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Ishana was driving the car when she saw some people who were trying to attack her and om then they started firing bullets

Ishana stopped her car and moved towards dashboard which was on om’s side , om got startled but when she took out a gun he got scared . she got of her car and started shooting in the attackers’ direction

Haaye haaye haaye
Tu aise aaye aaye aaye
Meri aankhon mein explode kardi ae

(Om was shocked to see her firing)

Dhayein dhayein dhayein
Dil ko udaye aaye aaye
Mere khwabon ko reload kardi ae

(Om was getting scared ishana saw this and asked him to brace down and he followed)

O seene mein tune
Bullet utaari toh
Ude jugnoo haan ude jugnoo
Le gayi dil ko kudi tu shikari
Bana Majnu main, bana Majnu

(He remembers how she entered his life)

Bandook meri Laila.. (x2)

(And BOOM a car was blasted which was because of ishana)

Ban meri Laila
Ban ban meri Laila (x3)
Main hoon nishana
Bandook meri Laila..

(She runs back to him checks him if he is alright and drives off)

Kudi tu lage Beretta ki beti
Tenu vekheya te khinch gayi peti
Tere liye kha loon seene pe goli
Phir kyun tu mujhko hi goli deti

(Om was just looking at her as if she had done something to him

Ishana- what are you looking at
Om- you
Ishana- what
Om- how do you know like who taught you to shoot
Ishana- dadasa and bhai
Om- bhai ???
Ishana- uff RV BHAI !!!
Om- o )

Hate nazar na tere figure se
Jaye ungli yeh seedhe trigger pe
Jo nishana tana jaana teri nazron pe
Shooter kehne lage sab mujhe ghar pe

(Om was now checking her out and mentally asking himself how does she know to shoot every now and then)


Ban meri Laila.. o.. (x4)

Ban meri Laila.. Laila! (x4)

(They were driving when they saw that aditya shivika and rumya’s car was ahead of them she honked like anything finally aditya saw that it was ishana and stopped the car

Aditya- what happened baccha

Ishana- bhaisa actually we hv been attacked and now i guess more goons are coming , i am going to bring my guns in your car( it was innova) you sit behind i and omkaraji in front di jiju in middle you with rudra and soumya pls sit in middle so that you can come to help me

Aditya – ok everyone hope you have heard her

And ishana drives the car all are sitting according to the positions given by ishana

Goons came and started shooting

Ishana stopped the car abd started shooting but this time more goons were there

Ishana- bhaisa now

Aditya- as you say, everyone brace down )

Aaye haaye haaye
Yeh goli daayein baayein jaaye
Har disha mein yeh vishphot kardi ae

(They start shooting everyone was shocked to see their bravery)

Jaaye jaayein jaayein
Jiya na jaaye jaaye jaaye
Meri jaan pe yun chot kardi ae

(They were shooting and others were checking if shooting was over)

O seene mein tune bullet utaari toh
Ude jugnoo haan ude jugnoo
Le gayi dil ko kudi tu shikari
Bana Majnu main, bana Majnu

(Om was just mesmerised by her and lost in her while she was shooting )

Bandook meri Laila.. (x2)

Ban meri laila
Ban ban meri laila (x3)

Main hoon nishana
Bandook meri Laila..

(They finally finished shooting )

Respect! Pyar!
Mera Bro Raftaar

(They were coming back to the car but turned and shot towards different cars and the cars blasted)

Laila phenke nehle pe dehla
Main phans gaya gehra
Yeh pyaar hai pehla

(They high five while others are relieved

Om’s POV
Uff this girl i like her way she protects family yaar uff i love her , wait did just say that i love her am i mad or what shutup om lagta hain goliyon ki awaaz se tere dimaag par bura asar pada hai , but do i really not love her, does she love me or not aur aaj jo hua usse leke what is her opinion


ishana and aditya entered the car both were exhausted aditya sat in between rumya put a seatbelt and slept while ishana asked om to drive and she put a seatbelt and slept in no time )

Laila teri baat bhi yaad hai
Daant’ti thi raat ko late na rehna

Toh jaldi aaunga main ghar
Tu karle sabar
Bilkul bhi na darr
Main kaam bhi ghar se lun kar
Tu ghar pe toh aaja Mrs. ban kar

(And they reached home )

Ban meri laila
Ban ban meri Laila (x3)

(Aditya woke up but ishana didnt she was sleeping peacefully so no one wanted to disturb her )

Main hoon nishana
Tu gun meri Laila

Ban meri laila
Ban ban meri Laila (x3)

Main hoon nishana
Bandook meri Laila..

(Om picked her up in bridal style and entered home and were welcomed with questions )

Om- its alright we will tell you later we have only 2 hours for cocktail party i will drop her to her room abd wake her up ok you all get ready ok

All – ok

Ishana’s room
Om placed her on bed
Ishana opened her eyes and understood

Ishana- you should have woken me up na

Om- its ok get ready for cocktail party

Ishana- rightaway , you too get ready

Om- yes i will go

Ishana’s dress , hair style

All had worn dresses of same pattern

All had worn dresses of same pattern

And announced in media that shivika were getting remarried


After cocktail party got over aditya told everything to dadasa

Dadasa- ishu niku

AniIsha- ji dadasa

Dadasa- kal subah 5 baje taiyaar rehna

AniIsha’s face lost colour they looked at each other and then at aditya fuming

Aditya- why are you looking at me as if i have done a crime

Ishana- well you just have done that only my dear bhaisa

Anika- do you even know what will he do with us

Obros and saumya were confused

Obros and saumya- what will he do ???


