Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 2: To impress VR?

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Hello Xyz, I am glad you liked the first episode. RIANSH’s first meet is going to go in a smooth but not now it would take a few episodes. Regarding your question Well, for now I am free and don’t have much to do so I utilise the time in writing the FF’s.

Hello Diha, Thank you for your support. I am glad you liked it and would keep watching it further. I added precap this time.

Hello Mabel, I am glad you liked the FF. Thanks for your support.

Hello S, I am happy that you too liked it. And I hope I don’t disappoint you in further episodes.

Hello Kaivalya, Well this series is filled with excitement so I feel you need to get ready to have fun. I am glad you liked it.

Hello Riya, I was kinda fond of writing but couldn’t do it because of school studies but now I am free since I don’t have much to study and can utilise time here.

Hello M, I am sure the way we find RIANSH’s chemistry amazing, their first meet is also going to be amazing.

Hello Chhavi, I am glad you liked the previous episode I will try to make it more lengthy from next time.

I really joyed that y’all liked the first episode and was worried for the response but now I am at peace. I hope I don’t fail to keep y’all entertained.


The episode starts as……….

Riddhima says, “Let’s have dinner now. It’s already 08:00pm. We will discuss the project of Mr. Vansh Raisinghania after dinner. Aryan you are having dinner with us today but, after dinner if you need to leave, you can. You can join us for the project from tomorrow.” Aryan replies,“Come on Riddhu, I can definitely stay here after dinner and I don’t mind having a sleepover here.” Sejal says,“Good idea, then tomorrow when we wake up we can work together and start with some basic ideas. As Mr. VR is really a famous person and if we do the best decoration and throw the best party we can go miles ahead in life.” Aryan says, “Alright! Just give me a minute let me call at home and inform Mom that I won’t be returning home today.” Aryan goes outside to make a call to his Mom whereas Riddhima and Sejal start setting the dining table.

