Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi tells Deep she is alive

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says are we here to talk about her? She makes me very angry. Why is she living in our house? Deep says haven’t seen her in a few hours. I think she ran.
Prithvi says to Roma vedika isn’t in her room where is she? Roma says why are you worried for her? You lied to me right. You know what I do to liars. prithvi says she is your daughter too. Have some shame. Don’t harm her. Please leave her. Roma says I forgive you don’t worry.
Arohi eats and coughs. She says why so much spices. Deep says you loved spices. She says are you crazy. You know I don’t like spices. Deep says I am and relax.

Roma says she left this letter for you. Read this out of me. Prithvi reads Dear daddy I am leaving forever. Roma says pray to God that i don’t see her again or you know what will I do to her. He leaves.

Arohi says you don’t care about me or my child. He says lets go to hospital. She says you didn’t even give me water. Deep gives her water. Arohi says what are you trying to do? You don’t love. Deep says Arohi is dead don’t bring her in between all this. Deep gets a call from Roma.

Scene 2
Vedika is tied. She screams help. Deep says to Arohi mom called me for some work. Driver will take you home. Arohi texts Chawani to follow deep and Roma.
Arohi and Chawani look for Deep and Roma. Aorhi says we have to find them out. i cant let this happen to Vedika.
Roma comes to Vedika says look at you. i asked deep not to harm you much but he was helpless too. She hugs her and says you are my blood. But you have to tell me the name of person who made you stand in front of me. Tell me who did all this. Arohi says we have to save her.
Vedika says you can’t fool me. Roma slaps her and says that’s how you talk to your mom? You have no manners. She takes current wires and says tell me the name. She gives her shock. Vedika screams. Roma says tell me before your bones melt. Deep opens the door and says mummy ji please don’t do this. She can’t take it anymore. She will die. If she dies you wont know wwho did all this. I will find everything out. Roma says you have just one day or I will kill her.

Arohi says I will expose myself. Chawani says are you crazy. Deep pours on Vedika. She says even if you kill me I wont tell you. deep says I will not kill you but you will have to tell me. Who asked you to do all thsi? Arohi writes a text? Deep says see these cutters? Would you want me to cut them. He is about ot pull her nail. Arohi texts Deep if you wanna know who did all this leave Vedika. he replies I wont leave her i will kill her. Arohi says you can’t find out. You are stuck in Arohi’s big plan. Deep replies Arohi is dead. Arohi says no Arohi is alive. Deep is dazed.

deep says someone is lying. Arohi says coming 24 hours will be worst for you. See what I do with you now. Deep calls on her number. Chawnai says I am not understanding your plan. Deep says why is this person not picking phone? Chawani says he will kill us. Arohi says don’t be scared. I can’t back out now. I have to save Vedika at any cost.
Arohi picks the phone. Deep says Arohi.. He says I thought you died but you got stuck in my plan again. You have proved that you are an idiot. You can’t save yourself from me. Arohi says you can’t shoot and kill me that easily. Deep says this time I will make sure that you die. arohi says your stone heart is melting. You couldn’t see me dying so you left that place. DEep says you are nothing more than Tara’s look alike. Arohi says you will see. Deep says your death is coming to you.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi friends…. ignoring the precap, i really really liked today’s episode! finally, after ages, Deep and Arohi interacted with each other as Deep and Arohi. my god Arjun is a fabulous actor, the way he was saying his dialogues when he talked with Arohi, the way his eyes were saying something else and he was something else….. after a long time i felt Deep and Arohi had a chemistry even if it is pain-love-hate mix, but there was actually something present in their interaction….. so this is what the promo means. Deep knows Arohi is alive but doesnt know that Arohi is in his house….. i just wish he hadnt gone and told Roma in the precap and again with Virat/Roma/Deep with their plans to trap Arohi…… but i am just happy with today’s episode and i will leave it at that πŸ™‚

    1. yeah even i sensed the pain in his heart and eyes but the lips and tongue were telling the opposite.

    2. Hai dhara.what a fabulous deep expression. Really loved it.yes love arohi and deep chemistry.

    3. Yeah Dhara,,,, after a very long time it’s cute to see Deep’s reaction when he speaks to Arohi ?

    4. Hi Dhara di! Arjun’s acting is highly commendable! That’s why we love his so so much ?! And the episode was amazing! I also love how they spoke to each other! Both had mixed emotions!

