Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi tells Vedika Roma is her mom

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes to garden and sees the envelope isn’t there. She says I think Vedika took it. Chawani says I hope she finds out. Arohi texts her Vedika doesn’t reply. Arohi sees Vedika asleep on her bed. She says I thought she would be surprised. Vedika wakes up. She says madam you here.. Arohi says there is mom’s big day today go and prepare. She says my head really hurts. Arohi says okay rest. Maharaj will get meds. Arohi realizes she never got the envelope. Vedika says some fainted me when I was in garden. Arohi says i will find out who did that, don’t tell anyone. arohi tells Chawai everything. He says we have to careful. Someone is keeping an eye on her. Arohi says we have to find out who that is and stop him.

Deeps joins all parts of the photo and says mom’s photo? Why is anyone sending it to vedika? What does she have to do with it? Aorhi comes in. Deep comes in and says its mom’s press conference and you are here. Deep says let me go and check. A bottle falls. Arohi says what is it? He says don’t smell. Arohi says is it fainting liquid? Vedika was fainted in her room now i get it. Why did you do that? Deep says I will tell you everything. there is a reason behind all i do. arohi says you never tell me anything.
Hee says I will tell you on right time now is not that time. He leaves. Arohi checks his laptop. The password is not wasundra. Arohi tries her name and she is dazed. laptop opens. Arohi sees Roma’s joined photo. Arohi says does he know Vedika is roma’s daughter? If he does he wont let me expose roma.

Vedika texts arohi I want to talk to you. She texts Prithvi please come. Deep is keeping an eye on Prithvi. He goes to Vedika’s room. She isn’t there.
Roma says deep see my photo in newspaper. He says mom I think someone is trying to ruin your campaign. roma says who? Deep says don’t worry I will handle it all. Roma says no one should come between me and my dream.

Scene 2
Vedika says to prithvi why are you sending me those pieces of photos? You asked me to come here. He says someone else is doing this. Vedika says papa please tell me whiv is my mom. He says I will tell you everything don’t worry. Please go from here. She hugs him. Arohi is seeing everything. Vedika says okay. She packs her bag.
Arohi says Vedika shouldn’t go from here. I have to stop her. Arohi texts vedika if you leave you will never know who your mom is. She sends her Roma’s photo. Arohi says please help me God.
Vedika comes to Roma’s room and says roma is my mom. Deep is there. He says what are you saying? Whom were you asking this? She says I was talking to. I feel so good around her. She is like a mother to everyone.

The press conference starts. Arohi says to Chawani I have sent her the photo. Go and see what she is doing. she should come here and ruin everything.
Deep faints Vedika again. Deep takes her from there.
Precap-Deep says to Vedika why were you saying roma is your mom? She says some sent me her photo. Deep says she has only two kids Virat and Tara. Who told you that you are her child? She shows him texts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what was the password
    tara or arohi??

    1. Hai sheetal.password is arohi.

  2. Hello evry1…Y on earth did deep save his password with Arohi’s name?does diz means dt he actually love Arohi or is it becouse he wanted to hide his password from Tara and he thought the only name she would not try with it is Aarohi’s name

    1. Hello lutfa.I think deep love arohi.

  3. I think I’ll stop watching IMMJ for some days since I got bored of this silent game by Aarohi. I didn’t like Roma’s politics and Vedika’s drama. I’ll watch it again if any big twist occurs by Tara’s entry. Bye! ?

    1. Hai critic.I was noticed your comment missing. Don’t worry London track will give many twist.

  4. If Aarohi want to win this battle she shall hv 2 kil this deep becouse he is always evrywea to ruin her plan but kiling him is impossible?

    1. I think arohi not kill deep.but punish him.

      1. Yes that might be true as in the first promo arohi was in prison and in the second one deep was in prison.Good logic

      2. Sonakshi5

        Hi lutfa …
        Either of it can be true but I think same as rhivanya said because at first deep kept his mother’s name as password as he loved her therefore I think he loves Arohi .

  5. Deep loves arohi

    1. Hai moneera.yes deep loves arohi.

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi moniraa di …
      Yup I agree…

  6. Hello friends.
    I like today episode. Very nice.
    Deep laptop password is arohi that mean deep love arohi.
    Then why he shoot her.whatever I like arohi expression when she saw password.
    Waiting for London track.

  7. I like this dialog: arohi said ” badi ajeeb aathmi hey kisi khoon kiya uski naam password hey”
    With scene.
    Really arohi we can’t understand the deep character.

