Ishangre’s os # thodi jagah by Aisha08

Hello peeepies agyi me..

So this is a ishangre’s os..first time i have written something on ishangre..

This Os start from last episode where riansh leaved Raisinghania’s but here vansh said that he will live  in mumbai only but at different house and they can meet him whenever they want..

Scene 1

Ishani’s Pov

I thought i would be happy as riddhima left but no.. it’s totally opposite..i am missing vansh bhai..

I know i was a jerk to thought that vansh bhai doesn’t love me but the truth is i never loved him..i always loved his money..the name raisinghania..but riddhima was right i am nothing without the surname raisinghania..

I even lost the right to call myself Mrs.angre..

The i was so proud of they are seems worthless..

I was always envied of riddhima that everyone loves her not me..

But she deserved that love..she always did everything selflessly ..she saved my baby and what i did..tired to kill her and her baby several times..

Now all things are roaming in my mind like a reel giving me immense pain and i have no one share my turmoil ..

Angre is behaving different with me since bhai and riddhima left..

He used to got worried for me even when i got slightly hurt but now..seems like he is oblivious or trying to be oblivious to see my tears..

Pov ends

Ishani is sitting in her room at night waiting for angre..

Ishani – Angre..aagye tum..bohot der kardi..

Angre – Why are you spoiling your Beauty sleep for me..

Ishani – You are my husband angre.. can’t i wait for you..

Angre – finally you remember that i am your husband..

Ishani – I will serve dinner..sit..

Both sit beside each other and angre start eating..

Angre without looking at her pass a morsel to her mouth

Angre – tum bhi kha lo..

Ishani’s pov

A lone tear escaped from my eyes seeing his care..

Even after being miffed with me..he cares for me..

I was really a jerk to ignore this man..

I passed a smile to him weeping my tears and started eating from his hand..

The five start hotel can’t give this contentment and love ..which he is giving me right now..

Pov ends

Ishangre lies on bed facing each other’s back..

Angre’s POV

I can see in her eyes that she is guilty..but it is not easy for me to forget the humiliation she gave me..

And she has to realise that life is much more than luxury and money..

I can hear some low sobs of her..she is my wife i can’t see her crying..

Pov ends

Angre (whispering) – Ishani!!

Ishani (turning to him) – Hm.
You need anything..

Angre – You!!

He pulls her in his embrace.. stroking her hairs..

Ishani’s pov

I kept my head on his chest..his heartbeat is more soothing than music..

First time after our marriage we are sleeping like this… like a normal couple..

Now i wonder how vansh bhai and riddhima’s relationship worked.. because for them their love was more important than showing off ..

Pov ends

Ishani – Can you give me something..plz

Angre – Your husband is poor servant ishani..i can’t afford your needs..

Ishani’s pov

His taunts are piercing my i feel how he must be felt when i said this things to him..

Weeping my tears with his shirt i looked at him with pleading eyes..

POV ends

Ishani – I want to meet vansh bhai and riddhima bhabhi..can you take me to their house..

Angre’s pov

Am i dreaming or she really called her bhabhi..

I am happy my jaan is changing..i really want to live a normal life with her..

I smiled at her weeping her tears nodding in affirmation..

Pov ends

Scene 2

Riansh’s house..

Riddhima’s POV

Vansh told me that angre and ishani are coming to our house..

I really don’t want to see her but i can’t neglect the fact that she is my SIL

The door bell ranged and i opened the door..

Angre and ishani are standing .. angre is smiling and ishani has some different emotions on her face..which i can’t understand..

Vansh came from behind and hugged them..

Suddenly ishani spoke how are you bhabhi..

I stumbled at my place holded by vansh..

POV ends

Riddhima (acting like feeling dizzy) – Vansh pinch me..i am dreaming..

Vansh – first you pinch me..i am also dreaming my..ishani..called you bhabhi..

Angre where you left my sister she is some imposter i guess..

Vansh’s POV

As soon as i blurted out this shitt..we  three chuckled looking at ishani..resulting she bursted into tears..

Me and angre instantly went to her.. asking what happened to her suddenly..

Pov ends

Angre – Ishani what happened..why are you crying..

Vansh – kya hua hai ishani..

Ishani goes to riddhima and folded her hand

Ishani (crying) – I am sorry bhabhi..i hurted you so much..but you always saved me and my baby..

I was blinded by my ego..i thought you snatched vansh bhai from me but now i feel i didn’t deserve that love and care..

I failed to keep my relationships.. please forgive me if you can..

I can’t endure this pain and guilt is killing me from inside..

Riddhima’s POV

I felt pain seeing her like this..

The same ishani who never respected me is standing in front of me pleading and crying..

Love and guilt can change a person this much..