  2. and i also loved that Deep stopped Roma from torturing Vedika (if only he had stopped maya from torturing Arohi once πŸ™ ). i feel it is a good sign that he tried to stop Roma and hopefully in the future he will more actively try to go against Roma…. again he didnt like hearing Vedika’s scream from outside. so he really doesnt like violence and also i am happy with Vedika…. that girls really kept her mouth shut and didnt tell anyone the truth. she even saw through Roma (vile vile Roma, true to none. how she fooled Prithvi even. i cant believe Prithvi agreed to Roma’s words and thought Vedika has left and is safe!) sadly Arohi herself messaged Deep but atleast Arohi-being-Tara secret is still safe. also liked the fact that Arohi realized Vedika was in trouble because of Arohi’s plans and hence it was her responsibility to save Vedika at any cost. i hope true friendship develops between Arohi and Vedika and Vedika never betrays Arohi. then finally Arohi will have a adult to completely trust. i would also be happy that it is a girl in support of Arohi and not another male to complicate issues…… all in all i really liked today’s

    1. but few wld have loved a male supporting aarohi so that deep would be getting jealous and regret and repent for his doings..but hope vedika doesnt betray n i dnt think the writers will come back with thoka track

    2. Agree with you.first am not trust vedika. But now true friendship between arohi and vedika.message scene is amazing.

    3. Exactly @Dhara, after this incident I too feel Vedika would genuinely support Aarohi! That’s good she found out about that Roma!

  3. another thing i forgot to mention, i really liked when Arohi/Tara was scolding Deep in the beginning because the bhel puri was too hot and spicy…. Deep looked so confused that Tara is bashing him again for no fault of his. the more Arohi was scolding the more he was making faces like ‘dont get angry please’….. for some reason i really liked it…. i hope this renewed energy continues into future episodes. and i hope tomorrow Roma/Virat/Deep plan fails and Roma’s dream of becoming Rajya Sabha member shatters completely!

    1. yeah it was really fun his face soo confused n arahi as tara was like u never care about me only baby baby n imm asking water for so long and u dont care about giving me a cup of water

    2. Yeah you are Correct. I also want destroy the Roma dream.

    3. Yeah! I too want Roma in a shattered state! That woman deserves even worse but this was her dream so I like to see her devastated!

  4. just loved those expressions when arohi told “tum itna meherbaniya karke mere dil paththar ka ban chuki hai..”
    and he was like shocked when aarohi told him but what happened to u deep from stonehearted how come u became so soft hearted by shooting me in my leg

    1. Hai nabs.Wonderful dialog.

    2. Hi Nabs! Same here that dialogue was well said!

    3. hey nabs…. agree the dialogues and reactions were just awesome.

  5. Ohhh godd…. After a long time i really loved the episode….. And yes i was waiting for their conversation from a long time…. I know arohi’s gonna win this time, but i want deep to help her…. I wanted arohi to be more strong on her conversation with deep….. Actually after a long time i found a a good personality and thats vedika, i respect u girl… Keep it up.. Now i just want arohi to beat them up, if they r in mood to continue deeps mood swings….. I really saw tara in her when she was scolding the man……after a long time they kept their promise, they meant what was shown in the promo….

    1. Hai am also saw Tara from arohi face.

    2. hey Tanya…. truly it was refreshing to see a strong and positive personality after a long time… Vedika came with good intentions and stuck to Arohi’s support. she was strong and tolerated all the torture… and lets not forget, she was ready to poison ‘Tara’ to get what she want….. so i hope Vedika will help Arohi make new plans and even get out of problems…. and i hope she tells Prithvi what Roma has done so that Prithvi goes against Roma….. really interested in the future epis….

