Ishita and Shagun’s face off in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita thinks she did a mistake by bringing selfish Shagun home, but she has to bear her for Adi’s sake. She tells Shagun that she understands all her cheap tricks of winning Raman and never repeat it if she wants to stay in their house. Ishita says a woman can bear anything, but to some limit.

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  1. Well done ishuu keep up the gud work just show that apshagun how fierce madrasi sherni is

  2. Good spoiler. …..
    Shagun tum apne ye cheap tricks. …bandh karo warna ishita tum hara…..woh haal kare gi. .tum sonch bhi nahin sakti. ……..
    ………..tum khud…ye cheap. .harakataun se bata rahi ho ishita ko ke tum kya chahati ho. ………..

  3. finaly ishitha woke up from her so called insaaniyath…
    gud ishitha

  4. come on ishu show her limits that shameless shagun

  5. Good will happen and prevail but the loss wil be equally big. This type of stories have come in the past and we r seeing again. A love story has been dragged to a mere trianlgle story with a husband, a wife and a bad sauten. bullshit.

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