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hello rhivanya..
      Same here….
      Same confusion…
      I too thought he loved Arohi….
      And yes that scene was nice .Ab Arohi Ko hi samajh nahi aata ki deep kesa hai to hame kya aayega ??
      I liked one more scene when media stood up when Roma came and she said ????????:
      Please ??bethiye
      Aap to public servents hai aap kyu khade hai ??.
      I thought ? waaa ree overacting ki dukaan ???

  8. Once again Deep spied on Vedika
    First of all Aarohi needs to get rid of Deep and Viraat

    1. Sonakshi5

      Yes Imm , I agree this deep is spoiling aro’s plans .But I don’t think writers will kill deep so soon as he is the main lead after Alisha and watching this because of him.They may kill Virat as they killed Tara .I am waiting for him to join his sister in obviously nark or as we normally say hell . .

  9. I don’t understand ,when aarohi 1st showed the pic to vedica ,it was a torn picture but on the next episode it became a sketch how is it possible?? Moreover Aarohi at 1st didn’t knw vedika is Roma’s daughter then why was she sending Roma’s picture to her…. ufff so much confusion

  10. I don’t understand ,when aarohi 1st showed the pic to vedica ,it was a torn picture but on the next episode it became a sketch how is it possible?? Moreover Aarohi at 1st didn’t knw vedika is Roma’s daughter then why was she sending Roma’s picture to her….

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi sahina…
      I think Arohi wanted to trick Vedika .
      I don’t know about the first part which you asked ??.

  11. Hi guys today’s episode is boring, I didn’t like anything except Mastermind Deep making vedika unconscious in the end…guys apparently the fake pregnancy drama is going to end…( I hope it’s a plan of Arohi)… here’s the link for the spoilers!!??

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi… Thanks for the spoilers …
      Hope they won’t question Arohi about the sonography and all .
      I don’t think it’s aro’s plan because had it been then the doctor would have said miscarriage has happened.

  12. deep loves arohi for sure. but his duty towards roma is supirior to anything…
    interesting to see deep has changed his pw to arohi

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi saras ….
      I agree with you …
      BTW I just wanted to ask this from so many days that is your full name Saraswati or you kept it because of Saraswatichandra serial.
      I was curious to know.
      Sorry if I hurted you.

  13. Hello sahina.. she was sending Roma’s picture to her as she suspected she is Roma’s doughter

  14. Salley145

    Great…Deep loves Aarohi
    Now Aarohi should take him fully to her side and take his help

  15. Stupid writers, now they don’t want to show about deep’s mom, so they change deep’s password… If they don’t want to reveal about deep then y they unnecessary clue…. Its waste of time make us thinking about deep’s mom…At first,deep said that tara knew his password, nd now he changed his password, what will he reply if tara asked about his password?!!! It means he doesn’t want tara to know his password,but y he try to keep secrets from tara…. I think he might know that tara usually check his laptop, that’s y he change his password… How come in arohi’s mind to try her name, if she was tara, then stil now she will b confused to think what is deep’s password

  16. Agree wit u lutfa, he might love arohi or he might want to hide his password from tara….i can’t give conclusion that he loves arohi for this small thing…if he loves arohi then he should write in his diary nd kept it secret like Prithrivi do, but he have already know that tara usually check his laptop, nd he suddenly changed his password to arohi…. Something is there in his mind…

  17. Less comment on today.

  18. Sonakshi5

    Hello everyone…
    My POV
    I liked the episode ? very much.
    My confusion is cleared . Deep loves Arohi but he didn’t fulfill his duty? as a lover towards Arohi . because of reasons which I don’t think are justified?.Deep should have supported Arohi and went against Roma?.
    Deep’s POV
    He loved ?Arohi but he didn’t rebel ??against Roma because ?he is more loyal ?than katapaa was in Bahubali ??to the devil ?? who is more evil ?☠than bhallaladeva .

    1. correct.. n well said

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi saras..

    2. Hai sonakshi. How r u? I was miss your comments.agree with you.

      1. Sonakshi5

        Hi rhivanya …
        I am fine..?☺
        Sorry for replying late.
        How are you?

  19. somehow i still feel deep knows /doubts if its arohi staying as tara… from the way he looks at her n all i feel that…

    and he has safeguarded tara too after shooting her…
    i m confused….

    1. Hey saras.deep is so confusing character.

  20. deep is deep raj singh… dilip is dilip singh so deep is dilips son for sure…
    now who’s roma n y is she in rajsings house being raichand….

    1. Same doubt here.

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