  6. Yah liked the episodes today

    1. Yes pks.

  7. but does really deep tell roma that arohi is alive but now i need a male friend of aarohis who will come help her and deep will really repent afterwords[though i know he loves her but never crosses roma]
    and where is nikku does any1 know wat happened cause i coudnt see some afternoon episodes

    1. Nikku is not shown.writers forgot the nikku character. Now only focus vedika chapter.

      1. hi rhivanya these cvs are forgetful all the time.i thought vedika was kept because of nikku and aarohi doesnt even check on nikku

    2. hey nabs, i also wish they would show nikku more…. the writers show the characters only when it is related to some plans of Arohi. but i wish they will show some normal scenes not related to plans/revenge and characters just caring for each other. i want to see scenes of Arohi taking care of nikku…. i feel Deep takes care of nikku too. remember that scene where Arohi had kept envelope for Vedika in nikku’s room and Deep went their first? he didnt go to harm him, just to check on him…. more of such scenes will be good to make Deep/Arohi more loveable…

  8. Hello friends. I just enjoy today episode. Lovely fabulous episode. Best episode for me.

  9. What a expression ardeep conversation. Super.
    Arjun and Alisha both are super deep control the emotions. Wow very nice.

    1. Hi Rhivanya! Every body loved this epi! Finally we saw something interesting!

    2. agree Rhivanya, both the actors have a wide range of expressions and portray complexity so well…. loved it

  10. btw… the update says no precap, but there was a precap. in the precap Deep, Virat and Roma are standing in their ‘discussion room’. Roma says, what? Arohi is alive? Virat says we have to make a careful plan to trap her, she is very cunning woman….

    1. Is really deep trap arohi.

    2. Ohhhhhh here they don’t show precaps! Only the recap! Thanks for telling di!

    3. Heyy dhara u asked about dopar ka tadka timing for immj… Its starts from 1:45 or 2:00 in the evening..

    4. hey Tanya… thanx for telling πŸ™‚ i will try to catch those episodes once at least and see what these extra scenes contain…

  11. Now face to face arohi and excited. War starts let see who win the battle?

    1. Yep ?✌

  12. I hate Roma.Tara ka dialog ab roma rahi hey.I love Tara but I completely hate Roma.someone kill Roma first.

    1. *Tara ka dialog ab Roma bol rahi hey.

  13. oooh another thing…. Roma torturing Vedika with live wires reminded me of the scene where Tara was scaring nikku with live wires too…. seems Roma is responsible for Tara’s condition, and Tara has learnt a lot of her violent ways from her mother. at least Tara is not a manipulative two-faced woman like her mother and always speaks whats in her mind!

    1. Yes dhara.Tara is not a bad person. She only love deep.but Roma….

    2. Sanaa.khan

      Hi dhara di, I agree to you on that….if mother is such cheap, heartless and narrow minded what can we expect from her daughter?? By the way dhara di how was your trip and how did you celebrate the new year???

      1. I was about to say this. Atleast Tara did this to her enemy’s bhatija but this woman, my god, how can one be so cruel to their own offspring…

      2. hi sanaa… my trip was good πŸ˜€ new years celebration went in shopping for a marriage in the family πŸ˜› πŸ˜› now its my turn to attend marriage like you πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    3. Exactly di! Tara is straightforward amd open on that part! The one I hate the most is Roma!

  14. P.S.T

    You’re right Dhara, today ep was the best omg it’s great interesting, drama and get that feel what is going to happen next can’t wait for the next one. By the way nice to meet you I’m new to chat I start watching the show from the being but I never really common, so please welcome me. I’m excited to see what happens next and I saw the prep on Instagram Its show Roma/ Virat/ deep trying to make a plan to trap Aarohi again and Aarohi made a deal with deep to set free Verdika so that she can come to deep face to face. That was their deal, so let see what Aarohi would. I really hope she come to their house and show herself and I want to see the whole family face, i also can’t wait for deep to find out that he shot Tara and did some body last rits and they would think it’s tara and Tara walk in and show herself being alive, I can’t wait for London track, I miss Tara. Her back would be mind blowing. Nice to meet u again,

    1. Hai p.s.t. you are welcome. Am also waiting for London track. Am sure Tara will come back in London full of revenge mood with big knife.

    2. Hi P.S. T welcome and yeah I really miss Tara too and want her to come back…and so are we waiting eagerly for the London track?

    3. hey PST, welcome to the comments section πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i have also never commented before anywhere except here and i hope to read more of your comments πŸ™‚ i too am waiting for Tara’s return, and i want to see Tara going to kill Roma because Roma cheated Dilip with Prithvi!

