Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep killed Anjali

Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat says on call that blue file is very important. I have to find it. It should be at Anjali’s house. I wont let anyone else have it. I will have to go to anjali’s house. He calls Arohi. Tara overhears all this.
Arohi picks the call. Virat says where are you? She says going shopping, I will come back. He says no worries. Virat goes out but the door is locked. He says who locked it? Someone heard me talking. He knocks on the door. He shouts open the door. Tara says stay locked there. I will get that file before you. I will know what game are you playing.
Arohi comes to Anajli’s house. Tara comes thhere. Arohi hides. she wonders what is tara doing here? Tara looks for the file. arohi is hidden. Virat opens the closet and sees ARohi. He says anju what are you doing here? Come out. You said you are going for shopping. She says I forgot my credit card. he says you were inside? She says I came here and heard a noise I was so scared. So I hid inside. Virat says who could it be? She says maybe I got scard when you came in. He sys dont’ be scared. I am always with you. Her hand is bleeding. Virat says how did this happen. She says nail in cupboard. He says you are pregnant please be careful.

Virat says to ARohi see there. He picks the blanket. Arohi sees the black cloth. He picks it. Virat says what is this jacket doing here? I threw it away. I don’t like it. Arohi recalls the man who shoved Anajli was wearing that jacket She says in heart I will know who is Anajli’s murderer. Virat says lets go. He comes back in and picks the blue file. Virat leaves. Virat comes too. A nail stabs in Arohi’s hand but she stays quite. Virat comes. Tara takes the file and jumps out. Virat comes in. He looks for the file but can’t find it.

The maid says to arohi your blood. Virat brings in the doctor. He says please see if we would need stitches. Tara says anjali are you okay? The doctor dresses her wound. Virat says thank you for coming. Deep says you didn’t tell anjali how you got this bruise? Virat says I wont let this happen because I will take care of you. The maid says yes take care of her. Virat stares at her. Virat says I know anjali I have made a lot mistakes but I realized that my sister made me do all those sins. I wont want to do them again. You are the most important person in my life. Tara is a beast. She doesn’t let anyone live around her. Arohi says if you find her will you take her to jail? He says she should be stabbed right away. Tara is angry. Virat hugs Tara nad says lets go. He takes her out. Tara is angry. Arohi says in heart he cares for Anjali but Surekha said something else. What is deep’s plan? What is tara’s connection? I have to solve all this.

Arohi brings breakfast. Virat says why are you doing all this. surekha says she made this meal for all of you. Arohi says she welcomed us in her house we should do this. I am part of this house now. He says come sit. arohi says let me get my meds.
Arohi comes upstairs and sees the room of Tara. Everything is same. Arohi says you did drama only deep. You can’t do anything else. I have to find the file. Arohi looks around for the file.

Deep says virat you have delayed your wedding so much. Better do it earlier. Virat says i am sure anajli is anticipating.
Arohi says where is that file. Arohi opens closet and sees the same jacket and bracelet there. she says its the same that person was wearing. Was it deep? He killed anjali. he gave me her face. But why?
Precap-Tara comes to her room. She says what are you doing? Arohi says I was looking for something. Tara says you know I know everything but still pretending.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. hey Rhivanya, i agree with your yesterday’s comments. how can Nia stay with Virat, the same guy who brought nikku’s dead body and buried the child, without even proper rites. i dont believe Virat one percent that he really used to love Anjali. Virat molested that girl during holi. when exactly did he have a girlfriend whom he loved unconditionally? where was Anjali when Virat was sent to jail and Deep wasnt able to release him? with Anjali’s money, she could have easily done it. So lets assume Anjali came in Virat’s life some time after his suspension for molestation. Around the time that he was worried all his property would go to Tara’s child. Lol. he is surely with Anjali just for the money.
    just cant understand how ‘Arohi’ is not angry at Virat. she is now only concerned about Deep. what about everything that Virat and Tara did to her?
    btw, i didnt watch the episode. the update is funny. Arohi brings breakfast, surekha says she was making dinner… so Arohi started cooking at night and finished in the morning or what? lol. everyday Nia asks why Deep gave me that face, why why why? but no answer. i am sure her assumption that Deep killed Anjali will also prove to be wrong.

    1. Hi dhara.agree with you.some mistakes in updates.not virat hug Tara.deep only hug Tara.arohi brings dinner not breakfast.

  2. Writers ab blue file and Jocket ye dho cheeze rak kar kitna episodes run karengey kuch patha nahi.dragging dragging dragging.
    Today I like deep Tara hug.

    1. Satya127

      I did not watch the episode but saw arsha scene in sbs update they r just soo cute….