Obros and saumya- WHAT ???

AdiKaNa- wrestling

AniIsha- goodnight people kal band bajne waali hai humari

Next day 5am

Dadasa- yeh choriyan kaha reh gayi ?

Dadisa- aa rahi hogi … Lo aa gayi

Obros woke up to see what will happen saumya also

AniIsha- khama ghani dadasa dadisa

Dadasa- lord bless you and your bones… Lets start come on obros and saumya you just watch them

Obros and saumya- sure

Aditya was hiding because he didnt want to do wresting with dadasa

While dadasa gave positions to obros and saumya to check on AniIsha so that they dont stop jogging

Auron pe karam, bachchon pe sitam
Re baapu mere ye zulm na kar (x2)

[AniIsha were running while dadasa dadisa vikram obros and saumya were keeping an eye on them through binoculars]

Ye zulm na kar..

Ding danga ding danga ding danga
Ding danga ding danga hey bapu (x3)

Bapu sehat ke liye..

Baapu sehat ke liye
Tu toh hanikarak hai (x2)

[They were done with jogging now dadsa was making them exercise ]

Hum pe thodi daya toh karo
Hum nanhe baalak hai (x2)

[After that they went home ]

Discipline itna na
Re discipline itna
Khudkushi ke laayak hai

Hey Bapu!
Toffee churan khel khilone
Kulche naan paratha
Keh gaye hai tata
Jabse bapu tune danta

[Dadasa didnt let them have breakfast properly and gave fruits and milk instead. Aditya was showing of his breakfast to them while they were cursing him]

Jis umar mein shobha dete
Masti sair sapata
Uss umar ko naap raha hai
Kyun ghadi ka kaanta

Apni kismat ki gaadi ki
Khasta halat hai (x2)

O re mhaare baapu, oh aa gayo re bapu

[Later he took them to wrestling ground]

O humare bapu
Iss ghadi ke vaahan chalak hain
Bapu sehat ke liye
Haan tu toh hanikarak hai

Tanne bola khata
Teekha khana hai mana
Yo toh torture hai ghana
Re yo toh torture hai ghana

[During break he didnt let them eat the sweeys which rajeshwari brought]

Re tujhse behtar toh
(Manne chhod do re bapu)

Re tujhse behtar apni
Hindi filmon ke khalnayak hain
Bapu sehat ke liye
Tu toh haanikarak hai

[Finally it was time for wrestling ]

Ding danga ding danga ding danga
Ding danga ding danga hey bapu (x3)

Dadasa- rudra you come and fight with ishana

He went inside but within no time he was down as ishana wrestled like anything

Dadasa- now go with anika

Samething happened and rudra was shocked because anika had wrestled like anything

Dadasa- now shivaay with anika and om with ishana

This blew up their mind they pleaded a lot to dadasa but to no avail

“Finally” thought AniIsha “we can take off our anger on them ” and smiled wickedly

And the history repeated itself

Dadasa- yeh log toh kacche khiladi thei ab tum log aditya se ladoge baari baari

AniIsha- aaj band bajega !!! ????

And same thing with aditya

AniIsha- do not repeat it ok

Aditya- beheno bhul gaya tha galti ho gayi sorry

AniIsha- you better be
Precap : shivika ki engagement aur ishkara ki accidental engagement ?


The engagement

Theme – black

Anika wore the off shoulder blouse saree ( her engagement with vikram)

Shivay same as episode

Ishana’s dress

Ishana's dress



Rudra and saumya in black attire when their wedding was exposed

Media as well as many famous personalities came for the engagement

Anika was heck nervous

Ishana- di dont worry nothing will happen i hv taught you how to behave like a real princess

Anika remembers how ishana and she walked like princesses by keeping books on their head

Ishana- chalo lets go down

They go down

Saumya and ishana bring anika down

Obros were mesmerised by their girls

Shivaay made anika wear a diamond ring which had shivaay loves anika encrafted on it and anika made him wear anika loves shivaay ring they remember how they got the ring

Ishana- jiju di i think you guys should have decided your ring

Om- i agree

Shivika- we havent

Ishkara- what

Ishana- come on come with me

Shivikara- where

Ishana- our ancient jeweller

Shivikara- ok

They go and at last both decide for simple rings with their special  encrafted on it

Flashback over

Dadisa – ishana where are the gifts

Ishana- ji dadisa i was just going only

Om- i will also help you


Ishana- uff these boxes

And takes off her ring

But it falls down

Ishana- o no my ring

Om- i will find it

He finds her ring

And makes her wear it on her ring finger

And makes her wear it on her ring finger

Priest – accha hua jo engagement ki rasme puri ho gayi acche mahurat mein engagement ho gaya

Ishkara look at each other

Precap: ishana- good morning papa
Vikram- good morning ishana

Ishana- wow

I know that this is short but i also want to tell my readers that now i cant be regular with updatrs due to my studies…

So pls try and understand

Love to all my readers…

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