny when Deep saw two Arohi and Virat also saw two Arohi and the false Arohi told to Deep – ‘hero, your dialogue should have been i love you’ 😛 😛 anyways, i dont understand why Arohi went there in the first place when she knew Vedika was in that house itself? or she could have first released Vedika and then gone to meet Deep :/ it was unnecessary tension to see Arohi coming back in the end, although i am sure she has escaped with Vedika…. lets see what happens tomorrow….

    1. Hai dhara.exactly my point also.may be some scene shown in afternoon episode.

    2. Hi dhara i agree with u in dt she had a lot of time 2 save Vedika but she went deir 2 play hide and seek game and wasted enough time deir but im darm sure she wil definitly save Vedika

    3. Yes dhara dii l agree

    4. hi Dhara i assume that Aarohi went there to make deep believe she was there. that the red dress girl was aarohi [ showing herself in the mirror]or maybe that she would have thought they would sometimes bring vedika [thats why aarohi would have pulled the girl thinking deep had kept his words]

    5. Sayanika

      Hi Dhara.
      Actually Aarohi went there just to show her face to Deep and then trick him and Virat. Then she went to the car and freed the disguised girl. And then she went home to free Vedika. This was just to show them that Aarohi (for Deep and Virat) did not know their plan.. that they were not to bring the real Vedika.. And after she discovered that it was not the real Vedika, she would go to their home to free her. All of this just so that Virat and Deep don’t doubt that Tara is Aarohi.

  2. Loved today episode especially Arohi’s trick to confuse Deep and Viraat. Arohi was looking very beautiful in that red dress….I suppose this was the same dress that she wore in the first meeting of Ardeep and she has worn it to distract Deep in his thoughts for a while….I hope now this pregnancy track ends soon as sooner or later Arohi will be caught in her own web of lies…

    1. Hai Sonia.yes,arohi looking beautiful. I want this fake pregnancy drama end soon.

    2. hi sonia…. it seems Arohi did get a similar dress to wear. i am just surprised that Arohi remembered what dress she wore the first time she met Deep. but it was a good move and Deep was immediately reminded of their first meeting

  3. Hello friends I like today episode.
    I want a deep arohi face to face scene.but writers make a face off scene.
    Is really arohi saves vedika?
    Waiting for tomorrow.

  4. i liked today’s episode

    1. Hai too.

  5. Like this dialog:
    1.arohi:”ek baar khud ko deklo deep mujhse door reh kr kya halat ho gaya tumhaari”.
    2.deep:” palto arohi!dekloon toh sahi mujshje door reh kr tum kitna badal gayi”.

    1. hey Rhivanya…. truly, the dialogues were very good today!

  6. You are playing a very dangerous game arohi. I did enjoyed the part, there’s was many women in red dresses. Thay was good!
    Deep is still roma DOG.
    I still don’t trust deep, it feel like he and the rest knows. That tara is arohi.

    1. Yeah but if they did, they would have easily shot her and they’d be super alert around her. In today’s episode, Deep said “Tara bhi ghar par nahi hai”, so that means he still thinks its Tara. I think he genuinely loves Aarohi and the emotions he shows now are only shown to us (the audience) and not Aarohi, so I think those are his true emotions. He’s battling between Love and Loyalty. That’s the reason why he got so emotional seeing Aarohi in the red dress (smart move by her). He almost shot the mirror lol and gained back his focus and the job was done.

      During the initial days, there used to be two promos, Aarohi in jail and Deep in jail. I wonder how they’ll show Deep to be in jail..

    2. hey mo….. somehow i feel that Deep and rest do not know Arohi’s truth. after many days i feel like Arohi is back in control and it feels good to see that!

  7. Sayanika

    I am speechless. What an amazing episode. Loved to the very end of it. I was glued to the screen the whole time. On some parts it lacked logic but it’s okay, it’s a serial.
    The best scene according to me was when Aarohi and Deep finally were standing infront of the mirror. Also Deep thinking that how did Aarohi who was once such an innocent girl could plan something fine.
    In short, I absolutely loved the episode.