    2. Satya127

      Rhivanya I told u na writers r met with a serious accident there brain has damaged that badly that they lost their memory too and I think they did not consult that plastic surgery doctor that is why the writers brain parts r jumbled and the screws nuts r vanished…. Now as a side effect we r facing this worst phase of the show that we viewers who did not miss any single episode before now r not even bothered about what’s happening in the show…..but guys one thing is that we all really missing our arjun and alisha in this process now the situation is like we know deep has a reason behind all this and we also know he loves arohi only…. Our most loved alisha is playing the role of tara whom we cannot support and whose acting we all love a lot….
      Arohi played by nia whom I cannot tolerate for few minutes onscreen which only makes me realize how much I loved alisha as arohi and how badly I am missing my arohi(alisha) here I used to support arohi all the time her pain revenge her happiness, her love but today only because of nia I don’t feel anything for the most loved character in the show….
      I don’t really understand how could they change the main lead and give it to some other person who does not suit the character…. There r many show running more than 1000 episodes with the same lead but why they changed alisha now they just ruined each and every character of the show….
      Do u guys remember when tara was shit by deep when he assumed her ad arohi that time alisha got some rest and played arohi role perfectly….
      I hope this track is also like that where they introduced only for giving alisha some rest and after the end of this stupid crash track she will be back as our AROHI
      I am thinking all the possibilities that can bring back our alisha as arohi….because I don’t know how but I am very connected with arohi only played by alisha and I can’t imagine anyone in the role and on one can ever perform arohi role that perfectly as ALISHA
      I wish writers, colors team production team listens our request and bring alisha back as our arohi…..

    3. Agree with you.I also try to accept nia as arohi.but can’t. All ardeep memories told me no no no.

  3. Salley145

    Hey guys, haven’t commented since long but was watching the episodes, actually just reading updates.. I m a better writer than the writer of immj, now really the situation came where we can sign:

    ~Aisa zakhm diya hai Jo na kabhi bharega, had haseen chehre se ab ye dil darega~

    (Translation: you’ve given me such a wound which won’t ever heal and my heart will now be always scared of the beautiful faces)

    Poor Aarohi, u all were cursing Aarohi for shooting Deep in London, Deep deserved it, like seriously Aarohi? First because of Deep, Aarohi’s brother got killed, then she went to jail n got tortured. Then her nephew Niku, then bhabhi, she forgot everything all at once n started loving him again? My foot, I liked Nia only in the serial Twisted, I wish there was Vineet Raina in Twisted instead of Namit Khanna..
    When she didn’t know where her bhabhi is, she wasn’t also finding her, she was busy in romancing Deep, when one day all of a sudden she was gifted her dead body so she cried that day and after that, everything was forgotten?
    The serial’s name should be something like:

    Khoon Karke Marjawan/ (sorry to use such language but) chutiapaee mein marjawan ??/ conflict mein marjawan/ chamchagiri mein marjawan/ dimag ki dahi machawan.. What else?

  4. Why are they dragging so much , I want deep to learn about arohis pregnancy and take care of her . And I feel nia should only play arohi for now because now I am able to differentiate between the girls and it would have been quite hectic for alisha to change attire everytime . But the girls are only heart of show nia and alisha worth watching but what deep is doing , I am never able to understand this person , sometimes good , sometimes bad and arjun is not suiting in negative role

  5. reading all comment looks like everyone is frustrated with story. I agree they have shown too many illogical twist and nia gets too much screenspace. it seems i am only one who doesnt consider nia as aarohi just like deep -“kon hai ye ladki”.Bus din baar flashback dekhna aata hai. i am not a fan of aarohi character which has only two modes – Revenge with deep, lovey-dovey (i prefer this one).Alisha as tara is way too much overpowered,her acting skills also gets better and deep is mystery devil cum hero. when deep meets arohi in her revenge mission he cant control his emotions and now no emotions seeing this new arohi . he did not consider her arohi thats it.
    so i prefer tara ,devil deep over this dumb,greedy(anjali).
    what do think guys arohi is the reason of not watching serial? this is what i think have a nice day.

  6. Lol… what a comment good … seriously I only want to ask one question when this immj going to end … or else do one thing let everyone die in this immj all cast bring a new story New cast that you can do it think that someone purana dushman came and murder everyone except Tara because she is immortal I think

    1. Satya127

      This would be best
      Then there we can watch a new story of arsha how they will meet and how much more twisted their love story would be……

  7. Satya127

    Happy independence Day to everyone

  8. Happy Independence day??

    1. Satya127

      Really arsha r looking soo cute and perfect
      And the video above is also nice
      Thank rhivanya for sharing it….
      I hope writers also understand that they should not force their ideas on us from this independence day and bring alisha back as arohi…. Keep posting rhivanya

  9. Hi frnds…
    Happy Independence Day ??

  10. Hmesha arohi k sath hi q galat krty hain nia achi acting kar rahi par deep arohi ka zeada payar tha take some romantic shoots with nia

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