After five minutes Aryan returns with a sad face. Riddhima notices it and questions,“What happened in these five minutes now? Did Aunty say something?”Aryan doesn’t respond. Sejal says,“Well……… I know what Aunty said. She said that; Aryan, you need to find a girl for yourself. It’s okay if you aren’t ready to tie a knot for marriage but atleast find one so that she and you can create a bond and know each other.”Aryan starts smiling and says, “This is the reason I don’t miss my Mom when I am away from her because you are there to complete her sentences.” Riddhima laughs and says,“We will talk about your(Aryan’s) love life after dinner. Let’s eat now.” All three of them sit together and have dinner. After finishing, Sejal cleans the dining table and then goes to wash the dishes. Riddhima goes to her room to take out the files which have some of the best designs so that she can impress Mr. VR. Aryan on the other goes and sits on the sofa with the phone in his hand scrolling some feeds. Sejal and Riddhima get done with their work. Riddhima sits next to Aryan and Sejal sits in front of them. Aryan says,“I wonder, what kind of person is this Vansh Raisinghania?” Riddhima asks,“Why, What happened?” Aryan replies,“I just read few articles about him and it says that he’s always upto the mark, he doesn’t let go of mistakes easily. He’s just too serious in life.” Aryan now with a smile on his face continues,“I don’t know how does he enjoy life being so serious. I can’t even be serious for one day.” Sejal says,“We will do our best decorations and show him that we aren’t some stupid event planners but instead are the best one’s and he won’t regret choosing us.By the way I forgot to tell y’all that the party is to be thrown on a beach.And it’s the same beach you both went today.” After this they start finalizing some designs and come to an end. Riddhima says,“We will contact the decorators tomorrow, I don’t want any mishap to occur at the last moment. I really need to impress Mr. VR. Sejal says, “ ‘I’? Shouldn’t you say ‘We’. Riddhima pats on her head and says, “Sorry.” Aryan by this time is in his own dreamland. Riddhima notices it and snaps her fingers next to his ears. He comes back to the real world and says,“I was thinking that how would you both arrange my wedding. I know it’s going to be the best wedding ever! because my best friends are the best event planners and my best half is going to make my life best.” Sejal gets confused after listening this and laughs as she replies,“You met her just once, y’all didn’t even speak, it was just a glance that you gave to her and she to you. Don’t tell me that even you are falling into the trap of ‘Love at first sight’.” Riddhima asks Aryan,“Did you find out her name?” Aryan blushes and says, “It’s Ishani.” Sejal asks him,“Why don’t you tell Aunty about her?Didn’t she tell you to find out a girl?” Aryan in an angry voice says,“Let me remind you Sejal it’s not too long since you said that, I and Ishani have just given a glance to each other and…”Riddhima speaks in middle,“I hope you get Ishani since she’s the love of your life.But for now our main motive is Vansh Raisinghania. Can we meet him or his Mom and discuss about her likes/dislikes? Since then it would be easier to arrange more things for the party. Sejal says,“They have gone on a family tour for now and would be returning tomorrow morning so we can go and meet them in the evening.” Riddhima says,“He gave his contact details right?Make a call and ask them if we can visit them tomorrow.” Sejal leaves from there to make a call to the number provided to her. She dials the number and somebody picks the call. She says, “Hello, Mr……..?” The other side replies, “I am Angre, Mr. Vansh Raisinghania’s manager. Who are you?” She replies,“ I am Sejal, a party planner. I have been appointed to throw a party for Mr. Vansh Raisinghania’s Mother’s 50th birthday. I wanted to ask you that can I come over at VR mansion tomorrow to interview Vansh Raisinghania’s Mom or he himself can answer the questions anything would work since, it would help us to make better arrangements.” Angre puts the call on hold and goes to find Vansh.He doesn’t find him so he goes to Kabir and says,“Kabir, the party planner wants to come over tomorrow and interview Uma mam for her birthday since she says it would help them in decoration. Should I answer a yes?” Kabir agrees and says,“Tell her to come at 05:00pm.” Angre leaves from there and informs Sejal the same. Sejal comes back from her room and informs Aryan and Riddhima about it and adds, “Riddhima, I feel you should go to VR mansion tomorrow. So that Aryan and I can complete the other pending work. And all are focus goes on Raisinghania’s project.” Riddhima and Aryan agree with her.

Precap: Sejal receives a message that reads,‘ Do not come to VR. mansion as it’s a surprise birthday party and we don’t want her to know about it so instead come to ‘Royal Moon’ Restaurant. Mr. Vansh Raisinghania will answer all your questions related to his mother. Sejal comes to Riddhima’s room and informs her about the message.

  1. Tq for the fast update

  2. Amazing ff and their friendship is very strong.In 1st episode I thought that will aryan fall in love with ridhima and ridhima will think that he is his friend.But nothing like that happened.but I think in future some misunderstanding vansh or ishani will have thinking that aryan and ridhima are not just friends.hope riansh first meet will be good.

  3. @Seanna_0044 You are dong a great job and we wish you keep doing so… it’s really good… you should have started writing earlier!
    P.S. I’m not the Riya who commented yesterday… i’m another Riya (loads of riyas here haha)

  4. Wooohoooo!😃 I am very excited for the next one. Thanku for this one and very nice episode 👍👍👏👏

  5. Chalo atleast Riddhu is preparing(otherwise she can perfectly do anything in the nick of moment in the serial😜)
    Awaited meeting😊😊…Gud going👍👍

  6. We all have that one friend who reminds us of our Mother even when she’s not around😂. The best part was when Riddhima says ‘she’ needs to impress Vansh

  7. Kaivalya

    You Rock! the episode was good and yes again waiting for the next episode with even more excitement to see how will Riddhima impress VR. All the best for your Upcoming episodes..

  8. Very lovely

  9. Really nice track!!
    Yup!! I’ll see your further stories
    Thanks for the precap!
    Keep updating us

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