  15. Sanaa.khan

    Hi everyone, I know I know it’s been a long time since I have last commented…I wasn’t interested in commenting the past episodes as they were boring .. I thought of commenting yesterday but the update was posted late and I was busy during the day so couldn’t comment. Anyways today’s episode was amazing. I loved it to the core….. Finally Arohi and Deep’s Tom and Jerry chase would be over. The way Deep kept his hand on his chest after he heard Arohi’s voice was a must see moment…. Deep has mixed emotions within himself and his eyes truely express sadness, love and guilt but the way he spoke with the same attitude with was just fantabulous!!????
    Arjun really deserves to get the best telly actor of this year…..he has portrayed Deep’s character with much perfection that I guess no other actor would have done justice to it….

    I really hoped that this Friday there would be a great dhamaka but Shakti serial ke band baja baraat ne khane ka pura swad kharab Kar Diya….I have a question, why the hell is colors hell bent on keeping mahasangams everything now and then?????…they only show a little of 5 minutes of immj and the rest on that crap bullshit serials…huh??

    1. Sanaa.khan

      **every now and then?

    2. Completely agreed Saana,,, Arjun deserves a best actor award and much more in his way

    3. Riena

      I agree with u saana. I hope arjun get GPA award in this year. Bcz he deserve

    4. Hai r u?
      Really arjun deserves best actor award. I hate this mahasangam.

    5. Hi Sana! Welcome back! Hope you keep commenting! I truly agree! Usually other Mahasangams have half of the stories shown but in this they show a little of IMMJ and more of TA! And Arjun is the best actor ever! I started watching this also for him!

    6. hey Sanaa…. truly Arjun deserves awards, he is just so compelling…. i am disappointed with mahasangams but what to do, it is the channels choice, but i am sure that it will be full of Shakti drama (like the udaan mahasangam was last time) and the immj couples would just dance and take part in some rituals maybe, so i will just skip it πŸ™‚

  16. Hi Dhara, Shifa, Rhivanya, Shey, Sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, Saras, Arpi, Nayana, Avensha, Salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, Sobhana, Cherry

    Wow, a fantastic episode after very long time… I love Deep and Arohi’s conversation ?… It’s lovely to see though it’s mixed of revenge and fights….
    Arjun proves that he is very fantastic actor ?? Hope Vedika will be fine and I think Prithvi will support Arohi after knowing Vedika suffes as per the latest spoilers…
    Hope the thrill continues

    1. Hai guess also prithivi support and help arohi.

    2. Hi Sathya! I hope for the same that Prithvi and Vedika help Aarohi!

    3. hi sathya… we are all hoping for Arohi to get more supporters. even if Prithvi starts supporting Arohi, i still hope that he is punished for his crimes. before Arohi was sent to jail, Deep tried to put Tara in asylum and have some happiness with Arohi, but Prithvi set Tara free and it was then that i think Tara went and murdered Aniket (Arohi’s brother). Prithvi went against Deep at that time and forced him to turn, so i hope Prithvi gets punishment too

  17. Nice episode

    1. Hai moneera.yes very nice episode.

    2. Hi Moneera it was indeed ?

  18. Did Arohi noticed Deep shot at Tara foot only and is that Virat alone kept some other dead body,,, Does Virat knows Tara being alive or not
    So many questions coming and excited for this week episodes

    1. I mean does Virat knows Arohi being alive earlier or not

    2. Same question here.upcoming episodes clear our all doubts.

    3. Aarohi didn’t see that Sathya but when Deep told about it she heard!

      1. Oh okay Shey,,, i thought he was saying to himself

      2. i was also wondering about it that how Arohi knew about Deep shooting Tara in the leg. thanx for clearing this up shey…

  19. i m yet to watch the episode…. in telly dhamal update a precap is there but here its written no precap…

    1. Hai saras.yes tellydhammal website give a clear update.

    2. Yes Saras u better read tellydhamaal updates! Rhivanya told me and whenever I miss epis I read that. It’s very detailed

  20. I mean did Virat knows Arohi being alive earlier or not

    1. The story didn’t mention anything as such Sathya but before Virat was claiming Aarohi is alive but lateron he found out evidences and proof about she being dead and then only the Raichands performed her final rites! I wonder all that was a trick by Virat or not! That’s a mystery!

