Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari’s Concern For Yogi

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 4th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari informs her friend about Shiv cancelling Yogi and Gunjan’s wedding. Friend says she can’t believe Shiv cancelled wedding, though his daughter is also dumb. Pari says she couldn’t control herself crying seeing Yogi and his family crying, she wants to confront Shiv, but is keeping her calm. Friend asks her to relax and leaves. Pari thinks if she should meet Yogi, calls him. He picks her video call and waves her. She says she just called to know if he is fine. He signals he is repairing radio. She asks if he was crying. He says he was listening to a song. He signals and she asks if its Bade Miyan Deewane aise na bano.. He increases volume and she hears Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi hairan hoon main. He dances and then cries turning behind. She asks him to turn.


calls Chauhan and apologizes him for Seema’s misbehavior. Chauhan asks not to bother about it and don’t consider him wrong as he came with shagun a day after wedding cancellation, he reminds about the selection committee meeting after 2 days. Shiv asks if they can finish engagement before that. He says he came for that itself. Shiv says he will postpone meeting a bit and finish engagement first. Chauhan agrees and asks if he should send him sweets. Shiv says no thanks.

Yogi reminiscing meeting Gunjan in the market and imagines her there. He then realizes its his imagination and sees radio circuits burning. He blows off fire hurriedly. Bablu with Surjith walks in and asks if he wants to cry, he can lend their shoulders. Yogi signals he was tearing because of smoke. Surjith says Pari informed that he was crying last night, if they had hear from outsider.. Bablu says Pari is his dear one and asks to forget Gunjan or they will bring Gunjan and get him married. Yogi makes them sit and signals what would they like to have. Bablu says samosa kachori. Yogi says Pari is mad, he was just sad and not crying. They order chole bhature and Yogi plays koi hamdam na raha, koi sahara na raha…. song and dances. They join him.

Gunjan reminisces time spent with Yogi, their engagement, etc. Gautam knocks door and walks in. He suggests her to go and meet Yogi if she loves him. Gunjan says she cannot go against papa. He insists to call him at least. Gunjan signals Yogi blocked her number. Gautam says she should have used his or mummy’s phone, shows Yogi’s missed calls and says if she has guts, she should meet Yogi.

Pari sees Srivastav family sitting sadly and Kusum mixing rotten vegetables with good ones, alerts her. Dadaji says their life is also same. Rani says her school teachers were asking about wedding cancellation. Kabir says even his office colleagues were asking same. Prakash says many wedding cancel, its not a new thing. Kusum says she is worried for Yogi. Daadi says people are badmouthing. Prakash says why should they bother about people as Yogi is not affected. Pari says Yogi is most affected and is suffering from inside. Rani asks why she is bothered about our family. Pari says because she understands Yogi’s feelings most. Prakash asks if an outsider is more bothered than family. Nisha also scolds her. Kusum says she is right and asks if Yogi told her something. Pari says she saw Yogi crying. Yogi returns home. Kusum asks if he was was really crying. Yogi signals no. Pari asks him to accept it as crying means one’s mind lighter. Yogi signals he did not and she told Bablu same. Family asks if she wants to prove that they are not bothered about Yogi. Pari says she is just concerned for him. Dadaji asks if he was really crying. He signals. She asks what was he doing in school van last night.

Precap: Seema tells Shiv that she is going to Yogi’s house. Yogi enters house and tries to walk towards Gunjan’s room when Shiv stops him. Yogi raises hand to hit him.

Update Credit to: MA

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