Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan realizes his feelings

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 15th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maasi asking Ishqi didn’t you sleep all night. Ishqi says I m fine, I m so happy to go to Singapore. Ahaan recalls Ishqi. Kartik comes and jokes. He says everyone is calling you downstairs. Ahaan sees Ishqi leaving. Kartik says life is playing a joke, lack of communication is a problem in a love story. Ahaan says don’t tell this to me. Ishqi thinks Ahaan won’t be there to create problems. Ishqi and Maasi leave. Riya comes and asks Ahaan to see the setup. She says I can’t believe that you agreed for the marriage. He thinks why am I thinking about Ishqi. Dadi comes and says Riya wants to marry you, its her right, you are giving her a right and respect. Kartik says he has to give her love also, ask him if he will love Riya. Dadi asks him not to talk wrong things. She asks Ahaan to be happy. Ahaan says I m happy. Kartik asks really. Dadi gets angry on him. Sonu asks Raj is the necklace looking good. Sarla says this jewellery looks so good to me. Sonu asks Raj to tell something. He asks why, when you can handle all problems yourself, they why are you asking me to handle the little issues. He goes. Sarla says I have to find out the matter.

Kartik asks Ahaan to think, there is still time. Dadi likes the arrangements. Mehta thanks her. Kartik calls Ishqi. She says thanks for being my friend, you always supported me. Kartik says you and Ahaan are going to start a new life. He shows the setup. Ishqi sees Ahaan and gets upset. Riya and her mum come. Her mum asks her to tell Ahaan about her pregnancy. Ishqi imagines Ahaan coming to her and confessing love. Maasi asks why are you crying. Ishqi says nothing. Ahaan imagines Ishqi in Riya’s place. He takes the papers and says I accept you as my wife, Ishqi. Riya cries and says Ahaan… Everyone gets shocked. Ahaan looks at them. Kartik thinks he told the right name on the wrong time. Mehta scolds Ahaan. Ahaan says sorry, I can’t do this marriage, I m not joking. Kartik smiles.

Dadi asks did I teach this to you. Ahaan says I have always walked on the path shown by you, I have to go, sorry. He runs. Kartik gets happy and runs after him. Ishqi hears Ahaan’s name and sees a little boy. Kartik says I will come along, I can’t miss the moment when you are following your heart, you will reach Ishqi. Ahaan says come. Kartik calls the airport authorities to stop the flight. Ishqi imagines Ahaan again. Kartik says fate supports one in a love story. Maasi thinks Ishqi has something going on in her mind. She asks why are you worried. Ishqi says they are making us wait a lot. Kartik acts. Ahaan and Kartik fool the guard and get inside the airport gate. A girl comes in a hurry. The water gets spilled over Ishqi’s clothes. Ishqi goes to the washroom. Ahaan looks for Ishqi. He asks about Singapore flight. He asks the lady to stop the flight, else he will lose after reaching so close. The lady says so sorry. Kartik says she left. Ahaan sits sad. Ishqi comes there. Ahaan sees her and calls her out. She goes. He holds her hand and stops her. She sees him. Alvida…plays…

Ahaan proposes Ishqi. He asks her to give him a chance.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Karthik is most sensible in the show, today every dialogue of his was khidhkitoodh 😄😂🤣. His presence of mind, sarcasm, expression, ideas too good yaar. Karthik ne ishqkaan ke setting kara de😂😂. This episode is totally a Karthik episode.
    I’m not much satisfied with storyline n characters but just for karthik I watched☺☺.
    Ishqi should not say yes so easily, yaar todha toh tashan dhikho ishqi….

    1. Seriously without kartik no ishqaan!!!!

    2. Yes he is the best character in the show, I want him and Ishqi to be together. I like their chemistry .

  2. Pranjal Singh

    Yaar kartik rocks 😍😍😍 .

  3. kartik rocks!! no kartik no ishqaan

  4. AAYU

    Oops Ahaan just had a Ross moment! 😂😂😂

    1. He totally had😂😂

    2. Hahaa right 🤣🤣

  5. Finally Ahaan realised. So happy, can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. I like Kartik q lot but I love the way Ahasn expresses himself. The way he spoke to Ishqi yesterday and the way he looks at her. Oh my god its so beautiful that anyone can fall for him. Pls let ishqi and ahaan to be together.

  6. Kartik stole the show today ! His efforts to see ishqan together 🤗🤗.

    1. Yeah right

  7. yesterday was kartik day the way he make reliaze ahaan that he cant live without ishqi and yesterday ahaan had a ross moment omg hehe and guys do uh watch the promo riya and dadi will be the hurdles of ishqaan but we know shaadi toh ishqaaan ki hokar hi rahengi and rhea chapter willl get over !!! but what about dadi she will make sure ishqi will not stay in peace i just hope chachi will spill out the truth coz she knows how dadi is !!! i hate ths dadi alott mann toh karaha haii kii uski mooh pe tappad lagaauu i think onky 2 weaks we all ishqaan fans will be happy!!! abhi toh drma shaadi hone ki baad hoga im scared ahaan will again hate ishqi due to daadi!!!!

  8. @Mj r u watching this show from starting onwards??
    I just randomly saw in youtube then fell in love with this show. Also i like param from sadda haq so….

    1. I had previously watched gul khan’s show ishqbaaz, so thought of trying this too. It turned out to be a good show !😁

  9. Param eyes are very expressive…

    1. yess very true, he is phenomenal actor !

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