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Om was working on a statue when he remembers what Gauri had said,


Gauri: Oh really. I don’t see you doing anything. All I see is you living your life with peace. Do you even care about anything?


Om remembers the way Gauri looked at him, her pain visible in her eyes,

Omkara (thinking): What am I doing… I don’t know what I am going to do… How will I make things right?


Meera: Vidhi, when Is Ishu coming? She should be home by now.
Vidhi: Maa, I called her, she is at the temple, she’ll come soon.
Meera: The guests will come soon. Ask her to come fast.
Yash: Maa, Ishu will come, you don’t worry.


Omkara was standing in front of the idol, he visited this temple every day, trying to seek answers for his questions that bothered him every day,

Omkara: I don’t know God… If whatever I am doing is right… I know I am the one who is responsible for all of this… But I don’t know if this is the way to make things right…

He closed his eyes and kneeled in front of the idol.

Ishana enters the temple and rings the bell, she closed her eyes and bent her head down, she walked towards the idol and gave the aarti thali to the priest.

Ishana (thinking): God… You have always given me whatever I wished for… And I cannot thank you enough for that… Always take care of my family like this…

She took blessings from the priest and turned to go back when she heard a voice,

Omkara: God… Please help me come over the problems in my life… I hope that whatever I have chosen and whatever I am doing is right… Please God… Help me.

Ishana turned around and saw Om, she could not see his face as his back was towards her,

Ishana: If your heart says that whatever you are doing is right… You should not worry about it… God will always be there for you…

Om heard her voice and opened his eyes, he turned around to look at her but he could only see her back, Ishana was walking away.
Om recalled Ishana’s words and smiled.

Omkara: She is right… If my heart says it is right… It is right… (He thinks of her beautiful voice) … Thank you for helping me…

He gets up and leaves.


Ishana was going to her room when Meera calls her,

Ishana (thinking): Maa is not going to spare me.
Meera: When will you understand? I had told you to come early, but you’ll not change.
Ishana: Maa, wo…
Meera: Bas, I don’t want to hear any excuses.
Vikram: What happened? Why are you scolding Ishu?

Ishana goes and stands near Vikram,

Ishana: Dad, you handle her, please.
Vikram: Meera…
Meera: No, not at all. You won’t say anything. (She looks at Ishana) Ishu, go and get ready. The guests must be coming any time now.
Vidhi: Maa, you don’t worry, I’ll help her.

Ishana and Vidhi leave.

Meera: You all have spoiled her, when will she understand.
Yash: Maa, you worry unnecessarily, she knows her responsibilities.
Meera: I hope everything goes fine today.


Gauri was sitting in her room, looking at Om’s photo,

Gauri (thinking): I wish all that had never happened Om… I wish I was there with you… I miss you so much Om… I miss you a lot… (She remembers something)


Gauri was waiting for Om at the café, he had promised to be on time and there he was again late, like he always was. Om reached the café and saw Gauri waiting for him, he knew he had to face her anger now. Om went and sat in front of her. Gauri looked at him.

Gauri: So, finally the great Omkara Singh Oberoi, got time from his busy schedule to meet his girlfriend. Thank you so much for coming but I am going now.
Omkara: Gauri…

She was about to go when Om held her hand,

Omkara: “Dur naa jao humse yun ruth kar kabhi…. Jo yun muh mod loge humse toh mar jayengi abhi”

Gauri immediately turned around and kept her hand on his lips,

Gauri: Don’t you ever say that again… If something happens to you… I won’t live.
Omkara: Then don’t ever walk away from me.
Gauri: I would never walk away from you.

Om hugged Gauri.


Gauri: Om, why did everything change like this? (She continues crying)


Everyone was ready and waiting in the hall.

Meera: Vikram, when is he coming?

Vikram is about to say something when they hear a voice,

Voice: I am here.

They all turn towards the door where a young man is standing, all smile seeing him,

Vikram: Here he is.

The Mittals greet him and he takes blessings from Vikram-Meera and hugs Yash.

Yash: Long time man, kaisa hai?
Man: I am fine. You all say, how are you?
Vidhi: We all are also fine.
Vikram: Kabir, come let’s sit and talk.
Meera: Vidhi, go and call Ishu also.
Vidhi: Yes maa.



Karan and Natasha were talking to Ranveer,

Ranveer: Did you tell him?
Natasha: Yes, we did talk to him and told him everything.
Ranveer: And what did he say?
Karan: The same thing, do as he says.
Ranveer: And I guess that is what we should all be doing. Just remember no one should not know about any of this.
Natasha: We know Ranveer and we are trying our best.
Karan: I know Ranveer, how important this is for us. Don’t worry, we know what we have to do.
Ranveer: I trust you both and that is why I brought him here. (He looks at his watch) I should leave now.

Ranveer leaves from there.

That’s all for today.
Keep reading and smiling !!!

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  1. ItsmePrabha indirectly ishu helped om..nice..amazing episode..will be waiting for the next ..till then take care…

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