    1. Hai sayanika.really amazing episode.

    2. hi Sayanika…. i also liked the fact that Deep was shocked at Arohi’s smartness. she is no longer the naive girl of before and Deep better start getting scared of her! 😀 😀

  8. My god! I loved today’s episode. Now the serial has proved to be a thriller. I wish all episodes were like this. I am sure Vedika has been saved, now what happens will be nice to watch. And Deep thinks Arohi will be innocent still, lol, after all that he’s done to her, no sane girl will stay innocent.

    1. Hai also excited.

    2. hi priya…. agree that the serial is picking pace again. i dont know who the writers are but they always come up with brilliant and original idea… i loved that Arohi brought four girls with same dresses to confuse Deep and Virat

  9. Hello Everyone! I watched the episode online as I won’t be able to tomorrow! Once again, loved the episode! It was amazing! Loved how Aarohi tricked Deep and VIrat into saving Vedika! I love to see her victory over the two! I hope she manages to ruin Roma’s minister dream as well! I feel her idea of telling Deep that she’s alive was a good plan indeed! She can easily accomplish her revenge as both Aarohi and Tara! So happy to see the story taking this turn, I wish they’d keep us entertained likewise ?

    1. Hello shey.yes full of entertainment episode. I want destroy the Roma dream very soon.

    2. yes shey, completely agree with all you said. the story is getting right on track again 🙂

  10. btw… i have a doubt. just yesterday Arohi said that she was three months pregnant…. so shouldnt her belly start growing by now? nobody mentions that ‘Tara’ doesnt show any sign of pregnancy (unless you consider sleepwalking to be one of the signs lol)

    1. Sayanika

      No Dhara. ?
      The belly starts growing post 5 months of pregnancy. Generally, pregnancy symptoms show after 3 months. Not before that. But since this was a planned pregnancy.. she got to know before.
      That’s why Roma even said that before 3 months of being pregnant you cannot announce it to the world. Because there is a high chance that a woman may face miscarriage before 3 months because she herself is unaware of her baby.

      1. hey Sayanika…. i didnt know about five months part 🙁 so it seems Arohi can continue for another two months with this lie and not get caught. i just wish this pregnancy lie will stop soon though….

  11. there were dialogues i really loved
    1 Arohi: mei kya karu chavanni deep kuch zyaada hi dartha hai tara sai
    2 Deep: zara ek baar mudkar apni shakal thoh dekho mujhse door reh kar kya halat hogayi thumhari
    3 Deep: Arohi dekoon thoh sahi mujse door rh kar tum kithna badal gayi hoon
    4 Girl:are yeh kya dialogue bol raheehun hero thereko tho i love u bolnekathana??
    5 Deep: Arohi jaise boli bali larki itni shathir itni thez kaisi ban gayi
    and guys did you’ll notice at night when deep and aarohi were texting aarohis phone showed the time of 11 am odd [ i saw it at dopehar ka tadka today]
    on todays episode loved when aarohi fooled virat and deep
    and virat was like “mujhe tho yakeen nahi horaha hain ki usne hum dono kohi chakma dediya”

    1. There were 6 dialogues I really loved*
      11.40 odd*?? I just couldn’t ignore this

      1. Yes Nabs, I notice timing of chat very carefully in all series, movie, because we get some info about timing of real shooting, and I noticed that the timing was different in both the mobiles. When arohi sent the message, it should be earlier timing than deep’s recieving timing but reality was reversed, deep had recieved the message before arohi sent that according to the time shown on their respective mobiles.

    2. Hai nabs.I love all dialog.

    3. hi nabs…. all the dialogues today were just amazing!

  12. Hello Mo.I really enjoy many women red dress and confused deep and virat.nice part.

    1. Hello to you too.
      I enjoyed so much, I was glued to my seat.
      One moment I thought arohi was going to get shoot. Then there were many.
      I just want the writing to get better. Who ever thought this up, should get an award.

  13. Hello evry1…..The episode was fair but i have lost all hope when it come to deep becoming good its like he wil remain mamajji’s dog and wil neva try to save Aarohi evn if he want to 4 once Virat confidence made me fear dt Aarohi might loose again but when he started getting confuse i was like Virat Bhaya were did ur confidence and heroine dessapeard?

