Ishita and Raman love story part 65

Ishita and Raman love story 65
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Scene 1
Ishita calls Raman
Ishita: If you really don’t wanna loose me you better come to the room
Raman comes there
Raman: what do you want Ishita
Ishita: Saransh start the test
Raman: what
Saransh: Ishita favorite color
Raman: red
Ishita: correct
Raman answers the questions correctly
Ishita: Saransh thanks you can go

Scene 2
Ishita hugs Raman
Ishita: im soo sorry for doubting you I love you
Raman gets melted
Raman: your mine I love you I cant stand you with anyone else I love you a lot
Ishita smiles
Raman comes close to Ishita
Raman liplocks Ishita
Raman then carefully put Ishita on the bed
Raman first kissed her eyelid then neck
Raman then caressed Ishita and then took off his shirt they had a wonderful night
Raman and Ishita after this night they promised to never misunderstand each other

Scene 3
Ishita wakes up
Ishita recalls their moments and smiles
Raman pulls Ishita
The babies start crying
Ishita: let me go the bebies are crying
Raman lets go off Ishita

Scene 3
Saransh is seen thinking
Saransh: it was a pleasure dancing with Ishita how should I get Ishita shes mine Raman and Ishita probably got romantic I will separate you enjoy your times
Saransh: I will separate you Ishita
Ishita and Raman are seen talking
Raman: Ishita I am going to office
Ishita: ok see you

Precap: Saransh thinks of an evil plan to separate Ishita and Raman
Spoiler: Saransh to plan to dance withishita during new years
Writer: I need a suggestion for the upcoming track because I cant think of anything else your name will be mentioned for the new track I need since ive been busy its short next time will be long

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  1. Its nice AHT looking for nxt epi

  2. It may be like saransh tries to dance with ishita but he gets His hand fractured on the day before party.. So ishra dance and he is devastated by seeing this.. And plan to kill either himself or ishra..
    Its just a suggestion as u asked

  3. Hmmm… ok story

  4. it can be like
    saransh injures raman’s leg and they will not be able to cancel their name from dance so raman tells ishu to dance wid saransh
    saransh is happy to practise wid ishu and ishu is sad as she cant dance wid raman
    raman gets doubtful on saransh’s behavior but pacifies himself that he is ishu’s friend
    on the day of the party saransh slips and falls down the stairs and gets injured and he cant dance
    so raman and ishu will dance while saransh gets irritated…….

  5. My suggestion that you can do that sarnash will lock raman in store room and he will go from there and he will go to isitha and will ask where is raman and isitha will tell I dont then he will say isitha let’s dance and at that raman is released by mihika and FB shows that sarnash will lock raman and say that isitha will be only mine she will tell all this to raman and raman will reach there and he will fight with raman and he will sarnash to get away from here and this is my suggestion

  6. Telly update is not allowing posts until january 4 2016 due to holidays so the next part will be posted on the 4 sorry everyone i am gonna post a long parts on 4 january happy holidays and dont forget to read my story on the 4 of january

    1. Sure AHT happy new year to all

  7. When will u post next part I am waiting for that Please post it quickly

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