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After the wedding shivika took the blessings of the elders

Dadasa vikram and aditya apologized for their behaviour

Shivika went to their room and slept (they were tired)

Next day
1st reception


(Her hair was opened)

(Her hair was opened)

Om in rose pink suit

Shivika in red anarkali and sherwani

Rumya in pink salwar suit and suit

Rest all you can imagine

All came abd gave shivika gifts and all danced

Maahi accepted the oberois on ishana’s insistence

Then shivika changed into wedding attire with rajasthani designs

And they got married

While they were taking pheras and ishana was throwing flower petals omkara came close to her

Ishana blushed

main sati jaisi hoon
tum sat jaisa hai
geet banege re mil ke hum
aadhi main yahan hoon
aadha wahan tu hai
tukade hai do kisi tinke haan

(He hilds her hands and whispers

Om- when are we getting married cham cham ???

Ishana- cham cham?
Om- you love the song
Ishana- o
Om-now my answer

Ishana – very soon)

tu thi kahin main tha kahin
tu kahin thi main kahin tha
aa rahe hain paas hum
waqt ne jisko likha hai
wo naya itihaas hum

main teri hi roshni mein
saans loon sajan

(They both remember how they met and got married )
tu suraj main sanjh piya ji
tu suraj main sanjh piya
tu suraj main sanjh piya ji
tu suraj main sanjh piya
tu suraj main sanjh piya ji
tu suraj main sanjh piya

ho diya aur baatti hum
ho diya aur baatti hum
ho diya aur baatti hum
haan diya aur baatti hum
ho diya aur baatti hum
haan diya aur baatti hum

After wedding

Ishana – di tomorrow is gauna will you keep fast for jeeju

Pinky – OH MY MAATA whats this gaunas ??

Jhanvi – same

Dadisa – its almost like karwachauth but we have to take bath in holy river

Ishana- yeah

All women – so we will do that

Ishana- good i have already done preparations meet you tomorrow

All- goodnight

Next day

The ladies went to river wearing yellow clothes

Ishana was standing near stairs and asked her to push her down

Om- but why

Ishana- according to gauna rituals i have to take a bath in the holy river Luni i cant do that because they don’t know that i’m married only married women take dip in the river push me i will be fine

Om reluctantly pushes her and ishana swims

Later in the evening
Ladies again wore yellow clothes




All couples broke their fast

All couples broke their fast

Ishana made om stand near and faked fainting om understood and made her drink water

Ishana woke and went to the terrace boundaries and got a shock

Ishana- no this cant happen what is this man doing here

Vikram- i called chotte here

Dadasa- what you called raj here??

Vikram- yes i wanted to meet chotte

And moves downstairs

Ishana runs downstairs and blocks vikram

Vikram- ishana move

Ishana- over my dead body

And suddenly gasps and tears fall down her eyes

And touched her back

Her hand got covered with blood and turned to see raj at the door

And fell down

Everyone understood that raj shot her

Raj walks over and grabs her hair – u wont come in between

Ishana- i will if you try to harm my family

And takes a gun under carpet and shoots on his abdomen he falls down

Ishana- dont worry i will make you experience the same pain which you made me feel 14 years ago

Dadasa – security throw this man out if the house

Security comes

Dadasa- dump him in a hospital

Security- yes sir

Ishana winces in pain

Vikram ignores

Vikram- dont do drama u filthy piece of shit because of you i cant meet my brother first you kill my wife and now try to kill my brother u see what i’m going to do

Omkara was shocked

He could just see ishana

Did she really kill her mother ???

Om- uncle what are you saying ?