    1. Hai lutfa.

    2. hi lutfa, i just dont expect Deep to save Arohi anymore. that way i can enjoy the episodes better 🙂 Deep will not betray Roma, specially when Deep has taken oath by keeping hand on Roma’s head

  14. Sanaa.khan

    Hi everyone,I really enjoyed today’s episode…. special Deep Viraat and Arohi and her helpers’ Tom and Jerry chase.
    When both revenge hungry Viraat and Deep were chasing the red dressed girls assuming them to be Arohi was like watching two angry bulls running for the red fabric that’s used to fool them…I literally fell off from the chair laughing….lol.??????

    Deep ka kuch nahin ho sacta….he’s just like a toddler learning to walk holding his mummyji’s finger…huh….
    Well done Arohi, you have executed your plan well. I have kept a new name for you…Arohi the DON~ now you can peacefully say after rescuing Vedika ” Arohi the don ko pakadhna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai…”

    Can’t hold back my excitment for watching the next episode….Waiting for tomorrow’s episode eagerly…

    1. hi sanaa… loved your analogy of bulls chasing after redd cloth lol 😛 😛 must say Arohi has executed her plan very well today. it seems she is finally back in control

  15. Hi dhara dii, Rhivanya, sathya, sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, saras, Arpi, arohi&deep, lutfa, Nayana, shey,Avensha, salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, imm, Hj,mo, nabs, critic, cherry, priya, emli, Ashi, vicky, mohit, arya, maya , vicky, pks,riena, P.S.T,deeyana, amira,adhira and all ….sorry if l miss anyone. …….
    Wow……ardeep face to face……Awesome. ..but l think atleast arohi can avoid that mangalsuthri before coming in front of deep…….if deep identify that it may cause more problems …….it was so funny when is aim gun to the mirror ( l think he lost his control when he saw arohi……Does he even realize it was reflection of arohi lol?)……And that both girls…where did arohi get them??? I think chawani bring them …….Both virat and deep expression ?But arohi fools both virat and deep….So funny…..when deep get fooled he say in his mind…when arohi become more intelligent.How???????
    If arohi hear this question she will say l have taken a degree from the jail (university of jail shimla)
    As in case of planning and executing tara is much better than this dumbo virat
    and deep…..
    Prithvi was not in today’s episode. ……..
    Arohi’s good move by placing microphone to roma……..l think she need to buy 4 more one for virat,and other for deep Prithvi and vedika….her job will be easy
    Precap. ..Arohi won this war….So now she need to be more careful ………..
    @By the way where is niku????missing him
    @Bring my tara back please. ……
    @How long cvs are going to continue this pregnancy track……For us (viewers) its has been two months…….
    @Please stop this dopahar ka ………l don’t know what the name actually. …..
    Well l can’t watch the noon telecast……..So l am missing that scene……….

    1. Hi shifa.i think arohi respect the she can’t remove.

    2. agree shifa that Tara is much better in planning than Virat and Deep. Tara has constructed ‘Arohi’ death very well and fooled even Arohi for the time being. i dont know what for Tara is waiting to return… Deep/Virat really thought that Arohi will just come in front of them to meet without any plans! i suppose Arohi learnt her lesson when Virat just shot Kalyani causing her death. she was much more brilliant this time forcing both Virat and Deep to get away from the car…

  16. the writers are also showing a slow change in dynamics between Roma and Virat. Roma is angry at Virat for doubting her (although she does have an illegitimate child) and Virat is getting angry at her for giving more and more responsibilities to Deep…. i am waiting for the day when Virat tries to kill Roma for property (he already pushed her down stairs once), Prithvi turns against Roma for Vedika, Deep turns against Roma for Dilip and Tara turns against Roma for cheating…… i hope everyone turns against Roma and together kill her -_-

    1. Hey dhara.everyone against Roma.what an idea.waiting for the day.

  17. Ardeep

    I think today’s episode was amazing arohi tricks to fool deep and virat.Deep is like a pet dog of Roma he never goes against her .Roma is using him.Arohi was there to show deep her face so deep could belive that she was there and then she went home to save vedika.But I want deep to show his true emotions in front of arohi .So arohi could realize his mistake.But then I saw arjun insta story it shows how’s deep in anger with a gun I am show at how sure he is going to kill arohi.I just hope we will get our Ardeep back

    1. Hai ardeep.I don’t think deep kill arohi.let see what happened next?

  18. super episode… full power thriller …
    arohis idea of multiple girls was amazing…

    see now they are showng to us(viewers) deeps side of the story…. he always loved arohi but he did everything for mummyji…

    when he himself sees her torturing her own daughter howcome he thinks roma is devi????

