ISHKARA and shivika a new story of ishqbaaaz episode 41 part 2

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Heyaa guys how r u all thanks for commenting and sorry for the late update

Episode 41 part 2

All r shocked
Everyone come their but ishkara dont notice
Om holding her shoulder – i betrayed u wht r u saying ishu
Ishu jerking off his hand- yes u hv i agree whtever when i was a con girl was a mistake but it was not my choice i was forced to be one but i guess u never understood
Om- because u were wrong
Ishu- i was wrong i always changed my identity then wht did u do in bareilly u also changed ur identity na huh just to save ur family even i had to do it u never understood my compulsion i had to save my family so i hd to con but i guess u wanted to take revenge from so u told chandan everything about my past

Om- i never told anything about to ur pastt to chandan i got to know ur past tht day only
Ishu- u think I’m a fool first u read my personal diary to know tht i love u then u make me confess it i trusted u blindly but u teamed up with tht chandan just to take revenge from me fir trying to con u
Om- i didn’t tell him anything
Ishu- i saw u talking with him happily
Om- he was asking for forgiveness

Ishu- o so u forgave him for wht he did with me ur wife
All gasp with this new revelation
Om- I’m sorry ishu
Ishu- because of u i lost my pappa and Mona they were kidnapped because of u why did u tell chandan my past u cheated me om u betrayed me
Om shouts – enough i didn’t cheat u it was u who has cheated me u first cheated me with tht soham and tht harsh

Ishana slaps omkara very hard
All r shocked
Om holds his cheeks

Ishu- how dare u say tht i never cheated u in our marriage i loved u like anything and u say i hv cheated u i understand from where u hv learnt this from ur father right from tej uncle right
Om- don’t u say anything about my dad ishana
Ishu- and tht day u said about my family om do u even know wht is my and sohams relationship he is my brother and about harsh he is my childhood best he loves ne but i dont and he never forced me love him

Harsh enters
Harsh- she is right omkara only i loved her tht to from childhood but i never forced her to love me back

To be continued

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