Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Arohi and Deep on date

Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raj says only this can open the door. Come take them from me.
Deep says I am coming Arohi. Deep says Tara what are you doing in my room? she says came to take medicine. She stole his car keys. Deep says did you see my car keys. She says where would I?
Deep comes outside. Tara says in heart you wont reach Arohi. Deep has a duplicate key. He sits in the car. Tara is dazed.

Raj says only I have right to kill you Arohi. He attacks her with daggers. Arohi tries to save herself.
Deep comes to the place and hits Raj. He says never dare harming arohi again. Raj says don’t trust him. You know what demon he is. Deep punches him and says don’t provoke me. He takes Arohi from there.

opasna says I don’t know who attacked me. Virat says dont’ worry she can’t run if she attacked you.
Deep brings Arohi to a place. He says we came here for a date. He takes her inside. He has decorated everything. Arohi’s leg bleeds. Deep sucks it. Arohi says why was raj doing that. He says I dont’ us to talk about bad things. I want only happy things. e says I told you I will always protect you.
Deep has set fire. He takes rounds around fire with her. Deep promises her everything. Someone is keeping an eye on them.
Deep says raj has come for a thing. He wants it to become very powerful. He wont succeed. Arohi hugs him.

Deep takes aroi to a decorated room. A video plays of their journey. The song ae dil hai mushkil plays. Arohi hugs him in tears. Deep and arohi dance on be inteha. Deep get a text. The video plays on TV. It is of Wasu and deep. DEep says to Wasu I know how to make arohi emotional and stop her from anything.

Precap-Arohi says you manipulate me all the time. She leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I was going thru some comments where sally mentioned how nia has completely ruined this show and then someone said we alisha fans need to get over ourselves because nia is doing a fabulous job anyways. And i couldnt help thinking that it isnt about nia anymore. After that fire incident, every character in the show changed.
    Earlier there was arohi, sweet simple caring but also strong and intelligent. The arohi who preferred sarees and traditional wear, arohi who cringed when deep tried to come close to her when she lived as tara with him. Arohi who took help of disguises. And arohi who had the mental prowess to make the raichands dance to her tunes. She was fixed on her revenge and didnt hesitate to shoot deep in london.
    Have you seen arohi now? Every thing is changed. She is a seductress now who cant help falling for deep when they are physically close. She believes deep was responsible for her miscarriage and she is still okay romancing him. And intelligence? This arohi cant plan one day without getting kidnapped by someone or the other. Her favorite dialogue now is ‘deep what you are hiding i will find out’ but never finds out anything. She still hasnt found out why deep changed her face and was sending her to nepal. And putting on a veil and dancer clothes doesnt equate a disguise
    Then there is deep. The previous deep wasnt this game playing scoundrel. He had a conscience. Even if roma asked him to torture someone, he used to hesitate. He had vulnerabilities. He protected nikku and he was never greedy. Everytime he mentioned that virat can have all property because he didnt need it. And that deep also had a memory loss and didnt know anything about his mother.
    The deep after fire? Different in every damn respect. He threw chawanni into pond and left him to die. He was after anjali for 80crores and diamonds. He has miraculously recovered his memory and also a twin brother. And this deep doesnt care at all about arohi. When nia fell off that cliff, was deep at all worried? Nope. While the previous deep was completely heartbroken when he thought he had shot arohi (but it was actually tara)
    Speaking of tara, lol. The previous tara was a crazy psycho who hated cheaters, loved deep, killed cheaters and hated wearing traditional clothes. The present tara parades around in a saree everywhere. As if makers gave alisha tara’s name, arohi’s look and a loser’s personality. The previous tara had a spark. This tara just oscillitates between loving and hating deep and cutting her own hands. Does anyone remember that tara used to hate blood?
    There is also virat, who suddenly sprang a millionare gf post the fire incident and then promptly forgot all about her. I dont even know what he is doing now
    Everyone has forgotten chawanni of course.
    And lets not pretend there is any story. The pre fire show did. There was arohi out to seek her revenge against the powerful raichands. Sometimes she lost, sometimes she won, it was fun. There was a little romance, but also lots of clever planning that we understood. When roma, prithvi began dying one by one, and virat got jailed, tara should have died in that fire and arohi and deep should have started a simple life that they both wanted.
    Instead this happened.
    There are these new characters who will get killed one by one while more people will come and this cursed serial will go on forever. The secrets and mysteries are all farce. I still remember vedika and kalyani amounting to nothing. Who kidnapped arohi is a question that can be answered with ‘everyone’, including arohi herself. Tara killed roma, is that going to have no consequence? Well no, because nothing in this serial has any consequence. Next will come virat’s lookalike. And in musical chairs everyone will get kidnapped or shot while looking for mr x or mr k and everytime it will be deep only.
    Most viewers want to know what the mystery in this show is. I will tell you. The real mystery is how the hell is anyone still watching this botched show? Most early viewers hate it now. And the new ones i cant fathom why they are watching. I am so glad i quit long ago. Sometimes i see the headings of updates and 80% of times its: arohi/deep got kidnapped. Go figure

  2. I dont know if any of the previous daily commentors will read this, but i do miss those months spent here commenting about every inch of the episodes and making hundreds of post. Rhivanya stuck as long as it was possible until she too quit… sally, sanaa, shey, sonakshi, arjun, shraddha… And now there is a vast silence in this page. Immj is dead

  3. Ironical that i posted on 14 feb. The lyrics of this show literally means ‘i can die in your love, i can do everything you ask for. I can give my life for your one wish, just say the word…’ such passionate lines for these selfish, pathetic, back stabbing characters!

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