    1. Hai saras.

    2. hi Saras, Deep doesnt believe that Vedika is Roma’s daughter. but still Roma was brutally torturing another human. i too dont understand why Deep thinks Roma is a good human. just because she gave shelter to Deep? his mummyji mummyji chant makes no sense

  19. good that even virat accompanied deep else he would again blame deep… now he has firsthand information.

  20. Tara is alive as for deep murmered himself that he shot arohi on her leg then how could she die….now this gonna b a suspense thriller after everyone goes to know Tara is alive…what she plans n how arohi faces her [email protected],deep,Roma,Tara,prithvi…..

    1. Hai Sam.

    2. hey sam…. waiting for Tara’s return too! then the game will be even more interesting. right now Tara is the only one who knows most of Arohi’s plan. (that Arohi was kesari, the pregnancy is fake, Arohi was supporting Kalyani…. Arohi herself went and told Tara everything so she knows…)

  21. because of vedika pruthvi will turn against roma.. like wise deep may also turn against her dueto somereason in future… so with virat n tara…

    waiting foe that day…. i dont hate anybody in this serial except roma…. all others are interesting n funny in their own way

    1. Sayanika

      True Saras. Roma is the bad apple in the basket. The evil one. The one manipulating the innocent ones.

    2. I really hate Roma.

  22. one special thing about deep. his wounds heal immediately. yday while he got arohis call his hand git cut with that scissor. but when he came back home his hand was fine….lol

    1. Hi saras this is really stupid seriel no logic even if there is no 1perc logic in the serial .I know it is a serial they have no time to think about logic but it is crossing it’s limit. I am watching just for its lead actors but the ongoing track push me not to watch it in next week,,………. They should concentrate on romance instead of thrilling or mix both, this is the reason why the trp is decreasing. Remind about naagin which concentrate on both thrilling and romance (except logic)

    2. don’t see any logic.

    3. hey Saras…. now i see you are searching for logic 😛 😛 anyways the writers always do this. Remember when Arohi got shot in foret when she was running away with Kalyani? the nest day she went as Kesari, her hands were exposed and there was no wound :/ the writers just forget who got hurt when -_-

  23. Can anyone please tell me which is the additional scence in dopehar ka tadka

    1. hi Shifa… its my request also that if anyone sees Dopahar ka Tadka scene then post about it in the comments everyday. i want to know about those scenes too

    1. hey Rhivanya… thanx for this clip. Deep and Arohi look so good when they are together and having fun…. now there is too much pain and betrayal 🙁

    1. Thanks Rhivanya……thanks for the link….nice scenes why are they cutting such scenes. …..if you have don’t give the link..l surely miss that scence …Thank u. ..

      1. Sure’s my pleasure. Last three days I gave a link.but no one notice.

    2. thanku so much for this clip Rhivanya 🙂 if possible please post these scenes everyday. its a request…

      1. Sure’s my pleasure.

    1. Thanks Rhivanya. ……….thank su so much…..

  24. thanks rhivanya.. for the links.

    in this serial who is nayK n who’s khalnaayak??

    1. dont know 😛 😛 Deep is not evil enough to be khalnayak 😛

  25. Trp dropped down to 1.8 from 2.0..

    1. Hai Tanya.why trp dropped down.

    2. hey Tanya… hopefully if they keep giving good episodes then trp will increase. i will never understand how crap shows like kumkum bhagya has high trp 🙁

  26. Welcome shifa and saras.

  27. @saras I think nayak is arohi khalnayak is deep.

    1. both khal naayaks only now-:))

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