Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mausi comes back

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep opens his blindfold. He goes after the girl and says I know who you are. I will see your face. The girl turns around. It is Arohi but her face is hidden. She puts something in his eyes. she says only people who I want touch me. He grasps her adn says why aren’t you showing me your face? Who are you? I will see who you are.
Abhi looks for Arohi. Deep’s eyes can’t open. Arohi shoves deep. She goes to dressing room and dresses as manpreet. She runs.

Deep comes to dressing room and sees Manpreet’s glasses. He calls manpreet and says where are you? Arohi says home with wasu. Deep says I am coming home. Arohi is running on the road. Deep’s car breaks down. Arohi runs from there. SHe says how will I be there in such less time. She takes

life from a truck. Deep fixes his car and drives to home. He says i will find out this truth today.

Tara looks for deep. she says where is he. He doesn’t give me time. Tara drinks. Abhi comes and sings a song. He says what if your sasu ma saw it? Better hide it. She says you.. He leaves. Tara drinks.
Arohi sneaks in the house. She comes to her room. Abhi says are you okay? She says I am fine. He sees her bruise. He dresses her bruise. Arohi says I am fine. He says you are not. How did you get it? I tried calling you last night but your phone was off. Arohi says in heart I can’t tell you what am I doing. I can’t risk your life. You have done enough for me already. Abhi says where were you? He says you got this bruise of deep? She says what can you expect from him? It is just a sprained ankle. Deep knocks and says manpreet open the door. Why you take so long? He says your glasses? She wears them. Deep is dazed. Arohi had another one. Deep hugs her. Arohi says what are you doing? Abhi is behind curtain. He is angry. Tara sees them and is angry. She says deep what are you doing. You are married. Arohi says control your husband. You should hug your wife not me. Deep says just wanted to thank her. She has done so much for our mom. I want her to apologize what she went through in this house. Wasu says see he never does anything wrong.

Tara says did you find about virat? Where and how he is? Mausi comes and says I will tell you everything. Who is behind all that is happening in this house. Arohi is scared.
Precap-Mausi says to arohi if you don’t give me that packet before 8 in the morning I will tell deep who you are. Arohi tries to steal the packet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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