Vikram- the truth

Om was shocked

Dadisa notices ishana fainting

Dadisa- take ishana to her room i will come with my medical kit go take her in the room

Mahi quickly picked her up and rushed to her room

Dadisa injects her and she opens her eyes

Ishana- dadisa pls its paining

Dadisa- but you have to be awake we will take you to hospital immediately but first we have to remove the bullet otherwise you wont be able to move ever in your life

Ishana cries

All listen to her cries

Prinku couldnt stop herself so she rushed inside

Prinku- dadisa i will help you i’m a physiatrist

Dadisa- ok turn chutki around and dont let hes, close her eyes or faint ok

Mahi prinku- ok

Ishana- NO ! pls give anaesthesia at least i cant bear this pain anymore

Dadisa – i’m sorry chutki but i have to
I have no other choice if you dont and you faint then we wont be able to tell if there is sensation still left in you

Ishana- ok

Dadisa takes a scalpel

Maahi prinku turn her

Dadisa makes a deep cut

Ishana shouts in pain

Everyone standing outside are scared

Dadisa – he has shot at such a place that it is difficult to remove the bullet

Finally after  much struggle and bleeding the bullet is removed not before ishana screaming in pain

Dadisa quickly bandages her and injects her with anaesthesia

And ishana sleeps

Dadisa prinku and mahi pat her head before leaving the room

Here adika had their eyes puffed up after crying a lot they were being pacified by priyamwada and shivaay respectively

Maahi came and hugged radhika and cried

Prinku hugged ranveer

Dadisa hugged dadasa and cried her heart out

They all had blood on their hands as they were handling ishana

Mahi- i got scared that i could loose bittu , i have never seen so much blood and she was writhing in pain and i felt so miserable she just looked like mona but now i wont do the mistake again , i will take bittu away from you all she deserves much better than this

Dadisa- no son pls dont do it pls after so many years she has come back uski wajah se hi toh iss ghar mein phir se ronak aai hai pls …

Mahi- then you only tell me what to do this man (pointing at vikram) doesnt trust her and always breaks her heart , and believes that man who wrecked havoc in his life and he doesnt trust his own daughter WOW… (claps takes his hand and rubs blood over vikrams hands) its her blood u know why she got shot … because she saw him hiding a gun and she knew it was definitely for you and she took the bullet i know her that much you know when we were taking the bullet out she was smiling in between she was happy that she saved her family but you huh

Dadisa- what

Mahi- yes

Dadisa enraged slaps vikram

Dadisa- because of you a homicide entered my house , my choti is there writhing in pain

Vikram- enough

Adika- if you cant accept her then we cant live with you

Prinku to ranveer- there was so much blood ranveer she was crying and… And..

Mahi- my decision is final i wont repeat my mistake of not able to save mona i couldnt save my baby sister but if i can save bittu and i hv chances then i will protect her till my last breathe her mahi bhaiya is very much alive

Priveer- i’m with you we wont take chances

Adika dadasa dadisa – what no pls dont take her

Mahi- i will have to i’m sorry but i cant believe this man now i dont have trust on him papa

Shakti- haa bolo

Mahi- i will handle the entertainment sector of oberoi industries prepare the paperworks i will transfer to chennai with radhika and bittu

Ranveer- i will also apply for transfer in chennai then

Radha prinku- cool then

Dadasa – what are you even saying

Mahi- after we return to mumbai we will leave immediately for chennai

Dadasa- no you cant just take her away like this

Mahi- i dont repeat my words

Dadasa- rajeshwari priyanka maahi wash your hands and all right now in my library now

All leave to library

Here ishana wakes up

She doesnt find anyone and goes to find them

She moves across library where everyone is having a heated conversation which she was listening

Anika- no u wont do that papa

Vikram- i will

Dadasa dadisa aditya- then we will have to file a case against you

Vikram- now because of that girl you will do this to me

Aditya- i wont hesitate i wont allow anyone to take our chutki

Vikram- then i will really throw her in jail she is a murderer and i wont let any murderer near a family

All are shocked

Om the most

He couldnt say anything

Dadasa enraged slaps him

Dadasa- how dare you

Since the door was transparent ishana could see everything  a vase falls down (because ishana was shocked)

They saw ishana with tears and she runs away

Dadisa- oh no choti listen to me

But she ran at the great speed

Dadisa- someone stop her if she runs like this there will be a problem

Ishana enters and closes the door and cries

She faints

They knock but she doesnt open

Dadisa- break the door

Om maahi aditya ranveer shivaay( royal family hai bhai doors bade honge na ?) break the door

Ishana was unconscious they take her to hospital where doctors told she fainted due to stress

They take her back home

Dadasa – i have to announce my heir tomorrow according to nakshtras

Precap: Who will be the heir aditya , anika or ishana again ???

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