  21. there are so many mysteries to be unfold
    we still dont know who attaked arohi
    where is nikku
    what happened to arohi’s bhabi
    who is tara and virat’s biological father
    whats the relation between deep and dillip
    why dilip told arohi to save deep
    where did that dog disappear
    why doesnt deep check the tattoo on aarohi’s neck for clarification
    how did deep aim aarohi’s [tara] leg cause she was wearing a skirt
    did aarohi see deep aiming to the leg
    then why doesnt aarohi think tara could have escaped.
    how come chawanni disappears and reappears to the same house and no one questions him
    there are so many questions but the cvs are not giving our answers but instead they gift many more questions

    1. Hii nabs
      Yes of course ……lot of questions without any explanation

    2. Hai nabs.yes lot of questions in my mind also.don’t think more.because writers not consider our point.

    3. Hi Nabs! I have one answer to your ques! Aarohi got to know Deep shooted tara’s foot while he was telling that to Virat (I faintly remember the scene) but however she heard it

    4. hey nabs, funny that you still remember that dog πŸ˜› about the tatoo, i remember Arohi said that it was temporary and would be gone in fifteen days, i am sure fifteen days are over but we dont know if Arohi has renewed her tattoo…. Deep asked her to get tattoo explicitly for identifying but never mentions it again.i feel like they have simply forgotten about it πŸ™

  22. Hi Shifa,rhivanya,Dhara,Sathya,Sonakshi….sorry if I missed anyone
    I think it’s quite interesting…coz after a long time Arohi is interacting directly with deep….. waiting for ardeep love track and Tara’s revenge…???

    1. Hi Maya,,, yeah after a long time it was an interesting episode

    2. Hii maya
      Yes after a long time. ..they interacted directly. …..mee too waiting

    3. Hai also waiting for ardeep love track.

    4. hi Maya…. funny how from Arohi’s revenge we have started waiting for Tara’s revenge lol πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  23. Riena

    This eps awesome. what plans arohi made. actually where is bhabi. then what about niku. i think arohi will do something big while next track. please do not make mistakes. your life is threatened.

    1. Hii riena
      Yes the episode was awesome. well now arohi need to be more careful

    2. Hai carefull arohi.because mastermind deep is come back.

    3. Hey Riena! I hope so too that Aarohi doesn’t make any mistake! Due to the ongoing track the writers sidelined Nikku, Bhabhi part I suppose!

    4. hi riena, i too hope for some big trick from Arohi…. or some reveal about link between Deep and Dilip. i just want this mystery to be solved sooner!

  24. Hii Dhara diii, rhivnaya, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, saras, Arpi, arohi&deep, lutfa, Nayana, Avensha, salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, imm, Hj, Sobhana, shey, mo,nabs, lutfa, riena,arya,maya emli,vicky, mohit ,deeyana, cherry, priya,adhira, amaira, sathya,sanaa,P.S.T and all sorry if l miss anyone. ……
    Woww ………….my 3 exams date gets extended. ……

    Coming to episode. ………superb episode. ……..Ardeep rocks………..Deep the expression king……..His eyes contact to us……and give a clear vision that he love arohi a lot……But he is still to loyal to mummy ji…..He always share everything to mummy ji……..Roma is such a disgusting women…..She is such a selfwish women
    Poor vedika……..
    Well the war being. ……lets see who will win?????????
    Why are they showing some extra scence in noon celecast………………

    1. Hai shifa.yes deep expression is also don’t know why showing some extra scene in afternoon telecast. How many days going on this?

    2. Hi Shifa di! After a long time! How’re u?

      1. Hey shey
        Yaa after a long time. …..Actually my exams got extended. …so l thought to comment…..l promise that whenever l got time I will be here….
        Well…..l am fine shey……How r u?????
        Actually. …..waiting for today’s episode. …….

      2. Same here! Am fine di! Good luck on your exams!

    3. Hi Shifa,,, am waiting for the twist that Deep himself will go against Roma

    4. hi shifa, good luck for your exams whenever they begin πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ i hope your health is keeping good now….

