Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Opasna attacked deadly

Ishq Mein Marjawan 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes to the place. She says is someone here?? Someone shoots in her direction. Arohi takes her gun and turns on night. It is opasna. Arohi says you are with raj? someone hits arohi and she faints.
Arohi wakes up and sees blood on her hand. she wakes up. She sees Opasna dead in the room. Arohi is dazed. Arohi says Opasna open your eyes. Who attacked you. Virat comes there as a cop. He says you killed her. Your hands have blood too. Arohi says I was fainted here. Virat says no one else came here. don’t do this drama. He says no one can save you from punishment You are under arrest. He arrests opasna.

Raj is hanging. Tara comes there. She says this fear looks good in your eyes. Raj says pull me up. Tarra says why in a hurry.
Virat checks Opasna and says she is alive.
Tara cuts the rope. Raj says I will tell you everything. I want only one thing and Aroh will get me that. Tara says if she can’t do it then? He says pull my up first. Tara tortures him with knife.

Virat says opasna open your eyes. Arohi says did you see who attacked you? She says I didn’t see. It was dark. She says this button. It was that person’s.
Guur ma gets a video. She is in tears.
Tara says you don’t know whats going to happen to you. SHe pulls him up. Tara says you don’t know what is about to happen to you.

Deep comes home. Arohi has planned a date night with him. She says our breaths are tied together. Arohi comes close to him. Arohi recalls what raj said. Arohi sees deep’s neck scratched.
Arohi sees deep’s button. He says are you okay? Let me check opasna. He leaves.
Arohi comes to guru ma and says I want to know everything about deep. Guru ma shows her video of deep killing Abhi.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Satya127

    Hi friends I think its really very long time I am back here because I found something which is so crap at its height….
    I really want to question those brainless writers and the blind deaf mamta one question what is alisha still doing in this show… They never cared for her hardwork nor about her fans requests and mostly they had just made her a side role which is just disgusting on the writers part…
    From First day alisha had done lot of hardwork for her both the roles which r very different from each other and stronger in their own way all fans love to watch alisha and arjun as ardeep and still waiting…. And on top she used to manage the show whole handedly at times but what they gave her in written nothing… I just saw the telly awards list and it is just so wrong at every part… Like really they did not even include her in the best actresses list nor did they nominated our arsha in the jodi list… These colors just enjoyed the success that was earned because of alisha and the love that fans showed on them when arsha is ardeep….
    Now coming to the show… Till when alisha is arohi I used to tell everyone that this is one the best show and every girl should be brave and smart as arohi (alisha) but now this NIA role is the worst ever… She just changed the pure soul character of arohi into a characterless women…
    In my view they just showed the girl who is very strong who can make everyone dance on her finger with her smart brain moves and who can punish the evil deep in london single handedly and can manage to destroy every single thing had lost her character and attitude with her face because the person just snatched her identity this is just a big shit…. This one point shows how wrong the show is… But in my view they have to show a girl can fight any problem in her life keeping her self confidence and her character intact within her and break the of the opposite persons nerves and bones by her moves but what they r showing simple seducing the other and doing all vulgar acts and showing it as thriller… Worst…
    I really pity tara… Because I find tara is best than this NIA because tara is first wife of deep and she needs deeps attention not torture and tara just needs good care and love which can bring her out as the best… She killed people I accept… But firstly she used to kill cheaters but it came on to innocent people only because of deep…
    Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings…
    I practically and mentally had forget that once I used to watch this show but today that colors promo made me speak again…
    In my opinion the show should go off air immediately and alisha and arjun should get some good shows in their career without wasting their time in this worst show…

    1. Hi Satya,
      I totally agree with everything you have said. I have watched every single episode of the show till now and I can’t believe this is the same show i was watching till 200 episodes. If the writers couldnt come up with anything they should have ended the show altogether? Or start a season 2.
      I have no problem with Nia but the writers changed the ENTIRE ESSENCE of aarohi’s character which disconnects the audience. SO many questions unanswered, why did Deep burn aarohi and give her plastic surgery. Where is Virats gf Anjali? What is this RAAAZ which will take EVERYONE’S LIVES?
      It is too nonsensical too even watch, online TRP is only high because no one has the patience to wacth this on tv with ads!!
      It is veryy depressing to watch, I rather watch the first 200 episodes again and again on youtube then watch the current mr x abhimnayu raj nonsense !

  2. Hey guys I feel now just 4get keep on saying that u all want Alisha as arohi common guys just come out from the shell.actually story is getting dragged but still I like 2 watch by talking about nia she is doing her part well &Alisha is doing her part well &after all it’s their decision &they are okay with it. But now I I find nia very beautiful &powerful character in this show.the director told her 2 act like this so she’s doing it after all they are actors.

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