I didn’t wanted to forgive her but when vansh gave me second chance.. i gave him second chance then why Ishani can’t have this..she also deserves a chance..

I weeped her tears and kissed her forehead ..

Pov ends

Riddhima (hugging her) – I and vansh started a new life and i expect from you the same..

Just forget what happened ..focus on future now..

Vansh’s POv

My wife is a gem..if their would be some other person in her place she would have kick out ishani till now but here my wife is hugging and kissing her..

I looked at angre and we both hugged each other..

Pov ends

Scene 3

Ishani and riddhima is talking in her room laughing..

Ishani – bhabhi when will this little munchkin come..i am so excited..

I will buy the best stuff for him or her..

Riddhima – Offcourse are his bua afterall can do whatever you want..

Vangre enter ..

Vansh (teasing) – Angre can you see kumbh ke mele me  bichhdi hui behne..

Angre – They forgot us if we don’t exist..

Riddhima – You too gf bf..out…we are having some girl boys allowed..

Vangre jaw dropped listening gf bf..

Ishani (laughing) – Out..before we embarrass you both more..

They left smiling..

Riddhima (keeping her hand on ishani’s hand) – Something is bothering you can share..with me .

Ishani’s pov

Such a idiot i was not identifying this can someone be so docile..

I am getting motherly vibes from i am getting why vansh bhai used to compare her with uma mom..

I lied on bed keeping my head on her lap..

Pov ends

Ishani (crying) – i want a normal relationship with angre..

But he is not behaving as before..

Neither he talk to me unless needed nor look at me..

I am guilty bhabhi..but seems like my tears don’t affect him now..

Riddhima – See Ishani!! What you did was difficult to forget..

Give him some time and try your best..

Make him feel that you really want him..

Do what he likes..try to mend to him..

He loves you alot..he will understand..

Me and vansh had faced this Situation..but we both tried our best ..

You have to do the same..he already did so much for it’s your turn..

Make him feel special..he will surley accept you..

Scene 4

Vangre is sitting in bar having drink..

Vansh – Is everything ok between you and ishani..

Angre – She is guilty..and i am ignoring her..

I want her to realise the value of relationship..

Vansh – I have done this mistake..when riddhima was trying to mend things and  i ended up hurting her badly..

Don’t do same with her..i don’t want u to loss her before getting..

Angre (smiling) – I will try..

Scene 5

Ishangre’s room

Angre came out of washroom..and left bewildered..

Ishani is standing in front of him wearing saree..

Angre – ishani ye…

Ishani sit on her knees holding a rose..

Ishani – I don’t know how to pacify someone i never did this..but i want to do this now..

I want you to be mine..i want to spend my life with you like a normal couple..

I realised their is no place of money a relationship..all matter is love..

I want to love you..i want to being loved by you..

Will you forgive this stupid wife of yours..

What i did was not pardonable..but i also can’t live without you..

I want our relationship to work like vansh bhai and bhabhi’s..

I want to have a small family with you where me..and our symbol of love will live..

Forgetting the outside world i want to live in your embrace for rest of my life..

If you will keep me with you in a single room with a single pair of cloth..i am ready..

But don’t ignore me.. it’s killing me..plz be with me angre..i need you..i want uou..

Angre instantly hugged her crying..

Angre (crying) – I never knew my wife became this much sensible..

I was ignoring you jaan but now because i wanted to hurt you..

I just wanted you to realise..the value of our loved ones..

I promise i will be with you till my last breath..

Both hug each crying..

Angre – You really want to have a child with me ishani..

Ishani (smiling) – I want to nhi..i am already having a child with be papa..

She keeps his hand on her stomach..

Angre ( shocked) – Is it..true..i…i am..

Ishani (smiling) – are going to be papa…we are gonna be mumma papa angre..

And i am not lying this time..

Angre swirl her around and kisses her all over the face and tummy..

Angre – You gave me the biggest gift of my life…

Ishani – This time the feeling of being a mother is different angre..i am feeling as if i got all the happiness of world

Angre – I promise i will keep you happy always

Ishani – I love you angre .

Angre – I love you too meri jaan..

Both hug each other and cries..

Thodi Jagah Dede Mujhe
Tere Paas Kahin Reh Jaaun Main

Khamoshiyan Teri Sunu
Aur Door Kahin Na Jaaun Main

Apni Khushi Deke Main Tujhe
Tere Dard Se Jud Jaaun Main

Mila Jo Tu Yahan Mujhe
Dilaun Main Yakeen Tujhe
Rahun Hoke Tera Sada
Bas Itna Chaahta Hu Main

Thodi Jagaah Dede Mujhe
Tere Paas Kahin Reh Jaaun Main

Khamoshiyan Teri Sunu
Aur Door Kahin Na Jaaun Main

The End!!

Hope you like it..

Word count : 1910

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