Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Shiv Slaps Vivek


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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yogi sits in hospital sadly with Pari while Gunjan cries profusely on lying her bed. saanjh khwab dekhte they naina…song..plays in the background. They reminsce time spent with each other. Next day, Dadaji reminisces Yogi’s prewedding celebrations and gets sad while Yogi works in his shop sadly. Praksh gets well in hospital with family around. Kusum thanks Pari for her help. Yogi peeps from glass door. Rani speaks over phone to Vivek and says Papa is fine and he need not worry about money as Kabir is managing. Pari informs Kabnir, Khushi, Rani and Nisha that Prakash is fine now and will be discharged tonight. They get happy. Seema walks to them and they ask why did she come here. She says to meet Prakash. They say she can’t after so much happened.

She requests and gives fruit basket to Pari. Khushi returns it and says papa don’t need and to not trouble them more. Seema requests to meet Yogi. Khushi says already Yogi is in severe pain and she should not trouble him again. Seema sadly walks away.

Shiv in his home speaks to event organizer regarding Gunjan and Roshan’s engagement. Seema returns home and Shiv asks how is Prakash. She asks if he is not happy giving so much pain to that family. Shiv plays emotional card and says he is a bad person and a bad father, but he wants her daughter’s better future, he wants remembers the past where Gunjan used to sing in her childhood. He falls down holding his chest, and family gets concerned forgiving his mistake.

Prakash returns home with family. Dadaji says his son is very strong and asks him to go and rest. Prakash asks if he is really praising him or taunting. Daadi asks not to start argument now. Prakash asks where is Yogi. Family says he is afraid of him as he was angry. He turns and finds Yogi behind. He then asks if Shiv had called him or came to meet him in hospital. Family stands silently. Prakash says let us celebrate end of friendship. Kabir walks away hearing that. Vivek returns and asks Kabir where is he going. Kabir says he wants to confront Shiv for breaking Prakash’s trust, Prakash is still expecting Shiv’s friendship. Vivek takes him to Shiv’s office where Chauhan and Shiv are planning Gunjan and Roshan’s engagement. They ask Shiv why did he betray Prakash. Chauhan misbehaves with them and then insults Yogi. Vivek slaps him. Prakash slaps Vivek in return.

Precap: Shiv returns Srivastav family’s gifted ring for Gunjan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Verma4

    What a sly fox , Shiv. Playing the sympathy card. Faking chest pain, I hope he has read about the boy who cried wolf. Well Gunjan can leave without love as long as the couple can communicate silently. How long will Roshan entertain Gunjan’s silence before taunting her.

  2. I have stopped watching this show. Now it appears there is too much slapping going around. Why are the writers not allowing any meeting between Gunjan and Yogi. Too many past videos yet no storyline for a hopeful future for two disabled people. Seema is a good woman, writers grant her some justice.
    She needs to know Chauhan’s selfish motive for his son’s marriage to Gunjan: a government job.
    Seema should come out strong and fight for her rights. Gunjan is not a commodity to be bargained over.

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