Ishq-E-Kismat Episode 44 – A New FF Tashan-e-Ishq

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Today’s epi is filled with twinj scenes

I hope u all will find it interesting

Twinkle is doing video chat with leela
She has narrated her everything
Twinkle(moist eyes)-Maa i feel i should have stayed away from this business n all.
Maa I am really feeling bad and helpless because of me all this is happening.
Leela-Twinkle i can just tell u one thing I am feeling very proud of kunj.
He took a stand for you.
Now see beta as far as i know kunj cannot see u upset.
Now if u will keep blaming urself
Be upset
Kunj will keep getting more angry.
I suggest give time
Be patient
Everything will sort out between them.
They will mend up themselves.
Twinkle-hmmmm right maa

Scene shifts.
Kunj enters manohar’s cabin
He keeps an envelope on desk.
Kunj-My n twinkle’s resignation letter.Do let me know if we need to compensate for any monetary loss.
Manohar is shocked-kunj are u in your senses

He leaves.

As kunj is walking outside
Ram comes there
Ram keeps his hand on his shoulder.
Kunj-So typical Dad,He sent u to convince me
Ram-no my son I willnot convince u i have come here on my own.
Kunj Yesterday whatever has happened has disturbed Twinkle A lot.She was emotionally attached to Rinki.
Why donot you just take her out.
To see canada
It would be a change
U both will feel nice

Kunj(smiles)-Thanks chachu Amazing idea Twinkle would love roaming around Canada.

He hugs Ram.
Ram-God bless you always.

Scene shifts
Kunj returns home
Twinkle serves him water
Kunj-Twinkle get ready,I will take u to a splendid place I am sure u would love it.
Twinkle-Kunj I guess u are tired u should rest.we can go next time.
Kunj-Twinkle i am not tired haan if u are tired u rest I will go alone.
Twinkle makes faces-Really mean of u.I was saying for ur good n u cut me off.
Kunj-Chalo drama queen get ready.
Twinkle-u are also no less than a drama king

She strikes her tongue out n teases kunj
Who admires her child like nature.
Kunj-Twinkle pls one request pls switch off your phone n keep it home I will do the same pls want some time to relax
Twinkle-what if someone from family calls up needs to talk immediately
Kunj-Pls pls matter of few hours pls

Twinkle nods.
Scene shifts.

Twinj are standing
Near a beautiful and mangificient tower.
Twinkle’s eyes have popped out
She is awestruck.
Kunj-This is the CN TOWER
N Look at the top there is a rotating restaurant

Twinkle like a kid holds his hand-n we are definately going to have dinner there pls pls pls
Kunj-ofcourse no need of so many pls
First let me give u a tour of this beautiful place

Twinkle puts her arm in his arms
And puts on her sun glasses
Twinkle-Lets go mr sarna.

Kunj takes her near a beautiful fountain.
Multiple colours splash up
Twinkle is looking at the wonder
She put her hand to feel fountain water
Takes it in her hand n puts it on kunj
Kunj too does the same
Elderly couple nearby them enjoy seeing twinj play with fountain water.

Next he takes her to a lush green patch
He indicates twinkle to take off sandals
Kunj-Lets feel the cosy soft grass
They walk hand in hand over grass
Twinkle-I feel as if I am walking over velvet carpet.

Next he takes her inside the tower
They use a capsule lift
The beauty is beyond description
Twinkle is happily looking through glass
She is holding kunj’s hand in excitement
He brings her in open space
Twinkle is getting scared to look down
Kunj-Aree it is paradise Just give one look
Trust me
Twinkle-what if i fall down
Kunj-ok i will hold u tightly from behind open ur eyes
Twinkle slowly opens her eyes
Kunj is holding her tightly
Sort of back hug
Wind is blowing
Twinkle-It is breath taking
Twinkle spreads her hands
She indicates kunj to do it as well
Both spread their arms
Feels like they have entered a paradise

Twinkle gives poses and kunj admires her along with being her photographer
Twinkle flaunts her dress
She is surely having a gala time
She asks kunj to come closer for selfie
She puts her arms around his neck
Kunj looks at her lovingly
She clicks the pic
Very adorable.??

Scene shifts

Manohar seems to be in a very bad mood
He is busy
Suddenly he notices that Mr Raheja has walked in
Manohar(fumbling)-I am so sorry what kunj and twinkle did.
Mr Raheja nods
Manohar-Pls pardon them.consider them to be immature.They are not that versed with business
Mr Raheja-I want to meet them.
Manohar(sweats)-Sir pls pls donot take any legal action I am ready to compensate in monetary terms pls.

Scene shifts
Twinj enter the restaurant.
Kunj pulls out seat for twinkle
Their table faces the sea
A panoramic view of sea from top
Two heart shaped wax candels are lighted
Kunj looks through the candel light in twinkle’s eyes
They both are lost in each other’s eyes
When waiter comes to take order
They are shown relishing the dinner
Next for dessert comes in a sizzling brownie
Twinkle-Smoke is coming out I get scared
Kunj goes n sits next to her
He holds her hand
Together they cut the brownie
Kunj feeds her the brownie
Twinkle-It is yummmmmyyyyyy
Let me also make u have……..

She makes him have

Precap-Twinj happily enter their house
Gautami calls up to inform that mr raheja is waiting for them at main house
Twinkle notices several missed calls on her phone which she had left from rinki.
She gets tensed up
N requests kunj to keep ego aside n accompany her to main house.


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