  25. Those who are asking about chawani’s staying at home remember he is staying there after ardeep marriage But he is not given too much importance like niku now

    1. Hai pks.

      1. i garee completely with you nabs in this matter. chawanni came, then it felt he left, but it seems he is back again. i wonder why no one keeps an eye on him though, or why no one finds it suspicious that chawanni is always with ‘Tara’

      2. sorry that the comment got posted to you Rhivanya, instead of nabs…

    2. Yeah Pks I remember but after that also he dissappeared and came back inside the house after 3 or 4 episodes..didnt anyone ask him why do keep dissappearing and reappearing, and giving importance to nikku for that nikku should be there.. I feel they show chawanni scenes more than nikku scenes

  26. Hiii dhara dii
    Welcome back……happy to see your comments. …..
    yaaa deep is too good in his expression

    1. hi shifa… happy to see your comments too πŸ˜€

  27. Unlike that time when Kalyani mausi’s life sacrificed I don’t want Vedika’s life sacrificed as well
    I wish Aarohi to stay in full senses and proper planning to counter Deep’s planning when confronting Deep and Raichands

    1. Hai imm.yes arohi should save vedika at any cost.

    2. Hi Imm! I too want Vedika to live! I so don’t want to see the death of another supporter of Aarohi!

  28. @sathya. …yes fantastic episode after a long time
    excited for upcoming episode. …….
    @sanaa welcome back…good to see your comments. ..yes arjun deserve a award..hope he will get soon
    @P.S.T….Welcome to the immj family…keep commenting. .yaa me too need tara back
    @ dhara diii….I agree roma is responsible for tara condition..she can never become a good mother…
    @Rhivanya. too enjoyed the episode a lot
    the way deep control his emotions……
    @pks…me to enjoyed
    @tanya….yaa me to saw tara in arohi…the way she scold deep…..superb

  29. Hello Everyone! The episode was very good today compared to yesterday and previous epis! I wish this continues this way!
    One thing noted today, We didn’t see that lousy VIrat!? I kinda missed him ?
    Ardeep phone confrontation scenes was epic! I love to see them battle against one another and finally see Aarohi’s victory!
    Deep was shocked to know that Aarohi’s alive which is evident that he doesn’t know whether the real Tara is dead (am pointing that out because some us were of the opinion that Deep knows the one with them isn’t the real Tara and they’re pretending likewise infrontof Aarohi) Now the doubt is only on VIrat!
    Whenever Deep recollects Aarohi he always touches his chest, which means he still has a soft corner on her! He’s just supressing those feelings! I felt he didn’t want Roma to torture Vedika, the way he stopped her from electrocuting her, I felt so!
    And Roma, what a woman is she? She’s heartless, first I thought atleast she loves her own but no, that woman isn’t for her own even! So disgusting!
    Prithvi will definitely join hands with Aarohi! What Roma did she’s going to lose one of her aids for sure!
    Overall, the epi was AWESOME! Truly enjoyed today!

    1. Hai shey.I want deep toture Roma.first victory of arohi.nice.

    2. hi shey… i agree that this epi clears that Deep is not that big mastermind, and he now completely believes that he had shot the real Arohi and the woman in their house is Tara…. Deep’s character is finally clearing a little. not many options left as to who was originally providing information to Tara….

    3. i too kind of missed lousy virat πŸ˜›

  30. Arohi was saying 24 hours and deep’s weakness. Which weakness? I think this was their first interaction as themselves after jail scene and today arohi will come infront of deep face to face. I hope Virat won’t be there with deep. Only deep and arohi.

    1. all this mean that deep was really in love with arohi beacause he say to tara (arohi) yes you right i love her and you are just a responsability to me but when he seen virat he change he’s words. He was really thinking that he kill arohi, so the spoilers saying that deep lie to trap her was false.

    2. Hi Mohit! I also hope for the same! I was also wondering what Deep’s weakness is! Maybe his family (he’s a family person) or else his baby to come! Whatever it is I want Aarohi to win the battle.

    3. Hi Mohit, Is it Dilip Singh – Deep’s weekness ?

    4. hi mohit…. i think Arohi feels Deep’s weakness to be the baby…. but right now there is no lookalike, i dont know how Arohi will blackmail Deep that his baby’s life is in danger. maybe she could get herself tied and say that she had kidnapped Tara and Deep has to exchange ‘Tara’ for Vedika? Roma is also Deep’s weakness…. but i dont think Arohi was referring to her :/

  31. Hai mohit.I also don’t know deep weekness.

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