Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari’s Mischieves

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Girl Pari thinks Yogi is acting as dumb and deaf and tells people that he is acting to escape from paying her losses. A lady says boy really cannot speak or hear. Pari calls her aunty. Lady fights that she is not even married yet. Yogi silently picks his bicycle and leaves. Pari realizes later and thinks he is more intelligent than her. At Shiv’s home, Gunjan returns home. Prakash thinks she is more beautiful than in photo and says her music teacher stays just 2 lanes away from his house and his paan goes from nearby shop, he wants to know how singers sing having paan in their mouth. Shiv and his wife laugh. Shiv asks why did she come late. Gunjan reminisces Yogi following her playing Tere Chehre Me Wo Jaadoo hai song… Prakash says he will listen to her song once and continues chatting. Gunjan does not speak. Her mother asks her to go and freshen up. Shiv’s son informs him that he took 500 rs from his wallet. Shiv says he gave pocket money just 2 days ago. Son says he spent it on science project and didi’s ice cream. Prakash tells Shiv that he felt very happy meeting him after a long time and remembers how Dadaji ran behind Shiv holding shoes and says Shiv escaped, but Dadaji even now scolds him.

At home, Daadi gets worried when Prakash does not return home even at night. Kabir and Vivek joke that Dadaji scolded Prakash nicely, he got 60% marks in Engineering but scolded them for getting 80% marks, he could not get even TT job. Daadi says just a day before Prakash’s final exam, Dadaji got hospitalized and Prakash used to spend whole night serving dadaji and write exam in the morning. Dadaji says Prakash got full marks serving him, he did not get TT job as his senior recommended his own son and got Prakash’s name out of list; Prakash always tried his best, but life did not let him win. Prakash enters and gets emotional hearing that. Family asks about his meeting. Prakash excitedly informs that officer was his childhood friend Shiv. Dadaji says he knew Shiv is more intelligent than Prakash. Prakash continues describing whole incident. Dadaji repeats again. Prakash continues that Shiv took him to his Bungalow in Greater Kailash and introduced him to his son and daughter. Kusum excitedly asks if spoke about Yogi’s alliance. Prakash says no as Yogi is dumb and deaf. Kusum gets sad.

Yogi lying on his bed looks at his hand injury and reminisces falling from bicycle, then smiles reminiscing Gunjan. Kusum walks into Yogi’s room and seeing his hand injury applies medicine on it. Yogi continues imagining Gunjan, but gets alert imagining Pari.

Pari at her flat throws party to her friends and enjoys beer. Friend cracks jokes and she replies in her energetic style. Flat owner rings bell. Pari asks friends to hide and hides beer and snacks under dining table. She opens door holding pooja thali and gets him in. He says he heard loud music. She says it is his imagination. He says watchmen told many girls and boys came here. She says pizza delivery boy and electrician had come to repair short circuit, she paid 1000 rs. She frightens him that neighbor stopped someone’s pooja and got paralysis attack next morning. Owner attends her pooja. She asks him to pay electrician’s 1000 rs. He pays her 800 rs and says he will give 200 rs later. Once he leaves, she boasts in front of her friends that she looted 800 rs from her owner. Pizza delivery boys rings bell next. She excitedly opens door. Owner walks behind and scolds her for partying and creating nuisance, warns not to throw party again. Pari vents out anger on poor pizza delivery boy. Next day, Yogi takes Dadaji to hospital for checkup. Dadaji asks him to do something and convince doctor for early appointment. Yogi peeps into doctor’s room and gets nervous seeing Pari as doctor.

Precap: Prakash informs family that his officer friend Shiv proposed his daughter’s alliance with Yogi. Family rejoices. Yogi signals Khushi that Gunjan is the same girl whom he follows daily. Both families meet. Yogi and Gunjan chat in sign language.

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  1. Let’s hope for the best! Yogi and Gunjan’s Jodi looks great! Hope girl and boy like each other! And great thing about shiv that he propose his daughter’s alliance to his best friend’s son!

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